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Sampras commented on Video: Nintendo's Wii U Holiday Commercial Kee...:

This ad did a good job establishing that a wide range of ages enjoy to play the game. It has kids, adults, boys, and girls playing together. Even when the dad lost, it was depicted in a humorous ESPN football commentator kind of way.



Sampras commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Outlines Core Nintendo Philos...:

It's a bad sign if you have to try that hard to try come up with ways to dismiss those items.

Here are some main reasons why your methods of dismissal didn't work:
One-you'd CONCEDE my point, but then somehow try to dismiss it by saying that idea wasn't REALLY innovative because that idea MIGHT have evolved from other ideas eventually by someone somewhere sometime, and that person might apply it in a video game. That doesn't make sense.

Two-you'd apply a double standard biased toward your perspective. For example-to you nintendogs finding commercial success was "selling out", but sony finding commercial success was merely smartly following the market. That doesn't make sense. Another example, you tried to dismiss nintendo's revolutionary introduction of the analogue stick, while simultaneously applauding sony's following decision to suite of the analogue stick BUT simply adding a SECOND one on their controller. That doesn't make sense.

Three-you'd try to dismiss an innovation that nintendo applied in the console gaming world, because they did not invent the idea of having that idea. That doesn't make sense.

Four-you would try to dismiss an innovative game because it can be, however inadequately, labelled in an existing game genre. That's saying if you don't invent or create an entirely new game genre that CAN NOT be also shoehorned into an existing genre, it's not possible to be innovative about anything else. That doesn't make sense.

Five-you'd dismiss an innovation if you simply don't like the game personally. That doesn't make sense.

Six-even IF that game that you didn't like personally sold millions of copies, you turn around and say it was a sellout anyways. So that wouldn't make sense either.

But in the end, if all we're doing is being hyper nitpicky, applying double standards, splitting hairs, reframing, labelling, or trying to be dismissive about a company's long and continuous track record of innovation, then at least we are acknowledging the innovation in the first place in order to have the conversation to start with.



Sampras commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Outlines Core Nintendo Philos...:


I'll keep it short. No one is saying narratives and character development is not interesting. I think what Shigs was saying is that the essence of games is resides in it being played. That is why he thinks the departure from gameplay is fundamentally a departure from the essence of a game.



Sampras commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Outlines Core Nintendo Philos...:


I can understand that position, but you have to respect that it is his take on the trend of game development. He thinks it's more interesting or more fun to make games or attract developers that make it on to their platform. So what? I don't see why that is arrogant per se.



Sampras commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Outlines Core Nintendo Philos...:


You are talking about 2 separate things. One is keeping a franchise. The other is being creative in gameplay ideas.

I disagree. I see lots of innovation in gameplay differences between the nintendo's franchise favorites. Their "story" may be similar, but the gameplay varies a lot.

When it comes to industry-leading innovation by nintendo, look at a just few major examples off the top of my head:
Mascot platformer - others followed suite
Wiimote - others followed suite
fitness/dance games - others followed suite
touch control on handheld - other followed suite
digital pad - others followed suite
analogue stick - others followed suite
shoulder buttons - other followed suite
metroid gameplay mechanic - others followed suite
rhythm heaven - others followed suite
mashup of franchises in brawl game - others followed suite
spin the bottel - isn't that exclusive to wiiU...nothing else close to it
kirby - tons of wacky ideas
mario galaxies type of gameplay- others followed suite
pikmin series gameplay - nothing else like it
wario series - brimming with creative ideas
mental training- what the? that's a game? Yup, thinking outside the box again
playing with puppies - what the?? Thinking outside the box again
making miis sing custom lyric songs - creative and fun again
glasses free 3D handheld system - innovative/creative again
drawing and animation game - innovative/creative again
music conducting, music education - innovative
karting with powerups - others followed suite
the Art Style series - totally creative
nintendo land gameplay - innovative
pushmo series - innovative/creative
picross 3d - innovative/creative
playing a platformer via playing bongos - ??!! speechless

I'm sorry; there's just too many good examples. But I think you get the idea. I thought I would only be able to name a handful of good examples off the top of my head where Nintendo leads the way in innovation and creativity.

Oh and they don't release 6 mario games/year. Are you counting the virtual console "releases" as new releases? Because that would be disingenuous.



Sampras commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Outlines Core Nintendo Philos...:

" think of ideas for games that could have never happened before."
That's one reason why I like Nintendo games and indie games. They are more focused on creativity rather than megabucks production costs and formulaic ideas to make payroll.



Sampras commented on I'll Take Zelda And Mario Over Sharing Call Of...:

I don't understand why those who pull the "my console of choice has better specs" card consistently conveniently overlook their console of choice does not and CANNOT offer the same experience as the WiiU. The gamepad offers an experience that you just physically cannot replicate on another console. And if you do not see the creative advantage to that item, you're not playing a game designed to take advantage of it.



