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Plucky commented on Hasbro To Bring Yo-Kai Watch Toy Range to the ...:

that years long gap is probably going to look startling, unless the games were remade/improved for the export. otherwise you're seeing something like a Pre-Nintendo Network-era game in the west when it already has 2 Games and the first one is almost 2 years old in July.

always need a new franchise, being made by level-5 will probably be pretty good. lets just hope they don't attempt to heavily bowdlerize the core material, or shunt the TV stuff onto Disney XD just to hastily pump only 20 episodes in 2 weeks in august, only to be forgotten about until it appears on EU Nintendo's anime channel app, or CITV.



Plucky commented on Video: YouTube's Gaming Historian Takes Offens...:

Is there even any sort of context here. are they even animated? if they're animated then obviously the sprites are layered in such a way that they can only display so many colors at once. hence the elephant would look like dark-green on the screen which is shared with the skin on Mario.

This leaves 3 additional colors for Mario to utilize, Mario used a lighter green on the clothing to add a little distinctive variance, there is a 5th color but that requires the void of color used at all, it normally wouldn't be a problem unless the characters move past background tiles like in Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins. something had to give, if they colored in the grass then the shade-variance would be non-noticable for the elephant/mario.

PS: seems clickbaity.



Plucky commented on Video: A New Game Theory for Pokémon Lore Get...:

that theory is just grating. personally i think the games never even implied that there were separate universes until Pokemon Black/White where the Entralink is explicitly mentioned into visiting other worlds, at first the slight differences was to emphasize cultural/natural divergences like futuristic cities or a more traditional town.

Only problem is that there's still unknown questions; perhaps the core foundation in all universes always had Primal Pokemon, just that the 2nd time they either happened, or AZ wasn't around to tell the the Draconids from (three-thousand years ago) back then about Mega Evolution; which explains why the mural is in such pristine condition in the Remake universe whilst the Original universe had a long winding cave.

Its also possible that we could take the Arceus theory, in that whenever an Egg is produced, the universe attempts to form a Pokemon that is within parameters which wouldn't be a problem for non-legendaries. however Arceus had to create entire universes just to hand you a single time-space trio member. so 1 Pokemon dieing wouldn't matter, but the infinity Energy was found in the Altered Universe which may have been "tainted" but crystalized Paradoxes -OR- the universes way of preserving deceased a deceased Pokemon's impact on the universe. now the only mystery is how did AZ supposedly obtain a "necronomicon" of some kind.

Unless the distortion world is immune from universal disturbances which may enable common humans to transcend universes without Hoopa Hoops, though this would essentially bend logic in multiple Giratina, unless the 2 events are canon?

probably have to draw a picture or something...



Plucky commented on Rumour: Terraria is Making Its Way to Wii U an...:

With the crossover love Nintendo has shown to Rayman Legends, Monster Hunter, Bayonetta and so forth, Terraria on Wii U could be really quirky. the Plumber's clothes were Mario-colored in the PC release but was swapped around for the console releases (to Jumpman), it also changed Link's clothes from Green to Purple.

They could have free reign as long as they're tasteful about things, Link's Hookshot, fighting the Moon as some sort of massive Eye of Cthulu-like creature. or maybe unique "preset" worlds to load up that are themed around Nintendo IPs with their own structured objectives with unique biomes and rewards.

Have to rate the PC Terraria as excellent, however the Vita version is really great on a handheld. can't really see the 3DS handling it well unless it was a 3DS, doesn't help that Vita is more like a miniature PS2/3 in terms of content which makes porting games like FFX easy. the Android version has to be bottom tier buttons; need higher end devices just to not freeze and that you have to use workarounds just to generate "imputs" by touching onscreen buttons generated by apps.



Plucky commented on Nintendo Reveals New Range, Details and Compat...:

Pac-Man and Ness are probably going to be the most bought out amiibos. former because of 3rd party contracts (really, there might be production limits) and latter because of the energized fanbase due to Smash. it'll be followed by Charizard (western Pokemon fans), then Lucina.

Robin follows Lucina, but Wario would unfortunately be a Diddy in some areas. :x



Plucky commented on Reminder: The Nintendo Network Premium Promoti...:

other promotions seems to have some effect, like the Famicom 30th anniversary monthly sale gave 2 points per game, and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate granted 420 points and that was from registering Mario Kart 8's Stars code for the free game.

Surprisingly, i didn't download much, probably should transfer the DKC trilogy sometime.



