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Mon 26th May, 2014

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IxC commented on UK Retailer GAME Is Selling Captain Toad: Trea...:

I too have just changed my preorder to Game.

Never a good idea to give Game any money really. Such a horrible place. But I'll make this one exception if I can get Captain Toad early.

My confirmation email states that the game is available tomorrow, the 19th. So we'll see what happens.



IxC commented on Rumour: Villager, Marth & Wii Fit Trainer amii...:


3 of each Amiibo is a total of 36 if they got all of them. Thats more than enough for a display. There's never more than 36 copies of anything on a display for goodness sake.

But I'd expect nothing less from Game. I'm kinda surprised they bothered stocking them at all.



IxC commented on Rumour: Villager, Marth & Wii Fit Trainer amii...:

The standard price should actually be £10.99, not £12. That's what Nintendo's official store sells them for, and if anyone determines the standard price, it's Nintendo.

Nintendo still have Marth and Wii Fit Trainer in stock. But Villager is sold out.



IxC commented on Shovel Knight Digs For Victory With 300,000 Co...:

I also have it on Wii U. It's awesome. But damn hard, like games used to be.

Was tempted to get the 3DS version too with the 30% discount offer. But the price is still too high to justify another copy of the same game. Cross buy would be ideal, but whatever.



IxC commented on Video: How Does Watch Dogs Wii U Compare To Th...:

The frame rate is unfortunately poor. But graphically it looks quite nice I think. Like Assassins Creed Black Flag. Looks nice, but Ubisoft just can't seem to get the frame rates good on multi-platform titles. Which is a shame, because ZombiU's frame rate was fine. Which shows they can do it when they try.



IxC commented on Sonic Boom Wii U And 3DS Both Stall Outside Of...:

Sonic Boom is genuinely one of the worst games I've ever played. It's on par with, if not worse than, Sonic 06.

I actually sent my copy back to Amazon for a refund due to quality issues.

It's just shocking how poor that game is.



IxC commented on Review: Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones (Wii U...:

I've been looking forward to this. The level editor and endless supply of user made levels sounds excellent.

But with Bayonetta 2 already purchased this month, and Smash Bros and all the Amiibo next month, this is going to have to wait for a sale. I don't have infinite money.

But I will definitely get it at some point.



IxC commented on Video: The Secret Star Fox And Mario Bros. Eas...:

The Starfox costume is actually pretty ugly. But the changes it makes to the game are absolutely amazing.

I'm still working my way through Bayonetta 1 again before I start Bayonetta 2.

Usually playing in the Peach costume, or Bayonetta's original costume. Will have to play in the Starfox costume for that final level though.



IxC commented on 8 Player Smash Mode Confirmed For Wii U Super ...:


There's no reason any combination of controllers shouldn't work.

The Wii U gamepad uses Wifi to communicate with the Wii U system because it needs to stream the video as well, so button inputs are also transmitted via Wifi at the same time.

Wii U pro controllers, wii remotes, wii classic controllers, (all other accepted wireless controllers) use bluetooth.

Bluetooth used to have a device limit of 7 I believe, but now, with newer versions of bluetooth, the limit is 10 devices. 10 low power devices. Contollers are low power.

I'm not sure whether the 3DS uses Wifi or Bluetooth to communicate with the Wii U. It doesn't matter really.

The Wii U should be able to support more than enough wireless controllers without the gamecube adapter being required.



IxC commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd October (Europe):


Ah. Lucky you.

I got my Wii U system for cheap that way. I ordered when Amazon had a temp price, that ended up being about £50 less than the real price..

I can't be bothered to change my order to save £1.05. £40 is a fair price for both games I think.



IxC commented on Preview: Going Retro On The Go With Ultimate N...:

Speed Mario Bros? That is the worst gimmick they could have come up with. Seriously, you're just going to bump the speed of the cpu in the emulator and call that a valid game? Luigi Bros was a clever idea. Speed Bros is just lazy.

