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Poll: Tell Us What You Think of the New Nintendo 3DS

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The new 'New'

The dust is now starting to settle on Nintendo's surprise reveal of the New Nintendo 3DS in a Japanese Nintendo Direct. Due in Nintendo's homeland this October and other regions in 2015, it adds a healthy dose of new features and improvements to — potentially — invigorate the 3DS family of systems in the coming years.

Its success or otherwise is yet to be seen, of course, though the reveal and its various details have prompted plenty of debate. We've already given our initial video reaction, argued that the systems will bring new life to the 3DS and put together an initial guide of New Nintendo 3DS details revealed so far, but we really want to know what you think now that the information is available and there's been time to digest the news.

In our only poll on the subject so far hundreds of you had your say on whether you were excited about the systems, with the results below.

Are you excited about the New Nintendo 3DS? (736 votes)

Absolutely, I'm beyond hyped


I am, though I'm not super hyped


I'm not sure yet


Not really, but I may be persuaded


No, I'm not


I'm frustrated that there's even a hardware revision


We want to know more about what you think of the new hardware, however, so below are some polls that ask whether you intend to buy one, your favoured model, thoughts on the branding, the presence of Xenoblade Chronicles as an exclusive and — most importantly — your favourite feature.

Hit up the polls and comments below and let us know what you think of Nintendo's New 3DS.

Do you plan to buy a New Nintendo 3DS? (1,033 votes)

Definitely, I will be buying one of the new models


I think so, it's quite likely at this stage


I haven't thought about it yet


I don't think so, but may dither and change my mind


Definitely not


I'm importing / buying a Japanese model in October, so there!


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Which is your favourite New Nintendo 3DS model? (943 votes)

White Standard model


Black Standard model


Metallic Blue XL model


Metallic Black XL model


I don't like any of them


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What do you think of the 'New' Nintendo 3DS name? (958 votes)

I like it a lot, it's great branding


It's decent, I don't hate it


Hm, I'm on the fence


I don't really like it, but it's tolerable


It's a poor name choice


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How do you feel about Xenoblade Chronicles being a New 3DS exclusive? (953 votes)

I support the idea, more games to utilise the faster CPU are welcome


Pleased the game is confirmed, but unsure of whether it should be exclusive




I don't approve of New exclusivity, and I'm not keen on the game anyway


I disapprove, there shouldn't be any games exclusive to the new system


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Which is your favourite New Nintendo 3DS feature? (938 votes)

The C-Stick (second Circle Pad)


ZL and ZR buttons


amiibo support


"Super-Stable" (better!) 3D viewing


Faster CPU - improved performance


Improved web browser (including HTML5 video support)


Micro-SD card storage


Wireless media transfers with a PC


Design changes (new button, cart slot, stylus and volume slider placement)


Improved camera lighting


Interchangeable faceplates on the Standard model


Teeny-weeny improvement in battery life


The new charging docks (I have a thing for charging docks)


The larger screens on the Standard models


None of the above


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XFsWorld said:

I'm more hyped for the 'Super 3D effect', even though others don't care about it . The new 3DS should have been 3DS+ or something.
However I think this will be Nintendo's last handheld.
Edit: I think this will be their last handheld because I think they're working on Fusion.



WebHead said:

The new models have renewed my 3DS interest. Nice stopgap until the true 3DS successor most likely hits store shelves in 2017.



Peach64 said:

I was pretty excited by the reveal, mainly for the brighter screen and the exchangeable faceplates, however, now it's not clear that the screen even is improved, the the faceplates are just for the normal sized one. So I'm not sure I'll be upgrading from my white XL which suits me just fine.

I'm sure it will sell by the bucketload however.



Shiryu said:

I like it, I will call it "Xenoblade Chronicles Portable Game System Machine". Just my favourite game of all time in my pocket. I will stick to the regular black model, I was never too fond of the XL models.



B238ben said:

I think I will get the "New" Nintendo 3ds XL, but with the pattern of constant revisions to their handhelds to boost sales I think I will wait for some time when the next Nintendo portable comes around (at least waiting until the 2nd version comes out). Also, I still cannot fathom why they didn't just put another circle pad on the 3ds---unless of course that is the NEXT revision...



CanisWolfred said:

Honestly, I'm just glad it has Z buttons. I'd say the C-Stick if it was an actual stick and not a tiny nub...

That said, hopefully I won't get it. This is obviously just a stopgap and the true successor will probably be announced in less than 2 years.



erv said:

If the monster hunter version bundle makes it here, that will be my instant favourite model.

I also hope that this console version will live a bit longer than 2-3 years, but that may be unlikely.



schizor said:

The only thing I don't like about these new models is, that you can't change cover on the XL model. ARGE! So it's all about the big screens or the changeable covers. I'll choose the big screens.



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

I love the idea! People who hate it are just salty that they bought a old 3DS XL but let's be real, that's like buying a iPhone 5 two years after it came out and being pissed about the iPhone 5s. technology is obviously gonna have a better version every year or two to be blaming Nintendo is childish



lamco said:

I was planning on investing in an xl 3ds so this is great! My parents won't be too pleased with this i would imagine since i already have a standard 3ds.



outburst said:

Some games may be made possible with the improved CPU like Xenoblade. But I don't think devs would jump and optimize all their games on the more powerful CPU though. They'd be shooting themselves if they do so at the early stages of the New 3DS.

Also, Sony announced a new Pink PS Vita:

Nintendo announced a new New 3DS: (outdated GIF though)




AVahne said:

Love it. Seems to be a great stopgap until the true successor comes around. Now I'll have a 3DS that can stand a little bit closer to my Vita in terms of usability.
Especially since a white model will complement my white/blue Vita Slim while contrasting nicely with my limited edition black/gold Zelda 3DS.



XCWarrior said:

CPU processing power is huge for new 3DS, and second C-stick is 2nd biggest so glad those are the two highest vote getters.



Tysamu said:

Here's what I think. This should've been the first and only 3DS model release. It shouldn't take 4-6 revisions for them to get it right.



Taceus said:

I'm psyched for it, As much as I love the 3D effect, I think I'll end up appreciating the faster cpu more. Whoever's responsible for naming the hardware lately needs the sack. 'New' -rolls eyes-.



Jazzer94 said:

I like that they've tried to improve the 3D (fingers crossed) and made it faster.



Goginho said:

Hopefully my fav games won't be exclusives to this, as that would mean I'd have to dish out a lot of cash in order to play them. But on the other hand, I would love to see my fav games utilize this potential, faster CPU; better 3D...etc..
So I don't know, kind of a dilemma (kinda hoped they'd hold off until next gen for a completely new console to come out, this is just too soon to be improving on minor changes I feel). Supposedly Luigi's Mansion needs a second stick, but they came up with a clever, perfectly suitable and functioning work-around for that, so if we ever get some more Zelda or Mario this gen, a respective sequel to Super Mario Sunshine (or a remake) for example, then hopefully they figure out a way to maintain its compatibility for us regular 3DS users. I'm sure LoZ won't ever need a second stick though, so I'm not too concerned there tbh..

All in all, I'm not too fond of this move.



GloverMist said:

The thing is, despite the fairly substantial amount of new stuff, it's not THAT different to a normal 3DS to convince me to buy the New one.. But because they're making exclusive games for it, that sucks because of my views on it. I want to play Xenoblade 3D, but I don't want to fork out £95 on what's basically a console I already own.

Sorry Nintendo, I'm gonna take a lot more convincing,



Punished_Boss_84 said:

While I don't really mind the name (could be better), it might come off as confusing to new customers. As for whether I'll buy, maybe as I'm not a big fan of the XL model, much used to the smaller model.

But what is a deal breaker is the spec upgrade and new titles exclusive to New 3DS. This will cause market fragmentation.



Spakiness said:

As someone who owns a 3DS XL with a 128 gb sd card. The New 3DS supports only micro SD and the cards are much more expensive and also much more limited in size. So I might not be able to upgrade.



