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New Fighter for Super Smash Bros. to be Revealed on 14th July

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

There's even a live countdown for an intro video...

Until now Masahiro Sakurai, his team and Nintendo have revealed new challengers for Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS through a combination of Nintendo Direct broadcasts and sudden updates on the official website. There seems to be a big announcement coming, however, as they've gone so far as to provide advance warning, and a countdown, for the next unveiling.

On 14th July at 7am Pacific / 10am Eastern / 3pm UK / 4pm CET and midnight AEST (15th July), Nintendo will broadcast a three minute New Fighter Intro Video. That's quite a lot of hype for a character reveal, so we naturally expect it to be something special.

We'll be watching when that rolls around to kick off next week. You can even watch a countdown below, if the wait is just too much.

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Thanks to Donavan for the heads up.


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User Comments (303)



Grumblevolcano said:

If it's a newcomer to the franchise, I think it'll be Chrom. Otherwise maybe Captain Falcon with a new F-Zero announcement attached?



0utburst said:

Shulk? How many characters already? I'll bet the last one would be "Bayonetta climaxes in!"



TheWPCTraveler said:

F-Zero, please!

Come on, you guys! We all know about the SSB Effect! Whatever appears in SSB eventually comes out of it. Come on, it even managed to reboot Kid Icarus!



erv said:

Captain Falcon!

He is now the main character for the smash series



DBPirate said:

This is going to be awesome. That would be funny if it was Ridley! Not that I want him, but still. Yes, I know he was in the Smash Bros Direct but this is Sakurai we're talking about. It'll probably be someone from the Gematsu Leak though...



NintyMan said:

I think it's either Chrom, Shulk, or the Chorus Boys going by the Gematsu "leak." Chrom would be the easiest to announce, but I would want to see Marshall and the Chorus Boys out of those three because I have a hard time picturing how they would fight. Chrom and Shulk are swordsmen, but the Chorus Boys would have rhythmic moves that would be interesting to see in action, and seeing a video would do much to reduce doubt and confusion over them.

I would want to see King K. Rool, but I won't kid myself. He's almost certainly a secret character if he's playable at all.



dkxcalibur said:

I can't believe Captain Falcon isn't in this game yet but Bayonetta would not surprise me either. So those two would be safe bets. I would however prefer it to be some Nintendo character that we have not seen in a while like Mike Jones or maybe the dog from Duck Hunt.



ModestFan93 said:

Why do people want Geno he's not relevant nor was he even a worthwhile party member in SUPER Mario RPG. High hopes for another 3rd Party character lowest or expected hope another Nintendo main character.



SphericalCrusher said:

w00t!!! I'm hoping by "new" they mean a new and not returning, although either is perfectly fine. I'm hoping for Chrom or Shulk honestly. I'd love to see King K Rool as well. As far as returning... anyone.



DBailey said:

Too many fighters to call it. Hopefully it's someone old like Ness or Cap'n Falcon.



rjejr said:

I'll go w/ someone from HW, probably Midna, not the random anime chick. Ild like Bayonetta but feel like they already put her in as Zero Suit Samus.

And since nobody mentioned him yet Illbeat @sinalefa to the punch and say Wonder red.



mystman12 said:

I'm hoping for King K. Rool or Dixie Kong, but just for fun, I'll take a stupid guess and say that it will be Reggie Fils-A-Mech. Why else would Nintendo have made that character?!



rjejr said:

So is it too much too hope that no single character deserves his own ND and this is just a ruse for the release date at the end?!!



wayward said:

Maybe Sakurai finally caved and let Miyamoto put Popeye in. For a character to get a big reveal like this it seems like it would be from another third party franchise. As much as I love him, it would be a letdown for this to wind up being Groose or a similar obscure Nintendo character.



Yosher said:

Don't know who to wish for, though. My personal most wanted newcomers either have no chance of getting in or are already (de-)confirmed! ( Really wanted Lyndis from FE or Dillon from the Rolling Western games, or Kamek just to give Yoshi another rep, even though I know THAT will never happen. )
I'd like another F-Zero character besides Captain Falcon too, but.. would they even reveal one of those while the Captain himself hasn't even been seen yet? Aaaah it's too much!
Whoever it is though.. HYPE



SavoirFaire said:

I'll go way out on a limb and call Ridley!

I'm expecting a returning character though (captain falcon or since this is close to Earthbound anniversary, an Earthbound character).



sinalefa said:


Man, do you really have to butcher my name like that? Edit: thanks for fixing it!

I would die of happiness if it was Mr. Wedgewood or Cereza. But I am not very good at guessing or getting hyped so I won't propose any names. But if it is not a newcomer they are definitely shooting themselves in the foot.



TantXL said:

I'm thinking Bayonetta, or TINTIN YEAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH no really I'm thinking Bayonetta.



Handy_Man said:

@sinalefa It's going to be a newcomer, as they get trailers while veterans don't (except for Sonic's 30 second gameplay clip). The title of this article even explicitly says "New Fighter".

If anyone is expecting a veteran character like Captain Falcon or Ness to be shown, they'll still be in the game one way or another. They just won't be announced on Monday's trailer.



ekreig said:

I wonder if they'll do something similar to the Smash Bros. Direct and make the video about a returning character...and then spring a surprise newcomer on us at the last second. That would be fun.



