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What are you doing on my profile anyways?

Sun 9th Feb 2014

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TantXL commented on Ninterview: Retro Video Gaming's Heidi stopXwh...:

I don't know if Nintendo is so big here in Sweden anymore, to be honest. Most of the people I know who play videogames tend to stick to FIFA and perhaps a bit of Call of Duty. Of course there are Nintendo gamers here too, maybe it's just that I don't know that many other than myself and a few others.



TantXL commented on Nintendo Shares Suffer Major Drop as Investors...:

Good. I'd hate to see a Mario or Zelda game where you have to pay or wait a day to continue playing said game.

I'm actually quite interested in this "Game" or whatever you wanna call it. I've always liked miis, after all.



TantXL commented on Fire Emblem Fates:

@Soren The game hasn't even been released yet, even if you're pretty sure you won't enjoy it seeing as it is looking quite alot like Awakening perhaps you should wait with the harsh criticism until the game is released.