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Fri 23rd December, 2011

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swampertdude commented on Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal World Duel Carnival Is On The ...:

It looks cool, but its gonna already be 2 sets behind when it comes out, legacy of the valiant and primal origins have both come out since this game was developed, and it doesn't look like were getting dlc anytime soon either.

Regardless, it looks fun, but definitely not adequate enough for play testing of any sort. At least I can still make my spellbooks :p



swampertdude commented on Hacking Group Claims To Have Discovered Wii U ...:

Personally I can't wait for this to be released to the public, homebrew is always fun to mess with, and I loved having homebrew on my Wii, hopefully we'll see better quality homebrew this time around.

That and it'll push consoles. Haters gonna hate