TARDIS-Blue_Blur said:

I think we will see a newcomer.
It would fit perfectly if we get one each month until japanese 3DS release. :3



ricklongo said:

I want Ness, Lucas, or anyone from the Mother series, really. But I'd take a newcomer completely out of the blue, too.



Plucky said:

I want either King K Rool or Young Porky Minch. "Retro"-wise maybe Takamaru or Bubbles (they semi-started the trend with Ice Climbers then Pit..alluding to his retool). if Rhythm Heaven is getting a newcomer, i'd rather prefer Karate Joe than Chorus Kids/Marshal just because he'll actually fight than just summoning minigames for attacks.



JimLad said:

I think @wayward is right, it's gonna be another third party character judging by the attenton they're giving it.
Sega, Capcom and Namco all have characters, so that leaves Konami...

No sign of Snake yet. I think they're gonna replace him with Simon Belmont from Castlevania.



Handy_Man said:

@sinalefa I don't understand why people are asking for Captain Falcon either. Regardless, they'll be disappointed that he won't be revealed on Monday, but he's definitely going to be announced later anyway.

Also, Cranky Kong is already on the Jungle Japes stage in Smash 3DS, unfortunately. He's not going to be playable.

@Sensei_Sendai I'm glad that I'm not the only one here that watched that show.



siavm said:

Only new fighters to the game have gotten videos and since this is being counted down on a YouTube video this must be a big character. Other characters will probably be revealed in the screen of the day like captain falcon but this has to be a big character to get a three day heads up. The last time we got this we got five characters one of which was new. So I am only thinking this one will be awesome.



MrGawain said:

1. This means no July ND.
2. Does it necessarily mean one fighter?
3. It's likely to be a new challenger.
4. It's unlikely to be character(s) that haven't had a year recent Nintendo game, or one coming, as it needs to promote current Nintendo interests, so I doubt it's Simon Belmont.
5. With this amount of to do, I am guessing Bayonetta, Skull Kid, Shovel Knight or a fake out and announcing return of Wario.



argol228 said:

@MrGawain shovel multiplatform indi game character so again, no. Skull Kid is an assist trophy, so Bayonetta is really the only one and that is unlikely. though more likely than K.Rool just because he is no longer relevant

so likely one of the gametsu (or whoever it was) leaks



darkswabber said:

Solid Snake? Captain Falcon? Mr. Game & Watch? Jigglypuff?
Well if it's an announcement video it's probably a brand new never used before fighter...
Big Boss (I know, the changes for him to join are too low)? Jin/Devil Jin? Bayonetta? That red person from Wonderfull 101? Ryu? any first party character?



chiefeagle02 said:

I hope it's [insert character relative to the person's rampant idiosyncratic fanboyism], but I digress, the game will still be worth buying no matter who it is

Edit: What about the Elite Beat Agents?



FiveDigitLP said:

Duuuude...How had I not even thought of him yet? That would be the perfect addition and would definitely warrant his own video with a countdown! I've been sitting here racking my brain trying to figure out who would be appropriate for this kind of thing...

All I know is I hope it's not an existing character. As much as I want to know for sure Ness and Captain Falcon are going to be in the game, it would be a huge letdown if this video is just about either of them. Although...I will say that some people's suggestions of revealing Falcon along with a new F-Zero game would be an interesting spin...



ChemyNoSurfea said:

I'm pretty sure Shovel Knight is never going to be in Smash, even though I would love it. Rayman sounds possible but I'm really hoping it's either Wonder Red, Viewtiful Joe or Bayonetta



FilmerNgameR said:

Shadow the hedgehog please. I don't care what the haters say I just want to CHAOS BLAST into Mario's face and seeing him yell MAMAMIAAAAAA!!!!! That would be hilarious lol!



Wuneye said:

Outside of Shulk.. Reading through all of these comments, I think Simon Belmont would be pretty cool. Easy to picture throwing the boomerang cross, holy water, etc



argol228 said:

@FiveDigitLP no. Rayman would not happen, nor is it a good idea. He doesn't exactly have the same pedigree as the rest of the characters. no one knew who, or what Rayman was until Origins. if legends had remained WiiU exclusive then maybe you would have an argument. just look at the leaked list to think of who it could be. I would put my money on Shulk. Yeah I made the connection between F-Zero X and july 14. but since it is a video. I doubt it unless he gets announced alongside the new character.



IxC said:


I would honestly love Non Specific Action Figure more than anyone else.

Except maybe Bomberman.



Stu13 said:

Why isn't Kunio in the running? Isn't he the best fit? I'd be happy with Bayonetta, though.



IxC said:

As awesome as Bayonetta would be, she's far too risqué to appear in an aleady established Nintendo franchise.

Nintendo have made it clear they've no problem have mature rated games on their systems these days. But Nintendo's franchises themselves remain family friendly.

It won't be Bayonetta.



FiveDigitLP said:

@argol228 Cause no one knows who Rayman is and yet everyone knows who Shulk is...? I think not. I'd love to see Shulk, but he's from one obscure game that not that many people bought, while Rayman has been in multiple games from multiple generations of consoles. I'm just trying to think of what would be a logical character based on them having a countdown for it.

