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ShikabaneHime13 commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS Could Be a...:


This is actually one of the reasons we are encouraging people to call them directly versus the email. The email they send in response (now woth a wait time of a day or two once read by customer support) does come across scripted but someone actually has to read it before you get the response back.

If you wish to call to leave feedback about how you feel regarding the lack of the smaller system, you can reach them here: 1-800-255-3700 ext 5 then 4



ShikabaneHime13 commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS Could Be a...:

A Nintendo customer service rep I spoke with today was super awesome. She stated she herself had been looking forward to the smaller New 3DS and had even planned which faceplates she would've liked to get. She also mentioned that the center is still receiving a ton of calls with complaints over the exclusion of the n3DS and actively encouraged me to get more feedback sent in. So it doesn't hurt to let them know!



ShikabaneHime13 commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS Could Be a...:


Even though people are getting responses by email, I personally find calling far more effective. It allows them to hear "me" instead of just some nameless, voiceless stranger behind a wall of text in an email. And I can convey more by pointing reasons "why" the XL is not a good fit for "me". Everyone will have different reasons, hence why we are encouraging others to take to the campaign. Even if you plan to get the nXL, leave feedback in support of your fellow consumer's right to choose for themselves.



ShikabaneHime13 commented on Nintendo of America Issues Non-Statement on th...:


If I may interject here just to point out something: The XL has outsold the smaller model in ALL territories. The New 3DS XL outsells its smaller cousin in Japan, so why bother having the option in that market? The current XL has outsold the original 3DS in Europe and Australia, so why bother to offer the smaller model in these areas of the market?

The stance so many of us are taking is : What makes the US so different compared to the other territories that only we end up without both sizes? The issue for those whom are upset is that we are being denied the option when the same statistics the decision was based on is true for all the regions. Heck, by comparison, Europe and Australia don't even perform sales-wise on the same level as Japan or North America (the second highest Nintendo market) and the presence of Nintendo marketing in both EU and AUS is slim in comparison as well.

As for the demand? Yes, the degree of consumers that prefer the smaller model will no doubt be eclipsed by XL owners but there is still a demand regardless, no matter how small.

Yes, the casual consumer won't be informed right off the bat either about the missing SKU, but many consumers are also now taking the time to research products before blindly buying them. A parent may go into Best Buy, see the system and decide to do a web search later to determine if they want to get it for their child. And that is where the negative stance regarding lack of the small model could come to light. Say a someone left feedback saying they liked the system but were disappointed the small model was not offered. Bing! That brings to the parent's attention that there was an option for a different size. It could create a ripple effect and the parent looks up information out of curiosity and comes across more information regarding the differences. Granted this is a lot of IFs and pure conjecture on my part, I just want to use that example to say that today's consumers aren't as ill-informed or the sporadic shoppers you may think they are. Some do make impulse purchases, but when the cost of livng and luxuries is on the rise, many are going to consider their options before making outright purchases.

And given what a Nintendo rep I spoke with on the phone today said, a LOT of people have been calling and emailing them about the exclusion of the smaller model. So the decision could change. It sucks for us that both won't be available at launch (unless Nintendo works some sort of miracle in 29 days if they change their minds) but we can hope our voices are heard and the smaller one comes out eventually. As consumers, we shouldn't have to "settle".



ShikabaneHime13 commented on Nintendo of America Issues Non-Statement on th...:


That is certainly the hope from many of us. As I stated, I called DIRECTLY as that seemed a better opportunity to get my voice heard by an actual person. The rep said Nintendo closely monitors consumer feedback and with the volume of feedback they have received since yesterday somoneone higher up is bound to notice and there is a likely chance our voices could change the decision at some point. It might not be an immediate change, but it ends up being better than sitting around moping as we twiddle our thumbs in anger.

If anyone would like to call Nintendo directly and request to leave feedback, here's the number: 1-800-255-3700 (Note: Press 0 twice when promted to be taken straight to a live rep)



ShikabaneHime13 commented on Nintendo of America Issues Non-Statement on th...:


Yes, and heaven forbid something should ever happen to her system in the future, right? If for some reason it were to stop working, then what?

