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Fri 5th October, 2012

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okamiki commented on Sorry, Contrary to Rumours the New Nintendo 3D...:

Starting to think this new model will be a flop, unless they screw us more with a lot of exclusive software but even with that I wont buy It.

Still have a lot of games to buy so new hardware for me It will be only 3ds successor and after I'm really done with It.

So I hope my ice white holds on till then.



okamiki commented on Poll: Tell Us What You Think of the New Ninten...:

It is great that they do this improvement but hating the idea of exclusive xenoblade, what next exclusives inside nintendo itself??

And where are the proofs that current model dont run the game?

At some point we actually have to buy this new model if exclusives keep coming out, fair? No.



okamiki commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Beware the Slip...:

These sponsorships are being made in games that their purpose exist in real life. Kart, golf, soccer, etc.

What's wrong with ninty accept these deals??? What's wrong with we playing with a kart similar to a real car??

It's free and before crybabys start to demand new vehicles they already announced one.

You are just afraid that ninty changes MK concept in the future by adding real vehicles.



okamiki commented on Feature: 10 Nintendo DS Games We Want To See O...:

Ds VC on wii u? Yeah right, maybe next ninty gen...

We dont even get n64 and gba games!!! There are weeks we dont even get one single snes or nes vc game, gbc games are almost invisible...

Its free to dream but dont believe this, I wont until they really annonce something.



okamiki commented on Nintendo Download: 9th January (Europe):

@Nomad You have to go to the last page of eshop, there you have the demo at least I found mine like that.

For me nothing at all and for those saying "pokebank comments" do you think it is fair some using it and others get nothing? I am patient but it is unfair.



okamiki commented on Feature: The Biggest 3DS Games of 2014:

Monster hunter 4 without a doubt.

And I hope the versions of smash are really different and have ninty advertise theses differences otherwise it will be a game that only fit who just have 3ds and, who knows, this can be a problem for wii u's sales...



okamiki commented on Super Mario 3D World Drops Down UK Charts in S...:

@Boukman Maybe UK but the rest of europe, at least in my country, there are plenty of ninty fans.

Sure europe is the domain of PS...

But as someone said nintendo should reconsider their prices. One of the reasons i dont have more games it is because their games are 50€ for severa years and that cant just be.



okamiki commented on Former Sony Developer Feels The Wii U "Won't S...:

@robertogallo84 That´s my point. I know that wii u is going to be on sell next year but if they can give us more why not??

If ninty can make some people spend their money on their games instead of a new console why not??

They sure need to expand their variety.

They have monolith so after X why not make a turn based rpg like the good old ff??

Why not bet on real sports games?? And not label mario´s name in everything.

It is time to bring and reinvent f-zero.

New action-adventures and hack and slashes games!!!



okamiki commented on Former Sony Developer Feels The Wii U "Won't S...:

@robertogallo84 But that doesn´t matter!! If nintendo can pull a way of all wii u owners can pass ps4 with a great VARIETY of games, why not??

We can all say that EA are poopiedoodooxacapoopsiedoodles, I agree, but the truth is that a person who wants to buy a sports game just can´t so what can that person do?? Eventually sell his wii u and buy a ps4. There are people with wii u who wants that kinda of games, fact.

And if they have so much money to invest so it would be a great idea to make a soocer ip, not mario charged, an hack and slash, a turn based rpg for their home console, to bring more old ips and buy a few that are forgotten like shenmu.

I love nintendo but knowing that they can do more and better of courese I´ll be expecting that.
Please watch the profanity — TBD



okamiki commented on Former Sony Developer Feels The Wii U "Won't S...:

@Kirk I already gave some ideas on their japanese twitter but they won´t even reply...

Maybe it is time to do what others did, copy paste ideas from others.

Man I really want some place to make may complains and feels that they were heard!!!



okamiki commented on Former Sony Developer Feels The Wii U "Won't S...:

@Kirk And what can we do?? Even in miiverse fans say "we want that game" and then the game don´t sell...

In this moment ninty really needs a miracle for wii u cause I can see that bayo2 won´t sell nothing. SSB is going to be out in wii u and 3ds and in wich platform will sell?? 3ds cause the install base is larger and larger and larger...

In Portugal we don´t see nintendo ads until evening!!! What the heck is that??? Ps4 ads runs every hour...

And then the only stores having all kind of nintendo games are fnac and worten they even have wii u for people to try but costumers are alwys playing xbox or ps3...

About the true gaming stores you won´t see nothing but playstation...



okamiki commented on Super Mario 3D World Struggles Against PS4 Tit...:

Lets remember that many of those sells are from Spain, Portugal and a few more countries. Just because it is cheaper to buy from there. It is a fact, relevant or not it is.

But I agree, nintendo needs something new along with their hits and maybe buy some forgotten ips. If nintendo managed to buy shenmu that would move some hardware too, or at least make the same for bayo2.



okamiki commented on EA Germany Survey Fails To Acknowledge The Wii U:

Since game boy color harry potter I don´t play a decent game from them. And I just have fifa 13 on the U cause my girlfriend gave it to me saying "it was the only football game I found for your wii..."

So I really hope next year konami give a chance to U and reward us not just with PES but with mgs, castlevania etc.

But they also said that their games dont sell on nintendo systems.

Next year is the last chance for U and third party otherwise nintendo will pay to them for some games....