Just about all of the "big" first party characters are already taken, so it almost has to be a 3rd party one.



argol228 said:

@FiveDigitLP I never said that. I said Rayman didn;t really become popular until origins after what, 10 years of not even having a game. Xenoblade is a nintendo exclusive game, there is a new Xenoblade coming out. Rayman has been on multiple platforms and ubisoft screwed nintendo out of legends being exclusive.

put Rayman up against Megaman, Sonic and Pacman. he is a speck to them in fame that is why they are in smash bros despite not being first party. Snake in Brawl was because kojima and sakurai are good friends and Kojima basically begged. I doubt Sakurai would be that friendly with a french game dev.



retro_player_22 said:

Please let it be one of these, I had my hands fully cross:

  • Chrom (Fire Emblem)
  • Isaac (Golden Sun)
  • K. Rool (Donkey Kong Country)
  • Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles)
  • Kalas (Baten Kaitos)
  • Bayonetta
  • Shovel Knight
  • Ghirahim or Yuga (Legend of Zelda)
  • Professor Layton

Fortunately it has to be Isaac, there's no Golden Sun reference in the game yet whether playable character, assist trophy, regular trophy or just a gallery sticker. Also the current Golden Sun game ends on a cliffhanger (again!) so it would be nice if Isaac is here just to advertise an upcoming Golden Sun game for 3DS or Wii U.



2Sang said:

I feel this being more important than just a new character. Maybe it's a new third party or a very unique fighter like the mii fighters.



Dodger said:

My Dad and I engaged in a bit of speculation regarding this 3 minute video. A 3 minute video isn't abnormal, but announcing it in advance is different than what they have done so far. They want people paying attention to this. I don't expect it will be a veteran character, which leaves a new Nintendo character or a third party character. After the attention that Pac-Man got, if it is a third party character then they most certainly want the media paying attention.

I can't think of many 1st party characters they could add that would demand this level of attention. I can think of 1st party characters, but not many people know about them. Paper Mario, Chrom, Shulk, Robin, Groose, Tingle, Ridley, Bowser Jr. Nothing that couldn't just be announced though.

What about third party characters? There are already fighters from Capcom, Sega and Namco. We thought of a few. They aren't exactly likely though .

My dad waa thinking along the lines of what would grab attention. After Miyamoto's playful statements suggesting that they could already be talking with Mojang, he thought it would be a good idea to announce Minecraft for Wii U and Steve for Smash Bros. Unlikely, yes. But it would get a lot of attention.

Level Five has given a lot to the DS. Professor Layton would be a possibility. His series is over though. I can see both sides.

Ubisoft has made a decent amount of games for Nintendo. I could see Nintendo making a deal with them that they would get a character in Smash Bros. if they continue to support Nintendo systems. Rayman is the logical choice. He has had games on Nintendo systems since way before Origins, even if you don't count the Rabbids. He could have a decent moveset and he seems likely to have games on Nintendo systems in the future.

But the best thing would be if they announced CDi Link.



yuwarite said:

I hope it's an iconic character, that's never been in past Smash games, and has been in games from the 80's or 90's at least; Simon Belmont, for example.



Jellitoe said:

Bayonetta would be dumb, in this series, I truly hope its not. Simon Belmont, from Trans would be nice since we made his original home at Ninty,

Personally I would like it to be Sora in some deal to get KH3 over to the Wii U



kingston589 said:

Most likely someone from the gematsu leak. Personally i hope its the choir boys. Also fawful/midbus is welcome.



Caryslan said:

I don't think it will be anyone like Chrom or Shulk. I do believe those two are going to be in the game, but they both come from niche RPG franchises. I can't believe they would warrant an entire Trailer that comes with a countdown.

I wonder if it's a fourth third-party rep? Yeah. King K. Rool and Ridley are fairly major Nintendo names, but do they deserve their own countdown when characters like Little Mac did not get one?

Now the question is, which third-party character is it?



KikReask said:

Soooo, only a few people here want Snake back? Aww, I admit he was out of place, but so was everything else. Ah well, as long as we get either Chrom or Ridley I'll be fine. Bayonetta is too M-Rated to appear.



Mr_Video said:

This is weird, they've never done anything this big for just a new playable character. I don't want it to be another 3rd Party character though, I think they have those covered pretty well right now and are all Smash needs.
I want to guess Ridley, considering he's been requested for a long time...But I really want it to be Isaac from Golden Sun...



Megumi said:

I would say Palutena, but she's already clue who else I want in. Ooh, right, K. Rool! hopes for him



ManateeBlubber said:

@Luigifan141 I was waiting for someone to pull that out. I would love to see him in. Since the trailers aren't normally 3 minutes long, I would say there's going to be at least 2 in there. It is a New Fighter video, not a New Fighter's video, after all. I want K. Rool and the Chorus Men. Even though I've never played Rhythm Heaven, I think they would be one of the more interesting fighters.



Hero-of-WiiU said:

Almost seems people wont be happy with one person. I'm going with Capt Falcon, or Bayonetta. Sure would love a new F-Zero.



ValiantPixel said:

I am putting out my obligatory wish of Jill, from Drill Dozer I am always the only one to suggest her and I want to keep it that way! Come on Sakurai, I know you have it in you.



ManateeBlubber said:

@Mr-DNA Though that was a joke (I hope), it got me thinking about how unrealistic Rayman is. He just wouldn't cut it. And, Nintendo may still be unhappy about Legends...
@Hero-of-WiiU I would be fine with one, as long as it's somebody cool. Like K. Rool. Maybe... The Chorus Men would need a three minute video to explain how they work? Same with Wonder-Red... BECAUSE I WANT HIM!



TeeJay said:

@argol228 Explain how Pit came to be in Brawl, then. And I have no clue who Shulk even is.