And this amiibo adapter you mention... Last I checked, that wasn't covered in the Nintendo Direct. In fact, the adapter hasn't been mentioned even once since E3.

In the long run, please stop trying to tell me and others to get over it. You're getting the XL, so why are you so concerned about those of us that would like a different option? I have only pointed the reasoning as to "why" others would want the alternative size system. It's not like I (or others) are saying, "Well, if we can't have the small size, then don't release the system at all."

In the end, "you" are getting what "you" want. Yes, the gaming market as a whole is not always fair to its consumers, but I'll be damned if you are going to be outright rude to me and the others and tell me my desires are insignificant and unwarranted.

And FYI, there is something we can do about it for those of us unsatisfied by the decision: Make our voices heard directly to Nintendo. Online petitions don't work, we all know this. But when I called the Nintendo Customer Service today to leave feedback about my concerns on the matter, the rep stated that I wasn't the only one as they have recieved calls nonstop regarding the smaller n3DS since yesterday as well as a crap ton of emails. So something can be done about it, thank you. And while a reversal on the decision might not come immediately, there is no doubt that Nintendo will see and hear that their choice was a poor one.

Thank you and have a blessed day



ShikabaneHime13 commented on Nintendo of America Issues Non-Statement on th...:


so, by your logic then, a consumer should just take whatever life throws at them? So I'm just supposed to tell my neice, who was thoroughly excited about the smaller system, "Oh well, honey, your comfort and preference doesn't matter. Either take the large one or stick with your old outdated model"?

No. Just because "you" and other individuals are fine with the XL doesn't mean everyone is. What you are saying ends up coming across as, "Well, I've got what I want, so sucks to be you if your preferneces are different from mine."

My neice, as I stated in an earlier post, cannot use the XL as it isn't comfortable for her and the 2DS is not an option as she games in 3D just like I do. And she carries her system (on OG 3DS that I gave her) with her everywhere in her jacket/coat pocket and an XL doesn't fit in her pockets. "I" have no problem with the XL and wouldn't mind purchasing one. But why would I want my neice, whom I promised an n3DS if she made honor roll, to feel left out if the XL size is incompatible for her? For that reason, I opted not to get the XL because the lack of choice doesn't benefit my neice.



ShikabaneHime13 commented on Nintendo of America Issues Non-Statement on th...:


But why do you think that only "1 out of 10" would've bought the smaller size? Usually, people express their discontent for a reason. Sure, some people might just be jumping on the bandwagon and adding to the amount complaining. But the general consensus on the internet since the systems were revealed back in August was that the smaller one had quite the potential. Some people imported to test out the systems when they came to Japan and Australia last year and a lot were more taken with the smaller size factor and said they would buy the smaller model upon official release in their respective territories. I imported from Japan an XL size while a friend imported the smaller version. Having been able to play on both sizes, the smaller system was far mor enjoyable to use compared to the cumbersome size of the XL.

In a nutshell, what works for some does not work for all. I have primarily used the XL size of Nintendo handhelds since the DSi XL came into the market years ago. Once I tested the standard n3DS, ti was a pleasant surprise and the big screen was an after thought compared to the level of comfort my hands felt.



ShikabaneHime13 commented on Nintendo of America Issues Non-Statement on th...:


By that logic, the 2DS would be a horrible choice for consumers then as well. The 2DS screens are on par with the orignal 3DS while the standard n3DS screens are 33% bigger than the original...

And as many people have already pointed out, not everyone's hands agree with the XL's size, the 2DS obviouly doesn't have the improvements/added features of the "New" line and is certainly not pocket friendly.

In short, Nintendo's response comes across as "Big brother knows best" when in fact they don't.



ShikabaneHime13 commented on Nintendo of America Issues Non-Statement on th...:

let me put this into perspective for those saying some of us will be "weak" and just cave in and buy the n3DSXL here in America:

Oh yes, I'm so weak in fact that I made it a point to drag my ass to the Gamestop and cancel every Nintendo related preorder I had....

