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Sat 29th March, 2014

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Octane commented on Talking Point: The Super Smash Bros. 3DS Demo ...:

@Kewlan That is what I was about to say. Demos do affect the sales of a game. I don't think it will affect SSB that much, but plenty of smaller games can easily suffer from demos. I think W101 is a good example, apparently the demo was terrible, because it takes a few hours of gameplay to get used to the controls.

So it's kinda dissappointing to see ''Yes, definitely''. I think that ''No, it's right to only release a small number of demos'' is the only logical answer from a marketing and business perspective. But alas.. people are too hyped for this game to realise that.



Octane commented on Rejoice, Little Orbit's Penguins Of Madagascar...:

''Following our success with DreamWorks’ How to Train Your Dragon 2 this summer, we are once again thrilled to w...'' Eh, what? Are you sure? Analysis time!

The game sold so badly, VGChartz doesn't even display most sales of the game in Europe / Japan, as they never reached 5000.

Xbox 360: 23,339
Wii: 22,354
3DS: 21,383
Wii U: 6,871
PS3: 5,752

Total: 79,699

That must've been a low budget game if ~80,000 is considered a ''succes''. Nevertheless, why would they make their next game a Wii U exclusive? How to Train Your Dragon 2 sold worst on the Wii U, barring the PS3. They're better off making it a multiplat game, at least that ensures more people buying the game.

Also, I guess these sales show that it are the Xbox owners who want games like How to Train Your Dragon, right?

[edit]: Also on the Wii and 3DS. My point still stands, as the Wii is almost dead by now, and the 360 version still sold better.



Octane commented on This Adorable Yoshi Plush Soft Toy Is Now Avai...:

@2Sang It's not just NOA, plenty of countries don't even have a Club Nintendo. NOE's Club Nintendo isn't amazing either, I rarely see useful stuff on the Club Nintendo shop, it's mostly wrist straps and key chains... Well, this Yoshi is the exception.



Octane commented on Bayonetta 2 Casting Its Spell In Europe On Oct...:

@chonggi724 I've contacted Nintendo about this, and even got a fast reply, but sadly they couldn't disclose any further information regarding the Special Edition, we only know it comes with both games, but we don't know how it'll be presented to us. Like @Nik-Davies said, it's a large package, so two separate boxes seem very likely. I think I'll just pre-order that version eventually.

On the other hand, if you remember this:, it definitely makes you wonder whether that is just an outdated image, or perhaps a North American thing.

If you're interested in the answer from Nintendo UK; here it is;

''Dear Nintendo Customer,

Thank you for your contacting our Customer Support Team.

We regret to inform you, that we currently do not have any further announcements with regards to the upcoming Bayonetta 2.

We therefore apologise as we are unable to help you further, however you can keep updated for any further announcements through our online store or updates directly from us by signing up to our newsletter at or by subscribing to the Official Nintendo Magazine.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience or disappointment caused.

If you have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

Your Nintendo UK Team''



Octane commented on Bayonetta 2 Casting Its Spell In Europe On Oct...:

@whodatninja Hadn't seen the Amazon price yet. That's an easy choice then, I too would go with the Special Edition. I don't really care for the Book of Angels, or the artwork. But if the Bayonetta 1 game case is exclusive to the First Print Edition, I'm very tempted to buy that version. I've contacted Nintendo of Europe, I hope they can shed some light on how the Special Edition will be delivered.



Octane commented on Project CARS Wii U Delay Was To Ensure It's As...:

@Splatom Indeed it is. Although there are no exact number out there to back up how many of the crowdfunders were anticipating the PS3 and 360 versions, I'd like to know though...

And I do think it'll definitely hurt the Wii U sales. On the other hand, Wii U owners don't have to swallow every delayed downgraded port third party developers release. I wonder when they'll learn this...



