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Sony Trolls Nintendo Ahead of PlayStation 4 Announcement

Posted by Damien McFerran

"Oh, Yay, Another Mario Game."

This week, Sony is expected to unveil its next home console, which may (or may not) be called the PlayStation 4, but is currently being referred to by many sites by its codename, Orbis.

Not wanting to miss the chance to have a cheap dig at one of its rivals, Sony has taken out online adverts like the one shown below:

A spot of good-natured rivalry doesn't hurt anyone, but this seems like a very low blow for Sony — even more so when you consider the rather sneaky delivery method.

What are your thoughts on the comment? Do you think Sony has any right being so cocky? As ever, post a comment to tell us what you think.


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Rashef said:

Between PS Vita launches and HQ Sellouts that's the only thing they can really do. I wouldn't pay much attention to it.




How many multiple sequels so u get on Sony exclusive games over a short period of time? Isolationist, soulless ones too.



Jamouse said:

I usually love a bit of rivalry going on just to lighten things up a bit, but I kinda agree with @Rashef. It just seems like they're trying to talk big after some of their recent failures.




The Vita's latest Sony "Direct" was very lacklustre too. Really disappointing for their consumers. Not even trying. The guy who presented it was just a suit who didn't seem to car about video games. Typical of modern day SOny as a business. Detached.



Bulbousaur said:

How childish, Sony. Its not the 90s anymore, stunts like this only make you look like idiots these days.



Chrono_Cross said:

This isn't exactly a good idea, NintendoLife. You're just angering Nintendo fans.




GazPlant said:

Remember the last company who decided attacking Nintendo like this would be a good marketing scheme? Yep, they went bankrupt. Just something to think about



Reala said:

So judging by the comments so far I guess not many will be stepping up to playstation then



Big_L91 said:

it is actually really funny, nintendo would never stoop that low.

what was that bandicoots name again? what? no one remembers?



wcb123 said:

This is why those punks are second rate. If they're not knocking off one of Nintys ideas they resort to name calling. Pathetic, untalented w@nkers..... and at the end of the day, just thieves.



Reala said:

@Big_L91 if all you played was the nintendo crash bandicoot games no wonder you didn't find them memorable, get a PSone and the first 3 crash games and your in for some fun.



Cuinix said:

The motion sense controller, the rumours about the little touch screen on their PS4-controller, now this... # Drama as the author did... haha



WiX said:

Oh, yay, another shooter. Also, that punctuation error (?) shows how childish the ad really is



SteveRod1992 said:

haha I found this pretty funny, reminded me of the PS1 era. Anyone remember the TV ad with Crash Bandicoot going to a Nintendo building asking for the plumber boy himself?! Dang am getting old



DrSlump said:

Hehehe, after all, they're right. Untill now i'm seeing Mario games only on my wii u. I'm still waiting for something new and decent to play. All games today are remakes, if we not consider Nintendoland. Next new games will be Bayonetta2, Legoland and Wonderfull101. Let's hope for good piece of art. By the way, seems like ps4 will be a good gaming and multimedi aplatform.



GoombaJMR said:

Unfortunately they will have a slower, tougher, and rougher system launch then the Wii U, imo.



Big_L91 said:

@Reala yeah i played them haha i know that there good, my point was that crash was clearly ment to be sonys answer to mario and look what happened there they ran him into the ground.



Big_L91 said:

it doesnt even make sense to single out nintendo anyway surely xbox is there biggest rival nintendo consoles are completely different to PS/XB



Will-75 said:

sony is so irrelevant these days I'm not at all surprised to see them grabbing at straws , maybe someone needs to tell them that no one likes a bully these days.



Aviator said:

@Big_L91 They joys of this article is that it makes Sony look like all they've done is take a jab at Nintendo, whilst they've done quite a few jabs over the past few days.

PushSquare has covered a lot of what Sony has done leading up to Wednesday.



TauuaT said:

Am I the only one who got a laugh out of this?

(Full disclosure, I own a 3DS and PS3.)