Some of us actually stick to our guns. You say we'll cave but let me tell you something, I have a pretty damned good reason for not getting thr new system.

Some people want the standard size n3DS and the faceplates. Some are just as fine staying with or upgrading to the XL size.

At the end of the day it is a matter of personal preference so the rudeness being spewed is uncalled for (particularly form those opting for the XL and confused as to why others want the smaller system).

But also take into account that not every parent will be willing to spend $200+ on the nXL. And the cheapened 2DS is not necessarily an option for many due to lack of 3D if their child uses the function.

I have a young neice whom I've gotten into gaming and my old OG 3DS is perfect for her (she's 9) as she plays in 3D but doesn't like the size of my own XL. For months she has been hyped right along side me since Japan announced the new systems. I even imported the MH4G limited edition XL (let's be honest, a MH LE releasing in the US seemed all but likely) since I import Japanese games anyway. She enjoyed watching me play on it and really loved the better 3D effect. She was so enamored in fact, that she kept asking me to check if the new systems would be coming over as I had shown her pictures/video of the standard edition and its faceplates. Being a girly-girl of sorts, she liked the idea of being able to customize the system to her mood or wardrobe.

So yeah, it is disappointing to many and I had to break this news to my niece when she got home from school yesterday as she demanded I watch the Direct befors she left that morning. I can see why there might be reasoning on Nintendo's part to not release the standard size and faceplates, however limiting a consumer's choice is in no way a good move for any company. As they say, negative word of mouth can spread a lot more quickly than positive impressions as even when the wave starts off small, it soon grows larger and larger.

I resolved not to purchase the system for myself either as I would feel bad to have one and not my neice since I promised her a new system if she made Honor Roll last semester and she did. Needless to say, she was highly upset and I couldn't even give her a good answer as to why the decision was made. So while I have no problem with having an XL, it bugs the hell out of me that this is the only option which has alienated my niece. And out of respect, I'm not going to purchase a system to wave around in her face and make her feel worse given she had rightfully earned the New 3DS. Just means she and I won't be indulging in Majora's Mask, Xenoblade or Monster Hunter 4U.

Letbus also take into account that with the arrival of the new systems, the current models will undoubtedly be phased out. In the US, you can't even find an OG 3DS new anymore, so if the current XL is discontinued, that leaves us with only the 2DS and n3DSXL, pretty much cornering the market regarding their limited choices. And if Nintendo thinks the bigger size of electronics is all the American consumer wants, well then take a look at Samsung and Apple. Once Apple introduced the bigger screens of the iPhone 6 line, they were smart enough to include two sizes but many were predicting everyone would flock to the 6 Plus over the smaller size 6. A few months later, sales data will tell you that, in fact, the smaller 6 has been outselling the 6 Plus (not only because in some cases the Plus is still a little difficult to come by, but not everyone appreciates the massive size of the larger phone). Even Samsung knows not all of their consumers go for the Note line of phones which are gigantic... In short, bigger is NOT always better. I have a feeling Nintendo might end up reversing the decision if they receive enough complaints.

And let's not get us started on the lack of the AC Adapter in the new system. Knowledgeable fans may be aware that there's no charger, but what about parents that aren't? Gamestop employees may be trained to inform their customers about the missing adapter but what about Best Buy, Walmart, Target, etc? I can only imagine the outrage of parents that end up buying the XL as gifts only to find out the powersource isn't there. And the third party adapters which are commonly available aren't really an option if you want to avoid voiding your warranty on the system. The standalone official adapters are genrally only available on websites like Nintendo and Amazon but not physically present in stores (Gamestop sells a third party knockoff).



ShikabaneHime13 commented on Nintendo of America Issues Non-Statement on th...:


Last O,checked, the XL outsells the regular size in ALL territories, so that is a load of bull. Hell, Nintendo's second biggest market is the US outside of Japan, so what real sense does it make to determine for us that we won't ever choose the snaller model?

