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A Very Nerdy Son Of A Mother

Male, 25, United States

Hey there, I'm jedisquidward. I do game stuff. I like games. I've played River City Ransom, River City Ransom 2, Super River City Ransom 2 Turbo, and Super Mega Ultra Jesus River City Ransom 2 Turbo Collection Remastered HD 3D PhD. My favorite game is Call of Battle 8: Modern Warfield 5.

Sun 11th November, 2012

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jedisquidward commented on Video: The Game Theorists Plot Out Mario's Tim...:

Does this take into account that Rosalina is Peach's dead daughter and that Mario is evil and that Peach has an affair with Luigi because of no reason? (Do not mock my theory, this is all true because of a tree that was in the game for a few seconds)



jedisquidward commented on Super Smash Bros. Tournament Organiser Steps D...:

@AugustusOxy Jesus Christ, you're literally defending a pedophile. Don't try to make it sound like it's not that, or that you have justified reason, because you are straight up defending a pedophile. There's a difference between "growing a pair" and dealing with sexual harassment without saying anything. Don't you think it would be brave to step up and speak out against something like this if it happens, especially to someone who runs the biggest Smash tournament there is? Oh wait, I forgot, excuse me. If you ever tell anyone anything bad that is happening to you that automatically makes you a wimp or weak or someone who "can't deal with it" or whatever the excuse of the week is. This is a case of legitimate wrongdoing, not yet another "feminist conspiracy". And when you bring your one sided, sexist beliefs into your one sided conversation, I am done with you.
Edit: Sorry, I forgot I'm not allowed to say anything on the contrary because that automatically means I'm dumb. Great defense.



jedisquidward commented on From Soy Sauce Hopes to Bring Touhou Super Sm...:

I thought it said SONY Sauce at first. But seriously, this just looks awful. Not only is it a bunch of lame ass weaboo material, it copies Melee. How about actually making your own style and mechanics (even if it is a Smash clone) instead of copying the game in the series that everybody loves even though it's incredibly exploitable and has mean spirited mechanics that way over reward aggressive play and has a super unbalanced roster.