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Tue 9th Apr 2013

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Sanasalin commented on Chasing Aurora Dev Broken Rules Offers To Port...:

problem is that it was made in game maker, and he said he didn't use the coding, so i guess that implies that he made it all with the in-engine UI features? which in an of itself is impressive, seeing as coding using their specific code is much more impressive, but i feel like that'd make it REALLY hard to port. like, they'd have to start from scratch, i imagine.



Sanasalin commented on Poll: Are You Optimistic About Nintendo's 2016?:

There should be an option for "i cant afford another console" cause the release date of the NX is when i no longer follow Nintendo consoles, and if it doubles as a handheld, same for that. At least for now. Problem is that nintendo seems to have run out of games to make. This year will be a great year for me, with fire emblem, pokken, star fox, but only cause other games like dishonored 2, mirrors edge 2, no mans sky and horizon zero dawn are coming out on ps4. In past years wii u had enough stuff on its own. This year doesnt seem like that.



Sanasalin commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Wii U Bundle and Specia...:

ocarina of time 3d on 3ds, then 64 released on wii u vc.
xenoblade chronicles ported to 3ds rather than wii vc,
xenoblade chronicles released on wii vc

i officially give up trying to predict the VC games. they dont seem to have any rhyme or reason, and nintendo doesnt seem to mind having the games on both platforms.

also im so dam excited for X. i really gotta finish the first one. so good just so long



Sanasalin commented on Nintendo Announces Fresh Release Details on a ...:

Ah this is awesome! ive been really excited to play shantae, and considering playing risky's revenge before pirate's curse. ive been wanting to play octodad and trine, enchanted edition, and that never alone used to be the best reason to get a ps4 for me



Sanasalin commented on New Fighter for Super Smash Bros. to be Reveal...:


2) seriously? its airing at MIDNIGHT in australia? that seems oddly significant for us seeing as we're so often forgotten. ah well, after the rayman trophy news it seems im staying up till midnight



Sanasalin commented on Rayman Trophy Revealed For Super Smash Bros. O...:

so through months of character speculation, ive always thought "wonder why no one ever says theyd like to see rayman. i reckon thatd be cool." and then i saw this post and freaked the hell out.

apparently i want rayman in smash bros a lot more than i realized



Sanasalin commented on Miyamoto: Fresh Experiences Make A New Game, N...:

I agree with Nintendo, fresh ideas are better, so I believe they should, for the moment, stop putting out platformers on wii u. I am sick of them. Mario u, luigi u, Mario 3d, donky kong, MAKE A STARFOX GAME, OR A SAMUS GAME!