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maceng commented on Fresh Nintendo Patent Shows Handheld Device Wi...:

@MoonKnight7 Agreed with you on most points. Nintendo fans seem to think that Big N will cater to their every little desire and attend to every single quibble. That doesn't happen anymore.

Look at Apple: the base users were Mac die-hards (an ever 5% market share), and they didn't feel the need to oblige in any matter.

What I don't think that will happen is Zelda coming to the Wii U. It has been absent from shows for the last year, so I'm thinking that they are very busy upping the graphics so no need (it will be unfair, also) to show it running a lesser version on the Wii U.



maceng commented on Fresh Nintendo Patent Shows Handheld Device Wi...:

Well, at least they are showing in a patent drawing!!

If there is a profit, it will be very unwise not to pursue them further. There is a lot of potential in amiibo, with Nintendo's incredibly large history of likable characters. Let's not forget about Pokemon: Almost a thousand figures to receive the amiibo treatment!!



maceng commented on Fresh Nintendo Patent Shows Handheld Device Wi...:

At Koopa-King:
Amiibo has sold 7MM at USA. At a 5 bucks profit, it means 35MM which is not much. Nintendo needs a game to go with most of them, like an adventure Mario World or something.

I just collect them, since I'ven't bought Smash, Splatoon or Mario Party yet.



maceng commented on Fresh Nintendo Patent Shows Handheld Device Wi...:

If the NX is set to be released next year, it should boast:

  • PS4 like graphics
  • A special edition Mario Kart 8, with expanded roster and all the DLC so far, for the same 60 bucks. Or just bump the Zelda game exclusively for the NX, I don't need it for the Wii U.
  • Costs no more than 300, with a Pro controller and 250GB HD.

No need for backwards compatibility: just let anyone who purchased and registered any Wii U game to download it for a small fee to the NX.

By the way, I hope that Pikmin 4 is released for the 3DS.



maceng commented on The Smaller New Nintendo 3DS Model is Coming t...:

Nice reply. If I want to throw out my money at anything that Nintendo releases, that's my problem.

I collect game stuff and having the customizable new 3ds is gonna be a wallet-killer, but I've been known to live on water and air for days.



maceng commented on Review: G.G Series SCORE ATTACKER (DSiWare):

@KeeperBvK Agreed. When I read that Galaga was mentioned as a shooter hell, I thought to myself "What Galaga is he talking about?"

Still, great review, but no mention on how long this game is, or if it can be replayed with higher difficulty or whether it has powerups and such. Any additional thoughts, Mitchel?



maceng commented on Poll: Is Pokkén Tournament The Wii U Release...:

Well, they are bringing it in Spring 2016, but if they really want to sell some extra Wii U's, then a better date should have been Late Fall 2015, like towards the beginning of December.

I know that it takes a lot of time to do the translation and whatnot, but the Wii u could really use a game like this.



maceng commented on Take a Look at the New 'Green Blob' Pokémon:

Thomas, what about more Pokemon Shuffle news? I think this is the first piece of news regarding Pokemon Shuffle in 3 weeks, albeit all the recent updates and special Pokemon released. Whats up with that, NL?



maceng commented on Video: Summing Up The Good And Bad Of Devil's ...:

Would you buy the game for yourself? Let's say at 30 bucks or it will still not be worth it?

For me, I think I'll buy it, not at full retail, but maybe at around 35 bucks. I have the impression that it will retail for just 50 dollars but I digress.



maceng commented on Video: Summing Up The Good And Bad Of Devil's ...:

No. Everyone wanted it to be a "Very Good" game, not just Good.
In the current state of the Wii U, and with a year that so far has been barren from very good games (except Splatoon and a couple of indies), we needed a Very Good game. And specially a mature game.



maceng commented on Playtonic Happy to Move Away From "Box-Ticking...:

"Developer Playtonic - which is made up of former Rare staffers and, in recent months, has added more in the form of Kevin Bayliss (Killer Instinct), Dean Wilson (Kinect Sports) and Steve Burke (Kameo) - ..."

So, hired three staffers that have played (pun intended) a part in three games that all start with the letter "K". Is there a hidden meaning behind this? Is the KKK sponsoring this game? Let wild speculation begin!!



maceng commented on Pokémon Shuffle Receives Yet Another Code for...:

I decided to always focus on getting just 330 coins, using an ever revolving group of Pokemon (one strong, two middle ground and one weak). I manage to get between 900 and 1200 coins every time I play. (330x4 + 0, 330x3+130+30, 330x3+130+0, 330x2+130x2+30 are my usual out comings)



maceng commented on Pokémon Shuffle Gets Its First Ever Escalatio...:

Same here. Haven't been able to max one single Pokemon. I think that Ampharos is my highest level Pokemon... at 7.

I played like 3 times a day (about 15 hearts), and I tend to use my coins specially in order to upgrade them, but to no avail. Having said that, I haven't spent one single cent.



maceng commented on Nintendo of America's Newest Recruit Is Bowser:

"Effective today, Doug Bowser (no relation to the King Koopa and Mario's longtime nemesis) will oversee a variety of sales-related functions, including Sales, In-store Merchandising, Retail Strategy and Retail Marketing.#

In other news, amount of Bowser's related paraphernalia skyrockets.