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Just a guy who enjoys playing video games and chatting with people, mainly a Nintendo gamer. Fighting games are my forte.

Sat 21st January, 2012

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Shotgunryugan commented on Senran Kagura 2's Japanese Website Bounces Int...:

@Ichiban Well they are underage, in the japanese version anyway, their ages got removed in the US versions(though it's very obvious some of them are underage). Which is slightly disturbing, but I enjoy the gameplay so >.>

Anyway I am waiting for the sequel, I've read you can switch between 2 characters instantly + there are 2 playable male characters this time around, 1 being Ikaruga's brother & the other I'm not sure if it's been revealed yet, but I'm guessing it's the Hanzo sensei(whom I can't remember his name lol).



Shotgunryugan commented on Review: The LEGO Movie Videogame (3DS):

@memoryman3 Never played the console version of 2, but at least compared to the Wii version of the first game it was good, I liked the different abilities and such.

Obviously the charm goes away when it's in a smaller screen, I was just disappointed with the short levels & the fact that the only character that can use the electricity objects was Batman in his electric suit(forgot the name at the moment).



Shotgunryugan commented on It's Not Waluigi Time In The New Super Smash B...:

@FilmerNgameR We don't need more SEGA characters. Third party characters should stick to only 1 representation. Smash Bros is a Nintendo franchise, if you want Shadow wait until SEGA/Sonic Team does a "All Stars" type of fighting game.
+Besides Silver & Big, Shadow has been one of the worst Sonic characters.



Shotgunryugan commented on Nintendo Switching Off Wi-Fi Connection Servic...:

@Pixel-Perfect I understand :/
But hey at least your copy still works, I had to sell all of my Wii games due to it murdering my disks, I fixed the disk reading problem twice(which costed like $80), and it still ended up scratching disks.

Pretty much my Wii is only for VC/WiiWare games now & the internet channel. Sucks considering TvC was one of my favorite fighters & Capcom apparently lost the Tatsunoko side(so no more games of these two pairings in the future, apparently).



Shotgunryugan commented on It's Not Waluigi Time In The New Super Smash B...:

@whodatninja "But he still utterly useless"
Same could be said about Peach in most of the main Mario games.

I personally never understood the hate Waluigi gets, I've been playing as him since Mario Party 3 on every spinoff that I've played(except for MK7, because they were lazy & rushed the game, gotta love that Metal Mario, brilliant replacement).

I love the guy, his attitude is completely different from most Mario characters & I really like that contrast. Kinda sad how he keeps getting ignored, yet stuff like Toadette get's the pass for being good(I don't even know if she was in a game prior to Double Dash).

For me this is yet another disappointment, both him & Skull Kid are only assist trophies(Yet Toon Link still got in, even though he is yet another unnecessary clone character).

"Once again, Waluigi’s Assist Trophy joins the collection!! …Which also means he’s not a playable character. Just because you try hard doesn't mean you'll make it into the battle."

Once again beating a dead horse, but hey, Wii Fit Trainer was totally a character that needed to happen, because the big N hardly has any good females.

Yes I'm bitter :P



Shotgunryugan commented on Review: The LEGO Movie Videogame (3DS):

"Gameplay is nearly identical to that found in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes for 3DS, with most stages providing an isometric top-down view of the area."

UGH... Why did they go for that AGAIN!?
What was so wrong with the Lego Batman 2 style of gameplay?(which is actually decent, except for how short it is).



Shotgunryugan commented on Nintendo Download: 27th February (North America):

@burninmylight Sorry for the late reply, but yeah The Last Blade 2 has been out for awhile now, I just finally got the time on my backlog of games to buy it :P
Most of the last Wii VC games that came out were NeoGeo games, which I'm really thankful for because I'm a big fan of fighting games and never had the chance to try most SNK games :P



Shotgunryugan commented on Nintendo Switching Off Wi-Fi Connection Servic...:

Wait I'm confused, what does this mean for the Internet Channel? Will it still work?
I don't have a computer of my own(I know it's almost required these days, but I always end up buying games instead >.>), so the internet channel is basically my computer, with youtube videos in glorious 240p :P

I'm glad the Shop Channel isn't going offline, I still have a bunch to buy(Recently purchased Yoshi's Story, King of Fighters 98 & The Last Blade 2).



