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Tue 5th Oct 2010

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DangerousDreams commented on Developers Outline The Creative Process for Cr...:

I really hope this game does well and the development team's efforts are rewarded. While being completely wowed by their presentation at e3, I was simultaneously thinking " yes Nintendo, this is the kind of game the Wii U needs", it's eye catching, it's fun, it's definitely Nintendo.

@ erv,
Brother, you tuck the words right out of my mouth.! Lol
Two players online would be amazing!! I can already imagine the look of fustration on my little cousins face when I repeatedly rack up more points then him, lol.



DangerousDreams commented on Korg M01D Music Synthesizer App Delayed in Japan:


Bro, don't let anybody's skill intimidate or discourage you. Always remember that skills take time to develop. Just as an Oak tree does not have branches long and leafs plentiful to grace one with shade upon fist sprouting, so to will an aspiring
musicians lack the ability to grace one blissfully with music, but, with time and proper nurture will grow and realize your full potential.

I hope you decide to buy m01d and grow.



DangerousDreams commented on Suda51 Is "Always Up To The Idea" Of Revisitin...:

No more heroes was limited do to the wii's power. all though the first two were still incredibly creative and fun, I think a new No More Heroes 3 would definitely be the definitive Installment in the series, I love to see no more heroes 3 someday.



DangerousDreams commented on Iwata: More Unannounced Third Party Titles Wil...:

Id love to see mirrors edge 2 for the wii u and no more heroes 3.

As for methods to drive console unit sales and entice 3rd party developers to make game for the wii u, I think Nintendo should bundle the wii u with the pro controller. I just feel like, having your audience readily able to play all type of games created for the wii u, without any sort of hurdle to overcome or compromise on controls to do with, is beneficial for both, 3rd party developers and consumers.

Consumers won't have to jump over hurdles to play 3rd party games and 3rd party developers won't have to worry about consumers having to jump over hurdles to play their games.



DangerousDreams commented on Rumour: Ni no Kuni Could Yet See A Western Rel...:

If Namco could make it worth getting by adding 3ds exclusive features - im thinking something real special with spot pass- then I'd love to have Ni No Kuni in my 3ds collection. Honestly- and evidently- I think fans of RPGs and anime would really enjoy this game either way. So why not? If the people want it... Give it to them,- and me- Namco. You'll be making a lot of us fans happy.



DangerousDreams commented on KORG M01D Music Workstation Hitting 3DS eShop ...:

Ha how funny, I was just about to look for another ds korg10 on amazon. This is a day one eshop download for me. It just sucks that my 3ds xl has 50% the volume output of my old 3ds. I guess I'll have to invest in some quality head/ear phones.



DangerousDreams commented on Project X Zone Release Date Confirmed in North...:

@HeatBombastic though I don't think you can really compare a federally mandated regulation to a person's free will to choose and buy a product, I do however, agree that Monolith Soft, along with any other dev. team, does deserves an income that reflects the caliber of the game it develops. Seeing as Monolith Soft has a track record of well received games, I have little in the way of doubt, that this game will be great and a welcomed addition to the 3ds library in the uk and na. I vowed not to buy another Capcom game, new. This is not a game published/developed by Capcom, so who knows, maybe my hatred for Capcom will subside, just enough, for me to justify buying an amazing game, that simply features Capcom characters.
Who knows, lol.



DangerousDreams commented on Amazon Promoting Rival Consoles On Nintendo Pr...:

It seems Amazon, at least in the states, is not selling Nintendo Hardware, such as Wii U and 3ds/xl systems directly but, instead is acting as a mediator. As soon I discovered this I started to wonder, well, perhaps, that amazon, in some inexplicable way, makes more dough selling products directly from its headquarters. Though I was not able to solidify that theory with facts, i did find out that, that theory wether true or false was really irrelevant, since amazon does not directly sell Sony's gaming systems either.

To tell you the truth though, the ps vita is barely even showing any vital signs, so if this little stunt amazon is pulling helps improve vita sale, great. Competition in the handheld gaming market serves to benefit the gamer. As competition forms an environment, in which , swaying the consumer, by creating the up most polished piece of hardware able to facilitate very satisfying game experience, is a gaming company's primary goal.

Bottom line America, if amazon wants to display advertisements in a fashion that makes the consumer aware of all the option available and you don't like it, go to wal-mart and try shopping there with complete product segregation.



DangerousDreams commented on Review: Super Mario 3D Land (3DS):

I find it utterly disgusting to entertain the idea of shopping at Gamestop but, that Tanooki keychain pre-order bonus they're offering is absolutely irresistible and since Amazon isn't giving any incentive to purchase Super Mario 3D Land at their site, I fear i must bargain for the better bargain.

Btw, I really enjoy reading your positive review on Super Mario 3D Land, Corbies. Keep up the great work, man.



DangerousDreams commented on Mega Man Legends 3 Cancelled:

This is seriously disappointing news. Here i was, waiting for MML3 to be released to purchase my 3DS.

To anyone who is upset about Mega Man Legends 3 being canceled, we should start a petition to bring back its development. At the very least, we'll make Capcom aware of all the potential money it's missing out on.



