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Mon 27th July, 2009

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GamerFromJump commented on Guide: Building the Perfect Team in Pokémon X...:

Unfortunately, most of my first team perished in the Great SD Transfer Disaster of '14. Only Grassmash the Chesnaught and Dreadscalibr the Aegislash survived. I can only hope the spirits of Leonardo (Blastoise), T-Rox (Tyrantrum), Psychat (Meowstic), and Anubis (Lucario) guide their successors to glory. I'm so sorry my friends! :,(



GamerFromJump commented on Zelda Unveiled as New Smash Bros. Challenger:

1. Serious Zelda is serious.
2. "Zelda! You can't do that! It's not your timeline! You'll create a Time Paradox!"

5. Takes some stones to b*tch-slap a big gorilla...
6. Magical wedgie! (alternatively, a hundred Rule34 works were just born.)

9. Link better be getting ready to attack, or he gets the same treatment as DK...



GamerFromJump commented on You'll Be Able To Choose Bulbasaur, Charmander...:

Since Squirtle is the only Gen I starter I haven't fully evolved, I think I'll go with him. Given that there's an Event Torchic, that covers Fire, so I guess I'll go against my normal tendency and pick Chespin this time out. I hope they reveal the evolutions soon. It's time to break out the old type chart and start building the team.



GamerFromJump commented on Nintendo Launching Cloud-Based Pokémon Bank S...:

What I'd like to know is:

  • How far into the game do you have to get to access the bank? This would be useful if you like having all three starters or want to build a team of stored Pokes from level 1.
  • Is the bank tied to the copy of the game and Trainer ID that accesses it, like Pokemon Box was, or is it passworded or console ID linked, or something? This is important because, in the absence of New Game+, I'd like to be able to drop the Pokemon I catch into the Bank, then gather a new team from it for subsequent playthroughs.
  • Can you keep items? Again, multiple playthroughs, plus unique things like the creation trio orbs, Blazikenite from the event, unique evolution items, and the like.

I rather like the fact that I will not need a second 3DS and game copy to keep my collection. Given that that was the only way to do it in previous generations, $5/yr seems a bargain.



GamerFromJump commented on First Impressions: The Legend of Zelda 3DS:

"New Legend of Zelda: A Link to the After Years"

Interesting that it's of late become legitimate to return to existing worlds from a new perspective. I actually like that, given that it opens new explorations of existing terrain.



GamerFromJump commented on Nintendo Download: 7th March 2013 (North America):

@3Dash: They're out. Go to Outrealm Gate in the actual game, and update. Unless you have a high level team, you will not have a chance in Infinite Regalia. Golden and EXPonential are great for grinding, though; just make sure to check the battle predictions first.

@Windy: Thanks for the heads up! I haven't been to the PSP store in a long time, because there's still so much 3DS stuff I'm after.

@Draken18: Not much; maybe 1,000 or so.

@KnightRider666: Agreed, best in the classic, though GB MMV is up there (and where's the VC for that game, anyway?)