Rayman would be an awesome addition and would fit perfectly in the Smash Bros universe, but unfortunately he belongs to Ubisoft. Since they're hyping this up so much, my guess is either Ridley or the Chorus Men. Leaning more on Ridley though.



Remisio said:

3 minutes? I can see it being something like the greninja trailer where a veteran is announced alongside a new commer.

Or my crazy imaginary dream scenario where there's an epic trailer where at first we see 3 swords pointed upwards in a 3musketeers style pose and then they start fighting and it's revealed to be Chrom, Shulk and Takamaru. Each with their own unique sword style. This is based on the Gematsu Leak and a leak that occurred a long time ago, early in SSB development where a person claiming to have met or been involved with people working on smash stated that Sakurai was planning on introducing Little Mac and Takamaru, one as the western rep and the other as the eastern rep. But it's unreliable. We shall see.



NavySpheal said:

Chrom, Shluk, Isaac...

I like me some swordsman. Anyways, do people see the NEW in the title? No returners in this trailer according to the title. So no Falcon or Snake.



Pika2346 said:


Either that or Robin or Geno, but I can see Geno as a Megaman clone with the pellets

I also had a dream that Captain Falcon was confirmed by his Blue Falcon coming along, then he and Bayonetta jump out of it... They would be such a badass couple rofl xD



readyletsgo said:

I know I'm the only one on the planet, but, GOD!!!, I am so sick hearing, seeing and reading things about SSB4!

Wont be buying it.



rjejr said:

@sinalefa - "Man, do you really have to butcher my name like that?"

Sorry, it's how I pronounce it in my head - "sin-full-uh". Though based on the actual correct spelling I'm guessing you pronounce it differently.

I pronounce "rjejr" "ree-jur" if you care. I started using it years back when you code enter your name in JRPGS and "ree-jur" actually sounds a lot like some of the names in those games. Though it is weird calling him rjejr in WW HD after 30 years of calling him Link. My kids and I actually still call him Link, but everybody in the game calls him rjejr. Oh, and its just my initials, nothing exciting about it.



argol228 said:

@TeeJay I can't believe you asked that...I mean really. Pit is an iconic nintendo character that Sakurai clearly has some love for. considering he is responsible for Uprising.



XeNoUsernameHere said:

If it's a returning character, then I want Ness or Mewtwo. If a newcomer, then I guess I'd take Chrom or Shulk or maybe even Isaac. (Ridley or K. Rool would be nice, but their chances are extremely low)



WaveGhoul said:

Wart, Mike Jones, Simon Belmont, Bill Rizer or Arthur from Ghosts 'n Goblins.
Make it happen Sakurai!



Grumblevolcano said:

@WillMelnyk New fighter can be considered as either new fighter to the franchise or new fighter to the Wii U and 3DS versions. The latter of course could mean returning characters such as Captain Falcon.



Senario said:

That day is directly after the end of EVO. Maybe captain falcon as he is always a hit with the competitive community. Nobody hates capt falcon mains. The guy is too stylish.

Meh, more characters. I prefer deeper balance and less characters to more characters and stupidly strong chars like metaknight.



Play_It_Loud said:

I hope its Ryu or Ken from Steet Fighter...If its a nintendo character then the Dog From Duck Hunt is the way to go...



TeeJay said:

@argol228 Uprising came AFTER Brawl. I'd say the only reason Uprising came to be was because of his appearance in Brawl. He popped into Brawl out of no where after being dead for over a decade as well, without even having a recent game beforehand like Rayman has.

Not defending Rayman, though. I like him and I grew up with him and I think he'd fit the Smash mold perfectly but again, he's Ubisoft property.



argol228 said:

@TeeJay what I mean is, Sakurai put him in Brawl for a reason. proof of concept. Sakurai had uprising in mind long before it was announced.



Deadstanley said:

It should be either the pig form version of Gannon, or the Question Mark Block from the Mario games.



Flashman said:

I think there may only be me who genuinely doesn't care about this game and will def not be buying it.



sinalefa said:

It cannot be Captain Toad since he can't jump.


I pronounce it like the Spanish word it is. So in English it would roughly be:

Si (as in Sea)
Na (as in Nashville)
Le (as in Let)
Fa (as in Farm)

As for yours, I pronounce it R-J-E-Jr. I supposed it was your initials and your title, as in Junior.



Beau_Skunk said:

To be honest, even though I'm sure people will be angry if it's a "returning" character, I wouldn't mind it being another returning character. I was one of the few actually happy they brought Toon Link & Yoshi back.



Lalivero said:

Has nobody else really suggested Shantae? We're getting Pirate's Curse/Half-Genie Hero, along with finally getting the original on VC and Risky's Revenge. D:

I'm also on the Isaac train.



dinosauryoshi said:

@sinalefa I'd also rather have Cranky than K Rool. I think Cranky would be a really awesome character. Probably unlikely though! My money is on Shulk.



TeeJay said:

@xj0462 Did you not see the screenshot of him as a trophy with Sakurai specifically stating "Not everyone can make it in"? Honestly.

As for everyone crying for Captain Falcon, can you all not read?! Sorry just needed to get that out of my system.



OdnetninAges said:

Calling it right now... It's Shulk.

If it isn't Shulk, then it will be Chrom or Marshal.

I'll be happy with any of them, but I'd prefer Chrom since he's the only character I really want in. Seriously, if they add him, than the roster will be perfect for me because it'll basically have every character I want.