Plucky commented on Rumour: Villager, Marth & Wii Fit Trainer amii...:

Same here, i would've thought the target audience for the Amiibos would've been Smash fans (Marth) and Animal Crossing's explosive growth, Wii Fit Trainer looked like the obvious first discontinuation. probably predict that the next lots of Discontinued amiibos would be Little Mac and Pit (batch 2), Dedede and Shulk (batch 3).

The inevitable Sonic amiibo would probably more popular than Mega Man and Pac-Man, but they'll probably be discontinued due to 3rd party rights usage rather than filling out a projected sales quota. or who knows, maybe they ship individual containers with mixed amiibos in different quantities in other countries?

Safe to assume that Villager and Toon Link are safe in Japan.



Plucky commented on Announcement Of "Delta Episode" Brings More Le...:

I hope Game Freak uses this as an oppertounity for some Arc Wielding; you know, things like Cyrus claiming that keeping legendary Pokemon in Pokeballs nulls down their power (about Dimensional Trio), the Kalos Sundial falling from space...reacting with Key Stones.

The fact that Wild Deoxys can change form without touching meteorites seems to imply that Cyrus is right, but the species may be living Key/Mega Stones of some kind, the Mega Evolution cocoon shows a sigil of DNA; since Deoxys consists entirely of stylized DNA and potentially a Key Stone Core, it can "evolve" by will.

This rotates back to the rivalry Rayquaza had during Destiny Deoxys, presumably it fought Primal Groudon/Kyogre in the past, so the fact that Deoxys can shift, perhaps it's triggering false Primal alarms for Rayquaza? There's also the Jade Orb, unless Jade Orbs are just used to track Rayquaza down like a Silver Wing, but an imbued Orb transforms into the Delta Emerald/Rayquazite.



Plucky commented on Link amiibo Compatibility Confirmed for Hyrule...:

I'd assume it would do something weird like unlock a Scarfless Link in HW, or maybe the ability to play as Link w/o the DLC in Mario Kart 8. what else to do with Amiibos in games where statistics might not be that clearcut, especially if it only holds Figure Fighter data for Smash? Only issue is the unlockability aspect and maybe courses for MK8.

If it's a perma unlock, then they might lose potential DLC sales from people simply swapping Amiibos, if it's limited unlocks, then it kinda forces the usage, only other option is a time-based system that uses a Nintendo ID, or personally number the Amiibos themselves which might prove to be prone to hacking. (if older Skylander figure data is a vision into what could be editing)



Plucky commented on Super Smash Bros. Fans Teased Further by New M...:

Maybe it's a mode where you play as a single Hand on the Gamepad, you try to endure waves of enemies that are generated on the fly, Master Hand being regular with perhaps 2-3 stocks/upgradable stat management whilst Crazy Hand is more of a cruel permadeath mode?

Rosalina was partially inspired by the tweaking glitch of Ice Climbers, maybe playable hands in a restricted place is Nintendo's way of meeting halfway: playing as a hand in a conventional fight would be extremely weird. but if they're regulated to a single player game mode, then it would be more softer.



Plucky commented on Rumour: Secret Chant Within Super Smash Bros. ...:

I guess with a chant like that, if they ever add DLC, there's actually something of a sizable asset to use, like it's probably simple for the game to silence a sound track and fastforwards it/start at a specific point, so "Popo, Nana, Popo, Nana" would be more like "Popo (beat/skip) Popo (beat) Popo".

Only problem would be other sound effects, but surely they can replace some sounds with the ones from Brawl or even attack sounds/graphics from other characters, then there's the case of making custom move icons which are just screenshots, again, they have most assets already completed besides modern renders for the character select screen. would gladfully take a revamped "Ice Climber" which only gets the other one for a final smash, provided that a single Ice Climber isn't gimped on its own.



Plucky commented on Expect a 'Shocking' New Pokémon Project on 26...:

Guessing it's either Pokemon Conquest 2, slight information about the Pokemon Detective Game where it states that the Blue Pikachu is evil because it's a solid Hologram developed by the remains of Team Flare. Malva probably kidnaps Clemont in the real-life attempt to salvage the Anime/Game canon to a reasonable sidegrade without ruining plot of either. (people don't expect Clemont would leave in the anime would they? they changed the gym order in DPPla and BW. Fantina was shuffled forwards and i think Roxie was powered up)

Basically, the first time where a spinoff game is canon to a main game, maybe just by being a side story of Mimi's detective bureau.