Sampras commented on I'll Take Zelda And Mario Over Sharing Call Of...:

I don't mind not playing a large percentage of the games that don't make it to Wii U. There simply is less diversity in games for WiiU's console competitors. They also tend to focus on a narrow band of demographics with their games too. I tend to prefer game types that appear on Wii U. WiiU games have a different, broader target demographic with a focus on innovation and creativity. That's more my taste anyway.



Sampras commented on Bayonetta on Wii U Bewitches as the Best Version:

Porting games to wii u is not merely possible, but as this game demonstrates, can even look better! Improved specs won't be the only advantage visible by nerding out on specs. Improvements to ports to wii u are also available made possible by the gamepad.



Sampras commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014 - Sum...:

Prettier eye candy can add to overall enjoyment. I agree. But what is pretty? If you mean more realistic visuals = prettier, I disagree.

As a designer myself and artist, "realism" is the lack of visual art style. In other words if the visual presentation is "realistic" the artist did nothing a Polaroid couldn't do. Mind you the Polaroid is way faster at rendering "realism" and you don't have to pay for its health insurance either.

Cartoon style or watercolor style or paper cutout style or yarn aesthetic or anime style, or comic book style, or whatever other art style is much more interesting depending on how well it's executed.

Consider Bayonetta's visuals or Wonderful 101. Both graphicaly very impressive, but not anywhere near "realistic" or "believable". I'd argue that's exactly why it's so impressive and creative visually.

Lastly, when you say "it's always more entertaining to play a game with more "believable" visuals" I'd have to use my Tetris example again. All the updated "improved" graphics since the gameboy amounted to squat in terms of making the game more fun for me.



Sampras commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014 - Sum...:


I think you're mixing up "graphically impressive" with general enjoyment or fun.

Two examples:

1) Have you seen the evolution of the graphical impressiveness of Tetris games? I have. And you know what, they amount to squat when it comes to making the game more fun or enjoyable.

2) Have you seen Super Street Fighter II on SNES vs arcade? I have. Here is an example where graphical impressiveness actually added to the general enjoyment or fun. Because you can see detail in the character's face in smaller characters such as Fei Long. In this specific case, the amount of detail mattered because it allowed the game to impart the emotional content as expressed on Bruce Lee's face ...I'm sorry "Fei Long"'s face. But that was SNES vs arcade. WiiU vs 360 and PS4, no such significant difference. But then again WiiU differentiates itself in different ways.

"Too often Nintendo fans dismiss the value of visuals in favor of gameplay to the point of thinking visuals don't matter at all. They do matter"
No one disputes that. It's just not the deciding factor for enjoyability or fun.

"Saying great visuals aren't a necessity is one thing. And I'd agree with that. But saying they have no importance at all is, well, it's kind of naive."
No one said that. At least I didn't.

Your examples about WiiU sequel version of a game vs the Wii version of the game speaks to my distinction between "graphically impressive" and general enjoyment or fun. Without even talking about the gamepad....just the TV screen graphical the games you pointed out the bigger and badder visuals were made possible by the new console. But notice how you are comparing WiiU to Wii - huge difference in power. But WiiU to ps4 or 360? That difference just isn't there. Even if you notice, it's splitting hairs - NOTHING close to the difference you mentioned with WiiU vs Wii visuals.



Sampras commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014 - Sum...:


Absolutely, everyone enjoys games regardless of HD or not.

There will always be a few insecure people who want bragging rights and split hairs or invent techno advantages that only the likes of digital foundry can notice (or even care about).

Back to the distinction between HDness vs enjoyable. Consider this. Everyone LOVES:
GameBoy tetris - extremely low res.
All the (great) NES games that haven't aged at all - pixels very visible.
16 bit era games that haven't aged at all - pixels still very much discernable.
All the Capcom 2D fighters - you can see pixels, nobody cares though.
3DS games - hit after hit after hit after hit - not as high res as other competition - nobody cares. (Oh btw did I mention freakin 3D is available????)
All the indie games regardless of platform that go out of their way to retain the old pixel look - HD not an issue here.

Let's face it, HD is not required for a fun game. HD is only required if you want...HD.



Sampras commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014 - Sum...:


Me too. I was split 50/50 between Toad and Bayonetta, except I leaned Toad. My thought was because Toad seemed slightly more original as I am still in mild disbelief reacting to the e3 announcement. "They made this into his own full-fledged game?? That is GENIUS!!!



Sampras commented on Review: Another World - 20th Anniversary Editi...:

I see.
We can agree the term "business practice" is very general. What a business charges for a product can be considered a business practice, I guess, especially if there's a consistent pattern to their strategy.

But I'd point out that a company's business practices include whole range what they do and what they don't do.

