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Sun 14th July, 2013

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maxcriden commented on 1001 Spikes Hitting 3DS and Wii U on 3rd June:

@ThomasBW84, assuming you (or another NLifer) already have the game for review purposes, I'm hoping you can answer a question for me. I've been really looking forward to it but when I saw the alternate character teaser trailer I saw that the female character is...kind of drawn in a cheesecake pin-up style and that's not really my kind of thing. It's one thing if that's concept art but if that's in the actual game in some capacity I'd really like to know going in (maybe that or some similar content is the reason for the T rating?). It's just not the kind of game I like to play. Thanks for the help, Thomas! :)



maxcriden commented on Preview: Rayman Legends:

Easily my most anticipated game for Wii U and the main reason I am planning to purchase a Wii U. My wife and I are one level away from 100% completion of Rayman Origins (we trade off levels) and plan to have it completed by the time this comes out. If this game is just as good as that one, it will be one of the best ever. If it's better, well, that will be incredible.