Except Wario, Ness, Jigglypuff and Mr. Game & Watch, who haven't been confirmed yet.



Sikboy1029 said:

I think Shantae would be great. Or to get way out there, Sketch Turner. Comix Zone is still awesome...



SecondServing said:




Mr-X9000 said:

@TeeJay im STILL bitter over waluigi not being a playable charecter
captain falcon will be in the game, hes been in all the other ones



R-Comeau said:

I would like to see Zero from the Mega Man X Series, or Knuckles from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.



ChessboardMan said:

And it's…

…The Entire Cast of Skylanders Trap Force or whatever, but you have to collect their figures to unlock each one!

…Master Chief- 's finishing this Fi- no wait, he's just really really lost.

…Adam Jensen- Didn't ask for this.

…Captain Shepard- has to go now, to Smash Bros.!

…Optimus Prime- is transforming and rolling out!

… Tingle- … what.

Ok enough of that.

Personally, I'd like the return of Snake. Mewtwo and Captain Falcon would be welcome too. Is G&W confirmed yet?

But to go to this level of hype, a newcomer seems likely. But no one comes to mind right now… maybe they'll pull a Kid Icarus on us again, and bring back an age old franchise with a new entry to that franchise following soon (ish) afterwards?

Wait… isn't there that nes brawler game that Nintendo seem to be trying really hard to remind us all that it exists? :/ hopefully not from the reviews it gets here at NL…



Daruncic said:

my vote: All New character announcement: a new main character for the FZERO series along with an FZERO reboot!



Joetherocker said:

I have no idea why anyone thinks Bayonetta has even the slightest chance of getting in. One game for Nintendo systems and it won't even be out until about the same time Smash 4 comes out. I could see Nintendo marketing their own games through Smash, as they already have, but third parties seem to rely on their iconic status, which Bayonetta doesn't have.

I'm hoping for someone not from the Gematsu leak, just to confirm that there are characters outside of it to still be announced, but it's looking like Shulk.



Neferupitou said:

Finger crossed for Mermaid Man or even Tetris Block, but we all know it,s Jigglypuff and her friends Ness and CAPTAIN Falcon! ready to punish all other characters with all new movesets and special attacks!!



kevkeepsplaying said:

Guys, it's not Captain Falcon, it's a NEW fighter.

Also, I guess this is going to be the one to make or break that really accurate leak we have floating around.



Link506 said:

@Franklin You read my mind. No, accually I really want Shadow. Oh how badly I want him. But it's probably not gonna happen. Along with all the other 3rd party characters people are and will be asking for because Sakruai said he's already anounced almost all the 3rd party characters. And that was months ago.



Remisio said:

One of the main writers of Xenoblade tweeted about the announcement.... What could it be...?




ikki5 said:

Don't care, I want some real news for Smash bros like.... something that makes the Wii U version stand out other than it's visuals. So far I am not looking at buying it any more on Wii U because the 3DS version IS the Wii U version with extras.



NodesforNoids said:

Square Enix games finally start showing up on the Wii U VC. As a direct response, the new character is.. Chrono!! And an HD remake of Chrono Trigger is announced, exclusive to the Wii U!!
That or Mallow. Come on, the little puff puff deserves a slot



rjejr said:

@sinalefa - "sinalefa" Thanks for the lesson, quite an interesting topic.

I think I'm just going to pronounce it "fuhgeddaboudit". Though that isnt quite a correct interpretation, it was the first thing that came to mind.

OK I think I got it if I spell it like this - synaloepha. I know thats greek and not spanish but I need mnemonics to help me remember things sometimes.



TeeJay said:

@Gunit1099 ...You have got to be kidding me.

Well, if what some of you guys are saying about the creator of Shulk's game on Twitter retweeting Sakurai's tweet, and Shulk's voice actor mentioning he was working on a game he can't talk about yet, then I'm willing to believe Shulk will be revealed on Monday.



LasermasterA said:


All aboard the Isaac train!

Although looking at the announcement they made, it seems unlikely but if it is true I will become a really happy gamer and a bigger Nintendo fan. I think whoever it is, that character is someone many people have been asking for (like Isaac) or a character from an inactive Nintendo franchise that people want to see renewed.

Fingers crossed for Isaac!



sinalefa said:


Checking the word itself in a dictionary, it actually comes from the Greek, so you are good to go.


That disproves nothing, as all regular fighters also have trophies. Assist trophies are a different thing, though.



VIIIAxel said:

@Remisio Thanks for the link! I'm even more excited for Monday now! Shulk's the one newcomer who I really, really wanted.



digga said:

my guesses are::::
1.captain toad
5.wonder red



mmaldonado said:

This is so unprecedented and odd a format for announcing a new fighter that I actually suspect this is a two-for-one: they'll announce a fighter AND reveal a game release.

I've always found it odd that certain legacy fighters still haven't gotten revealed yet--Ness and Captain Falcon most especially.

So imagine this: we get a trailer for Ness, and maybe even Lucas--and then BAM: Nintendo announces that Mother 3 is coming to the US eShop. Cue fan jubilation!

Or: Captain Falcon is announced, AND a downloadable eShop F-Zero game is revealed.

Or: Wolf is announced, AND we get some serious Star Fox Wii U info.

