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maceng commented on Best Buy Offering $50 Off 3DS XL Systems Up To...:

Same here. I'm not big on collecting normal 3DS (only 5 of them: cosmo, blue, luigi's blue, zelda and the crown: princess peach limited PAL 3DS) or 2DS (just 2: the translucent red and the pink from Gamestop), but when it comes to 3DSXL I just can't help myself: 12 and counting (every Mario (3) themed 3DS XL released in US, as well as every Pokemon (3), Animal Crossing, the Zelda one, Disney's, plus a blue, a pink and a black ones.

Most of them I bought new, but I don't mind buying refurb from Nintendo or used from Amazon (the pink 3DS, the Pikachu, Animal Crossing and the pink 3DSXL), so I might just wait fro another sale from big N for the red 3DSXl at 135 bucks.



maceng commented on Shovel Knight Digs For Victory With 300,000 Co...:

Still, they asked for 75,000, got 300,000 on Kickstarter and has sold 300,000 copies, that translates to about 3.5-4.0 million (there has been a couple of PC sales for less than 15 bucks). So, I think that they have been quite successful and have made quite a bit of money.



maceng commented on Shovel Knight Digs For Victory With 300,000 Co...:

Does not matter much. 300,000 at 15 bucks a copy, only menas 20,000 gamers. That is less than 7% of total sales. If you factor in supporters that spent more than 15 dollars on a copy, then their number is even lower.

The fact is that Shovel Knight is an excellent game that transcended its Kickstarter's origin by a mile!!



maceng commented on Cubic Ninja Sales Spike Following Announcement...:

Is number 28 on the best selling games (including all platforms) as well as number 5 on the 3DS selling chart. A bottom-of-the-bin game, that usually retailed for 10 or less, is sellling at 22 bucks, minimum!!



maceng commented on Shantae: Half-Genie Hero:

Supporters have pledged more than US$920,000 but the kickstarter page still hasn't updated the goals (it lists the additional chapter that was unlocked at 800k).

I do hope for full voice acting (at 1.1M) to be unlocked.



maceng commented on Review: Zombie Panic in Wonderland DX (3DS eShop):

Having said that, I wish that reviewers don't take into account the fact that it was released previoulsy on a given console, specially when it is coming to a handheld.

I would have never consider it for my Wii but for my DS or 3DS is a perfect fit (7.5 on my book).



maceng commented on Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty Wii U Delay Seems to b...:

@SahashraLA @Quorthon
Wrong. They just stated that they are restocking the 8GB model to several gaming outlets.Also, the Skylanders' version comes in a 8GB Wii U package.

I stand corrected. More consoles that the game can be played in, the better. Even if it means 50,000-100,000 possible sales.

Nintendo does not provide a breakdown of type of consoles sold, but I'll venture and say, based on price (which everyone seemed to forget was a sticking point in the Wii U poor sales), that there is a least 2 million units of the 8Gb model.



maceng commented on Review: Painting Workshop (3DS eShop):

I'll give it a try. Been looking for an inexpensive way for my son to start dabbling a bit on drawings and painting since his skills are sub par for his age.



maceng commented on Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty Wii U Delay Seems to b...:

Many are missing the point. With such a low installed user base for the Wii U (how many, less than 9 million?), chances are that those who bought the 8GB version make up for an sizable percentage of this number. Factor in the amount of players interested in this type of game and Wii U owners looking forward to buy this game shrinks a lot.
I have a neighbor who bought the 8GB version with the Skylanders game a year ago, and doesn't feel the need to add a HD drive.



maceng commented on Super Smash Bros. for 3DS Thrashes the Competi...:

I don't see how this statement can be true: "with Sony's consoles slowly being pushed away", having the PS4 sold more than 3 times what it did last week and the others Sony consoles holding their own (between 85 and 90% of their sales of last week).



maceng commented on North American Club Nintendo Replenishes Its P...:

I completely forgot about them, even though I grabbed 3 of them (a yellow one for my Pikachu 3DSXL, a red one for my Pokemon X, and a green one I was expecting to use it with a limited Luigi 3DSXl, that never came to the US.
I completely forgot about them because I keep the first 2 3DSXL on their boxes and the green one is tucked away.



maceng commented on North American Club Nintendo Replenishes Its P...:

I think Nintendo is done with physical rewards. Not a new item in 10-12 months ( the last one was the Pikmin tote, I think).

Gone are the days of carts cases and such, it seems.