Mega719 said:

This is a must buy I don't get why people are negative towards buying it. With Xenoblade Chronicles 3D coming to the system it proves what kind of games are possible now. Hopefully 3rd party games would get better now



Bizzyb said:

@BensonUii Hilarious.

I'm really looking forward to the improved 3D viewing annd faster CPU. I always wondered what the 3DS could do if it had a bit more processing power. Also the inclusion of the c stick really helps for several games. This is basically a MH machine, but that's fine, hopefully more games will use the c stick



RupeeClock said:

I sincerely hope that they don't use the "New" branding in the US and Europe, it stands to be a disaster as people would refer to it as a "new DS" or "new 3DS" in casual conversation anyway.

So glad this is coming out though, I've had the same 3DS XL for 765+ days since launch and after 2300+ hours of play, it's showing its wear.
I mean the idea of portable Xenoblade or enhanced Smash Bros alone is thrilling, and I love the Metallic Blue XL, Metallic Blue was my favourite colour for the DSi.



Takerkaneanite6 said:

I'm extremely excited for it, definately will be picking one up at some point. Also, this might be the revival of astonishingly amazing 3DS sales numbers. But in my opinion, it would have been better for sales, if the New Nintendo 3DS was released in conjunction with Smash Bros for 3DS. Please tell me that I wasn't the only one to think this.........



Nik-Davies said:

I'm going to get Xenoblade as I never got it on the Wii and I would love to play it before X on Wii U.
The reason why I'm not bothered about it being exclusive (apart from the fact I'm getting a New 3DS anyway) is because I feel like it wouldn't have been able to be on the old one anyway. It's like the situation Bayonetta 2, it was either going to be Nintendo only or not made at all.



Captain_Toad said:

If one of the outlet store has a system transfer that I can transfer my old system data to the new one since I'm going to have a full time job short term soon I'm all in. Espically dat xenoblade chronicles son..... and dat internet thing.



WanderingPB said:

It all sounds awesome but its not a day 1 purchase for me…my XL is doing well by me. They have to either show me some good exclusives or a good sale to interest me in upgrading. Or maybe that limited edition XL MH4U bundle…yup that one has my name written all over it! I was also hoping that it would get a bump in memory because my 32GB is getting pretty full and i suspect these exclusive games will need more space as well.



FritzFrapp said:

Wish we could vote for more than one feature, but went for the stable 3D. Will be getting the white standard model if it's available to Europeans.
I'm hugely excited for this new model. Deffo day one.



Solid_Stannis said:

I'm digging it. While the original 3DS design is the most aesthetically pleasing, it's full of design flaws, not the least of which is the dumb "bottom screen making tears in the upper screen" crap.

My original is due for a replacement, anyway. Had it not been for this new model, however, I probably would have never gotten the original line XL to replace it. It looks too much like a toy for my liking. The new design is a decent compromise, and the replaceable design plates is a great concept.

I'm just hoping the N3WDS exclusive games will be few and far between; while it's not technically my problem I can certainly sympathize with those "left behind", as it were. And if it turns out to be a thing, I'm hoping it won't be any games that interest me. Luckily, Xeno's not one of them.

My money is ready.



Nik-Davies said:

One question, what are the memory sizes they come with.
The old 3DS and XL had 2gb and 4gb SD cards respectively. In the direct they showed Micro SD cards of 16gb and 32gb. Are those what they're coming with?



Kaze_Memaryu said:

I like the N3DS, but I hate how it screws 3DS owners. I love Xenoblade, but I bemoan N3DS exclusiveness for it. I just don't know what to think about it... this is just so conflicting!

@Mega719 Because not everyone is cool with buying a second console just for more CPU power and an integrated Circle Pad Pro.



DonSerrot said:

I think the new name is OK. It's not amazing, but it does get the message across that it's a new version. If only the Wii U's name was half as clear as the New 3DS.



Ryu_Niiyama said:

@RupeeClock My only question is what would they call it? 3ds lite? 3ds U? Amiibo 3ds? 3ds.5?

It totally agree about the "new" throwing people off but I'm curious as to what a good naming alternative will be.

On topic: I'm pretty excited but I wish with all my heart that Nintendo would make the darn thing region free. ...Anybody want to buy a ice white JPN 3ds?



Gerbwmu said:

A current rumor says the new 3DS won't be region locked.........of course its a rumor with little backing behind it. The same rumor says changes are coming to the NNID too......



okamiki said:

It is great that they do this improvement but hating the idea of exclusive xenoblade, what next exclusives inside nintendo itself??

And where are the proofs that current model dont run the game?

At some point we actually have to buy this new model if exclusives keep coming out, fair? No.



DilMan33 said:

I will only buy one if there are more games that take advantage of the new specs.

But overall I like the idea.



DiscoGentleman said:

I really like the New 3DS. The name is a little lame, but at least it's to the point. I think they learned the mistake with the Wii U (and to an extent, the 3DS) name, so they're being blunt with the name.

The potential of the 3DS having a longer shelf life because of N3DS excites me.
The possibilities of Wii U/3DS crossovers or connectivity also excite me. I really hope that happens. With a 3DS with a strong CPU, they have little excuse.

I just wish Nintendo was offering some sort of incentive to soften the blow of buying a New 3DS for people who already own a handheld in the family, and want to upgrade. A bonus trade-in discount at specific retailers? Not sure. It would have to be both good for Nintendo and good for the consumer.



DilMan33 said:

New 3DS? - Well the name's obvious, you would think!

Would have preferred Super 3DS or 3DS Pro.



Nareva said:

It's nice to see they are streamlining the handheld and console lines. I'm hoping their next gen system will be some kind of combination portable/home system.

While I'm not thrilled the new hardware will have exclusives since I just bought a "new" 3DS when Zelda:ALBW came out, I hate when people whine about hardware upgrades, so I'll just keep my mouth shut.



himynameisash said:

I'm know i'm reiterating what's said, but please scrap the "new" and bring the "super" prefix back to the naming of this 3ds iteration, if not this then make it so with the next home console, as it brought the awesome! "new" is pure lazy and pure AIDS.



UltraLaserTen said:

Looking forward to getting it.
Most excited for the improved 3D viewing, I love playing in 3D, but the field is so marrow on the other models.
Also looking forward to the faster CPU. Not too worried about eShop downloading as I always go for downloading software later, but hopefully it makes browsing the internet and Miiverse much better, more comparable to the Wii U browser.



McGruber said:

I hate the name, but I love everything about this system except one thing. It won't have many games made for it, and certainly not the ones I want really. That's the same problem the old 3DS and Wii U have. It's just too little too late to attract 3rd parties, but I'll still get one.



Zemus-DJ said:

@Spakiness I use a 128gb class 10uhs-1 card as well, In my day 1 3DS. the micro card is gonna cost me an leg lol. But should go down under 200$ by the time new 3DS comes out, hopefully.



rjejr said:

@XFsWorld - Sorry, still like mine better


3DSn - the n stands for new, NFC and nipple (2nd stick) and it should look like an inverted u from Wii U, so white n inside blue square. Though the "n" in "new" on top of this page would work nicely as well.

DS had DSi for intertent, 3DS should get 3DSn for NFC.

I chose - "I don't think so, but buy me dinner and change my mind"
Thats how I read it anyway.

Can't believe anybody still has naything else left to say on this

I am planning on getting 1, almost bought 1 in July for my birthday, glad I waited. Would have been a great Christmas present though Oh well, maybe by next July theyll have a Nitendo Selects series of 3DS games. I've still never played OoT.



MadJay1664 said:

The shoulder buttons, c-stick and quicker cpu I think will bring new types of games to the 3ds



Arcamenel said:

I'll hold off to see if there are any new 3ds exclusive games I want to play, otherwise I'm just fine with my Pikachu 3DS XL.