Shotgunryugan commented on Video: The Top 20 Wii U Games So Far - Part One:

Still haven't bought a Wii U yet, hardly anything interests me :(
Might end up buying it after MK8 & Smash bros. comes out though, I do like how it's getting GBA/DS support(they probably did that because it isn't doing well lol)




Shotgunryugan commented on Video: The Dubious Charm Of Senran Kagura Burs...:

@gatorboi352 Agreed, people love them Call of Duty & Grand Theft Auto, but they see a game like this and are all like: THINK OF THE CHILDREN!
People and their double standards are hilarious.

I bought this game, not for the fan service(which does nothing for me because I'm gay + I don't get aroused by characters anyway).
I bought it mainly for the gameplay, because fighting games/beat 'em ups are my favorite genre of games and there's hardly anything worth it on the 3DS.

The combat isn't too deep, the story is very cliché and like most beat 'em ups, it's quite repetitive(but that comes with the territory though).

I basically beat the story in Frantic mode almost exclusively and hardly had any difficulty(especially when you unlock the unlimited combos in that mode). The only thing that posed a challenge were the 2 secret unlockable characters.

I still play the game & enjoy it, and I'm currently waiting for the sequel, Deep Crimson, to see if it ever gets released in the US.

Oh noes, boobs, hide yo children, hide yo wife.



Shotgunryugan commented on Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson Is Bouncing Towa...:

@sinalefa Agreed. Code of Princess advertised many characters, but what they didn't say was that most of them don't even have a full moveset, some can't even jump -.-

Also I forgot to say in my previous post, I hope if they have another HUB area, they really need to fix the framerate in those, I don't even know why it's so slow, because for the most part in stages the framerate is consistent.

They also need to fix the framrate for a certain alternate form of a certain girl(trying to avoid spoilers), it was really jarring, which is sad because she is one of my favorites to use and her hair looked amazing while she had her awakened state.

Edit-^ Assuming she's even playable in that form in the sequel :P



Shotgunryugan commented on Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson Is Bouncing Towa...:

This is great news.
I bought this game after reading good things about it & loved it.
As a fan of both fighting games and Sailor Moon-like transformations I welcome this game if it ever comes to North America(Which I hope it does, apparently it sold well in the US)

Also the male characters interest me, I kinda have an idea of who they might be, I wonder if they'll have jiggle physics too ;)

Edit-By "this game" I meant Senran Kagura Burst :P



Shotgunryugan commented on Nintendo Reveals The 2013 Club Nintendo Elite ...:

SIGH , I was 15 coins short for Elite T.T
I purchased 5 downloadable games(Sonic Blast, Super Mario Land 2 & 3, Wario Land 2 and Metroid 2), but the post play survey didn't come fast enough so I missed Elite rewards, I wanted the Majora's Mask CD, it's my favorite 3D Zelda game :(

Anyway, I got The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX , I originally had it for the Gameboy, but never beat it, so many years later I finally have it :P
I already own Super Smash Bros.(on the original N64 cartridge) and Super Mario Land, and I don't have any interest on the rest, so Zelda seemed to be the most obvious choice for me :P



Shotgunryugan commented on Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure ...:

Heard about this a couple of days ago, so happy to see that it's true.
I loved the Scribblenauts games and i have Unlimited on the 3DS :D

Hopefully this time around the 3DS version gets an object editor and i also hope the levels are more challenging instead of a vocabulary test >.>
BRING THE ACTION LEVELS BACK(even though you could probably beat them with a tiny RC helicopter and a giant invincible immovable fan).



Shotgunryugan commented on Rumour: Tomodachi Collection: New Life Update ...:

What little interest i had in the game was completely thrown out of the window now.
They had the perfect chance to support Gay marriage too, oh well.
(Though even if it did have it, it probably wouldn't have been released in the US anyway :P)



Shotgunryugan commented on Tomodachi Collection: New Life Features Same-S...:

As a Gay man myself i find this very nice, hopefully they'll fix the problem and allow Women to marry too.

If this comes out in the US then I'll probably support it, as long as the game itself is actually worth it.

I also hope the Gay interaction itself isn't the stereotype...
Like the overly girly/flamboyant fashion expert gay guys with tight jeans and puking rainbows everywhere they go while listening to Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" >.>
/slight stereotype rant.



