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Tue 6th Mar 2012

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Haz commented on Video: See the Differences Between Star Fox Ze...:

It saddens me to see the public reaction to this game. I was fortunate enough to get to go to E3 this year, and Star Fox Zero was my favorite game that I played there. It's a lot of fun, which is supposed to be the whole point, right?



Haz commented on 3DS System Update to Version 10.2.0-28 is Now ...:

The engineers responsible for "stability" updates likely have no involvement in VC development or any of those other "fun" features. There work has little to no affect on what games Nintendo is able to produce simultaneously (other than hopefully making it easier for other developers to make stable games



Haz commented on Review: Sin and Punishment (Wii U eShop / N64):

There are multiple in-game control configurations. If you're having issue with using the right analogue stick to move, check out my previous comment for what I consider to be an optimal control setting (by using the Wii U VC's awesome control mapping feature).



Haz commented on Review: Sin and Punishment (Wii U eShop / N64):

I had issue with the controls at first, however this was quickly resolved by changing the Wii U Gamepad control mapping (just tap the screen to start this process). This is the mapping I use now which has made the experience MUCH better:

N64 -> Wii U
A -> B
C-left -> Y
C-right -> A
Z -> Right trigger

This setup makes it easy to roll left and right (which is tough to do consistently if you're using the right analog stick mapped to the C buttons, since you need to tap C-left or C-right twice to roll).



Haz commented on Rumour: Fresh Sources Suggest Shovel Knight Is...:

We must have very different tastes indeed, because I'm excited for Mario Maker, Star Fox, Tri Force Heroes, and Yoshi's Woolly World (granted everyone outside of North America has already gotten this one). I played each of these games at E3 and had a lot of fun with all of them. Also looking forward to the new Chibi Robo and Mario Tennis games, although those might not be day-one pickups for me.



Haz commented on Talking Point: The Argument For And Against am...:

I'm against people making DLC for games free against the wishes of the developer. With Amiibo, however, sometimes that content is locked to you, whether or not you're willing to pay for the figurine. That being said, once Nintendo gets their supply issues sorted out, or at least sell easy-to-find and cheaper Amiibo cards, I don't think there's an acceptable excuse to using these.



Haz commented on Review: 3D Gunstar Heroes (3DS eShop):

A great game, but definitely best played with a friend. Now I only need to convince my roommate to pick up a 3DS... maybe with the upcoming 2DS price drop I can give him a late birthday gift



Haz commented on The Piracy of amiibo Now Seems Possible With t...:

Until someone starts manufacturing counterfeit Amiibo, I can't really say I care about this at all. Most people I know who buy Amiibo do it to create Amiibo displays on a desk, shelf, or entertainment center. I think it's cool that Nintendo adds special content for Amiibos in their games, but that can be supremely frustrating when they're not producing half as many units as they should be to even come close to meeting demand.



Haz commented on Poll: Did The Splatoon Global Testfire Hit Its...:

It was great, but I think 2 hour sessions would have been better, although having it open for an entire day would have been the best. I nearly missed the first session due to dinner plans, and wasn't able to make either session on Saturday.



Haz commented on Review: Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons:...:

I enjoy P&D on Android, but feel the push to get you to either purchase magic stones or constantly sell off excess monsters in your inventory ends up slowing the game down too much. It really feels like you can never make the best of your inventory without the microtransactions. $30 is certainly a little steep for a puzzle game, but there are people who have spent hundreds of dollars on magic stones. I'll definitely be picking it up.



Haz commented on ​Mario Kart 8's 200cc Mode Has Apparently Ne...:

Oh god, the whining...

Snaking in Mario Kart or F-Zero, or wavedashing in Smash Bros, none of it is cheating.

Cheating would be finding a way to actually change the way the game behaves in order to get an advantage, or exploiting weaknesses in the game's netcode to interfere with other players. Discovering strange patterns in the physics of a game is not cheating.

People just get upset that there are techniques which exist that might be difficult to learn and master, and thus they are bitter that better players can increase the skill gap. Mario Kart has an item which specifically tracks down the leading racer and puts them at a stop for ~2 seconds. If bad players get blue shells, then good players should get snaking.