Chunky_Droid said:

Well, it's a dig, but then again, people are rating the chances of Ridge Racer at PS4 launch pretty high too, so it's not like they don't do it too.



DePapier said:

I hope Sony didn't make that ad themselves, but one way or the other they're responsible. That crap has been going on since my very childhood, ever since those days when Sony tried to eff Nintendo and than took the remnants their common work to make the first PlayStation. And since its inception, they have kept on bashing the one company that not only saved the industry in the 1980s, but paved the way for their now-downgrading success.

And for this reason I cannot wait to see Ouya and Steam replace Sony like Sony replaced SEGA.



Bass_X0 said:

"A Mario game" does not mean they all play the same. They star the same character sure but "Mario game" is not a single genre. They're referring to Mario & Luigi aren't they? Because Mario Kart 7, New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario 3D Land don't play anything alike. Its been four years since the last Mario & Luigi game.



JusticeColde said:

Well Sony, y'all gonna have to have some game on dem PS4s before ya start talkin' all that mess.



Will-75 said:

@Savino ; HaHaHa LoL , true they are behind on current events someone needs to let them know 2013 is the year of Luigi , HaHaHa LoL



Robin_Aisaga said:

Sony... that's really really low. They probably already reached the bodem of the well. or even the corridors thereunder even if it's true it isn't a reason to buy a ps3/4 For me it's a reason not to buy one. Mario games are great and they're not all the same! definitly not the only reason to buy a wii U there is also Zelda,metroid and Kirby stuff and what does Sony have? call of duty 5/6/7/8 etc... i'm not suprised if I see a touchscreen in their their next game controller when they reached this level of marketing



lebad said:

All the Sony and Microsoft games are the same genre (FPS) no evolution no enjoyment no fun gameplay.
They just copy Nintendo, but the copy is not as better as the original, let them talk (Nintendo needs more courageous developers which are not feared to learn how to develop on their new hardware but today its only money which lead the world and games done quickly to make anther one to earn more money)



Kage_88 said:

As far as I'm concerned, Sony lost the right to make fun of anybody a Long time ago. Let's see...

Have constantly stolen Nintendo's ideas; many of them nowhere near as succsseful as their counterpart's (Move, PS All-Stars, etc).

The PS3 hoovering all of their PSOne/PS2 profits.

The farce that was the PSN hack (and the simpering apology at E3 2010).

The flop of 3D TVs.

The PS Vita.

Being downgraded to 'junk' status after losing billions.

...have I missed anything else?

Oh, and "another Mario game"? You mean the Mario games that have revolutionised videogaming and belong in the top three highest rated games of all time (Galaxy 1 & 2)?

...As opposed to what...God of War? Uncharted?

Yeah, yeah...I may be taking this too seriously...but goddamn it, it's the principle that I'm fuming about!



gaDronilDdos said:

Sony fans have to make jokes about other companies games because they dont even have (no)gaems to make jokes about.



datamonkey said:

PS4 - Oh Yay! Another Gran Tourismo, God of War, Uncharted, Killzone... blah blah blah!



gavn64 said:

kage_88 nailed oh and those crash adds were dumb considering the next mario to come out was the most important game ever the mighty mario 64 crash was dull.



gavn64 said:

kage_88 nailed it oh and those crash adds were dumb considering the next mario to come out was the most important game ever the mighty mario 64 crash was dull.



6ch6ris6 said:

look how jealous sony is

"oh yay"
sony doesnt even have real icons!



TromaDogg said:

I love Ratchet & Clank but as far as I can tell, there's been almost as many Ratchet & Clank sequels over the last decade alone on Sony consoles as there has been Super Mario games over the last 30 years.

Bit of a stupid thing to say. Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black.



-Crystalline- said:

See, the thing is, that if Sony attempted to continue making titles for one of its iconic characters (like the big N has done for Mario) they would all fail. That's what Nintendo's flawless at. They can keep developing Mario games for the rest of eternity, and it'll never get old and/or boring.



NintyMan said:

Welcome to 2013, Sony. It's not the 90's anymore.