On the third-party front, I think these are possible:

  • Bayonetta (no game reveal, but perhaps a demo?)
  • Solid Snake (probably no game reveal, just the return of Hiding In A Box Man, but maybe?)
  • Someone From Shin Megami Tensei (and more details on FExSMT)
  • Wonder Red (AND WONDERFUL 101 PART DEUX)
  • Zero from Mega Man X (Maybe announce Mega Man X9, but just having Zero at all would make me glee forever and ever and ever.)


Muyounosuke said:

Wonder why they are waiting until monday, seems like a missed oppurtunity to do it after Evo when they could have done it during Evo.



Gunit1099 said:

@teejay well Namco is well known for its DBZ games and since it's by far my favorite anime and Nintendo is my favorite game company it's only natural for me to hope for Mario to go against Goku, I think it would be epic.



ManateeBlubber said:

@WillMelnyk If Snake didn't fit, imagine how out of place she would be. Putting Bayonetta in Smash 4 would be like putting SpongeBob in Mario Kart 8. It just doesn't work.



GamerZack87 said:

My Top 5 Newcomers List
#1: Sceptile (Pokémon ORAS publicity)
#2: Isaac (Finally, a Golden Sun representative!)
#3: Balloon Fighter (Please...please...please...!)
#4: Proto Man (Because one Mega Man character isn't enough)
#5: Waluigi (Unlikely, but it would be an interesting curveball)
I wonder who will be revealed, though it might not be one of these characters.



AJWolfTill said:

I can't see it being a returning fighter since they are delivering a three minute long unique video for it. They have only done that with the newcomers. Shulk or Chrom/Lucina are rightly popular here among the fanbase but it's solo nature makes me think there is a good chance it will be a third party character. Best think on Nintendo's more reliable relationships.

Bayonetta from Platinum? (I'd rather have Amaterasu)
Professor Layton from Level-5? (We've had weirder selections)
Rayman from Ubisoft? (Because we've never had Ezio)
A representative from Square Enix, (I'm dreaming of a Sora KH3 Wii U combo)

Otherwise I'm betting on another Zelda character.



jpfan1989 said:

*Mike Tyson
*Non Specific Action Figure
Any one of these would warant a count down timer.



MagicEmperor said:

I will be happy with whoever it is, but to side with AJWolfTill, my dream fighter is Professor Layton.

Realistically speaking, I'm thinking the usual suspects, such as Shulk or Chrom.



iEndzone said:

@Link506 First... Shadow's already an assist trophy, so he's been deconfirmed.

Second, if Sakurai really did say he announced all third party characters ( which he didn't ) explain to me why Pacman, a third party character, was revealed only a month and a half ago.

Also: When shadow joins the battle, Alfonzo replaces the assist trophy!
Alfonzo: "Leave it to me!"



AlexSora89 said:

Nintendo is treating Smash Bros. as one of their top franchises... it's happening.
Then again, all these wraps they keep keeping newcomers under will inevitably build hype and expectations too high to live up to.
That said, here are my guesses, in increasing order of possibility:
[keep in mind an announcement like this makes another third-party character much more likely]
1) Winged-pigs territory third-party dream character: Sora deeply dives into battle! It helps he has a lot of outfits (KH1, KH2 and related forms, KH3D).
2) More likely third-party character: Snake sneaks back in! Self-explanatory.
3) Second-party character: Isaac is summoned on the battlefield! As much as I love Marth and Ike, the series needs actual JRPG character, and Isaac's the best one to pull it off (well, Matthew is fine also).

Either one of these.



UnseatingKDawg said:

Cranky Kong. He's proven he can throw down on the platforming scene. He can prove to them all who's the best.



WreckItRyan said:

Guys, it's a "new challenger." Meaning it will NOT be a veteran.

I'm personally hoping for a surprise… Chrom and Shulk are awesome, but are pretty safe guesses at this point. Bomberman, Kat & Ana, or Gardevoir would all be cool surprises I think.



Caryslan said:

I don't know why people want a Kingdom Hearts character as Square Enix's rep.

I would rather see a Nintendo era Final Fantasy character or if they wanted to make my dream character wish happen, someone(maybe one of the heroes) from Dragon Quest with a Slime and Dracky assist trophy.

If I had to pick, the hero from Dragon Quest I, III, and V would be my top picks:)

Plus, Dragon Quest is pretty much a Nintendo exclusive at this point.

Unlike Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy which have not had a main series game on Nintendo platforms yet.



retro_player_22 said:

@AlexSora89 Super Smash Bros. is basically Nintendo's version of the Super Bowl, it's where all their overrated and underrated hall of fame mascots and characters old and new come together for one major beat down.



3Daniel said:

I'm going to guess it'll be a character coinciding with a surprise announcement for an upcoming wii u title. Something has to give with this new countdown approach. Perhaps F-Zero U and Captain Falcon! Hyrule Warriors launches in Japan soon so maybe Ganondorf.



ToxieDogg said:

My head says it'll be Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles.

My heart wants it to be Rash from Battletoads (won't be though as it's a Rare IP )



Neferupitou said:

My Top 5 Newcomers List
#2: Conker and his trusty frying pan!
#3: Bomberman? yep
#4: Skull Kid, it,s about dam time!
#5: Olympic Gymnastics Team of China



wassupwassup said:

Bowser and King Dedede are back-to-back in a canyon, completely surrounded by Mario, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus Aran, Yoshi, Fox McCloud and Pikachu. The group are approaching slowly getting closer and closer until suddenly ... Wario, Wolf O'Donnell and Ganondorf dive into the scene to give the two some backup! Bowser and King Dedede assume fighting stances, ready for the battle and there is complete silence from both sides as the melee is about to begin. A booming laugh sounds followed by a shriek that could only belong to the 2 newcomers, King K. Rool and Ridley as the two of them come roaring into the canyon. The fight begins as we see Mewtwo levitating slowly down into the frey, with glowing eyes as the camera pans out, and Pikachu eyeing him off fiercely.