Octane commented on Project CARS Wii U Delay Was To Ensure It's As...:

@S-Miyahon What are they doing with the GamePad? Nobody knows. We haven't seen any footage from the Wii U version, neither have we heard about any plans about they're going to use the GamePad for.

Even if the GamePad delayed development, that shouldn't take more than a year, since they have been developing the Wii U version way before the PS4 / Xbox One versions were announced. And why wouldn't they just tell us the GamePad is causing the delay? Because it isn't.

The company is known for deleting comments concerning negativity towards their game. Even asking why they would delay the Wii U version (despite being the most anticipated version according to their poll), has led them to delete my comment.

If anything, that just shows that they have little credibility as a company, and would do anything to make themselves look better. I don't think they want the Wii U version to look as good as the PS4 / Xbox One, because it never will be. They favoured the PS4 / Xbox One version, because they predicted they will sell better anyway. They dropped the development on the Wii U, and they'll (perhaps) continue once the PS4 / Xbox One versions are complete.



Octane commented on Project CARS Wii U Delay Was To Ensure It's As...:

@AcesHigh73 Not really, as the game was crowdfunded for PC, Wii U, PS3, and Xbox 360. Two of those are cancelled, and the Wii U version is delayed. The Xbox One and PS4 versions were added much later. They just dropped the Wii U version, and wanted to get their Xbox One/PS4 versions done as soon as possible. They're the same as a lot of other third party developers.



Octane commented on Bayonetta 2 Casting Its Spell In Europe On Oct...:

I'll post this here as well; in case anyone knows.. (I'm talking about the UK version obviously), but...

Does anyone know if the Special Edition (not the First Print Edition) will come with both games boxed separately? Or are they packed together in the same case?



Octane commented on Talking Point: Mario Kart 8's Diverse DLC Sets...:

@rjejr I hope amiibo does the same for Mario Kart 8 as it does for Super Smash Bros.; nothing. Perhaps they'll act as a ghost character you can race against, or something like that. I'm sure Nintendo knows as well that many fans aren't going to be happy if they have to buy 40+ $10.00 figurines to unlock every character and track in MK8.

I think, and perhaps I want amiibo to be a collectable toy for those who like them; toys that happen to interact with several games, and not toys that act like DLC,



Octane commented on Project CARS Shows a Tremendous Graphical Upgr...:

@JaxonH The game was crowdfunded for PC, PS3, 360, and the Wii U. They dropped the PS3 and 360 support, and they have delayed the Wii U version. I don't think they have any obligation at all. There's not much left of the game they promised it to be.

There's a poll on their site, it clearly states that the Wii U version is the most wanted version. Yet they choose to delay that version of the game. I know that [the poll] doesn't guarantee sales, but it at least shows that Wii U owners are the most involved gamers in the project.

Project Cars is made by a sneaky rubbish company that deletes comments on their site if they don't favour their game. And they can still get away with it. At this point, I don't really care about the game anymore.



Octane commented on Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Delay in Europe...:

@FragRed About the two project games, Miyamoto has expressed that they have some connection to Star Fox U. I assume they take place in the same ''universe''. He also expressed his wish to create an episodical release for Star Fox U, perhaps as a ''trilogy'' of some sort? Perhaps the Project games are there to build up the hype for Star Fox U. Who knows? But here's a list of software they have planned for the coming years:

I don't think they're going to be big games either, but there's nothing wrong with a $20-30 game.

@Nintenjoe64 As far as I know, Namco Bandai has also published some Monolith Soft games in the recent years, so I wasn't entirely sure about that.



Octane commented on Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Delay in Europe...:

@FragRed Well.. there is;

  • Yoshi's Woolly World
  • Mario Maker
  • Mario Party 10
  • Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
  • Star Fox U (temp.)
  • Project Giant Robot (temp.)
  • Project Guard (temp.)
  • The Legend of Zelda U (temp.)
  • Mario vs. Donkey Kong (temp.)
  • Splatoon

Xenoblade Chronicles X isn't a Nintendo game, but it's an exclusive if you want to count that as well. And these have all been confirmed as retail games as well, so no download-only titles. This year, however, we only got DKC:TF, MK8, (Hyrule Warrios, Bayonetta 2), and SSB for Wii U.