You wouldn't see Nintendo pull something like this. They're too respectful for that.



Shworange said:

That's kind of funny. They may say that now, but if (god forbid) Nintendo would ever stop making consoles, Sony would do ANYTHING to get those Mario games onto their console!



Sean_Aaron said:

As others have noted the irony is that no one can make a similar remark about Sony because they don't have any iconic properties associated with their systems; even Crash Bandicoot ended up on Nintendo systems.

Bit sad really.



spe777 said:

It should say, "Oh, yay, another Mario game that's going to sell 3 times as many copies as our top game, which Infinity Ward had to make for us."



SkywardLink98 said:

"Not wanting to miss the chance to have a cheap dig at one of its rivals" Did Nintendo not pull this kinda stuff in the "console wars"? Maybe Sony is just stooping to Nintendo's level
@spe777 Nintendo isn't making Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, they both hire developers to make games.



Spoony_Tech said:

I'm not the biggest traditional Mario fan but Sony wishes they had a franchise that sold as much as all the traditional Mario games. Sounds like they're a little jealous!



V8_Ninja said:

Is this really news-worthy, Damien? This whole post just seems like you're trying to grab for more hits. You're literally reporting over the text of a Google advertisement.



SanderEvers said:

So Sony you have full backward compatibility in your PS4? Or ANY good game on your PS Vita.

I don't think so.



GiftedGimp said:

You never know, It could be that Ps4/Orbit is actually not that much more powerfull than WiiU, Bit of extra ram, Faster processor, but negated by long pipelines, and because of displaying in 4k resolution the graphics could be just extra sharp with little improvement over what wiiU will be chucking out once devs get fully used to the hardware.
Or maybe the ps4 is equivalent of Skynets computers but after losing so much money on ps3 for so many years and the Vita being totally unsucessful they are in desperate need to make money from the get go with the Ps4.



ejamer said:

Hmm... Sony getting front-page news and lots of discussion on a Nintendo-focused website. Ok, many Nintend-focused websites that spread this news. Seems like the ad worked.



AyeHaley said:

Did anyone see those new Sony vids about their consoles? With all that "we are so innovative with move, the analog stick, rumble etc" bullcr*p? Haha.



New_3DaSh_XL said:

Who, exactly, are they advertising to? Those that they are are either a) Nintendo fanboys or b) Playstation fanboys. Seems like a waste of money to me, but you know Sony, always trolling, then doing something stupid.



darkgamer001 said:

You've got a point about getting attention there. However, I'm not sure I agree with the "any publicity is good publicity"....and in this case, this will mostly be read by Nintendo fans who either
1. Don't buy any gaming devices other than Nintendo
2. Buy other devices, but still prefer Nintendo
So, at most, it would target the latter. But the latter will also be offended that Sony is mocking one of their favourite franchises, and may be put off from buying the PS4.
Ex. I vowed not to buy a Vita after Jack Tretton called Nintendo handhelds a "babysitting device"



Znerd said:

Funny how Sony dose this when half the time The Mario Games always be getting greater Love From Critics Sony Hers Something you need to Know
By the Way Sony unlike you Most of the Games that sell are done by Nintendo themselves when your best selling games are 3rd Party Games
Dont get me wrong i don't hate Sony but there not in the right moment to be trash talking Especially with the New 3D Mario Game going to be at E3



Burning_Spear said:

Oh, yay, another Killzone game!

Anyway, Sony has a right to be cocky. Look how the Vita crushed the 3DS. And PS3, well that's going to outsell the feeble casual Wii ... if it can sell another 30 million consoles.



DreamOn said:

Well anyone on the fence about buying a Wii U or a PS4 and then reads that is definitely gonna watch the PS4 reveal and then buy one.

And then they will later buy a Wii U as their second console and secretly love it more lol



Ralizah said:

Sony is the electronics company equivalent of that little boy who tugs on the hair of the girl he likes at school.



3dbrains said:

Sony PS4: copying everything nintendo/microsoft does, while alienating a failing PS3 scene.