Jumpman said:

After the end of Brawl, Smash Bros. was split into two, portable and console. This marked the beginning of the era known as the hype train. A lone agent is sent in to deal with the situation, his code-name: Naked Snake.



AlexSora89 said:

I know, that is exactly why the series' handheld debut is so long overdue. Thing is, my three guesses went from the least likely one (although possible), Sora (what with the Sony-only core series having, ironically, most of the spinoffs on Nintendo consoles), to the easiest one to add to the game, Isaac.
Snake is somewhere in between - if Nintendo asks, Konami will listen.



WaveGhoul said:

A menacing creature from Metroid II: Return of Samus that goes by the alien name 'Amanda' that you will find buried beneath the depths of planet 'Bynes'



World said:

@wassupwassup See, yeah, except


I feel like it would have to be a real game-changer to get this much attention. And also a simultaneous game announcement. So, who knows, maybe it'll be Captain Falcon.

If everything didn't point to Shulk, I would say Takamaru. It seems sometimes like they want that guy to be something. Then they don't; then they do. You know?



kurtasbestos said:

I'm kind of surprised how many people seem to think it's going to be Shulk. Don't get me wrong, Xenoblade Chronicles is one of my all-time favorite games, so I would love for it to be Shulk... but it also seems incredibly unlikely considering how many much more famous Nintendo characters (not to mention possible 3rd party characters) there are out there. Then again... to those of us who have never played a Pokemon game, they can add as many characters from those games as they want and it's probably exactly as interesting as adding Shulk would be to a person who has no idea who he is. Still, here's hoping...



NodesforNoids said:

Shulk likely won't appearin Xenblade Chronicles X. The powers wouldn't really work in this game. And there's no point in pretending Shulk's regular costume is in any way an immensely popular or distinctive one.
The Xenoblade guy is posting so all the fans of his games buy Smash and a Wii U. He's doing this to get the install base up. I mean come on, if the job you enjoyed doing could make you more money and be more enjoyable just by a co-worker succeeding, wouldn't you support that person?
Sony wants Nintendo's competition and in the best real life example of my point, Sony's big wig owns 2 Wii Us and wishes more people would support what he thinks is a great system.
Despite that both instances mean stronger competition, they support their comrades, whether in the same company or not.



NodesforNoids said:

Despite a number of VC releases, I can't see Snake or a Belmont appearing either. The 3DS has both of Konami's two biggest franchises, but the Wii U has been denied any new games. It's not like Ground Zeroes and Lords of Shadow 2 were game of the year candidates either.
I honestly can't think of any character I'd really want that isn't already in the game. Then again, I'm just here for fun. I have no intention of purchasing SSB in any way, shape or form. For either system.
Like the Mario Kart games, it's fun to sit in and watch a bunch of self entitled 'adult' gamers moaning about how their 'great' ideas aren't in the games or how something changed and it's just so.... ZZZZZZZZZZ. BORING to hear the same drivel sometimes.
God forbid a company that's been doing this for 30+ years might know more about making games than you.



NodesforNoids said:

Right now, I think maybe @World has the best idea. Takamaru. And a full game, from the first person perspective. With Gamepad and traditional controls. Nintendo obviously wanted that game to be bigger than it was.
Red Steel 3, with better controls, is still a dream. But what if Nintendo beat Ubisoft to the blade?



AUnkownFuture said:

I would start guessing who's joining the battle but I leave it to Nintendo to reveal the secret and hopefully doesn't get leaked. I'm wondering, where is Captain Falcon? I love the F-Zero series and he is a very good fighter. When Brawl came out I always selected him and I just hope they pick him for the new game in the series.



Thearnaud44 said:

My list:
-Big the cat
-The wii fit board
-The boss head from face raiders
-Will smith not as a mii
-Steve from minecraft
-Logan from COD ghost
-Shaggy from scoobydoo
-Dumbo from Disney
-Ron from Harry potter
-Chrom omg yes Chrom

If chrom gets confirmed then I will make a reaction video on my channel.



Genesaur said:

@sleepinglion Ha! You win.

@ShanaUnite Man, do you have any idea how happy I'd be to see Hector? Especially in contrast to Ike. I'm on the side of everyone who wants Shantae and Shovel Knight. Both are fantastic characters who would fit in the Smash universe exceedingly well.



sinalefa said:


As I said before, Wonder Red is a trophy, not an assist trophy. As other Smash Bros. games have shown, all regular fighters get a trophy, so technically he could still be announced as a fighter.



Ioannis said:

If it's a NEW character, then I don't think it would be any of the veteran entries like Captain Falcon, Ness, Lucas etc, although I could be wrong.

If it's another 3rd party character, it could be another Capcom character like Ryu, Arthur (Ghosts n Goblins), or (dare I say) Firebrand from Gargoyle's quest! Right now it could be anyone, but I totally can't wait to find out



2Sang said:

All signs are pointing to shulk but nonetheless every minute feels like 7 eternities while my heart is constantly racing and the agony of not having the character reveal at this moment feels like a thousand needles piercing through me.