The last cool item was the Luigi's figurine that cost like 1,200 coints or such, if I remember correctly.



maceng commented on Talking Point: Mario Kart 8's Diverse DLC Sets...:

Nintendo just missed the boat.

Why offer DLC alternatives when you are about to release your amiibo figures that work in the same game?

The amibo figurines should have been the perfect vehicle to deliver DLC for Mario Kart 8. Imagine a 12 dollar figure, Link for example, with 2 new characters (Link and Tingles, please), 3-6 new vehicles and 3 new tracks? Sold!!! Imagine a Mario Kart special bundle pack, with 3 figures (Link, Tingle and The Villager), with 6-8 new karts and 5 new tracks or 20 bucks?
Another set: Samus, one of the hunters and Zelda, or Falcon, Chip and Diddy Kong, and so on.



maceng commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Ambitious amiibo Pla...:

Possible implementations:

1. In Mario Kart, while using an amiibo character already in the game, you unlock an special kart or a unique upgrade. Also, while playing solo you get special items while playing. For amiibo not included on the core Mario Kart, you unlock the character in game (like Kirby), with a special set of upgrades, karts (which you have to unlock after playing a bit) and even an special themed course.Imagine Kirby, Link or Samus getting their own
2.- In NES Remix, for example, you unlock special challenges in games related to your character. Think the challenges brought by MegaMan, Samus, F-Zero, Satr Fox figurines, etc. Nuff' said.
3.- In Mario Party you have access to minigames (while playing solo or with friends).
4.- Nintendo should develop a sandbox game or a big adventure game (Mario 64) where you get to use any amiibo character and embark on a set of adventures. The more amiibo figures you collect, the more the game expands. This game should be sold with a couple of amiibo. Also, a Mario Paper game should also work very well.



maceng commented on Review: Steel Empire (3DS eShop):

Even games like Nano Assault can be purchased for less than 10 (physical copy) and it offers a 2-4 hour campaign (if you are really good!).



maceng commented on Review: Steel Empire (3DS eShop):

Same here. I know taht there is a lot of replay value, but a game that can be completed under an hour is a no-no in my book, unless is priced right, like gunman clive or metal torrent.



maceng commented on Review: Frederic: Resurrection of Music (Wii U...:

Thanks for the update. I remember asking for a second review of a baseball game that because of the reviewer's lack of knowledge received a low score.
(yes, here on NL).
Also, I feel that the graphics should have received a some praise as it is one of the highlights of the game (and specially considering all the crap that has hit the Wii U shop lately).



maceng commented on Reaction: Nintendo's Drop in Momentum Is A Big...:

The days of selling 80+ million consoles/handhelds is over. Many people get their fix with an iPad or Android tablet. More and more, I'm seeing incredible games (as well as a lot of cr@p!!) coming for these gaming devices.

The cycle of handheld Nintendo games is almost over:
DS / 3DS
***** / ******
Super Mario Bros / SMB 2
Mario 64 / Mario 3D Land
Mario hoops / Mario Golf/Mario Tennis
3 Mario rpgs / Mario Sticker star/Mario &Luigi Drem
Yoshi Island DS / Yoshi Island 3DS
Mario Party / Mario Party
Mario Kart / Mario Kart
2 Zelda games / 2 Zelda games
Fire emblem / Fire Emblem
4!! Kirby games / 1 Kirby game
3 Wario games / ????
Princess Peach / ????
----------- / Luigis Mansion

Other (DS): Yoshi Touch and Go, Starfy, Rhythm Heaven, about 17 Pokemon games, Donkey Kong Jungle Climber, Diddy Kong Racing, Magical Starsign, Mario vs DK (2)
(3DS): Donkey Kong Country, 7 Pokemon games so far, Mario vs DK (eShop), Pushmo (2) (eShop), Steel Diver, Starfox 64

I'll say that content wise, the 3DS has between 80 and 90% of the DSs' offerings, so unless Nintendo brings something new, from now on is downhill.

I feel that the third party companies have failed in producing games with the quality of likes GTA Chinatown (sold poorly), the Castlevania games, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, etc.



maceng commented on Mario Kart 8 Secures Place as Top-Selling SKU ...:

They need it. If the Wii U is still around for the next 36 months, it will mean 36 million units sold. Add to that the 7 or 7.5 million units sold so far, and they will end up with a third of the units sold by the Wii, and just a bit above the N64. I'm talking total units sold worldwide.

I just wish that Nintendo manages to sell 8 million per year so towards the end of 2016, the total units sold should amount to 32 million, about the same as the N64.