Sony fans, get ready for all your PS3 online games to be cancelled



SheldonRandoms said:


Sony, don't ever mess with Mario like that, because he will always win in the end, just look at what happened to Crash when he was your "mascot"



3dbrains said:

I own a WiiU and 6 games. Not one is a Mario game.
Does your butt hurt Sony? At least you still have the Vita... Erm... Or something.
Enjoy stale lifeless gaming from tge people who vrought you account hacks abd overhiked prices.



Wii_Win said:

I call this a desperation play. Ah well, Sony still has the Vita.... Oh wait, that is doing about as well as 3DS before price drop. Ninty wins.



Lambduh said:

I read this site daily, but sometimes the fervent disregard for thought irks me. Have you all forgotten:

The Playstation was borne from Nintendo ceasing work with Sony on a disc based console, which lead to Nintendo creating the N64?

The Wii in no way matched the processing power of the PS3/360. The Wii U will hardly compare to the new systems from Sony/MSFT this gen either. This is irrelevant because anyone who owned JUST a Wii or this gen owns JUST a Wii U is going to miss out on most new games. How many people do you know who don't own a Wii and PS3/360?

Sony's exclusives are leaps and bounds ahead of MSFTs. If anything you should all be preparing your pocketbooks to purchase a PS4 as you can then experience the non Wii U games plus the Sony exclusives.

Blindly following anything is a bad idea. I have owned a 360 since launch day, Wii since launch day, picked up a PS3 early last year and have had a Wii U since launch month. Competition is necessary for market growth; use your brains rather than your reflexes when considering this stuff...please.



DreamOn said:

These "trolling" ads got nearly every major Microsoft and Nintendo gaming site to advertise the PS4 reveal. Not bad, Sony, you sneaky bastards lol



NinGamer85 said:

Oh yay, another console with better graphics...step up to pc anytime you want.
Seriously though I have pc and wiiu and I need nothing else.



Lambduh said:

@Five-seveN that is 100% untrue. 3DS had a rough start, Vita is having a much harder time. I have played through multiple Vita games that were phenomenal, just like I have played through multiple 3DS games that were. I am honestly more excited for Soul Sacrifice right now than any upcoming least until Wind Waker HD approaches.



Lambduh said:

@Five-seveN you stated "but Vita doesn't really have any good games to report." When on the internet, word choice is key as inflection is invisible. You state this as if fact, which is risky business.

@Pixelroy if that is directed at me, not sure why you interpreted it that way as I mentioned I enjoy both systems. I just get tired of seeing people on Nintendo websites say uninformed/ignorant things about other consoles. Likewise on Sony websites, though obviously pointed a different direction. I just don't understand why some think they can't enjoy products from competitors.



DreamOn said:

@Lambduh I hear ya. At my house we got 3DS, Wii U, PS3 and Vita between me and my brother. Can't go wrong having more options in the market today I agree.



WesCash said:

Is that even an actual Sony ad? I have a hard time believing that Sony would actually pay to put up an ad of such garbage quality.



BlatantlyHeroic said:

They certainly have made the public aware. I'm interested in what they're going to reveal. They're not exactly in the best situation right now.



AVahne said:

Sony just made a pretty nice price drop of the Vita in Japan. Are they THAT desperate that they need to do this kind of childish thing as well?



DarkNinja9 said:

it is kinda true though 2 new mario games(mario golf and rpg) still lame to resort to this type of ad least wait till you sgow something interestng and not tech with a high price tag that wont go anywhere



GuardianKing said:

You guys do know that these are the same Google Ads that say, and I quote:

"One click to a Roman Orgy."

I've seen weirder messages. Plus, SEGA was pissing on Nintendo all the time in the 90s.

watch the rage, please, and remember to be excellent to your fellow users — TBD



Molotov said:

I Think He's Right. To Be Honest.
Molotov: "Oh Look Another Mario Game (Wheres Zelda/Metroid/Any Hardcore Game That I Actually Wanna Play From Nintendo?, That Certainly Will Make Me Wanna Buy The Wii U: Another Mario Game That Looks Exactly Like The One That Came Out A Decade Ago"



Bass_X0 said:

It's not news.

