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I enjoy collecting and displaying Nintendo items, and playing all the games of course! I am 15 years old, so I still have many years to improve my collection. My favorite games are LittleBigPlanet 1/2, Drill Dozer, Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, Yoshi's Island, Mega Man X, Pokemon Platinum.

Sat 29th Mar 2014

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ValiantPixel commented on Nintendo Life Weekly: Nintendo NX Rumours Sugg...:

We really need a Nintendo Direct to address all of these rumors and leaks Twilight Princess HD and all of these Virtual Console games are present in the eShop NOW in some capacity, so I'd think that something would be coming soon. We also have people claiming to know the next Smash Bros. fighter, which is apparently going to be revealed by the end of this month. I'm sure there's plenty I missed as well. The only thing we can really do it hope for the best, as always.



ValiantPixel commented on Editorial: Satoru Iwata Embodied The Playful B...:

I'll admit that I cried a bit this morning. People are making such touching tributes to Mr. Iwata and it's just so moving. I know for a fact that I would be a different person today if he hadn't risen in the ranks. I'm sure the same goes for many of you as well. Therefore, thank you for playing Iwata.



ValiantPixel commented on Video: The Nintendo Life Reaction to Nintendo'...:

I'm guessing you all have English tea in those mugs: we have that a lot at our house too But overall, I changed my opinion from absolute hatred of Nintendo to appreciation of the effort. They are indeed transforming, which makes it hard for them to think in the present. They probably have an incredible launch line-up for the NX being created right now - and I can't blame them. They've learned their lesson this generation and will hopefully fix their mistakes. This was just awkward timing, that's all.



ValiantPixel commented on Here Are Your Eight Qualifying Nintendo World ...:

Nice to see two fellow Californians out of the eight! I hope to be up there one day, and seeing as these guys are mostly much older than I am, anything is possible! I'll always say that my favorite game is Luigi's Mansion...always. Good luck to everyone!



ValiantPixel commented on Feature: Nintendo Franchises We Want to See at...:

@MrRaven1972 You should start with Super Paper Mario, because it's least like the rest. It's an AMAZING game though, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Then you should go for 64 (which I have yet to play) and The Thousand-Year Door, because they are both RPGs. Sticker Star can be burned in Tartarus. (JK, but if you're going to play that at all, play it last after buying it for $10)



ValiantPixel commented on Fan Site Randomly Generates a "Leaked" List of...:

@JaxonH The best we have so far is the Paper Mario Wii U pamphlet that leaked on 2chan and the interview with Splatoon producer Hisashi Nogami, saying he can't talking about Animal Crossing Wii U "at the moment". I believe both of these will be announced next week.



ValiantPixel commented on Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Summary - 31s...:

Interesting that they decide to release this information now. Super Mario Galaxy seems like a rather odd and sudden choice for the Virtual Console, two weeks before E3. Perhaps they want people to get their backlogs cleared and prepare for something new ...SUPER MARIO SUNSHINE 2!



ValiantPixel commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Ability to Charm You...:

@Donutman 15-year-old here who has been a crazed Nintendo fan since my first console, the Game Boy Advance. There's definitely a small community of teenagers who think like I do over the entire video game ecosystem. Nintendo always comes first in my mind, and always will. The thing is, all those "mainstream" games will be perfect gap-fillers for the premium Nintendo classics, because they become so inexpensive! All in all, you're very much correct for the majority, but some rational thinkers would rather put "fun" before "glory"



ValiantPixel commented on Feature: Introducing The New Challengers in Su...:

Overall, I'm ecstatic about these newcomers. We have old-school favorites (Pac-Man, Mega Man, Little Mac) mixed with new arrivals (Shulk, Greninja, Robin, etc), as well as some other integral Nintendo figureheads (Villager, Wii Fit Trainer). Props to Sakurai and the team for scouring this deep. I can't wait to have an Inkling Amiibo next generation, though



ValiantPixel commented on Guide: New Nintendo 3DS - Everything We Know S...:

I can't decide whether to get the New 3DS or New 3DS XL, someone please help sway my decision! I have the Pikachu Edition 3DS XL right now, and I want to keep it. For that reason I want the small New 3DS, but I want to experience Smash Bros. and Xenoblade and Pokemon on a large screen! Ugh.



ValiantPixel commented on Talking Point: A History of the Sexualisation ...:

I would call it "realistic" or "adaptive" rather than sexualized. If other games from other companies present girl characters this way, then there is no problem. Simple as that. The game will probably be rated T anyway, and that's the age where this becomes normal. Also, it's normal for girls to do athletic activity wearing a sports bra and short shorts. Nothing sexual intended, from my point of view.