Who knows, it could be something as small as another Pikachu game, or something large but not to the main games, like Mewtwo in smash. little bit inside me wants it to be an Etrian Odyssey x Pokemon game, heck even Monster Hunter x Pokemon.



Plucky commented on New Fighter for Super Smash Bros. to be Reveal...:

I want either King K Rool or Young Porky Minch. "Retro"-wise maybe Takamaru or Bubbles (they semi-started the trend with Ice Climbers then Pit..alluding to his retool). if Rhythm Heaven is getting a newcomer, i'd rather prefer Karate Joe than Chorus Kids/Marshal just because he'll actually fight than just summoning minigames for attacks.



Plucky commented on Stand-Alone Kirby Fighters And DeDeDe's Drum D...:

I think despite Kirby Fighters being more better/approachable to Dedede's Drum Dash in triple deluxe, i think i have to give the edge to Drum Dash Z, just because of the potential of much more stages and whatever..assuming there's more than 4 stages, it could work out as a rhythm game to an extent.

But Kirby Fighters Z seems a little generic compared to its Vanilla version, stick online on it, maybe have something of a Helper to Hero-esque way of sticking to a single ability in an "adventure mode" of sorts on local wireless, with quirky things like new items or altered bosses to facilitate the differences in TD's adventure mode and Z.

Might be neat if they added backwards compatibility for people with Triple Deluxe for Fighters, makes the game more accessible to an extent outside of Japan, if the other person doesn't have TD on them.



Plucky commented on Fi Confirmed For Hyrule Warriors Along With Sk...:

Think i want Nabooru, a Goron Merchant (possibly a hybrid of WW gorons and OoT Gorons). and for an oddball, possibly Ricky, because what's a spinoff game without ever stranger characters? exaggerated powers would seem fine with his Boxing moves and jumping speaks for itself.



Plucky commented on Video: Lana Brings Some Deadly Magic to Hyrule...:

Meh, personally as far as mage characters go, at least Lana seems more ethereal in her attacks; slinging pages, acrobatically jumping across hard-light barriers and shattering them....and even rolling on Cubes Intelligence Qube-style is more visually awesome and cooler than traditional frail mages.

Even then, frail mages tends to just stick to classical the weird like summoning shadow dragons.



Plucky commented on Slew of Capcom Titles Announced for North Amer...:

Before anyone mentions about it, i wonder if the lack of Battle Network 4/5/6 might have been because of the Boktai IP, i mean Inafune might have been friends with Kojima, but Konami could be a bit fussy about Django's inclusion...barring that they haven't simply planned VC games that far yet.

Either that, or they're just aiming for halfway points before deciding on whatever else, like they planned for Battle Network up to 3 and Zero to 2. bit of a shame that the 3DS isn't getting any GBA games besides the Ambassador ones, just because part of MMBN was the battling and trading.

Pretty sure there's some parts of sidequests that are impossible unless you have opposite chips.



Plucky commented on Rumour: Grainy Image of "Mario Maker" and Nint...:

Maybe the game will be much more than something akin to LittleBigPlanet, maybe the game will be somewhat nostalgic for the main game whilst slowly adding challenges as you go during a respective "Mario's" "Plot". Maybe the game will be the Mega Man Universe of Mario games?

The Narrative could be that Mario (or the player's main Mii?) could be having a Dream/Nightmare, somewhat mirroring Mario 2's plot, like 1 stage could be playing as SMB1 Mario (who can't pick up Koopa Shells. can only use Super/Poison Mushrooms/Fire Flowers) on a Mario Bros 3 stage with the inability to scroll backwards.

Nintendo could probably have contests for player-made worlds to decide which ones are promoted to a front lobby and/or become official worlds, whilst eventually adding updates to the game which adds SMB2 Peach/Toad and maybe objects/characters/mechanics from the gameboy handheld titles like Bombshell Koopas and Wario, who could sacrifice coins as a throwing weapon whilst using hats? (super mushrooms is probably poison for him)



Plucky commented on Unique Vivillon Distribution Confirmed for Par...:

Personally I'm surprised that this is the first event for the Pokeball-pattern Vivillon, i theorized that it could've been a reward for the April Fools Google Pokedex Hunt, mostly because thematically, Vivillon's pattern depends where it was evolved in the world, so having a globetrotting Pokedex hunt for a Pokeball Vivillon would've been pretty poetic.

Maybe even more so, if it also had Happy Hour, perhaps.