Nareva said:

Also, the name is terrible. "New" is not a word that distinguishes any product from another. What is Nintendo's problem with naming? They really suck at it. I have friends who loved the Wii, one in particular who finished Skyward Sword and 100%'ed MK Wii, who still don't know the Wii U is a new system. Complete fail. Might as well call it the 3DS U.



MamaLuigi said:

Already confirmed for my Gamestop! But still waiting till my other preorders are paid for. XP



GammaGames said:

I want a way to upgrade my current 3DS XL. I have the Animal Crossing edition, and I would buy the "new" version if I could send it in and keep the same shell.



PuppyToucher said:

I think the branding is horrible. Name should be 3dsi or 3ds Advance or something similar.

Hopefully the exclusives are download only, that way it won't confuse as many customers. I also think this upgrade won't be as confusing to the casual market as people think. Phone users are used to incremental upgrades mid-gen. Think iphone 5 and 5s.

Overall good move by Nintendo to breath new life into the 3ds. Day one buy for me!



rjejr said:

@GloverMist - "The thing is, despite the fairly substantial amount of new stuff, it's not THAT different to a normal 3DS to convince me to buy the New one.

That was pretty much my 2nd reaction after "oh wow, is this for real?". I'm still probably going to hold off and wait - still don't own 1 - but a good SSB bundle w/ amiibo peripheral and I may not wait. They really could have done more I think - mainly tv out via Wii U or using it as a 2nd Wii U controller since it doesn't look like dual Gamepad support is ever coming but a Pro is still $50 for multiplayer so why not use a 3DS?

Anyway, you're not the only one is isn't blown away.



NImH said:

@XFsWorld ridiculous.
I'd believe Wii U being Nintendo's last console before that... but even that, I highly doubt. I predict a console/handheld merging next gen.



yuwarite said:

I love it, though, I agree that these features should have been included in the original 3DS XL design in 2012.



Emblem said:

"How do you feel about Xenoblade Chronicles being a New 3DS exclusive?"

Xenoblade cannot run on the 3DS without the extra power of the new hardware, the phrasing of the question doesn't reinforce this fact. A 3DS is not a portable Wii, its a clear and cut downgrade in terms of hardware. It remains to be seen how substantial this increased hardware of the new 3ds is but its likely Xenoblade will still be a downgrade.



diamond_phoenix said:

I first got into the DS line when I purchased a DS lite.From there I upgraded when the DSi launched and I loved it.The bigger everything was just...EVERYTHING.When the 3DS launched I was hyped so gamestop was offering a program where you trade in your DS towards buying the 3DS.It was quite the change after playing on a large screen to playing on smaller screen but the 3DS was cool(barring the lack of games at the time).I still have that 3DS from launch so i'm happy that i didn't go for the 3ds xl and can upgrade to this beauty.And here I was thinking did I wanted a PS4.Nintendo keeps this up i'll just be gaming on a Wii U and 3DS alone.




lol @ the poll

Why must I fall in-line between two different communities? I love Nintendo, but this New 3DS thing is just bull.



Prof_Clayton said:

I'm probably just getting too old for these city folk and their flying machines, but I can't find the power button.



JaredJ said:

They should have waited with these new features for the succesor to the 3DS.



Nestalgic said:

You'd think they would have learned with the WiiU and DSi. People don't understand what those extra letters mean. "New 3DS" sounds like a marketing campaign from 2011.



Moshugan said:

I'll get the white standard model provided I can trade my 3DS XL for a reasonable price. I doubt I really -need- many of those "New" features, but I really like a lot of them - and it's always nice to get new (ahem) hardware!

It IS a stop-gap without a doubt, and I don't like it how many people have just got their 3DS's and a new one is announced, and soon an even newer one will be unveiled! (My guess is E3 2016 for the 3DS successor)
Still, it should extend the 3DS life a few years more.



Jayvir said:

I'm pretty sure I'll upgrade. I still have my original launch Aqua 3DS so I'm due for a new one. However, I don't want to take the plunge only to find out they are releasing a new handheld the following year. Also, I'd like to make sure they have an easy transfer process to the new 3DS



WYLD-WOO said:

For me there is enough benefits as a 'new' system or upgrade whatever you want to call it, to justify the cost. However, I'll hopefully see a list of expected games for this 'new' 3DS. These are the three main reasons that I'll get one.
1. Will play better quality games than my existing 3DS does
2. The BIG thing for me is the new nub stick and additional back buttons (about time)
3. Improved 3D - I use this where possible already and l'm looking forward to seeing this in action




vonseux said:

What do I think? Time to update my 2DS! Not
particulary interested on xenoblade tough.



vonseux said:

What do I think? Time to update my 2DS! Not
particulary interested on xenoblade tough.



datamonkey said:

This could be the first time I don't "upgrade" to a new handheld from Nintendo.

The truth is I haven't played my 3DS since all the great games of 2013 and my Vita is being played all the time. There's not really much on the 3DS horizon that is likely to change this either considering I'm not into Smash etc.

The fact Nintendo make the transfer process so difficult is also going against my decision. If I did upgrade I'd want to sell my existing XL soon so I'd get a better price for it than I likely would when the new 3DS is out (not only that but I can put my money towards the new one from the sale of my old one), however I have to keep hold of the damn thing to transfer my data! That is so behind the times it's unreal.

If I upgraded my Vita to the slim version I can simply log in to PSN and download my stuff from my account. Even though Club Nintendo has all my digital games registered that I've bought them, I still can't do this. Crazy.

Nintendo make some of the best games in the industry and have innovated again and again and again, yet with simple things like account systems they are so far behind it's ridiculous. Not only that they are putting me off buying anything on the eshop with that setup in place so really it's their loss and Sony's gain (as I spend a lot on theirs).



Moshugan said:

@XFsWorld ''However I think this will be Nintendo's last handheld.''
@NImH ''I predict a console/handheld merging next gen.''

There's no sign that Nintendo will give up on making proprietary hardware and games that utilize them.
There's likely change coming up, but to which direction, no one knows.
The handheld/home console merging is an interesting idea. I would be excited to see a unified Nintendo platform.



NintyMan said:

I'll be getting the New 3DS XL, and probably the Metallic Blue one if NA doesn't get the new Smash Bros. design. In that case, I like the Metallic Blue design of the ones shown here. I don't really like the "new" name. I would've liked "Super" much more, but whatever. It doesn't break the system at all for me and will just be a minor quibble. Xenoblade: Chronicles being made more available is nice and it's to be expected since Shulk is a newcomer in Smash, but I don't really know if it really has to be made exclusive or not. I guess if it absolutely needs faster CPU and a c-stick, then fine.

It's very tough choosing just one favorite for the new features, but I think I might go for better 3D. There were plenty of times when my sister would try to watch me play and I would be forced to turn the 3D off so the blurriness doesn't distract her, but apparently that doesn't sound like it will be an issue anymore.



turnmebackwards said:

It's been less then a year since I brought my 3DS XL so won't be getting the new 3DS for a very long time maybe never.



Will-75 said:

Will be getting one day one I'm sure they added everything and more than I would of expected seems like they've perfected the 3DS all but the name not to keen on that name , LOL ., @datamonkey you say you play your Psvita more because of no good games on 3DS you really need to check the eshop out I have a Psvita and I can only think of one good game DOS which is a free to play with in game purchases is there games on vita I don't know about LOL ..



WYLD-WOO said:

@datamonkey - Can't you just keep ya SD card and sell it without. Transfer the data via a computer once you get the new system. That's what I'm going to do.

I'm honestly not a technical person, I bought a new SD card recently and found it very easy to transfer my data over



Ja_Kix6 said:

I'm hoping this is a step to their next idea. I would love the next "3DS" to incorporate a setup much like the gamepad. The positioning feels very comfortable.



SuperCharlie78 said:

The larger screens on the Standard models

I thought they were exactly the same...
Oh my... and how much battery life it will have?



wober2 said:

these colors and letters are so confusing for anyone who had an xbox360 as their main console last gen.