Shotgunryugan commented on Review: Naruto: Saikyo Ninja Daikesshu 4 (DS):

Shame the English version(Ninja Council 3) took out some characters, I'm guessing because it would spoil it at the time(even though Kiba has "Wolf Fang" in the English version >.>)

Still, this is probably the best Naruto game for a Nintendo bad as that sounds.



Shotgunryugan commented on Nintendo Download: 18th April 2013 (North Amer...:

Well just a couple of days ago i bought Kingdom Hearts DDD(it got a price drop to $20), so nothing for me this week :P

Speaking of Kingdom Hearts, fighting the secret boss on Proud as Sora isn't the best thing out there >.>
Wonder how hard it will be on Critical.



Shotgunryugan commented on New 3DS System Update Gives the eShop a Spit a...:

Just updated mine, didn't have any problems, though i never really get any glitches or freezes when updating my 3DS, maybe it depends on the system? I got mine on January 2012.

Anyway, the internet browser did receive an update, it runs a bit faster and they changed the loading screen bar(now it's at the top of the screen and is more tiny compared to the ugly previous one).



Shotgunryugan commented on Review: Naruto: Powerful Shippuden (3DS):

@ErnisDy There are bosses:
Sasuke, Orochimaru, Tobi, Deidara, Kisame, Kakuzu, Pain, Kakashi, Might Guy, Rock Lee(clone), Dark Naruto.

^ I think that's about it, unless I'm forgetting someone, you can replay missions with things called "Personal Goals" which does give it replay value, plus after getting a bunch of those cleared up you get Hidden S Rank missions, though they do take a lot to unlock, I've only gotten 4(2 for Naruto and 2 for Rock Lee).

There is an Endless Battle, which is really easy if your character is level 100 :P
So far i haven't lost any, you can quit at any time and resume later, I'm at around 50+ endless battles currently.

You do unlock new power/attacks:
The Sage Mode, Demon Fox Chakra mode, Rasen Shuriken, Rasengan Barrage, Massive Rasengan, Demon Fox Rasengan, among others(don't expect much though).

There is no multiplayer, the bosses do get tougher(you fight them multiple times), especially on Endless Battle.

I beat the main game in a day, but i still haven't 100% it, there are QR codes that unlock new support characters, but none have been released for US and there's only 1 in Japan(which doesn't work in the US version).

Anyway long post, I agree with most of the review except for the "Stiff" controls, i didn't have a problem with it, but to each their own i guess.
I do agree with the score though it's definitely a 6 or 7.

I have to add that i loved the dialogue, probably the best part of the game, especially loved the Sasuke conversations and Naruto telling him he has a serious brother complex :P

Finally, something weird, when i registered the game on my Club Nintendo account it said "Thanks for Purchasing Naruto Shippuden: The New Era" and then when i finished the survey it says "Thanks for Purchasing Naruto Powerful Shippuden" O.o



Shotgunryugan commented on Review: The King of Fighters '98 (Wii Virtual ...:

This was the game that introduced me to one of my favorite fighting games, if not my favorite.

Though technically i played the Ultimate version, i had the game on X-box 360 before it died on me :/

I'm going to miss playing as Orochi, but just being able to pick the Orochi versions of the other characters without inputting some annoying codes is worth it enough for me.

Orochi Leona, Orochi Shermie here i come again after buying '97 last time :P



Shotgunryugan commented on Reaction: Doom and Gloom Merchants on Wii U Be...:

Eh i decided to give up on wanting to purchase a Wii U,to be honest looking at the games i am not interesting in most of them,aside from some that i can get cheaper on other consoles :P

Might just stick with the 3DS,so far most of the games i am wanting to play have been for the 3DS.

The Wii U needs better games and a price-cut in my honest opinion.



Shotgunryugan commented on Capcom: Resident Evil Revelations 3DS Sales Co...:

Kinda disappointing to hear it didn't sell well.
I bought it last month,it was $20 new and it has been one of my most played 3DS game in a long time,though "Raid Mode" isn't really the best thing out there(still prefer Mercenaries).

