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Mon 27th July, 2009

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GamerFromJump commented on Guide: Building the Perfect Team in Pokémon X...:

Unfortunately, most of my first team perished in the Great SD Transfer Disaster of '14. Only Grassmash the Chesnaught and Dreadscalibr the Aegislash survived. I can only hope the spirits of Leonardo (Blastoise), T-Rox (Tyrantrum), Psychat (Meowstic), and Anubis (Lucario) guide their successors to glory. I'm so sorry my friends! :,(



GamerFromJump commented on Zelda Unveiled as New Smash Bros. Challenger:

1. Serious Zelda is serious.
2. "Zelda! You can't do that! It's not your timeline! You'll create a Time Paradox!"

5. Takes some stones to b*tch-slap a big gorilla...
6. Magical wedgie! (alternatively, a hundred Rule34 works were just born.)

9. Link better be getting ready to attack, or he gets the same treatment as DK...