Plucky commented on Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Footage R...:

I was expecting gameplay footage, it didn't really reveal anything. anything else would've been OK, like if May is still alive in this canon or if she's been Lyra-nized for the sake of merchandizing....i mean Emerald already dealt with the weather duo clashing in-canon before with a lackluster didn't look ominous in 3D, unless that was supposed to be battle footage?

Or assets from Pokemon-amie could be re-purposed for Sinnoh-style contests with Dancing, Dress up and attack moves. or even if Trainer Customization lasts longer than XY. :c



Plucky commented on Masahiro Sakurai's Latest Super Smash Bros. Sc...:

Tiny case of "I am not Shazam", probably needless to nit-pick, but that Mega Man is called Shooting Star Rockman, not Star could probably get past by calling him Mega Man-Xis or mentioning that Omega-Xis fuses with Geo...maybe even Mega Man-Omega?

Or maybe it's just a translation, they probably didn't realize that they avoided calling him "Shooting Star" outside of Japan? storywise, the Star Force becomes less relevant because that's the thing of the 3 satellite admins, Leo, Pegasus and Dragon.



Plucky commented on Level-5 Has No Plans To Launch The eShop Versi...:

I think the problem is that the game already came out over here in the UK, it makes sense for Americans to get it since the eShop version may have been (part of) the compilation of the original 3 games that came out in japan, possibly with any tuned up game engine.

Soccer (Football) is more popular over here in the UK, so Level-5 could probably handle releasing single games at a time. it could be an experiment to see if it'll thrive in the US. being an eShop release could be a way to test the waters whilst keeping production costs down. though with that said, the Wii/DS wifi connection is eventually going to shut down, so it's not like UK players can play their version online anymore (even in the presence of 2 more sequels).

Makes you wonder how fast they could possibly be to catch up the UK before people moves onto the next game...which is even more of a problem considering the gap between the JP and UK releases. (we never got 3DS versions of the original "duology" of 3 for example, Team Ogre Attacks averts the rule though.)



Plucky commented on As The Maker Of Flappy Bird Withdraws His Crea...:

I heard that he supposedly removed it because he was ashamed of the game, for something to be simple in implimentation yet popular meant that he pretty much struck his Apex...chances are people are going to suggest a Flappy Bird 2 whilst he wants to create more substantial games with more depth.

Other rumor is that it might have been removed either to distance himself from any potential Nintendo cases, or because of a murder...though i think the latter might have been satirical.



Plucky commented on StreetPass Quest Villain Appears in Latest Sma...:

I never even fought the boss, let alone got halfway through the castle, just because cats barely do anything, even with sporadic streetpasses before the Nintendo Zone update didn't do much.

Beating ghost shields unless you have the right color is probably going to be like 4 not right's, and 1 actually having the color just to hit, then it's randomly bumping into more people for the first time, being low leveled rather than people who would be level 3 or something.



Plucky commented on Weirdness: Shiny Pokémon Finder Takes No-Hand...:

It's potentially possible to make something similar to this without having to rip open the 3DS, though it might be slightly less accurate in comparison and more physical.

I was thinking of a series of motors with small prods that presses the screen and the Y button. Have a small indented surface so the 3ds doesn't wind up being pushed away by the prods or whatever, affix the motors above the touch screen and Y. perhaps record sound effects from an existing shiny battle and try to approximate how it would sound by seeing which sound channels get used. Use that as the trigger for it to automatically stops.

Take the tone of transitions to act as a fail safe, maybe some sort of webcam or light sensor of some kind?

I really wonder how this could be applied to Hordes, though the load times might potentially be different due to the various swarm orders that could be encountered, which might lead to several false-positives by the light sensor. also unsure if the Shiny noise gets played whilst the cries of the swarm are playing, or if it's before or after that..



Plucky commented on The Pokémon Company Is Working On A Detective...:

Wouldn't it be a twist if you never saw the protag's face, but then at the end it zoomed out and it revealed it to be Looker? might be possibly cool if the game was set in the main game's canon.

Seems weird that Giovanni just vanished in R/B then somehow involving Silver during the Celebi event then apparently jumping Tohjo Falls after losing to the HGSS protagonists, was being a gym leader a way to get off scot free...? In before the Blue Pikachu turning out to either be a mass holocaster hologram, or turning good at the last second to suffer a Disney death...and coming back. (maybe it becomes sapient and there might be a larger villain?)

Other note, the Trozei sequel might have been the reason Yoshi's Cookie vanished from the eShop, could be that the Pokemon license holds more air.



