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Sun 6th Jul 2014

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Pika2346 commented on Bayonetta 2 Wins The Ablegamers' Accessible Ma...:

I'd like to be further proof that physically disabled people can be interested in video games (such a shock, I know), I'd like to say something. Oh, and, if you think I'm an old pensioner with parkinsons, I'm 17.

As a person with limited capabilities (moderate on the left hand, mild on the right), Bayonetta 2 has been the most accessible console game for me in like, forever (excluding JRPGs, Spirit Tracks/PH and maybe SSB). Whenever I got to a QTE, I switched to touchscreen controls to get it done, then switched back.
I only wish that the GC controller was more widely compatible, as often my left palm (specifically the bit below your thumb) accidently hits the D-pad, but then again B2 resolves this by allowing you to bind the D-pad to items which you have nothing of, and allows item use in the pause screen.

Thank you Nintendo Life for highlighting this. Hopefully more developers follow this route, then people like myself will be able to actually get excited about a game without worrying about the controls.



Pika2346 commented on Feast Your Eyes On The Official Super Smash Br...:

@vamkar Surely Chrom would be very similar to Lucina/Ike/Marth, whereas Robin actually uses magic as well as a sword. Even though I prefer Chrom as a character, Robin would have a potentially more original moveset, so I can see why Nintendo favoured Robin. The limited uses of tomes is interesting as well.



Pika2346 commented on New Fighter for Super Smash Bros. to be Reveal...:


Either that or Robin or Geno, but I can see Geno as a Megaman clone with the pellets

I also had a dream that Captain Falcon was confirmed by his Blue Falcon coming along, then he and Bayonetta jump out of it... They would be such a badass couple rofl xD



Pika2346 commented on Interview: Pro Smash Competitors Armada & Mew2...:

Don't see how landing lag is so terrible, doesn't it just add more opportunities to punish those high-speed aerial characters (Fox), therefore restoring kill potential lost by edge-guarding nerfs? I guess you'd just need to play it differently (but hey, who likes change?). I just hope it's more fast-paced than Brawl...



Pika2346 commented on Feature: Watch The Pokémon US National Champi...:

I always used to enjoy watching the tcg, but I was never rich enough to play it (especially in the EX. days), but then Jwittz stopped talking about the tcg and the hype died down.

I'll happily have this on in the background while I play Awakening, but I'll be friggin' annoyed if another airbourne unit dies because I didn't see an archer/wind mage...