I'm sorry but this is going to backfire on the company and I hope it blows up in their face.



ShikabaneHime13 commented on Feature: Five Key Reveals We Want in 2015's Fi...:

So a Nintendo rep came into my local Gamestop today. I stood off a fair distance but did hear him say to the satff that if anyone came in to inquire about the New 3DS systems that they were to direct the customers to watch the Nintendo Direct tomorrow. He also hinted at preorders for the system going live tomorrow after the direct or by the end of the week



ShikabaneHime13 commented on The Bomber's Notebook Will Be Revamped in The ...:

I wouldn't refer to it as "dumbing down". I see it as modernizing/streamlining the game for those players that are younger,don't have tons of time to play in one sitting, or are less experienced with the game/genre in general. I never played the original on the N64 (was in elementary school and was more pokemon/mario kart focused when gaming as a child) but I'm sure I will appreciate the updates in some form. I still have my N64 and will likely pick up a copy of the original at some point just so that I may compare between the two, but I think it is pretty nice how they are trying to take all gamers (newbies, experienced, hardcore and casual) into account.



ShikabaneHime13 commented on Game Freak Emphasizes Its Ability to Go "In De...:

Is it the 21st yet....? My hype has built so much I've been struggling to keep myself occupied (and I have plent of 3DS and Vita games to do so) but my mind is on the games so much it's impossible. I guess my excitement comes from the fact that I never did finish Ruby or Sapphire back in the day nor did I play Emerald (lost my GBA) so the chance to partake in that which I never completed has me very happy. Also waiting to get my hands on the Corocoro Comic magazine for the Eon Ticket code since I will not only buy the NA versions of both games but both JP region games as well for my language studies.....

Ugh,... Time needs to move faster!!!!



ShikabaneHime13 commented on Pre-Orders Open For NES, Persona Q and Smash B...:

And that is perfectly fine. Like I said, we all know Nintendo made a bit of a blunder by not releasing the new models this year outside of Japan. But honestly, aside from the NES-themed XL, I can't see the point of releasing the LEs coming out later. Smash might make sense given its C-stick enhancement is a part of the game for quick smash. However, the Persona one especially seems lie it would be a poor choice to carry over for the next model given that has no enhancements that require the additional buttons, or faster processor. Just like I have no doubt whatsoever we will also see some form of Pokemon themed system (if we don't color me truly shocked given the hype and constant bugging from fans for the remakes in the first place...).

Xenoblade Chronicles, MH4G/U, Smash Bros and Final Fantasy Explorers are the only games so far listed to take advantage of the new systems features, so I personally think it really not as big a deal for the LEs to be released regardless of them not being the new models. I won't be surprised though if a Smash one is released next year. I mean, even Japan is getting the Smash LE as a new model but it will be at least a month after they are initially released anyway in Japan and ttwo months after Smash has released there



ShikabaneHime13 commented on Pre-Orders Open For NES, Persona Q and Smash B...:

@ekreig the epicness of that GiF

Even thogh I have the LoZ XL, I will happily trade it in for the Persona XL. Already put my deposit down on it at Gamestop.

Honestly, I can't understand why so many people are bashing Nintendo over the announcement of these LEs and saying they will hold off for the New 3DS models. We have no concrete date for the release in the West outside of 2015... I think it's silly to be so uppity about it.

Yes, Nintendo made a horrible decision not releasing them here this year for the Holiday season as these would certainly generate money along with Pokemon and Smash Bros 3DS... However, as we all know their main focus will be the Wii U. Why force parents/fans to have to choose (lets be honest, most people cannot or will not buy both). Yeah, any parent or fan not in the know will be salty once the new ones come out, but hey companies can't please everyone...

I, for one, have no problem keeping an original XL (the Persona one when it comes out), importing a New LL (that epic MH4G bundle) AND still buying one of the New XLs when they come to the US.