For example if a company owns a media company and consistently spreads negative rumors and biased negative opinion about it's competitors, that would be a factor to whether a consumer would want to financially support that kind of behavior or not. In that sense there's a little bit of personal ethics involved with decisions to buy from one company or another.

On the other hand if one company is consistently pushing the envelope for creating innovative gameplay and focusing on overall experience rather and staying away from the political campaign-style negative attacks on its competitors, then that again is a business practice that a consumer can decide to financially support or not via buying their products.

Does a few bucks outweigh some of the other worldly ethical issues? That is yet another consumer decision that they can weigh in on via their purchasing behavior.



Sampras commented on Review: Another World - 20th Anniversary Editi...:

Take it easy. I was responding to your comment "Some people just don't like being ripped off and want a better deal. It's called being a consumer."

From that I inferred that you are implying that "being a consumer" by definition means acting according to what is cheaper at sale price."

That is ONE WAY of behaving as a consumer, but consumers are just people. And people make decisions according to all sorts of motivations - not just looking at sale price.

I hope that clarifies things.



Sampras commented on Review: Another World - 20th Anniversary Editi...:

I'm afraid you're making the mistake in assuming all people who buy things behave and think the exactly the way you do.

I suppose if one ONLY values money in all of life, then yes, looking ONLY at price to determine action makes sense. But for people, saving a few bucks is not the only thing that has value in the world.

Now back to the game in discussion...



Sampras commented on Review: Another World - 20th Anniversary Editi...:

I suppose if one ONLY values money in all of life, then yes, looking ONLY at price to determine action makes sense.

There are also those who value other things in life such as tactile quality, ability to share in community/family, audio quality as relates to the system hooked up to, not to mention supporting certain business practices and encouraging certain values exemplified in certain companies. If none of that sort matters to an individual, then I can see why price can dictate purchasing behavior.



Sampras commented on Review: Another World - 20th Anniversary Editi...:

Is this game called Another World or Cross-buy? With the amount of talk on here about the later, you'd think people forgot to talk about the game.

Anyway, Let's see if I get a relevant response to this. If I want to play this game and have it in a format that is known as Nintendo's eshop and on their hardware, because I choose to of my own free will and without instantly being judged as "duped" or "fanatical", how is the game?



Sampras commented on Feature: Our Top 10 Wii U eShop Games - Summer...:

Trine 2 is extremely high quality in numerous ways. I don't think the fact that it's not an exclusive takes away from it's sheer quality.

Kudos that this list recognizes the originality of Spin the Bottle though.



Sampras commented on E3 2014: Zelda Wii U Looks So Great You Really...:

E3 = first time I saw this in motion. I literally could not believe how good it looked as my jaw dropped to the floor and I repeatedly interjected, "NO WAY! could they...NO WAY!!!"

My hat is off to them as a fellow designer and appreciator of design and art!



Sampras commented on Poll: Have Your Say On The GamePad's Role With...:

By the way, the gamepad is stunningly underutilized. Oh well, big third party developers will soon learn that their factory mentality will become extinct when all the indie developers have all the creative ideas, are willing to think outside the box, and are getting better and better at making games.



Sampras commented on Developer Interview: PhobosLab on XType Plus, ...:

Indies play to the strength of Nintendo and especially Wii U.

Indies typically rely more on originality, rather than huge budget flash.
Indies typically can afford to focus on the game experience (partially due to less pressure to make payroll and make a "safe" game).

Like the indies, Nintendo focuses on originality and innovation rather than pure horsepower.
And like the indies, Nintendo focus on the game experience (all they do is make games and they don't have to worry about side all the other things their competitors have going on).



Sampras commented on Feature: Time to Vote For Your Game of the Yea...:

If it weren't for Super Mario 3D World being so dang fun for multiple players even at different experience levels, I would HAVE to nominate The Wonderful 101 as best overall Wii U game out of sheer game design and wealth of wonderful ideas!



Sampras commented on Poll: Nintendo and the Wii U Fight For Your At...:

Most people are not early adopters. With so few games for launch for ps4 and xbone, most people will wait till they come out with games that catch their eye before considering to purchasing one.
Wii U on the other hand, have passed their early adopter phase. This holiday season will interest more middle adopters with a slew of quality 1st party titles and then some.



Sampras commented on Performance of Batman: Arkham Origins Wii U Ve...:

Can't come up with creative ways to use the gamepad? Oh come on! Where do I start?
How about put it beside you and use it like a shifter in a car by drawing shift motions on the screen?
How about using it in conjunction with the tv for surprises and scares in horror games?
How about using it in a game like star fox to view around your cockpit in 3dimensions?
How about drawing on the screen?
How about using the gamepad like a mouse for selection in rpgs?
Foosball was really creative in wii party u.
Okami-like commands in W101 were creative.
Trauma Team-like games.