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Remisio commented on Feature: Bandai Namco Characters We'd Love to ...:

Lloyd for me. Am I the only one who utterly despises PAC-MAN's new designs? Sigh... Honestly I liked him better as a cheese pizza with a missing slice. Sure he's iconic but his new design really weirdos me out. Just imagine that thing staring at you over your shoulder and you turn around and... Ugh shudder most of the third party characters I'd like are unlikely because their developers have skipped out on Nintendo lately. No one wants Rayman but I would honestly prefer him over PAC-Man, Simon Belmont is iconic just like mega man, but with how the reboot lords of shadows has been going I'm meh on him, seeing an HD version of his classic model would be better but why advertise a game that isn't on wiiu anymore other than VC? And same for Lloyd sadly, minus the VC part. (Come on Nintendo, GCVC do it, renew your rights on eternal darkness by releasing it on VC, Gheist I liked and all those hidden GC gems)



Remisio commented on Weirdness: Square Enix Reproduces Deadly Final...:

Just remake FFVI and IV or preferably FFI-VI collection on 3DS. I'd say wiiU and kind of imagined how the FF retro games would look with the later art style models (resembling those from the DS remake of FFIII and IV cutscenes intros) but the wiiu isn't doing well enough for that to interest Square... Yet.



Remisio commented on Artwork: When Nintendo Finally Gets Around To ...:

Did I miss something? I didn't know Fox McCloud had a prosthetic arm... I mean, he does have prosthetic legs... As far as I can remember... Or was that his dad? Well... Either way... The art style kind if puts me off... I doubt Nintendo would do something like this. Maybe if Star Fox was handed over to an American developer it'd look similar to this, but if it remains worked on by Nintendo or Platinum or any Japanese developer... I highly doubt it'd look like this.



Remisio commented on Weirdness: You Can Now Play Zelda Really Badly...:

@Monkeh haha, yeah... Even one of my teachers referenced flappy bird when he said what we should try in making a game should be original and fun rather than monetizing. He said NOT to make a flappy bird though so it's fine, because that's just running with a trend and not being original for the sake of money.



Remisio commented on Video: Ace Attorney Collection Promotional Tra...:

I honestly like the original sprites better than the HD iOS versions... The HD characters look like they were made in flash to me or something... But I'll try to get used to it. (I also noticed in the iOS version that some animations from the original appear to be missing, though I may jus be bitter and not seeing things... The text boxes in HD iOS version though... Are terrible. It may appear to be a small issue but I was really bothered and annoyed by it. The text was too similar to Microsoft word script for my liking.)



Remisio commented on Netflix Wii U App Update Goes Live:

Just thought I'd say here: Phoenix Wright Trilogy is being re released on the 3DS with minor 3D effects. It will cost approx 40$ in Japan, and looks to be getting a physical release. (Over there) I want it lots... It's coming out April 17th in Japan apparently... I hope we get it soon... And through this manner there's an excuse to release: AAI1 and AAI2 along with AJ in another collection eventually, which could make it to the west! HOPE!



Remisio commented on Nintendo Download: 9th January (North America):

@Daisaku36 me too... I thought I bought it on Boxing Day at eb games but they gave me millennium girl with cd instead so I was like: "well ok then..." But I liked it, so I'll probably get IV eventually, I was giving up on it because I thought the offer ended jan 6 but if it's coming back... I'm taking it this time. To prepare for persona Q which apparently has similar gameplay. Also Atlus in general, I love their games.



Remisio commented on Next Level Games "Doing Only Nintendo Products...:

I'd really love working at Next Level Games but I live all the way at the other side of the country at the other mediaopolis with so many big development studios right around the corner from where I live I'd like to garner some experience before eventually moving on and doing more of what I want with my friends and the such.



Remisio commented on Next Level Games "Doing Only Nintendo Products...:

"Is the team having fun? Are they having fun making the game?"

All of this! I love it! This it how it should be! I've always considered game development to be an art form and reading this quote from Miyamoto-San just further cements it for me. The one thing all of my art teachers agree on (no matter how much my New Media teacher may Make fun of my Paint and colours teacher or photography) is that while you are working on a piece it is imperative that you are enjoying yourself, having fun or at the very least doing what you want to (because not all subjects to art are meant to feel fun but if you are doing what you feel like and want to do it is good, for example: war Photography and the such, you can't possibly be having all that much fun, but if you are doing it because you want to make a difference it shows.) they all continuously stated that if you are miserable while doing something it'll show on your art piece, and transfer onto the viewer, but the same goes for when you are clearly putting the effort in and are enjoying it, making a piece that can truly be enjoyed by others.



Remisio commented on Weirdness: Try Not To Squirm As This Doomed Mi...:

... Well then... ............. I honestly don't know what I just watched and why. I was half expecting a: "Yeh dis if u creed evertim" or something. And I'm still kind if skeptical about it being real or not... But if it is real... I guess I have come to understand some of the worries my Mother used to have when I was younger and talked to people she didn't know. (One case was memorably funny and awkward because I was talking to a friend I hadn't seen for a long time in Highschool on the phone and since my Mom didn't know who he was she thought I was talking to a strange drug dealer or something... I told my friend afterwards and he laughed... But then he cried... And I laughed. What was I talking about again?



Remisio commented on Rumour: Mega Man Legends 3's Aero To Live On I...:

@WingedSnagret how exactly should they do that? I'd honestly like them to sell their IPs off to Nintendo in the case that they really planned on... I don't know... Putting themselves out of their miseries. Not all their IPs, of course not not all of them would really work out well on Nintendo's favour, but some IPs that already have a large enough Nintendo fan base would really prosper in this case: like Okami, Megaman, Ace Attorney and the other more iconic ones, I wouldn't mind RE but I'm not sure Nintendo would be the one to save that Franchise, and if Bayonnetta does great on the WiiU even DMC would be a possibility. This is just a pipe dream though. What would happen in this situation is unclear, Capcom might even end up selling all their IPs off to Sony instead. I don't know about Microsoft.



Remisio commented on Rosalina And Luma Work Their Magic On The Supe...:

I've watched this video so many times already. I was confused at first during the direct, I thought: "huh, but didn't he say it was a game we knew about?" Then I thought it was a new Kirby game, air ride actually sat in my mind for a few seconds before I saw rainbow road and immediately thought it was MK8 (which I must admit I wasn't too excited about since I had been hoping for smash) and then it was smash a Rosalina... Suffice it to say... I didn't expect any of it.