My only complaints will have to be that the glitches were rather annoying(What's the point of the rifle if you're in a long distance and the game doesn't register the hits?),the elevators disguised as loading screen really bothered me,since the frame rate drops tremendously,the characters survived impossible odds(even for a videogame) and finally none of the story elements in the game matter right now,because nothing here was present during RE6 >.>

Regardless i recommend this game to all 3DS owners,now if only Capcom could go back to it's roots and give us a true "Survival Horror" :(



Shotgunryugan commented on Nintendo Download: 31st January 2013 (North Am...:

So Retro City Rampage missed the release date again? more delays?
Bleh,i was very patient for this game,but it has gotten to the point were i no longer care for it.

I am interested in MS4,i have MS2 and MS3 already on the Virtual Console,i also need to get the original and MSX sometime.

I am also interested in Fire Emblem after reading the review,might be my first FE game.



Shotgunryugan commented on Review: Scribblenauts Unlimited (3DS):

Even though i am disappointed by the lack of editor and Nintendo characters(which pretty much makes this one the watered-down port),I am still buying it since i won't be wasting my money on a Wii U any time soon and the Laptop i am currently using won't run the PC version well at all,already confirmed that when i tried playing Street Fighter X Megaman >.>



Shotgunryugan commented on Don't Worry, North American Club Nintendo Issu...:

I really hope this get's fixed,because i was not aware of this and i just bought Transformers Prime for the 3DS and went to register the code,but it said i had already registered it(it was a brand new game,sealed too),so i hope it get's fixed and i get my coins because otherwise i just lost 30 coins :(



Shotgunryugan commented on Latest Iwata Asks Episode Reveals Why Paper Ma...:

Eh...thanks for making me have doubts about purchasing the game,i hate the whole idea about limited stickers.

I enjoyed the first 3 games(yes even Super,i didn't find it quite as bad as most people make it out to be),but i really have doubts about the whole sticker system and none of the reviews have sold me the game yet,might buy it if i find it cheap someday.

But for me the best and most memorable Paper Mario is Thousand Year Door(Gamecube),great game :)



Shotgunryugan commented on Nintendo Download: 29th November 2012 (North A...:

"Should you drag yourself away from your Wii U for these downloads?"
Don't remind me :(
I hope y'all are enjoying your brand new shiny and good looking Wii U's >.>

A bit surprised NeoGeo didn't get anything.I won't be getting anything at all...



Shotgunryugan commented on Review: Scribblenauts Unlimited (Wii U):

@erv Oh believe me,Scribblenauts has become a lot more fun since the first game,now with better controls adjectives,a backpack to make it easier to get your favorite items and object editor(which you can also create your own avatar).

Speaking of which,yesterday i saw an 8 hour stream of the pc version,you can make a lot of non "E" rated stuff,if you are creative ;)

While i don't have the Wii U(so i won't buy this version),i will be buying the much,much,much,much inferior 3DS version(mainly because i don't have a computer of my own sadly,so no object editor for me :( ).

The game is a bit on the easy side,but who plays scribblenauts for the levels anyway? XD

I found the story a bit stupid though,Maxwell could have easily saved Lily with his notebook >.>

Although i have to say,their parents are like rabbits,very sexually active,someone needs to write "condom" or something lol.

Oh and sadly typing "naked" no longer makes your character naked,it just gives you a censor for your body,though "Liquid Butt" is still a word apparently and so is "Chastity Belt" not sure if that is "Family-Friendly",considering what it is >.>

As for the Nintendo characters,at first i was excited to see them,but you can't really experiment with them,so no fun >.>

The pc version is definitely the way to go,besides if you want Nintendo characters you can easily make them in the object editor,it's really cheap compared to the rest + typing in the keyboard is always better than clicking on a screen.



Shotgunryugan commented on Review: Ninja Master's: Haō Ninpō Chō (Wii ...:

@PinkSpider I don't know,but NeoGeo should keep them coming,Fighting games are my favorite genre and it's always nice to try out new titles(because let's be honest all we had at first were a gazillion Street Fighter 2 games and the so-so ClayFighter games.

I'll definitely check this one out,i am on a mission to try out every NeoGeo fighter,especially since i have found some really good ones(namely The Last Blade games :D ).



Shotgunryugan commented on Official Youtube App Launches On The Wii In No...:

Oh wow,just downloaded it,a lot better than i was expecting,the quality is definitely there.
The video i am watching right now is Ke$ha's Die Young and it does look much better than it does on the Internet Channel
Sadly i get an advertisement box on one corner of the screen from VEVO,not sure how to get it out of there >.<