And let's also be honest... A LOT of us believed we'd be shafted on LE systems (so many in the US were praying for the Smash systems) as many of us outside of Japan do not get even remotely close to the number of special editions they get. SMTIV XL? Haha... Not happening, said Nintendo. FE:A XL? Nope! Long story short, we all have complained about limited editions being reserved mostly for Japan, and now that they are here, everyone is thumbing their noses at them saying, "Well, it's not the NEW 3DS models, so no dice!" It is for reasons like this we barely get LEs as is (well, one of the reasons anyway...)

All I'm saying is, when the new ones come out (short of the changeable plates on the small system) there will more than likely not be an LE for a while unless they surprise us with that MH4G system (highly unlikely but I have an inkling these systems will be out when MH4U comes out next year so who knows...) or some special colors for the XLs

(Note: This is just my personal opinions/observations and in no way intended to be rude toward others.)



ShikabaneHime13 commented on New Nintendo 3DS Shown Off by Monster Hunter S...:

No problem. Each has their pros and cons but while PlayAsia usually ships a day or so ahead of release date (With Fedex, I get pretty much everything delivered on release day) Nin Nin has slightly lower prices. The stuff is still marked up but not as bad. Though sometimes it pays to compare between them. For example, Yokai Watch 2 is almost $60 on Nin Nin but PlayAsia has the games for $49.99



ShikabaneHime13 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Brings Life to the 3DS...:

Definitely about to rearrange my finances to import this in October along with MH4G and the Japanese version of Smash (granted I will be picking up the NA Smash the week before) so that I may test out the system and see how it is. Just can't decide if I want the Metallic Black LL or the Monster Hunter Edition of the LL... Choices, choices....

Of course, when it comes out to the West, I'll have no problem double-dipping and will still keep my original NA and import XLs from last year as well (just like I have both versions of the Vita)



ShikabaneHime13 commented on Nintendo of America Keen to Boost StreetPass P...:

My Streetpass community for my city (DC) notified us that to help promote the Streetpass Weekend, Nintendo of America sent a box of the Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds treasure chests that came with the GAME collector's edition of the game. It's a first come, first served deal that the first 40 attendees to the event tomorrow afternoon will get one. Makes me happy since that means I now don't have to go on eBay and pay an outlandish price for one. I will be at the event at least an hour early to guarantee I get one! Will also have my LoZ XL with me :)



ShikabaneHime13 commented on Weirdness: Nintendo of America Unleashes a Pec...:

Just found out Nintendo of America sent my Streetpass community a box of the Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds treasure chests that were offered for UK/Europe as a promotion for the Streetpass Weekend! First come first serve to the first 40 people that attend the event. So stoked! Now I don't have to spend an outrageous price for one on eBay!



ShikabaneHime13 commented on New LovePlus Launching With Limited Edition 3D...:

Already pre-ordered my Manaka set from Play Asia! As a girl, I find the LovePlus series endearing and it's a good tool for showing how to properly treat women. There is nothing sexual or maturely themed in the games at all. I import them for 1. Collectibility and 2. use as a practice aide for studying Japanese since I take lessons (have an entire bookshelf's worth of imports for ds, 3ds, vita and ps3).

Oh, and those saying the dating sims are responsible for the declining birthrate need to do their research. Japan is restricitive to women that want progressive careers (once married, women are more often than not kept at the same position at their job. Once pregnant, they are pretty much expected to leave the workplace and become typical housewives) and both genders are finding it bothersome to have relationships at all outside of casual flings. This is just one of the multitude of reasons for the declining birthrate. Otakus are not the sole reason this is happening.



ShikabaneHime13 commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Wo...:


I know what you mean. I was considering doing the same myself, but since I have already paid it off at the Gamestop I work at, I just decided to keep my reserve in place (also beats getting up in the early morning on Friday to be at a Walmart to purchase the bundle since I'm sure there will be scalpers at the ready to buy as much stock as possible). At least my boss told me I can come in at the midnight launch for the xbox 1 tonight and pick up my Zelda stuff (bundle, physical game and the collector's edition guide) since it is technically the release date come midnight. And, being an employee, i get a discount on the physical copy of the game.