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Ispheria commented on Poll: Tell Us What You Think of the New Ninten...:

If the New 3DS only had the extra buttons and the better 3D effect and it got exclusives, I'd be pretty mad. But it also has 2x the computing power too, so I can understand why something like Xenoblade would be exclusive to it. I would say that the old 3DS simply wouldn't be able to handle stuff like that, but then again, RE: Revelations was a impress game, so idk. Either way, hopefully that extra computing power will be incentive for devs to make more games like this for the New 3DS. While people will complain about stuff being exclusive to it, you can't really argue that more games on Nintendo consoles is a good thing.



Ispheria commented on Video: This Modder is Playing a 2DS With a Gam...:

In smash for the 3DS, don't you actually need to touch the touch screen to use your final smash? So he'd need a button mapped to the touchscreen too (though it's not like he has a very limited number of buttons to choose from)



Ispheria commented on Review: Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal World Duel Carnival (3DS):

Who the heck decided on no multiplayer and everything unlocked in the beginning? Those are possibly the two worst decisions they could have made. The multiplayer should be obvious. Having all the cards unlocked is just a really bad design choice. The reason it worked for the previous games is because it set up a learning curve for the player. Instead of overwhelming the player with an excessive amount of data, they fed the player info little by little by having them unlock cards the more the played. The more time the player invested in the game, the more they possibilities they had, the better they could express themselves in their decks, the more invested the player is.

But by throwing all the cards at you at once, the players will either spend hours reading every card's description or rage quit cause there are over 5,500 cards. Or they can already know what cards they want in their decks, but those people probably are fans of the game and would want to play against actual people, which you can't do in this game.



Ispheria commented on Game Boy Advance Titles To Hit Wii U Virtual C...:

was so mad cause i thought it said that the games were coming to 3DS VC. Not because I didn't want them to come to 3DS VC, but because I'm pretty sure they said that Metroid Fusion was going to be an ambassador only program.

<--- Ambassador



Ispheria commented on Talking Point: The Watch_Dogs Wii U Delay Demo...:

Here's the thing...

3rd party developers don't really benefit from selling their games on Nintendo consoles. like, at all. It's pretty rare that a 3rd party game will be profitable, and when it is it usually just barely breaking even.

What sells on Nintendo consoles are Nintendo games, and I believe that Nintendo has a solid fan-base that will buy their games.

So while I think it's a shame that the 3rd party support atm sucks, I don't really care that much. Give me more Smash Bro's. Give me more Kid Icarus. Give me more Kirby and Zelda. Keep a healthy relationship with Square and I'll be happy.



Ispheria commented on Soapbox: Even With The Arrival Of PS4 And Xbox...:

Did you even read the article? like the first thing he says is that he does things for sony and microsoft blogs too.

Anyways, graphics mean nothing. Aesthetics are what matters, and that's limited by only the developer's creativity. Which is why games make a system, not the system's specs. And right now the WiiU has all the good games.

Also, with the all better graphics and stuff going on in the next gen consoles, i'm sure a lot of devs are just going to focus on making the most realistic graphics as possible, which is lead to bland, neutral colored COD knock-offs, while Nintendo will continue to release aesthetically pleasing games, like Wind Waker HD and Wonderful 101. I'm not saying hd games can't look good, but because of the nature of most of them (fps and "survival horror" games" things are are all brown and black and boring.

i'm not saying that a game has to look good to be good though, my main reason for saying this is to explain my logic for why i think graphic capabilities don't matter (look at the vita and 3ds, vita is way more powerful than the 3ds and yet 3ds got best selling console for like 6 months straight)



Ispheria commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Low-Key Approach to ...:

Really liked the article, didn't really think about it from a business point of view. I was one of the people going like, is this a joke? the main thing that really surprised me though wasn't the system, but how sudden the announcement was. can understand why Nintendo did it this way now, thanks Thomas. btw, what is the -TBD comments that keep showing up about Kirk? are they from the Nintendolife people or something?

edit- oh, and my main issue is that it can't close. like someone above me said, i like to close my system to feel like i'm protecting the screen. i get that you can't close the system cause it's all one screen, but if they do announce an XL version, it be cool (in my opinion) if they didn't keep the same shape (like they do with previous Nintendo handhelds) and make it like, closable but it would be the same size when closed, twice the size open, so that like, though it's still big, it'll not be so big when closed, and still fit in the pouch that they already have for the normal size 2DS. idk, just my opinions.



Ispheria commented on Reaction: Nintendo Surprises Us All With the 2...:

My thoughts on the 2DS:
1. Does this mean that the 3DS will never get a price cut? They can't make it cheeper than the 2DS after all, or else the 2DS won't sell.
2. They really should have added a 2nd Circle Pad this they have to make another ugly and expensive Circle Pad Pro for it.
3. The timing is actually pretty good. I already have my 3DS, but i know a few kids that will beg their parents for the 2DS just because it's "newer". idk, maybe it'll be a hit among young children.



Ispheria commented on Round Table: Let's Talk About the 3DS:

i got mine on the first day and i've gotta say that i have much more hours on my 3ds then i do on any other system. over 300 hours on monster hunter, and 200+ on KI:U. didn't spend much time on oricarina of time, after i beat it i sort of got bored, and fire emblem was too easy on lunatic because of how OP kellam and and the dragon girl was, though their conversations were pretty entertaining. personally though, what i would like more than anything on the 3DS is another Tales of game, and not a straight up port like Tales of the Abyss. i'd really like a completely new Tales of game exclusive for the 3ds



Ispheria commented on Feature: 10 Essential Games For Your New 3DS:

i don't believe Colors 3D and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy should be on the list. I've them both, and while i do like them, i believe it is only because i am an artist who likes final fantasy. the first requires a lot of patience to make anything good, in 3D, unless you're a pro with using stuff like this, and the 2nd requires some nostalgic feelings for final fantasy. Kid Icarus DEFINITELY belongs on the list though, i've put a lot of gameplay hours into that game. lots of replay value



Ispheria commented on Review: Funky Barn (Wii U):

woah woah it just me or in the first picture are they getting ready to grind up a sheep? who eat's grounded sheep meat?



Ispheria commented on Nano Assault EX Blasting Onto The 3DS eShop Soon:

well, the original game sold at $20 right? so i'm guessing if this game has all the stages that the original had plus more stuff, i think it's going to sell for more than the average eShop game. i hope not though, cause i'm looking forward to telling my friend to buy this so i can play on his 3ds lol and if i like it i'll download it on mine



Ispheria commented on Monster Hunter News Teased by Capcom Community...:

i wish people would stop begging for the game on Vita, i mean, theres a reason they are making it for the 3DS. the 3DS is selling so much better than all the other systems there's really no incentive to make it for anything else. plus, the even psp is selling better than the Vita, so if they are going to make it for anything other than the 3ds you'd think it would be for the psp



Ispheria commented on Review: Petit Computer (DSiWare):

yeah man, like, i bought this thinking the manual would actually help explain how to do stuff to noobs at programming like myself, so i really can't do anything yet with this app, but i still going to try to learn how to do this man.