Plucky commented on Feature: Our Favourite, Quirky and Baffling Po...:

I found it personally satisfying to KO whole Hordes, seriously, once you get a Combee for the ability to Sweet Scent stuff, grinding for IVs is pretty easy...with that note. it's sorta neat that they added canonical Pokemon rivalries into battles like 4 Heatmor whaling on a Durant or 4 Seviper beating up a Zangoose, it's the little bits of lore they actually bothered to place in the game.

Even Pokemon-amie has some things, like petting Goomy and other slime-like Pokemon turns your hand blue and moves slower, trying to pet magma Pokemon like Slugma burns your hand, petting Pawniard's line's blades cuts your hands and petting Pikachu's cheeks shocks you....and this isn't before considering stuff like Seviper swallowing cakes a Snake or Shedinja being unable to eat.



Plucky commented on Nintendo Working on Fix for Pokémon X & Y Gam...:

I heard rumors that it could possibly be solved by pressing home, or turning off the WiFi toggle. unsure if it has any basis, but it could kickstart some things.

I've noticed long load times for transitioning onto the 3ds' main menu when i press home whilst playing Pokemon Y.



Plucky commented on UK Retailer GAME Less Than Happy With Rivals I...:

My brother got the game in the mail on the 11th, so i shrugged it off that GAME simply sent the game early, anticipating that it wouldn't get to our house until the 12, eventually i got a text saying that my pre-order of Y was in, on the 11th as well.

It was pretty weird, the pre-order bonus is a Pokeball, but for some reason, i also got a any Americans here, did you get anything other than the Poster? is it possible that the Pokeball was a pre-order bonus for us, but the Poster is for physically coming in, possibly the opposite for Americans?

Or does America have more competition in the games department? I mean after all we used to have Gamejam and Gamestation...they both eventually shut down, Gamestation moving their stock and fusing with Game. Still a bit weird for places such as Tesco to sell videogames though.

Other than that, it's pretty enjoyable so far, the XP seems a tad easy to gain, but there's just so many Pokemon choices....quite a lot of likable Pokemon from all sorts of generations, and I've just beaten the 8th gym leader clocked at 39 hours.



Plucky commented on Video: Here Are Some Reasons to Love Animal Cr...:

I played the original gamecube and Wild World, they were good but eventually wore me down to such an extreme that i considered the series to be a lower-tiered one, but NL was refreshingly different, i like the customization and the fact that you're the mayor...even stuff like issuing rules to villagers makes chores like picking weeds or watering flowers nearly non-existent.

I guess my only flaw i have with the game is that everyone is duping stuff, and placing heavy emphasis on trust, where the odds of being scammed is quite high, it's probably easy to break the game open if you're using Turnips or the Holiday Island for beetles to sell off for bells. Though regional holidays is a nice touch.

Plus the game sorta gets thin, once you collect most of the fossils, fish, insects and whatever, the game really doesn't have much to issue for sidecontent besides sidequests like getting the Mannequins, or building the final store.



Plucky commented on The Pokémon Company to Announce a New Evoluti...:

My theory is that Talonflame being an evolution of Fletchling was just natural and right due to how Fletchling sounds like Fledgling, Fletchling and potentially Kindling.

To put it short, Talonflame has 3 stripes on its tail, and Fletchling has 1, obviously there must be one with 2 stripes to bridge the two. Im doubting it's a final evolution of a starter just because the starters were revealed in one batch, it would be a bit biased just to reveal one and not the other 2, even if they were thinking of spacing them out over 3 weeks until the game's release.

My bet is that the middle name is called Archivary (Archery, Aviary and Chivalry?) or possibly Avianary? (referencing to how fletching is for wooden crafts, but Avianary would refer to art of flying, eg Flying Battles or possibly + Luminary...something light related with astrology)



Plucky commented on The Pokémon Company Brings Back Its "Gotta Ca...:

So that's the big surprise? I thought they would've at least done a "Be Sure to Drink your Ovaltine"* thing by airing the Mewtwo prologue with Virgil online on, because really...posting something that large online only for it to be a US-only findathon just seems like it's asking for trouble...

*By that, i mean milk an announcement, then do something like reveal Mega Kangaskhan formally, or if it was the side episode, it would only be used to promote the movie, either that or to promote their affiliates...



Plucky commented on WayForward Launches Kickstarter Campaign for S...:

So im guessing indirectly, assuming that the this game comes out after the 3rd game, then presumably the 3rd game wont end with something debatable about the Genie half of her lineage...or pull some stunt by saying she's Half-Youkai...because one half HAS to be human, right?....right?