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maceng commented on Video: Digital Foundry Tackles the Native Reso...:

@Yorumi You hit the spot.

If this had been a 50 bucks collection, bringing Twilight, Ocarina and Skyward Sword. then it is worth it.

I didn't know that it was at 30fps, so I was really looking forward to it, since I have never play it before. Also, I feel that a lot could have been done with the enemies characters as well as some effects (like the splatter when you kill an enemy, for starters). The ground looks fantastic as well as the shadows and lighting.

Waiting for some video of actual gameplay and NL's review before parting with some cash.



maceng commented on Video: See How Far The Legend of Zelda: Twilig...:

To echo most reader's sentiment, yeah, I do feel taht this is a 30 bucks game sold for fairly more.

But, this is our own making: We love the nostalgia train so much, and Nintendo gladly sells their premium ticket for a not-so interesting ride.

Also, I feel that besides the characters looking all blocky, the splatter when you kill an enemy could/should have been updated a bit. Also, I don't just why the gate at the end of the first part looks the same across the three versions. Nevertheless I'm buying it first day, with the amiibo, since I haven't played this game at all.



maceng commented on Download Sales Continue to Increase to New Hig...:

@Tisteg80 And why is that? I bought a 500GB HD for my PS3 for like 44 bucks, Therefore, Nintendo can get the same HD for 20-25 dollars.

From now on, consoles should come with either 32GB (or even 64GB) of flash for people not connecting to the internet or 500GB-1TB HD.



maceng commented on More Details Emerge on the Launch of My Nintendo:

Additionally, you'll be able to redownload digital games from the eShop onto other devices.

If this means that I can finally put all my VC games on my NES 3DSXL, all my Pokemon games on my yellow Pikachu 3DSXL and all my Mario-related games on my white-and-red exclusive Mario 3DSXL, without double dipping, then it is a blessing!!



maceng commented on Review: Dark Half (SNES):

May. They guy at 4:51 (The Dijnn) is either taking a dump or "moving" to some sort of Brazilian dance or something.



maceng commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS is Yet to ...:

Well, I was mistaken. In the last year there has been 6- 9+ games on the 3DS, but 4 of them have been rpg's, 3 of them have been ports, 3 have been sequels, so there is a huge lack of anything remotely enticing for anyone to upgrade.



maceng commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS is Yet to ...:

@Xenocity A New 3DS under 100? That will never happen.

You are getting a lot of machine. Still, perception is everything, and many will welcome a 150-160 price tag for the New 3DS XL, 120 for the New 3DS, as well as 120 for the older 3DS XL. These are the prices that will make many of my friends upgrade. Many thought that the holiday 3DSXL bundle with Super Mario 3D Land was very enticing, as it sold out everywhere (was 130 bucks).
Help developers make new interesting games for the 3DS. Terraria should have given a huge bump to the system, as well as the Binding of Isaac. A lite version of Minecraft should have made it to the system already. A Mario-like Galaxy game could be very enticing, since many people just don't play the Mario & Luigi RPG's.

Also, make really good games. There's been a lack of 9+ games lately on the 3DS (maybe 3 in the last year, counting Majora's Mask), but Yokai Watch wasn't as enticing, and Hyrule Warriors shipped in Japan with a very underwhelming performance.



maceng commented on Nintendo Share Value Climbs Once Again Ahead o...:

@Xenocity You can't make serious money selling after a few weeks later.

I made more than 45,000 on a 7,000 investment back in 1997. Everyone said that Apple was doomed, but I took a glance at the iMac, and bought all the shares I could (there were like 16-17 bucks). Later, in 2000, I sold them at 125 (took a 11% loss), just after they announced a split. So it was like a 65% return per year. Friends that have stuck with their stock have made 20k-30k per year, steadily.

Now, I receive like 11-12% return on a very diverse but not as aggressive stock for my retirement.



maceng commented on The North American eShop Winter Warm-Up Sale C...:

Why just Nintendo starts fixing lower prices for their properties. Where is Luigi mansion 2? Mario Kart (for crying out loud!)?All the Pokemon games? pikmin 4? Super Mario Bros U?