Cloud02 said:

I hope we are not near the bottom of the pile for characters now and there are some secret unlockable ones we have to find out when the game is released



SuperMikey said:

Toon Link is driving the train in the spirit tracks stage but is replaced by alfonzo if he's chosen to fight so let's not count out Cranky Kong just yet.



Flanabananacake said:

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Layton....but him? Fighting? He'll lose his hat! Then it'll be "I want my hat back" all over again! (google it. it's hilarious)



Dolphin64 said:

It better have the attack to throw Wii-motes. REGGIE MARKETS IN!
Or it could be the guy from Wonderful 101.
A Nintendog!
The characters from Meteos!!!
Last but not least, freaking Ridley!



Gaminguy010 said:

We shouldn't be questioning who this character is. What we should be questioning is why they deserve a countdown timer out of all the other character's?



J-Manix98 said:

DOWN WITH RIDLEY!!! I am just praying that it doesn't happen!

Isaac would be so much better! Or Chrom, or King K-rool, Or something that isn't Ridley!!



J-Manix98 said:




Dizzard said:

@kurtasbestos I think it should be noted that this is Sakurai we're talking about here. It wouldn't be the first time he's slipped in a relatively obscure character.

Besides, if there's any obscure series that deserves this it's definitely Xenoblade Chronicles.

Now that we know X is another Xenoblade Chronicles game it makes even more sense.

(I'd love Isaac too....but it seems like this is Shulk time to shine)



MasterGraveheart said:

It would have to be someone /huge/. Third party, almost assuredly. While I'd love to see it be someone like Professor Layton, Simon Belmont, or Chrom, I think this character /could/ be someone who has appeared on Sony or Microsoft platforms. I'm /very/ interested, to say the least!



rjejr said:

@sinalefa - Just so you know, I think somebody responded to me that Wonder Red wouldn't be in the game b/c he was a trophy. I don't follow the series religiously enough to know what the difference is. I'm still busy trying to rewire my brain to stop reading your name sinifela.



sinalefa said:


Thanks for the effort! I hope that at least distracts you from your release date obsession for a minute or two



Rapwned said:

A lot can happen in a 3 minute video. I'm sure Sakurai is announcing more than one character.
Shulk & Sceptile for Smash!!!



rjejr said:

@sinalefa - "your release date obsession "

It has, thanks. At least my calendar is full. (B2, HW, SB, CT, SSB, DI, STT) And in about 13 hours we might even get another date



Danieluzumaki14 said:

Well it has to make sells better, planned before even starting work on the game, and maybe 3rd party (small chance)
This is before pokemon kalos region games because of the reason why he picked greninja. So he had to boost sales for a game announced back then. So that crosses out any character in a big hit game coming out soon. While for third party characters, nintendo has been with sega,capcom,namco,ubisoft, and indie games? So rayman is a possibility with a 10% chance of namco bandai anime characters like goku and naruto, and a 1% chance of being banjo and kazooie. Sakurai places characters who have been forgotten at a point: ness,C.Falcon,ice climbers, little mac, ROB,G&W, [classics] so a character with a game in the past and no modern games is a strong possibility maybe ballon fighter or the guy from excite-bike. But i need you to help me with getting the answer, theres one strong clue left. Sakurai puts characters for the next smash bros game in as trophies, usually in sections apart of those characters in the game. Like how there where animal crossing trophies in brawl, the wario trophy in melee, little mac as a assist trophy in brawl. Who can it be?
Use my clues to help you.



CaptOlimar30 said:

Not to add to the ridiculous speculation pile but years ago to hype up the Diabolical Box I remember a tweet from either Level-5 or some official Layton twitter account that was written in Professor Layton's voice. He says that he was invited to some Smash Tournament and when he got there he found a cursed doll (GENO), a tiny boxer (LITTLE MAC), and a blue robot (MEGAMAN). Given that two of those have come true I'm hoping that Layton and Geno will be announced and that the Gematsu leak characters are also in it (SHULK, CHROM, and the CHORUS MEN).

If there are characters like Rosalina who Gematsu just missed and he also is planning on keeping some new characters totally secret to launch then the best thing to do would be to release these movies on non-Gematsu characters since he's known about the leak for a long time I bet. Of course, this is a lot of speculation mixed with hope mixed with love for Super Smash Bros and a boatload of other franchises so don't take what I say too seriously!

Here's a link which was surprisingly easy to find:



deathmetalkrunc said:

Isaac, garet, or really anyone from golden sun because they deserve to be. Chrono would be awesome. I mean the list is really long of characters that should be in this however I dont know if I missed something but the amount of mario characters is too damn high with the amount of others. Which brings me to my next question, why is ganondorf not in this?



Sanasalin said:


2) seriously? its airing at MIDNIGHT in australia? that seems oddly significant for us seeing as we're so often forgotten. ah well, after the rayman trophy news it seems im staying up till midnight



King_Johobo said:

@Sanasalin I know we're so lucky we get to stay up till midnight to find I got work in the morning, I feel so old lol

Can't wait to find out who it is!!



Nabecoat said:

@deathmetalkrunc Right? I've been waiting for the Ganon(dorf) reveal. Since they're doing away with clone characters, maybe they'll revamp him to dual-wield swords like in WW, or have him as Demise instead.

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