Any of the other modifcations to the Mario games in the remix levels would've been better. A whole game where the platforms disappear every few seconds. A whole game where you have to keep collecting coins to stop the game from becoming a big pixelated blur.

Speed Bros is just urgh.

That said, I would still like a retail collection of the two Wii U titles. But this Ultimate release just seems incredibly lazy.



IxC commented on Captain Toad's Joined by Toadette in Treasure ...:


Right after christmas. People will have received vouchers and money. There's a reason there are always huge sales in January after xmas.

I'm not saying a pre xmas release wouldn't have been better. I'd have liked it this december, but it's clear they're pushing Smash Bros and Amiibo for xmas. Other games can wait, apparently.



IxC commented on Captain Toad's Joined by Toadette in Treasure ...:

Looks so good.

Wish it was out before xmas, but January will do I suppose.

The inclusion of the Cherry powerup is going to lead to some awesome levels I'll bet. Wonder if there will be any other powerups included.



IxC commented on Guide: Unlocking the Full Roster in Super Smas...:

Little Mac is crazy powerful.

Normally, with any other character, in a 3 minute match, I get around 7-8 KOs. With Little Mac, I'm getting 12+.

Haven't found anybody else that easy to play as yet.



IxC commented on Nintendo Treehouse Live Broadcast Kick-Off Tim...:

Hoping the Smash Bros for 3DS demo goes live for the rest of the world during or after this event.

I don't expect any earth shattering information or reveals. But a demo release seems about right.



IxC commented on Watch Dogs Stares at a November Release Date o...:


They're the second biggest supporter of the Wii U after Activision.

A few poor choices: Raymans delay, Watch Dogs delay, etc. But I feel that they've put sufficient effort and given adequate support for the console as the system tried to find it's footing.

EA and co that released a few years old ports and then gave up are the problem. Ubisoft persisted and released a lot of games before they finally came to the conclusion it just wasn't financially viable.

Despite a few annoying decisions, I think Ubisoft have done good overall. If Nintendo can increase the Wii U userbase with Smash, Amiibo and whatever else, then I think Ubisoft will be one of the first companies to start bringing more games to the system again.



IxC commented on From the Forum: To Buy or Not to Buy? SPIKEY W...:

@Artwark @Octane

There is no trademark issue here. The game is not using the Flappy Bird character.

The "flying through gaps" genre of game is not and cannot be trademarked or copyrighted.

That'd be like Gaijin Games (Bit Trip, Runner 2) being able to sue every other developer that makes an endless runner. Or Nintendo suing everybody that makes a platformer.



IxC commented on From the Forum: To Buy or Not to Buy? SPIKEY W...:

"My dev kit is already paid for multiple times over"

I know it's personal and private information, but I'd be really interested to know:

A) How much a devkit actually costs. (Not that I've done any programming in years).

B) But more importantly, how much RCMADIAX is actually making off these games. The prices are just so low, I just can't imagine him making a lot of profit. At £1ish, and with Nintendos cut taken out of it (more like 70p per sale I guess?) And then there's the second member of the team just seems impressive that there is much profit to be made with such low price points.

C) How many units of each game have sold. I hope Block Drop U has sold the most. It's his best game to date.

Would be interesting information.



IxC commented on UK And Australian Pricing For Nintendo's Amiib...:

I just preordered them all from Nitnendo's Official Store this morning.

I was about to ask if this information had appeared on NintendoLife yet, as I hadn't seen it.

ShopTo have them for a few pence cheaper. £10.85 each. If you're so inclined. Will save you about £1.70 if you buy them all.



IxC commented on Guide: New Nintendo 3DS - Everything We Know S...:

How can they possibly expect us to wait until 2015?!

It had better be the 1st of January 2015!

I don't expect the 3D to work anywhere close to the range of movement shown in the video. But if it eliminates the current 0 degree angle of movement to fall out of the "sweet stop" that'd be great. If it just accounts for the general small amount of movement thats unavoidable when playing portables, that'd be perfect.