Undead_terror said:

Well I will get one when I need it, all upgrades are good to me, although I wish the colored buttons were on the XL models I would like to get the blue XL, even though blue is not my favorite color it looks nice!



earthboundlink said:

I've got a black launch 3DS, and the top screen is looking pretty worn from the bottom screen rubbing. I use mine as a music player to save phone storage space, and carry it with me on a daily basis. It really shaped up to be an awesome system after launch. Never could convince myself the XL was worth the upgrade cost, but this new set does the trick.

I don't really understand the hate from some. The system has been out since 2011, and Nintendo has a long history of revised intra-generational hardware in its handhelds.

I mean, look at the Game Boy. There was the original, the "Play it Loud" version, the Game Boy Light, and the Game Bpoy Pocket. That doesn't even count the Game Boy Color, which was another system entirely. Then there was the Game Boy Advance. IN that family there was the GBA, GBA SP, the GBA SP+, and the Micro. Then there was the DS, the DS Lite, the DSi, and the DSi XL. Really it's kind of crazy we've gone this long with only the original 3DS and the 3DS XL.

I don't like the name for marketing reasons, but oh well. I know what it is and I won't be confused. It's not my job to be Nintendo's marketing department. It does feel like a missed opportunity. FWIW I also dislike the name "New Super Mario Bros." and have from the first iteration on the DS. It should have been called Super Mario Bros. 4 or some such, and link it to the traditions of its forebears.

I would have accepted 3DS Plus, 3DS Lite (to the extent it is actually lighter or smaller, which may not be the case, although this might have created confusion in the XL model), 3DS Slim, 3DS Advance, 3DS Pro, or something to that effect.



T7L3RB said:

My only concern with this is that if they are willing to add power to the 3DS and make games only playable on the 'new' model will they do the same to the Wii U down the road? I hope not, handhelds are a little different than home consoles since most people expect to own a home console for 5-6 or more years and releasing a more powerful version of the U would with exclusive games would definitely cause problems.



T7L3RB said:

@Will-75 exchange 'good' with 'games that appeal to him'. The vita and 3ds have drastically different libraries that appeal to different kinds of people.



sevex said:

If they release the white one with colorful buttons in the US I will buy for sure. If they don't release it then I will wait until they do.



Jllanos22 said:

Why another one? And if I buy this one, what am I going to do with the 2ds and 3ds I already have? Do we gonna have a discount for for having Wii u and 3ds registered at club Nintendo? Or at least a satisfactory low price.



Donutman said:

if the 3ds/ds came with a 2nd circle pad in the first place, we would have more FPS games on the handheld. I hate using the stylus for fps games. I am happy about the upgrade, as long as it is still backwards compatible, I will be upgrading when it comes out.



El_Scorpio said:

So I have voted. I am dissapointed by this "new" 3DS revision. Mainly due to exclusive game content. As existing 3DS owner I feel betrayted. I am shocked how soft Nintendo community is. I don't like it, many people even encourage Nintendo in this move. I already have their product. I want to play Xenoblade, but I can't. I have to buy a new console... Why? It's stupid. They are forcing me to do it. To be clear... I am 28 and 150 € won't ruin me. But I have family. I have my wife and little kid I have to take care of. There are some priorities in life. I can find a better way to spend my money on than basically on the same system which I already have. I like gaming, it's very relaxing. But this isn't right. I hope this move will hurt Nintendo so they will think twice next time...



GloverMist said:

@rjejr Thank goodness! I thought it was gonna be yet another exampke of 'Glover's Unpopular Opinions'! Actually, using it as a Wii U controller would be awesome!



Haz said:

I will be getting an XL model, no doubt about it, but I really wish that the XL was getting the cool SNES-color buttons. Otherwise, I'm tremendously excited about this.



AVahne said:

XL screens will be the same size, but the regular size unit's screens will be .3 inches larger diagonally. Wish they had just gone up to 4 inches instead of a weird size like 3.88 inch.
Also battery life is about 30 minutes to an hour better on both units compared to their originals.



WYLD-WOO said:

@El_Scorpio - Shame you feel like that. The 3DS has been out since 2011 and its time to move, like every other system before it. IMO it's about that time for this system to enter the market.



Fingeldor said:

@El_Scorpio Took the words right out of my mouth. I don't have the money to upgrade to new hardware but I'd love to own Xenoblade. My family has bought 3 of these handhelds. It definitely feels like current owners are getting the shaft on this one. Why should I give Nintendo more money at this point? I would be reluctant to buy any new hardware unless it's closer to the end of it's cycle now since a new one can come along mid-generation with some exclusives I can't afford to buy. Give me a break, Nintendo. This is definitely a huge disappointment for me.



Beau_Skunk said:

Sense, I just got a XL last year, I honestly feel it's to soon to make a new system. I don't think I'm going to get it, I'll wait until a new 100% new Nintendo portable comes out. Shame, 'cause "Xenogears" does look like a cool game... I do hope the next model has bigger buttons, and the second analogue pad they added looks way to tiny, and way to close to the hinge to be very useable.
I do like the Super Famicom-like colors of the buttons though.

If you guys buy these, be sure to give criticism in your "Club Nintendo" surveys of it so they can make a new better portable with the next one.



unrandomsam said:

@WYLD-WOO You cannot do that without doing the transfer first. Only way is to do that and then sell the old one afterwards. (They can deactivate stuff but I don't think they would for a reason like that). Maybe you could lie and say the old one was stolen and you just bought a new 3DS but I wouldn't do anything like that.



Hero-of-WiiU said:

Does this support normal sd cards? If it doesn't then I don't think I can upgrade.

My favorite new feature is the Super Stable 3D, never thought they could fix that issue.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@Mega719 Of course there is. It's not like I get enough for my 3DS to buy an N3DS instantly - I still have to save up more. And in order to do a system transfer, I need both consoles at once anyway. Also, I wouldn't even dream about selling my black ambassador 3DS (I don't care how much it's worth, I won't just give it away)!



Yoshis95 said:

Has anyone else noticed it doesnt look like we will get a 3D light anymore? I know they dont have it on the current XL but it looks like they are removing it from the standard size now. It isnt a huge feature but one that i liked, its nice being able to know when u can use 3D and when u cannot.



gage_wolf said:

For the love of Pete, plan ahead Nintendo... why weren't these features implemented from the get go? We didn't invent dual sticks in the last 3 years.If they release a new Wii U with upgraded features in the next year or so, I'm ending my strained Nintendo worship.



MysticX said:

@Bolt_Strike I for one don't want any "new 3DS"-exclusives, simply because splitting the playerbase (And screwing over existing customers) is bad for consumer confidence...



WYLD-WOO said:

@unrandomsam - Right ok. Thanks for the response. I would deactivate the system before selling, so that person could use their own network ID. I would put a spare empty SD card in and sell.

Keep my SD card and transfer the data to my new micro SD via my computer and put that In the new system. Is this right? Or am I wrong?



KTT said:

It's as close as it can get to 'my perfect model'. It isn't perfect though, but good enough to be a quite sure future purchase. ~10% bigger screens on standard models, Circle Pad Pro 'built in' (that ridiculously small second circle pad tho, what they were thinking?), a little bit longer battery life. If only the cameras could get better resolution, power button wasn't moved on side and the Wi Fi button was kept...
There is a chance that older games will get a patch to make them work even faster with that improvement CPU (60 fps). I don't mind Micro SD card as I use them all the time.
My old classic Flame Red 3DS has a very inaccurate touchscreen which irks me very much, but having 3DS XL in hands I knew the bigger version isn't for me. After my shoulder buttons had broken I seriously thought about buying a new system but then my friend managed to fix the 3DS (which ended with two big holes in its case hah).
But when I heard about new New 3DS I was excited as it is something that finaly can succesfuly replace my system. Now I'm waiting for more information because there must be a catch somewhere...



c1pher_c0mplet said:

Can't wait! Wish this was coming 2014... And IT'S ABOUT TIME Nintendo gave us a second analog that's ACTUALLY ON THE HANDHELD: Thank You. No more of that Circle Pad Pro/CPP XL crap.



orangetack said:

I have to be honest, I'm disappointed Nintendo revealed a half-new console halfway through a generation. There's no way I'll buy it for these few improvements. Sure, it'll be a much slicker console, but not enough of an improvement to make me spend my money on it. Worst thing is, unlike the DSi, there'll be exclusives (unless you count the DSi shop). And that means people who rightfully haven't bought it will miss out. It would've been much better to just wait a few years to bring out a proper new console.



