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Female, 23, United Kingdom

Sun 16th Jun 2013

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emiingham commented on Nintendo's UK Store Gives Free eShop Copy of A...:

My order was delayed and due to arrive Tuesday, but no e-mail yet. I got the HHD Edition New 3DS XL bundle if that's why? :S

Not that it matters really, since I played the Japanese version when it came out and I've been playing the US version for the past week



emiingham commented on Nintendo Download: 4th June (Europe):

So excited for Lord of Magna, it comes out on my Birthday here but I'll be getting the US version on the 2nd because I won't have my 3DS with me on the 4th

I played the JPN version for around 40 hours when it came out then did a system transfer to my "New" 3DS and my save file was gone so I haven't played it since