Haz commented on Social Networks Go Into Meltdown Over Apparent...:

I am glad it is a fake. TP's graphics were already held back by standard def resolution, and looked really muddy. Lowering the resolution even further would be awkward. I do look forward to the eventual HD release, however.



Haz commented on Video: Xenoblade Chronicles X May Have Been Su...:

I always assumed that the E3 reveal was faked. Still looks good for a Wii U game, and I'm definitely more interested in the gameplay than I am in graphical fidelity (although I still want a big world with large draw distance).



Haz commented on Reminder: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Out Now for ...:

First time playing this game, and I'm enjoying it so far, and really excited for the game to open up a bit more. I think I'm going to like all of the deep systems in the game, such as affinity. It kind of gives me a bit of a Skies of Arcadia vibe in that sense, and you can't go wrong with that. My only problem is balancing this with G-Rank hunts in MH4u (finally at G3!).



Haz commented on Review: Mario Kart DS (Wii U eShop / DS):


No kidding. Just played some Double Dash with a few friends a couple weeks ago, and they were kind of irritated about how effective it is. If they get their blue shells and lightning bolts, then I should get my snaking.



Haz commented on Nintendo Begins Takedown Proceedings on Super ...:

Janky demo directly ripping assets from an existing game and attempting to make a 1-to-1 copy of other existing game assets gets a shutdown notice. I forget why I'm supposed to care. Imagine doing this in the movie or business software industries, and maybe then you'll consider Nintendo's response less harsh.



Haz commented on Weirdness: Someone's Made a Super Mario 64 HD ...:

It's a pretty cool demo, but it definitely brings to mind the story of Nintendo spending a month just getting the movement and physics perfect in SM64, so that it would be fun to just play around with Mario in an open room with just a box in the middle. You simply cannot translate that level of refinement into a personal project.



Haz commented on Preview: We Take Aim at Splatoon to See if It ...:

Looks like a blast. I'm sure my MH4U group will get a lot of fun out of this game.

Alex, I enjoy the positive energy you bring to all of your videos. Videogames are supposed to be fun, yet so many games journalists always seem so jaded!



Haz commented on Interview: Nintendo's Hiro Yamada On The Chall...:

I was really hoping to be burnt out on MH4U by the time this releases. I'm 80 hours in now, and not getting bored yet, but I do want to finally play this game once it's on N3DS (I missed it on the Wii). Honestly the graphics on this look astounding for the 3DS.



Haz commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Heading For a Period of ...:

I'm interested in how the new expertise in mobile will affect Nintendo's archaic social platforms. I've also been hoping for a unification of Nintendo's handheld and console platforms for some time now, so I'm extremely excited to see what NX is all about.



Haz commented on Reaction: The Nintendo 'NX', and Why We Think ...:


Well if we don't see anything more until 2016, that would still put us at a minimum of 4 years after the Wii U's release before new hardware releases. Even if this is shown off in 2016, it could still be as long as 2017 before we see an actual hardware release. If you don't think Microsoft and Sony are already planning their next console releases, then you don't understand how this industry works.



Haz commented on Review: Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. (3DS):


More frustrating than that is when Nintendo does something new, but uses Mushroom Kingdom characters, and people drone about how it's "just another Mario game." Just because Mario Strikers, Mario Tennis, and Mario Kart have many of the same characters and locales does not make them the same games!



Haz commented on Nintendo Download: 12th March (North America):

I don't think demand for the GBA title can really be used to judge demand for the series in general. I love F-Zero X and F-Zero GX, and would pick up a VC release of either of those titles, but I don't really have any interest in the SNES or GBA titles.



Haz commented on Hardware Review: 8Bitdo FC30 Pro Controller:

I've been traveling frequently for work, and I've been wanting a controller with good inputs in a slim form-factor (it's a pain to try to stuff my Logitech F310 in my laptop bag). $50 is a bit steep, but I think this will make a great companion for my Anker microUSB external battery I keep in my bag for long flights.



Haz commented on Weirdness: eBay Trolls amiibo Fans With Gold M...:

I can't really agree that this is in poor taste. Allowing 3rd parties to sell each other things, sometimes things which would otherwise be difficult to find through normal retail means, is basically eBay's entire business. To eBay, this is a way of advertising that you can buy hard-to-find items through their service.