Shambo said:

When lying down I happen to slide my volume all the way up all of a sudden, by accident. This will probably no longer happen. The extra buttons without that bulky attachment are VERY welcome, even if only a few games use them (and I actually like RE better with one slide pad).

Xenoblade is a must for me, still have it on the Wii but I'd LOVE to play this in 3D! It nearly burns the Wii down, so extra hardware power being required is no surprise, and certainly no dealbreaker.

One thing though: I need to know if the Smash Bros 3DS will also be available in the New model in Europe. And I'll have to see the systems (normal, XL) side by side to decide which one to go with. I love the normal 3DS just because it's smaller, but the XL because it's bigger (I know... So logical, and yet...)



antipop621 said:

I think the exclusive games is enough to warrant the purchase of this new device. I'm slightly annoyed since I've owned my XL for less than a year (I've had the original 3DS since launch though).

No way am I playing Xenoblade again though - it's one of the best games I've ever played, I put 140 hours into it which I could never repeat.



Knux said:

I want it because I wasn't planning on buying the 3DS's true successor until much later because of my massive backloggery. So I can now buy a 3DS that doesn't need the CPP and also get exclusive new games at the same time.

Besides, who in their right mind would pass up portable Xenoblade?



SuperWiiU said:

I missed out on the original Xenoblade and I haven't bought a 3DS yet. So it's all good news for me.



bofis said:

No idea why MicroSD would be an improvement since SD cards are faster and cheaper at higher capacities, and I already have a big card in mine that's not nearly full. Upgrading would now require buying a new MicroSD card and transferring over all of the data from the SD card in my 3DS. Also, why did they make the base model larger than the original? And, finally, why is the cart slot and power button along the BOTTOM now? That's where my pinky fingers both rest while I hold the 3DS :-/



LasermasterA said:

I don't mind the new 3DS as much if it mainly had the amiibo support and the C-stick as well as the ZL/ZR buttons, because my circle pad pro could easily support the latter 2 functions and I am not interested in Amiibo. But I mind the fact that there will be exclusive games on this "new" 3DS. I won't be able to play these games without an entirely new "new" 3DS XL (even the naming is bad). I had trouble getting my first 3DS, I don't see how I could get another when I just want to spend on games rather than on a revised console.

The games that support this new C-stick which are not exclusive to this new "new" 3DS better support the CPP....

Don't know if I will buy this. If they have a really cool edition like that MH4 3DS, for a great price then I might bite, otherwise my Pokemon X/Y 3DS XL would do the job.

Playing Xenoblade on Wii anyway.



ChuJelly said:

I was already planning on upgrading to XL since I've been using the small standard 3DS since it's release, and now is the perfect opportunity to. Adding in all the other extras and inevitable exclusives, I'm getting it for sure



mystman12 said:

I was tempted to vote for the charging docks, but the thing that makes me excited for them in the first place are the faceplates. The way the new charging dock holds the 3DS will nicely display whatever faceplate is currently on your 3DS, making it look like a nice decorative piece while it's charging.



undomiel said:

Already played through Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii so while I think it is an exciting release it won't be driving me to pick up the system. I'll probably upgrade once there is a game I'm really interested in. Or if they came out with a great purple model!



KFlow325 said:

as long as I can transfer all of my stuff over to a micro SD card and have all my games than I am all for it...I would just have to get a 64gb micro card then, in theory, do a system transfer...



mobbs886 said:

I usually skip new models if they offer nothing new. But this is a case where the upgrade is worth it, in my opinion. it is good to hear nintendo is listening to their customers and making the changes



sleepinglion said:

If the trade-in price is any good I might swap out my 3DS XL for one of the newer standard sized models. While I'd miss the larger screen, it's gotten a bit clunky carrying this thing around for StreetPass purposes.



Wouwter said:

I like the standard New 3DS a lot better than the XL, with the coloured buttons and the interchangeable faceplates, but I don't think I can go from the (old) 3DS XL to the standard New 3DS. It's weird that the faceplates aren't on the XL. I love the idea of customising my 3DS, changing it every so often to shake thing up.

Also, I hope they give it a new name in the west (some mentioned 3DS plus, I like that). 'New' might be good enough to differentiate the systems in Japan, but it will lead to confusion everywhere else.



kereke12 said:

I'm going to be honest here, I have mix feelings about the "New" Nintendo 3DS. Here's why, the name, the name bothers me a lot because. Its going to confuse a lot of people when this release over on the west. They should of called it Nintendo 3DSi. Something that won't confuse others that aren't gamers. Or Store clerks. Then what bothers me is that why didn't Nintendo do this in the first place. Why now? I don't get it. After it 4 years being out & by next year or so. It would be time for a new console. So my guess is that 3DS is going for a run for about 4 years more. But that's not the point, the point here is that not a lot of people don't want to invest in another console that they just got, like me. We would only expect that it will run for at least 3 years more. Not now. Then we have to worry that if Xenoblade makes a success, in which it will cause that game is very big. We have to worry that more games will be made only for the new one & I don't think its ok for them to pull off something like that. (Again) On the other hand I will buy the "New" one just be on the safe side of things....& because of what it has, HTML 5, & faceplates in which I find very cool!!! Other then that I find it stupid....



FordGuy said:

As they said before, the CPU jump wasn't that crazy. They shoulda bumped the price up a bit and given it an Nvida.



foobarbaz said:

I'll have to see how many and what games will be exclusive to it in order to decide if it's worth upgrading to. Aside from the more stable 3D, it seems like the only real reason to upgrade is if you care about the exclusive games and I can't see upgrading just for Xeno when the Wii version is probably better.



AlphaAlex said:

On the last poll ("Which is your favourite New Nintendo 3DS feature?"), I would of chosen the option that basically lets the New 3DS function as a circle pad pro, but it's separated in two options, the c-stick and the ZL ZR buttons. So I decided to go with the faster CPU because faster downloads and a faster internet browser would be awesome! Hmm, but isn't the "Improved web browser (including HTML5 video support)" the same thing as the improved CPU? Well, not really. But the three reasons I wouldn't of chosen the improved web browser as my choice is because:
-there are still better places to browse the internet.
-it blocks inappropriate content unless you pay a very small fee. I guess that's okay since I wasn't planning on searching for inappropriate stuff anyways, but it's still too bad that you don't have full access to it from the get-go.
-this one hasn't been confirmed yet but the improved browser is compatible with the c-stick and the ZL ZR buttons, something you'd be able to do on an old 3DS with a circle pad pro. Again, THIS HASN'T BEEN CONFIRMED YET* (slight chances it was mentioned in the direct, but I don't speak Japanese).
The web browser is faster and can play HTML5 videos, but like I vaguely mentioned above it's thanks to the faster CPU.
*If they make an update for the older 3DS's that puts the block on inappropriate content, they'll probably do the same for the circle pad pro compatibility, right?



NibelsnarfNoob said:

Not getting one until after Xenoblade comes out and they confirm more exclusives. Otherwise I'd have no reason to upgrade. I've always played MH3U without the second circle pad so that doesn't matter. If it makes a huge difference in Code Name STEAM, then I might think about it sooner.

I like the regular model a little more because of the face plates, but I'd get an XL if there are some special edition ones like the MH4 one coming out in Japan.



FritzFrapp said:

@orangetack said: "Worst thing is, unlike the DSi, there'll be exclusives (unless you count the DSi shop)."

How can you not include the DSi shop in that argument?