DangerousDreams commented on NOA: "Never Say Never," But No Plans to Bring ...:

I gotta go with ballkirby1 on this one, even though i favor RPGs the most. The fact of the matter is obvious when you compare the numbers, RPGs simply don't sell as much as, let's say, a movie based game or FPS. My advice to you fanatical RPG gamers, who, if you are reading this comment you probably are, is to branch out. Try Demon's Soul for the PS3, maybe Lost Odyssey for the 360, hell go retro and play Chrono Trigger!

Btw all this "thank you Nintendo", "you love us so much" sarcasm is really quite pathetic, it has got to stop! Your all sounding like a bunch diaper wearing babies waiting for their thrust to be quenched.



DangerousDreams commented on Dead or Alive: Dimensions Pulled from Sale in ...:

@ #8 - I completely agree with you, the 3DS sure does need RPGs.
Now about the topic at hand. The countries that banned DoA are absolutely at liberty to regulate their laws the ways they see fit, as long as malicious intentions are absent. Though, in my opinion, banning DoA is a bit of an overreaction. I just feel sorry for the people caught in the cross fire - all the gamers who don't have a superb 3DS game to indulge them selves with.



DangerousDreams commented on Wii U Uses 25GB Discs and Lacks GameCube Compa...:

You got to know when to hold em and know when to fold em. Nintendo's choice to rid GC compatibility with Wii U was no surprise for eyes. Wii U isn't going to use blu-ray ... sad face. well i guess ill stick with the tray (ps3) 4 Blu-ray. ... oh and nice Lost reference Trevor.



DangerousDreams commented on Nintendo to Promptly Work On 3D Video Service ...:

Netflix is going to be sweet once it finally comes out for the 3DS... I like that Nintendo is branching out, and give users a little more to do with their handheld consoles other then gaming. don't get me wrong Netflix, web browers, AR cards, 3d pictures, as well as hard hitting games, all contribute to enhance the overall appeal of the 3DS. Sure the balance of extra, nice to have but not really that important features and enthalling, show stomping gaming titles aren't in complete harmony right now, but just have a little patients... You'll get through this dry spell to live a 3D lavished life in no time =].



DangerousDreams commented on Flipnote Memo Coming to 3DS eShop:

Ahhh Nintendo... you know exactly how to provoke me into buying a 3DS, dont cha... First, you jab me with an insanely addictive application, (which may or may not distract from the lack of intriguing retail games) then you rush me with a barrage of promisingly epic games.. finally you k.o. me onto the buyers wagon with one beautiful word... free.



DangerousDreams commented on Review: Conduit 2 (Wii):

I'm finding it increasingly difficult to spend 50 bucks on quality titles for the Wii, when i see great ps3 games priced at 20 dollars. Heres to hoping Nintendo could lure the big bucks out of my hands with project cafe.
A Pikmin 3 would definitely entice me.



DangerousDreams commented on Iwata Drops Sneaky Mario 3DS Hints:

Yeh yeh, nintendo comin at cha full throttle, sony ba-by... better raise dat white flag before its too late, ya digg. Seriously though, we all saw this coming (well at least i sure did). While not as excited as some other individuals, i think Nintendo is making the right move in attempting to popularize 3D Mario games to the same illustrious degree of 2D Mario games.



DangerousDreams commented on Reggie Wonders Where Metroid: Other M Sales We...:

@ 87 Thank you thaantman, i couldn't agree with you more.

It's only because of those terrible review scores--given by the bigwig reviewers-- that Metroid Other M sales were hurt. The game was entertaining, but even more important, just plain fun. A solid game, I almost missed out on... and can anyone guess why? Yup because i read the Other M review that gameinformer printed and was temperarely swayed by their opinion... lucky there was my trusty gut to whip some sense back in to mi noggin. People there is a constant war going on for your mind and if your not careful you'll fall prey to their extraneous premeditated agenda which would inevitably rob you of the ability to think for yourselves... before you know it you wont even have an opinion, only the illusion of one.

Soo yeah, why do I think Metroid Other M didn't sell as well as hoped? One word, Gamestop ( or is that two lol). Yes,,, i must fess, I loathe gamestop and could list a whole bunch of reasons why, but instead im going to focus on one... Why? well because this particular reason is the most relevant to Other M's sells. In the area where i reside, there are at least 11 Gamestops in a 5 mile radius, now that obviously seems like exclusive control over the gaming distribution --at least in my hood--, given this information we can conclude that Gamestop is in fact a monopoly. Now that we've established what Gamestop is, we can determine how it affects/influences it's surroundings, particularly peoples actions and opinions.

The majority of gamers(all types) are shopping at gamestop, as a direct cause of convenience, not only do shoppers buy games but they'll also purchase the mega savers club card-- or what ever the heck they call it-- then automatically be subscribed to Gamestop's magazine --Gameinformer-- for a few more cents. Now when the consumer's Gameinformer magazine arrives in the mail and he/she reads that Metroid Other M is the biggest abomination to gamers since Superman 64, of course they're not going to buy it. Plus who would question their reviewing skills when they gave Red Dead Redemption (a game i thought was good, but no where near as enjoyable as Other M was) a 10 out of 10 (basically). Look the bottom line is that if Gamestop says a game is bad, 85% of it's consumers (since Gamestop is a gaming monopoly, that percentage applies to all gamers), at least in my neck of the woods, are going to steer clear of that particular game. In this case it was Metroid Other M.