Nintendo holds these sales sparingly, and for a really short time (just one week for each offer), so it can really make discounts worth considering.

Still, I'm gonna download Minish Cap and Earthbound (have been waiting for a discount for a really long time), and mayyyybe, Zero Escape (love the type of game, don't have much time to play it).



maceng commented on Hyrule Warriors Legends Secures Third Place in...:

@RainbowGazelle Desiring a given game to flop, specially when a game for handheld (which are struggling very hard from mobile gaming) is downright evil.

I wish the developer all the luck the title deserves and that it finds the 3DS a platform worth pursuing with more games.

@faint: agree with you on the first comment...



maceng commented on Hyrule Warriors Legends Secures Third Place in...:

Not to be too picky but
"...the home console's momentum does put it in danger of dropping back to four figure sales in the coming weeks."
Using momentum when sales are decreasing is kind of weird. Even if there is a small momentum, sales should rise.
Maybe cool-off or decline best describe the situation here.



maceng commented on Video: Collecting Every Wii Game Is Difficult,...:

What a coincidence! I have like 120 Wii games, among them all the games (5) he singled out. Marble Mania was one of my first games, and i got it used for like 10 bucks.

I have all Nintendo released games except Sport Mix and Excite Bots (had it but sold it, since my son wouldn't play it).



maceng commented on Review: SKEASY (Wii U eShop):

I feel that this is the kind of game best deserved for the 3DS. Using a console like the Wii U just to play such a time killer is just too unforgiving.

I'll download it to my 3DS in a heartbeat, even with a 1.49 price tag.



maceng commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Game Gear:

My first hand held console. Was miles ahead of the Game Boy, and playinf SOnic 2 was a blast. I stayed awake hours just trying to beat the second world or stage!!

I had one which I took with me to Japan, but the son of uncle's friend fried it, so I bought another one in Japan. I mostly played tethered to a wall, but thta never bothered me as houses in Japan are very small and a outlet was always nearby.



maceng commented on Video: See How Much Mario Kart has Changed Sin...:

I loved Mario Kart DS as well as DD. I like Mario Kart 7 but the lack of the times almost kill it for me.

The only game I play routinely on my Wii U is Mario Kart, which has the best DLC in any racing game I know off (and I really dig racing games!!).



maceng commented on SEGA 3D Classics Collection is Heading to Reta...:

@ecco6t9 this collection has been talked about even before the second batch came to Europe and the US. If you feel shafted, it's your fault.

This is how collections go: with special, not-available-elsewhere content.

Take heart: they might release the other titles in the future. Maybe.



maceng commented on Review: The Legend of Dark Witch - Episode 2: ...:

Another con: I just watched the trailer and can attest that the translation is painfully bad. Sometimes it doesn't bother me much -as it adds some kawai or cuteness factor to the game-, but in this case is too evident not to fault.

Still, it seems like is as long as it should be: even 6-7 hours for 7 bucks is a steal nowadays. Thanks, Drac_Mazoku!!



maceng commented on Review: The Legend of Dark Witch - Episode 2: ...:

Thanks for the prompt reply. I usually like paying full price for the eShop good games that pop up once in a while. Still, i played the first and was not that engaging (the enemies are a bit too generic for me, some design inconsistencies, and so on), so I felt a bit burned paying 4 bucks for it.



maceng commented on Video: Five Things We Want From The Nintendo NX:

The Gamecube had lots of support from third party. It failed to connect with gamers because of the lack of media playback, like CD's or DVD's, while the PS2 could. Also, it was considered too much of a toy, no online support, and had a very scarce lineup at launch.
Still, it was far from a commercial failure (21MM sold), but was a disappointing endeavor compared to the PS2.



maceng commented on Video: Five Things We Want From The Nintendo NX:

The NX should be at least as powerful as the XBox One and the PS4, or, if it can be done, 20-33% more powerful. Both these consoles have 3-4 years till the next generation and 5.5-6.5 years in terms of relevance, so the NX could piggyback on them and get away with a same or modest increase of power, if it launches this year.
We need 20+ titles at launch. If the next Black Ops/FIFA/Madden/NFS launches in time with the NX, then they should be ported to the console, as well as any major title coming out AT THE SAME TIME (you hear Nintendo?), as well as:
1) A revamped Smash, the same as the WiiU but with added content and nicer graphics.
2) Splatoon 2. Nuff'said.
3) Super Mario World.
4) Animal Crossing: Branch.
5) The new Zelda
6) Paper Mario: Falafel (or wahtever its name was) Returns.
7) Fire Emblem 3DS games ported to the NX.
8) A couple of CO-OP games.



maceng commented on Video: Five Things We Want From The Nintendo NX:

.I. Same with the people begging for DVD/Blu-Ray playback. This isn't 2006, you don't need it. If you care that much about it odds are you already have the gear. If not, why not?
I have a PS3 for both occasional gaming and BR/DVD watching. If Big N had offered this on the WiiU, I wouldn't have bought the PS3.
Having DVD/BR functionality saves space, digital providers notwithstanding, as: Netflix offers a very little library that can't cater to everyone, Apple Store won't serve enough movies with subtitles and others just don't offer service in like 80% of the world, outside US, Europe and Japan. Also, it costs very little, like 10 bucks per console, so, why not?



maceng commented on Video: Five Things We Want From The Nintendo NX:

Mostly agree with Alex. Still, what I really want is:
1.- What Morph said regarding the CPU and guts.
2.- Some backwards compatibility with the WiiU and Wii.
3.- A more powerful OS experience, specially regarding the eShop.
4.- A pro controller included withe every system.
5.- A machine capable of playing DVD's and BR, with also strong ties with the Apple and Android stores.



maceng commented on Talking Point: Considering amiibo Features and...:

@GrailUK Thta's the most important point: does the game launches with plenty of content, or the fully intended release requires the purchase of a figurine?

The Shovel Knight game included a lot of content from the beginning and the free DLC doubled that amount. So, if they decide to sell a very cool amiibo with added content, I'm all for it.



maceng commented on Monster Hunter X (Cross) and New 3DS Continue ...:

@Chandlero According to the current sale's levels, is not gonna happen this year (Sony need like 60+ sales over the Wii U).

I do believe that U4 will make a really big jump in PS4 sales, specially with all the hype -earned- of the title. Sales of the console will definitely jump over 100K at time of launch. Calling it!!



maceng commented on ​Mini Mario & Friends amiibo Challenge Launc...:

Maybe the generic robot avatar for amiibos other than the Super mario series is a some kind of placeholder. So, in the future, a better implementation and more diverse amiibos could be have. Anyway, let's hope that some kind of stats can be saved on the toy.



maceng commented on Review: Ocean Runner (3DS eShop):

Let's see:
Internet leaderboards
Good graphics
Good use of both screens
Several control schemes
Good music (what I heard from the trailer)
Very good price point.
Well, a 6/10 (even a 7/10) fits it well, methinks. Also, it reminds me of Siesta Fiesta, which is also a good thing.
If the price drops to 1.99 or a demo surfaces (pun intended), I'll definitely give it a try.



maceng commented on Weirdness: Homebrew Enthusiast Gets Windows 95...:

"Outside of a small circle of devotees this has little practical use, but is evidence of how keen some are to play around with the hardware and see what's possible. Windows 95 can no be added to the list."

You meant: "Windows 95 can now be added to the list" Right?

Sorry for been the nazi grammarian of NL.



maceng commented on Feature: Our Staff's Hopes and Dreams for Nint...:

Probably everyone has stated what I'm gonna write. but here it goes:

1) Next generation console NX just a tad more powerful than the PS4 and XBox One, backwards compatible with the WiiU, with the same architecture as the competition and with a entry price tag of US$350.00.
2) Drop the current controls and instead bundle a pro controller with every system.
3) Nintendo has a lot of cash: use it to bring some current AAA titles (not so last year).
4) Prepare a strong line up with 4-AAA exclusives (Galaxy NX, Zelda NX, etc.), and at least 8 current AAA games as well as some exclusives indies (Shovel Knight 2 anyone?).
5) A better club Nintendo experience, strong support for IOS and Android, etc.