@gage_wolf said: "For the love of Pete, plan ahead Nintendo... why weren't these features implemented from the get go? We didn't invent dual sticks in the last 3 years."




KodyDawg said:

Standard Model >>> XL Model. SNES buttons, interchangeable faceplates, modest screen size, easier portability, etc.



Scirm said:

Because of this:
Interchangeable faceplates on the Standard model

My heart is torn between Standard and XL size, dammit!



J-Manix98 said:

I'll probably be buying the Super Smash Brothers XL model if it comes to the USA. Can't wait to play this new system!

As far as Xenoblade goes, I think they couldn't have made the game for regular 3DS anyway, since it's such a ridiculously big game I doubt the "regular" 3DS could handle it anyway.

@SecondServing I still have no clue why people think Nintendo making a new and better improved product means they're "Screwing their customers over"!
If you don't want the system, don't buy it. If you do want the system, do buy it! Problem solved, everyone's happy.



Jmaster said:

If I'm getting one, I'm getting the XL, because I like all my electronics to be one colour, preferably (probably spelled that wrong lol) black. Honestly, I hate those SNES buttons on the normal sized one.



Bluce_Ree said:

Can some one help me, the smaller screen on the new 3ds will have a higher PPI will this make the 3d effect look more sharper?



HandheldGuru97 said:

I am loving what Nintendo has shown us thus far! As much as I love my little XL I'll probably being grabbing one of the New Standard 3DS, I have fallen in love with black one (the face buttons stand out yet still retain a classy Nintendo look). And the customizable is that only at 4%!??!??!!??!!?!??!??!?!?!??!?!??! Easily the one reason swaying me away from the XL. Either way I can't wait, going to be good.



datamonkey said:

@WYLD-WOO - Unfortunately I think it's not as simple as transferring the data on the SD card from one 3DS to another, (or move it to your PC first) as you have to run the actual system transfer software on the 3DS's first. Otherwise I'd be happy!

@Will-75 - Maybe we're into different types of games and those available don't appeal to you on Vita? Some I've played this year off the top of my head are Rayman Origins/Legends, Tearaway, Dragon's Crown, TxK, DoA 5, Killzone, Sly Cooper, Ratchet & Clank Trilogy, Walking Dead, Soul Sacrifice, Child of Light and many others!

Admittedly some of those are available on 3DS too but without the account system i mentioned earlier, I'd rather buy them on PSN, even though I'd like to support Nintendo more...



mamp said:

I still wish we could make multiple selections on some of these questions.



ecco6t9 said:

I am hopeful that the faster CPU leads to GBA games on it. Let's not forget that Nintendo did trademark "Advance Touch and Advance Series".



kyuubikid213 said:

As long as it doesn't halve or quarter the amount of games coming to the original 3DS systems, I'll be fine.

If there's going to be a trend of heavy hitters coming to the 3DS, then I hope it's got backwards compatibility so I can upgrade. (Backwards compatibility to the DS, I mean.).

It's not set in stone that I won't get it, but, as some of you know from a recent forum post, I don't want to buy the system if it's only going to allow me to play 3DS games slightly better. If it gets a ton of exclusive games that make it worth the asking price, I'll buy. If I can get to the next Nintendo handheld without it, I'll do that.



TySoN_F said:

Will probably get one! Xenoblade Chronicles is a game I would definitely love to have handheld.

As long as it doesn't absolutely disrupt the amount of "normal" 3DS games we're getting, I'm down. I'm also hoping that some games will still come out for the normal 3DS' but have special features unlocked through the New 3DS. I mean, that's a little shady I guess but I wouldn't mind.



TruenoGT said:

I'd prefer the XL size, but I like the more matte and customizable design of the smaller model. Not sure which I'll get yet, probably won't decide until I hear impressions in-hand. I had a REALLY hard time deciding my new favorite feature... I think there's a lot of great improvements, Nintendo killed it IMO.



InnerSpirit said:

@El_Scorpio Couldn't agree more. Regardless of console revisions, I always thought upgrading was a choice. Can't believe Nintendo are releasing 3DS games that won't work on my original 3DS.



Meaty-cheeky said:

The New Nintendo 3DS is fantastic! With the New Nintendo 3DS, there is no downgrade whatsoever in this new model. The Nintedo Dsi on the other hand was a huge let down when they discontinued the backwards compatibility of GameBoy Adavce games, plus the performance boost of the Dsi was a joke and all you got out of it was crappy digital Dsi games and a horrendous web browser.

The New Nintendo 3DS is an improvement in every way, Faster Cpu, Better 3D with tracking, Second analog nub, better battery life, and an overall better design. I would also like to point out that the New 3DS is still backwards compatible with Nintendo DS games.
I skipped the Dsi back in the day because I felt it was a terrible middle gen upgrade, but the New 3DS is a different story. I will definitely be ditching my current 3DS for the New Nintendo 3DS.



InnerSpirit said:

Although I can appreciate what Nintendo is trying to do here. I think the concept of N3DS exclusives is a big slap in the face to early adopters. This is the first time I've ever heard of a company creating a console revision that creates new games that can no longer be played on old versions. The N64 expansion pack was at least an affordable addition, now Nintendo want you to buy a 'new' console to play new games.



ShadowLuigi2 said:

Meh, Im fine with my 3DS XL for right now. But I'll probably change my mind when they release something that's sorta reasonable for buying an even bigger 3DS. (Almost a tablet)



evosteevo said:

This is great timing. It doesn't come out for at least 4 months and I got my 3DSXL when it first released. I'm definitely ready for an upgrade and I can't wait to see this advanced 3D stabilizing effect in person. Sorry to those who have only recently upgraded. I know what it's like to upgrade and feel like it would have been better to wait. I was one of those few people that bought a 32X and didn't know the Saturn was coming soon...



BassLostie said:

I just got my 3DSXL last November. I got the A Link Between Worlds bundle, and I just got my system a big Class 10 16GB SD Card.


So, I don't think I'll upgrade, at least for now, but only because of money issues. I'm gonna be so bankrupt this season...... there are lots of awesome MUST-HAVE games coming in: Super Smash Bros, for 3DS and Wii U, Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate..... OMG!

....... I LOVE Xenoblade Chronicles, I'm a HUGE FAN, and I would love to play that game again on 3DS, but I just don't think I can afford to get a new system right now.



Action51 said:

I have my eye on an XL model, as someone with poor eyesight that doesn't play much on the go to begin with, I may be getting too old for the smallish 3DS regular screen, and I'm happy about the extra c-nub/stick too.



Action51 said:

Oh, one feature that is glaringly HDMI out to use this thing as a "Super 3DS Player" on my Wii U hardware and TV!



Hyperstar96 said:

I'm definitely getting one when it comes out. But just when I thought Nintendo couldn't possibly get worse with names...



arnoldlayne83 said:

disappointed, they got me with 3ds and 3ds xl, they won t have me this time, and this features should have been already implemented in the 3ds xl... now will get a mess with games which goes only on one console and not the other... i feel nintendo just try to milk everything it can from us



ain said:

I don't have enough money to get a third 3ds, Nintendo ;__; It does look cool, but if they start making a lot of games exclusive to this thing, I'm gonna cry.



3Daniel said:

its like Nintendo doesn't want my $ fast enough. This should have been bundled with Smash for its release! also I know I'll be in the minority and that it wouldn't make the best business since see as this is an upgrade and not a true successor to the 3ds system but I would rather every game released after its debut to be "new" only and take advantage of its features.



tanookisuit said:

Too hard to vote on that last one because the 3D needed help from the current stuff, but the added stick, buttons and beefier specs bring this thing into a heavier hitting level where many things the 3DS was limited on before it can do now with proper console controller controls now.



Ryu_Niiyama said:

@InnerSpirit Most console revisions don't get upgrades to the hardware though. Honestly I'm treating this like an iphone 4 vs iphone 5s idea. Both are iphones and can run the same os but the 5s has better innards so it can do more stuff. Does it suck to buy a new or two of these? Sure but hardware revisions are good for the product added features and more opportunities for devs to take advantage of the new specs. Personally I'd buy one just so I don't have to have an extra base for Amiibo alone.

