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I like cookies.

Male, Canada

I'm Cooligan, also known as Dipper. I play, collect and love Nintendo games and that's really it other than the fact that I'm obsessed with Pokémon. I have a YouTube channel called KirbyVGM where I upload Nintendo OST's. Please check it out if you have the time.

Wed 30th April, 2014

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Cooligan commented on Mario Power Tennis:

It's strange how it's Mario Power Tennis in the UK and Mario Tennis: Power Tour in the US...



Cooligan commented on Bombing Bastards:

It's surprising this games title wasn't changed for the release on Wii U. Maybe Nintendo is more comfortable with this kind of stuff now, who knows.



Cooligan commented on Splatoon:

I'm really excited to play this game! Can't wait!



Cooligan commented on Tomodachi Collection:

I really want this game for some reason lol. I know Tomodachi Life is out now but I want to see how this one is compared to the new one!