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Sat 28th December, 2013

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wayward commented on Cancelled Mario Volleyball/Wrestling Wii Title...:

It's really too bad this never got off the ground, and a bit surprising that it was rejected. Pro wrestling has had a cultural foothold in Japan for decades, so it would seem a natural fit. Maybe it would have stood a better chance if Mario's face weren't plastered on it.



wayward commented on Sakurai Explains Reasoning Behind Removal Of I...:


I'll bet money that the duck hunt dog will end up in Diddy Kong Racing 2. Punchout could see another installment for the U as well, or might have if the system had been a bigger seller. F-Zero as well.

The only one with a future as dead as Ice Climbers would be Game and Watch, but he had a much more significant historical impact for Nintendo.



wayward commented on Interview: We Loot Image & Form For Insight In...:

It's really great that the developers seem to be having an orgasm of ideas and concepts for this game. March is just six months from now, so I hope they can cram all these gameplay elements into a concise package by then.

Either way this is definitely a day one buy for me. I love everything I see in this interview, and Dig was a really great game so I have confidence in Image & Form. You really don't see many indie turn based strategy games (on Nintendo systems, at least) so I can't wait to see what they have in store for us.



wayward commented on Heracross and Pinsir Distribution for Pokémon...:

They're obviously putting the stones at gamestop to drum up preorders and awareness for OR/AS. It's good that they're going with items already attainable in game for this promotion, and the pokemon are just a hook to get you into the store. Seems like a smart move.



wayward commented on New Fighter for Super Smash Bros. to be Reveal...:

Maybe Sakurai finally caved and let Miyamoto put Popeye in. For a character to get a big reveal like this it seems like it would be from another third party franchise. As much as I love him, it would be a letdown for this to wind up being Groose or a similar obscure Nintendo character.



wayward commented on First Impressions: Hyrule Warriors Is Zelda, B...:

Definitely excited for this. I haven't played many games like this since the passing of the Gamecube; I enjoyed Mystic Heroes, Gauntlet, and Spartan Total Warrior back in the day. Found Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper cheap last year but didn't like the Chinese setting... So If this is mindless fun with characters spanning the entirety of the Zelda franchise, I'm all in!



wayward commented on Hex Heroes Hacks Up Kickstarter Goal:

Backed it for a few reasons. Mainly, it's a good indicator of the Wii U's install base that an interesting concept game that utilizes the gamepad can be a success on a crowdfunding site. Also, it's amazing that it's taken this long to get a real time strategy game onto consoles; the genre has been almost entirely PC exclusives for the last 20 years.

I just hope the team can pull this off well, and that the multiplayer aspect isn't a hinderance to making this a fully realized game.