At least in Europe.. as we still have no word on a NES Remix Pack, and Captain Toad is now scheduled to be released in 2015.



Octane commented on Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Delay in Europe...:

NA gets the NES Remix Pack along with Captain Toad and Smash Bros.. and that isn't a problem? 2015 is already full of 1st party games, there's enough to release one about every month. Oh well, I can wait for a month longer.



Octane commented on You Won't Be Able To Cross Swords Online In Hy...:

@Chomposaur Sigh...

1. Online battles still exist, there's an online function called ''special battles'', although not confirmed, I imagine that to be online 1 vs 1 battles.

2. Nintendo isn't stuck in the Stone Age, this is Koei Tecmo's game. If they decide on no online co-op, it's their saying, not Nintendo's.

3. I'm sure Nintendo fans don't mind change. Nobody is against online co-op, a lot of people just don't mind the absence of it. That's a difference. If it was included, it's fine by me, but I didn't plan to use online co-op in first place.



Octane commented on You Won't Be Able To Cross Swords Online In Hy...:

@piggie_pie ''couch co-op'', or local co-op is still possible. Online co-op isn't. However that doesn't mean the game doesn't have online capabilities. There are ''special [online] battles'' for example, as I said before, I imagine a 1 vs 1 battle. I think we'll learn more about that next coming during the Hyrule Warriors Direct.



Octane commented on You Won't Be Able To Cross Swords Online In Hy...:

@CaveDweller ''Local play is useless to me I've got no friends who live near me''
True, but this doesn't make sense either, as online modes do exist. The problem is that most people seem to think that the entire online play is removed by this [no online co-op] statement.



Octane commented on You Won't Be Able To Cross Swords Online In Hy...:

@Kewlan Special battles =/= online co-op. We know next to nothing about the modes in this game, it's too soon to jump to conclusions. Special battles are still listed under the online capabilities, and as far as we know, they're still present in the game.



Octane commented on You Won't Be Able To Cross Swords Online In Hy...:

@Datasun_7 Indeed, they only ruled out online co-op. There will still be online modes. ''Special battles'' or something like that, I imagine 1 vs 1 online battles. But you know how people quickly jump to conclusions without doing some actual research themselves..



Octane commented on Captain Toad Won't Be Tracking Treasure In Eur...:

2015 is already packed full of games though... Looks like I'm only getting Hyrule Warriors this year. It's going to be a difficult time keeping this game spoiler free once it hits the US, it would've been nice to play this during the holiday season.



Octane commented on Talking Point: The Wii U eShop is Raising Toug...:

@Zodiak13 Indeed, shovelware (and it's a pun as well!). I don't really care for it. I'm tired of that 16-bit retro look, just because a game looks like something some obscure third party company released on the SNES back in the early 90's, doesn't mean it's a good game. Shovel Knight might actually be one of the few games that are actually playable, but it's still nothing special.



Octane commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Legend Of Zelda Game?:

The original Wind Waker, sure the HD versions looked a little better, but I think the remake wasn't necessary, especially since Wind Waker has aged better than other Zelda games. I was never bothered by the things they changed in WW HD, so it's Wind Waker for me.



Octane commented on First Impressions: Throwing Down in Shigeru Mi...:

@unrandomsam Star Fox Adventures; Paper Mario: Sticker Star; Wii Music; he suggested the ''blow'' mechanic in DKCR (great game, but that was he only thing I personally disliked). He even suggested Kirby to be yellow, and was against the colour pink. He's a great developer, with amazing ideas, I won't deny that, but Miyamoto is just a person, and he will make mistakes every now and then.