@Action51 One million times yes. I can not explain the amount of money I'm willing to spend to not have to squint at my 3ds for hours.



GN004Nadleeh said:

i hope for more wii ports especially super paper mario or even twilight princess 3d. exciting news can't wait for it to come state side



Ren said:

I don't see any excuse for improving the perfectly fine CPU after this long but leaving the near useless camera and speakers/soundcard as they were. This is a glorified excuse to add all the ridiculous toy games compatibility. If your 7-16 years old, though, it's great news 'cause now you can add toys to your toys!



SuperDan64 said:

I will just wait for the next gen handheld. Not enough reasons for a justified purchase imo.



Ryu_Niiyama said:

@rjejr 3dsn sounds cool but I'm afraid of news reports in America about the 3 dees or something. I think with the button scheme Super 3ds would be nice (as others have suggested). Good on you for waiting! I'm a sucker for Zelda though (I have both 3ds systems it). I think if you painted a Triforce on a bridge I'd try to buy it.

My plan right now is JPN Wiiu for Christmas (Taiko no Tatsujin...I need it),
JPN New 3ds around March, Metal slime PS4 (I am beyond ticked at sony/squeenix for this one since I just convinced myself to wait til 2016 to get one), then I'm hoping for a Majora's Mask (I can dream) New 3ds to come to America on black Friday.



MoeTheDestroyer said:

by the time the New 3DS arrives (xmas 2015?) I will be ready to upgrade! I've had my regular 3DS since they released and could not be happier with the console. It has steadily become one of my all-time favorite Nintendo consoles and the new improvements in New 3DS seem like a good reason and time to upgrade.



Ralizah said:

My favorite feature is the huge amount of confusion this is going to cause uninformed consumers.



meltendo said:

I'm overjoyed but sad that we have to wait until next year. I don't plan on buying ANY of the new consoles (including the Wii U) this year. I have a feeling they're holding it back so they can convince more people to buy a Wii U or if they haven't yet, get the current 3DS/3DSXL. They should have launched it in the US at the same time.



Cooligan said:

The name is horrid. Change it now.
Someone not in the know might say,
"Hey could I order a New 3DS?"
Nintendo: "Well, a New 3DS or the New, New 3DS?"
"I just want a New 3DS."
Nintendo: "Which one, we have new versions of the 3DS and we have newly made consoles."



ShadyKnights said:

I like it personally, but mostly due to the suspicion that I have that this is the link for Nintendos handheld to their home console. It has two circle pads, ZL and ZR, and better enough processor to make it smoother and more stable rather than to completely remove itself from the 3DS and to (hopefully) not have games created specifically for it. A link without a complete severing from what it originally is. After all, the additions are all things the Wii U has rather than something completely different. The only inclination of things it can do that it's predecessor cannot is play a Wii game.

My instincts tell me we'll be hearing about Wii U cross play on 3DS in Japan by the time this drops in the West.



TheMentalNomad said:

I think it's absolute garbage that games will be exclusive to the system. This doesn't just make it a new version of the same system, it makes is a new system entirely. I only hope that it won't be that big of a wave of exclusives like it was with the DSi, but Xenoblade Chronicles is already a huge step beyond the exclusives that the DSi had.

This makes me feel like what I have now is obsolete, and that's bulldoggiepoopiepoodle.



rjejr said:

@Ryu_Niiyama - "Metal slime PS4"

I saw that today and just thought it was some weird melting blob, it that a DQ metal slime? That would sell in japan, and make sense.

"3dsn sounds cool but I'm afraid of news reports in America about the 3 dees"

In the US we would call it the "3 dozen" I'm not a fan of Super either b/c of all the Mario games, but I'll take Super over New. Really I'll take just about anything over New. Anything but New.



Kolzig said:

I am excited about almost everything about the Super 3DS. Will be great to get to see it live in October when I'm going to Japan.

New screens, the Super Famicom buttons, better 3D, better battery, C stick, ZR and ZL buttons, microsd support etc all that is really awesome.

The things that suck about this new one are actually quite major ones still.

1) The name is horrible, it should be Super 3DS as a homage to the Super Famicom like they did with the buttons. I hope Nintendo wakes up and changes the name at least in Western countries.

2) Also when speaking about the buttons as I like the LL/XL versions better because of the bigger screens, I would have liked to have the same awesome full coloured Super Famicom buttons in the LL/XL version also and not just the colour of the button letters.

3) They need to make 3DS region free and rebuilt the account system still so that it's not tied to the hardware. I hope the Super 3DS helps them in achieving this.

Also I hope this new Super version of 3DS means that the better processor and memory leads to 3DS having soon GBA, DS, N64 and even Gamecube games.

Does anyone know if the microSD support means that it supports also SDXC cards and not just SDHC cards?



Noelemahc said:

If the region-free rumour is confirmed, day one purchase. Otherwise, I will dither until the day my current 3DS starts losing functioning buttons, since I already own a CPP.

Granted, at this rate it will die BEFORE the N3DS comes to the EU region.



jpxdude said:

I am super hyped about this! I have been using my launch day 3DS still, and this finally appears to be a worthy upgrade, and not just a design refresh. Very happy that they've solved the 3D effect, added buttons, added a second controller, moved to microSD, and improved performance overall. Can't wait!



sykotek said:

I'm pretty sure this is just the DSi all over again. It's just too late to introduce a hardware change for the 3DS family. This is just a stop gap before they release a real follow-up to the 3DS. I think it'll have the same problems as the DSi too, with little to no support from third parties that will take advantage of the extra horsepower and new hardware. This will be a waste of money for consumers and developers. I foresee all development will still be focused on existing 3DS hardware until Nintendo releases their next handheld. I'll still buy it, but I'll wait for a special edition XL. What they really should do is just have a customizable build your own new 3DS/XL and faces sold direct from Nintendo.



andreoni79 said:

What do you think guys of the four buttons all in the same raw? (L,ZL,R,ZR)
My old 3ds is still perfect and the CPP makes me feel I'm holding a normal joypad instead of a flat one. I'll give this a chance only if mine will explode!



BF-Medic said:

For me, the best features is the larger screens on the standard models (looks like a perfect fit!) and the improved performance (as I feel the OS in general is so sluggish).



kenzo said:

The New 3DS should be called the 3DS CZ .

'CZ' for the additional C-stick and Z buttons, AND because of the improved 3D, as in 'see depth' (CZ) or 'seas' (immersion).



doctor_doak said:

Personally, i'm really happy about it...because I don't own a 3DS...and I will definately get one of these.. I do feel for those who've just bought one of the current models though...



TourianTourist said:

I just bought a Nintendo 3DS XL with the golden A Link Between Worlds Limited Edition last year in addition to my Zelda 25th Anniversary Edition 3DS...

So, unless they will make another Zelda special edition, I'll probably pass. And now I feel like my 3DS XL is an inferior product, because it doesn't have the c-stick or the better 3D... way to please your fans Nintendo, all of this should have been including in the original XL...



Monkeh said:

I've always bought the (direct, so not things like Gameboy Pocket) revisions of Nintendo's handhelds (GBC/GBA SP/DSi), so this will be no different.

I'm mostly excited about being able to properly view 3D now, seeing as [for me] it's impossible to constantly keep the 3DS pointed at me while playing and I'm always swaying ever so slightly. If it's now fixed so that you can at least sway a little and not notice any changes in the 3D-effect, I'll be very pleased.



TantXL said:

And now i have to buy a new 3DS? I just got mine! You gotta be joking with me right now. The thing that i hate is that their going to create exclusive games for this, i think you should be able to play all the games on the old 3DS to.



Paperluigi said:

I like it, the new cpu and extra ram should help speed up some of the slower applications like eshop and miiverse. The worry I have is the European/Australian release could get pushed back to xmas 2015 so the current model can be milked for another year.



WYLD-WOO said:

@datamonkey - I think some investigation into this is needed. Definitely something that's important to me too. As we all have a Network ID, I see no reason why I can't at worst delete my games from my current system. Then download them again once, I've linked my new system to the eshop via my network ID. It's not the best option for me as I've well over 50 games on my current 3DS.



BertoFlyingFox said:

I'm on board. I like the design and feel the new smaller C-stick could have people re-thinking analog sticks for different hardware down the line. Of course, it could do the exact opposite too, but we'll wait and see.

Nintendo has always been hardware focused, everyone should've got that memo when GBC was taking off...the memo was also sent a second time when DS and DSi became things. We arent talking a $500 cellphone or a $250 Vita with no memory card either. $140-$180 with an included memory card is way cheap for a handheld device in this industry, especially if we're talking about gaming enthusiasts.

As for "exclusive games". Nintendo always had exclusive games. One game that's already been available on Wii for years isnt really exclusive. To handhelds it is sure, but that's more because the N3DS can handle the load. If the 3DS can't handle running a game, that game can not exist on that system, very simple.

The name is definitely confusing, I could live with it but it's just not good for western markets. A holiday release would've really had people buying these up like crazy though, so maybe they just dont care about the name at all.



Raptor78 said:

I can't imagine the increased CPU and features having a big affect on the number of games coming out for the original 3DS family because of how large the install base is. If developers want to use the extra power they would probably release a game that would work on the regular 3DS but had "extra content" for New3DS, just like they did with some of the games that came out for the DSi. I would imagine that there would be a few download only exclusives for the New3DS but big companies would rather play it safe.



VIIIAxel said:

I'm really excited about it! I'm going to get the standard black model (Hopefully on launch day), and Xenoblade is one of my favorite games of all time, so I'm glad to see it portable! My favorite new feature is definitely the C-Stick. I hope it works similarly to the Circle Pad Pro, so I can finally play all of those right-handed games like Kid Icarus! Also, I think the name is a bit awkward. It's definitely going to lead to some confusion.



Rect_Pola said:

ASSUMING the 3D is really improved, i'm going to miss that more than anything else.
Titles limited to "new" (please don't make that the final name) depend on how many come out and how good they are. If it's Wii ports, they'd have to get some decent updates for me to lose sleep. Now if they crank out a lot of all new stuff, then I may break.



audiobrainiac said:

Did they add in the money printing feature to this model??? I'm excited for it, but something tells me this will be the last incarnation of the 3DS. I'm gonna get it though



Lovomotif said:

I would probably wait for the real next handheld console. I bet 10 dollars Nintendo would announce a new handheld in 2016/2017.



arnoldlayne83 said:

They should have called it "Vaseline 3ds"... cos that's what we need, after:

1) Price drop of 3ds right after launch
2) release of 3ds XL lacking almost all the upgrades we were asking about
3) release of this new console which makes old 3ds and 3ds xl obsolete, my condolences to the ones who bought the 3ds xl right now...

After this and the WiiU software repetitive draughts,next time Nintendo gonna wait for so long my money.....



dkxcalibur said:

I'm a skeptic. As of right now, I can't justify buying yet another 3DS. We own two XLs that are not a year old. Although my youngest son is due to get a 2DS soon. I'm not losing sleep over this, but it does make me angry that I may not be able to play certain 3DS games in the future on my 3DS!!! How's that going to work? Are they going to jump on board and actually support the "New 3DS" with exclusive games , and thus abandoning the "old 3DS"? Or is the "New 3DS" getting just a few games making the reason to buy the new model unnecessary? I currently don't have any games that require the second thumb stick, but it does look cool. I enjoy playing in 3D now but some times the angle of play annoys me so the better 3D viewing sounds great. If I were to buy another system, I would probably pick up the standard instead of the XL this time around. I really like collecting street passes but the XL takes up too much space in my pocket. A standard would make carrying it everywhere easier.



Wonky_Kong said:

People voting for the improved CPU xD. as if there will be a major increase, and developers will not use it with a 50 mil install base xD



Ispheria said:

If the New 3DS only had the extra buttons and the better 3D effect and it got exclusives, I'd be pretty mad. But it also has 2x the computing power too, so I can understand why something like Xenoblade would be exclusive to it. I would say that the old 3DS simply wouldn't be able to handle stuff like that, but then again, RE: Revelations was a impress game, so idk. Either way, hopefully that extra computing power will be incentive for devs to make more games like this for the New 3DS. While people will complain about stuff being exclusive to it, you can't really argue that more games on Nintendo consoles is a good thing.



DarkKirby said:

The New 3DS is what the 3DS should have been from the beginning, with a Circle Pad Pro built in. The largest complaint everybody everywhere had with the Vita was the lack of a 2nd Joystick for camera control and Nintendo basically ignored all of that. Than to "apologize" they released the Circle Pad Pro only to shun it, make sure it was extremely difficult to get, and encourage developers to not support it.

New 3DS/ New 3DS LL/XL is a horrible name. Has Nintendo given up on coming up with names and subtitles?

Mario Kart 7
Mario Kart 8
Smash 3DS
Smash Wii U
New 3DS



DaveGX said:

I'm honestly not sure why they really bothered with the redesign when you consider the placement and size of the additional analog (even though they're really more of a slidepad), C button or whatever. It looks like a rather awkward place for it like they just tried to squeeze it in air tight.. if anything perhaps the buttons scheme should've been identical to that of the Wii U GamePad, and perhaps with the same click



Will-75 said:

@datamonkey I'm with you on the network account ID system there is no reason Nintendo should require us to transfer data from system to system when it could be like PSN .



Malu89 said:

I'm mad at this, Nintendo could have done this with the first XL , The XL is not exactly a cheap buy in the first place and is still selling for £140+ over here in the UK and i bet they will still price the new model higher, Also to have games which can only run on this model is just a smackdown to 3ds owners, Especially a game as popular and most wanted as xenoblade, Nintendo will be pushing for more games which can use this extra cpu power to promote the new console so it seems that the old 3ds models are just going to get left behind . I definitely won't be buying the new model, I think nintendo are giving into media hype too much, The media are shameless and spineless so why the hell worry how well nintendo are doing compared to the others, Nintendo make games, The others make interactive dvds. The emphasis should be on value for everyone young and old and loyalty within the games and hardware.



shimage said:

I don't really see the point. I can't see any big devs supporting it, especially if everyone is looking at it as just a stopgap before the Next Big Thing. I wonder if it is possible to support the extra analog nubbin but also work on the "old" 3DS, like with the Circle Pad Pro.



BulbasaurusRex said:

While it has some nice improvements, I don't like some of the design choices. I don't like the switch to micro-SD, and I hate that you can't transfer save data while there will games exclusive to the new model.

I'm basically d***ed if I do and d***ed if I don't. Either I spend major bucks on the new model (and a high capacity micro-SD card) while being forced to keep the old one around to play the games for which I refuse to restart my save data (which would be most of them), or I don't get one and continue to rely on my beat-up original model with weakening battery and lousy web browser while missing out on the exclusive games (although I'm not interested in double-dipping on the Xenoblade port). As it stands, I'm saving up for a Wii U, so it would be a long time, if ever, before I upgrade my 3DS.



Sportsfan1712 said:

I will pick it up day 1(the XL model) and get Xenoblade Chronicles if it comes to US. I have a theory Code Name STEAM could be an exclusive for it as a launch title. One side of me is telling me that Nintendo will make a lot of great exclusives for the new model, while another side of me is telling me it's a cash grab.



Sampras said:

The improved 3D instantly improves all current games as well as future games. Not all games use a 2nd analog stick.



Sampras said:

The name doesn't suck. The big complaint about the Wii U name was that parents didn't know it was "new". So they went straight to the problem and addressed it by calling the new 3DS, "New 3DS".



WinterWarm said:

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