Sure it is. Competitor makes criticism about Nintendo - Nintendo fans will want to know.



Jaz007 said:

There is a lot of overeaction here and ignorance of Sony exclusives. Sony Exclusives range beyond shooters you know. LittleBigPlanet and Sly Cooper are both platformers.The Ico and Shadow of the colosuss collevtion, heavy rain and Beyond: Two Souls are meaningful games (not sure what else to label them lol). Heck MLB the Show is sports exclusive. God of war is hack and slash series. Ni No Kuni is less Sony affiliated but a PS3 exclusive and it's an RPG. Also, Playstation Move is not a copy of the Wii.



hYdeks said:

they make an excellent point, all nintendo makes is mario after mario after mario game Make a new ip and put Mario on a LOOONG much needed vacation.



waterlava said:

how many little big planet games are there um 4 how many zelda games are there lets see 13 and link isnt even nintendos top mascot little big wahtever is sony's top franchise and nintendo's top franchise has over 115 games and i din't hear about littl big planet untill 2012



AVahne said:

Same way as the PSP killed the DS? The PSP got plenty of great games as well remember? You'd be foolish to think either portable can kill the other.
Now that Sony has survived a handheld generation and are now on their second portable, both sides need each other for some healthy competition.




If they weren't such jerks maybe I'd actually respect them as a company. I like the more humble way of thinking of Nintendo and that's one of the reasons I like them better.



dragon_rider said:

@Lambduh You DO know why Nintendo cut ties, right? Yes, both companies were working on the then Playstation, but Sony wanted all the royalties from sales.



AVahne said:

For me, I already have a PC in addition to my Wii U, 3DS, and mid-level Android phone, so I'm mostly fine for this generation. I don't care much for any of Sony's 1st party offerings and IPs, but I'll be getting grabbing a Vita anyway for the 3rd party Japanese games coming to it. Won't be needing a PS4, since I'm pretty much set for the next half decade (aside from upgrading my PC and phone in a year or two).



TrueWiiMaster said:

The irony being that Sony is the biggest offender among the hardware developers when it comes to spamming franchises. Honestly, I'm not anti-Sony, but ads like this push me in that direction (assuming they're official). I mean, this is just stupid. It's made even more stupid when you remember how many times Sony has copied the company they're bashing.



Reala said:

I bet PS4's secret is a new form of blast processing to take gaming to the next level, gamers everywhere are hyped for PS4 the first console of the true next gen; the gen 4 of gaming, how will the follow up the historic success of vita and its unprecedented innovation and large catalogue of must have games surely only Tretton knows, the whole world is waiting excitedly just 2 more days now!!!



Haxonberik said:

Hahahaha nice try Sony. Not really, that makes little sense and at least you must admit that the Vita will never make it out of the hole it is in when Pokemon X and Y launch.



Ryno said:

Ha! Sony is right too. The outside world really only see's Nintendo as Mario.



ajcismo said:

Competition is healthy, it breeds creativity and innovation. Sony was looking for a reaction from the gaming crowd so the gaming crowd would be talking about the PS4. Positive or negative, its the first rule of advertising: Get your target audience to know about the product.



Reala said:

get your target audience to know about the product, if that's the aim you have to admit they are doing better than wii u so far and PS4 isn't even officially announced so far



Rapadash6 said:

Seems like desparation to me. Sony is in just as tough a spot as Nintendo right now, if not worse. They're simply taking advantage of that to smear Nintendo's name further and build hype for wednesdays announcement. It'll be interesting to see how Sony will do in what I feel is an eroded marketplace. I feel Nintendo's misfortune, while partially thier fault, is also an indicator of something much bigger. This cocky attitude will likely come back and bite them in the you know what come this time next year.



nungi said:

If Sony had a Game with so much fame as mario you think sony or any of their fan boys would say a thing about it?Don't know its looking doom for sony and their 800.00 playstation 4.Their games are pretty much kill something and look somewhat good.nothing inovative besides that stupid remote that look like a mike.These people that are going to buy a ps4 with the same controller that been around since the sauceage,the thing is that sony have to come real good this time to think they could gain any momentum against competition wait there is no competition and nintendo don't even recognize if sony is alive, still making consoles or much less the shovelware they call games.And as far as mario i always have something fresh to look forward to don't matter how many they could put out in a month its always different.can't wait for a metroid,or perfect dark or killer instinct,or even the last releases from just the wii don't have not even a grain of salt on "they only make games",nintendo's future as far as inovation count and a bunch of sad people talking about controll pad too big and console power,and chip speed and OH Mario and whats next.



KingMike said:

Calm down, this is just typical Sony pre-console-launch trash-talk.
Yes, Sony. Mario can sell systems, even before the game library has time to grow.
Remember when they said the first DS buyers would just be kids? It took a few years for the PSP to start getting pretty respectable support. And it looks like the Vita is going to repeat that, at this rate.



WingedSnagret said:

Real mature Sony, real mature... And this is why I stick to Nintendo and not the childish companies that act like this.



Jarod said:

sony does this every time they have a new system I remember when psp was just coming out that jack trenton or whatever guy went on about nintendo not even having handhelds after how well the psp was going to do, yeah that really worked out for them..., sony has absolutely no business being cocky about anything



Lyndexer said:

Yeah, this shows Nintendo is very creative while we have our pet dogs (Microsoft and Sony) sitting here waiting for an idea to drop and take it but only making it better. Still, Nintendo is played world wide and highly recognized. Sony and Microsoft gaming systems only been around for a decade.



NSBlueLighing said:

Personally I think its just funny, I don't think its anymore than them poking at Nintendo...I'd actually like to see Nintendo poke back and have good laughs between them. Don't know why everyone goes on the defense.



zionich said:

I think Sony is just mad there most original idea is more power and a baby doll crying



KeeperBvK said:

There hasn't been ANY GoW for over 2 years now. Gee, there is so much blind fanboying going on here, it's crazy.



nocode said:

Trash talk can be fun. Really feeling nostalgic after reading this article and some of the comments. Reminds me of those arguments at recess with my friends about snes vs genesis. Some things will never change.



edhe said:

Also, it isn't sarcasm unless it has a "(!)"

"Oh, Yay, another Mario game" can actually be misinterpreted as enthusiasm.



Reala said:

I've deciphered it "oh, yay another mario game step up to playstation" sony has bought nintendo and is bringing mario to PS4 it all seems so obvious now, finally they can give him some guns put in a more normal first person perspective and revive the series, thank Tretton!



hYdeks said:

why are people so offended? you like mario, continue to buy Nintendo, you'll have TONS of Mario, trust me -_- But for those people who like video games that DON'T need to have mario in them anymore, are pretty well already playstation/xbox fans So much fuss over alil comment, omg, Sony and Nintendo rivals? NO WAY! All three of the top companies (Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft) hate each other guts basicly lol And people making bad comments about Vita, I wouldn't talk, look at the Wii U so far

And to the people saying "playstation 4 is not a original name", who saids it's gonna be called that?



SpaceApe said:

They may be trolling but so how true is that statement. Nintendo hasn't made anything new in decades.



bizcuthammer said:

Its funny because the next mario game will probably be more innovative than anything ps4 does in its lifespan. Sony just rips off everyone else these days, and mostly fails at doing so. They're not the same company that i actually liked during the late 90's/early 2000's. The success of PS2 made them arrogant, and it seems they may never recover.



antipop621 said:

I only buy Sony consoles used and late into their life cycles so I can play the exclusives I want. Mostly RPGs.

No way in hell will I pay for this thing at launch.



daveh30 said:

Sony has always been my #2 console behind Nintendo... But I can switch to MS this gen, no prob. Sony doesn't offer anything that matches a good Mario game.



Pogocoop said:

"Oh ,yay, another really good game from a reconizable series"-Step up to clones of those games and lack of inspiration 2/20

Fixed it for you Sony.

Now if you excuse me, back to Fire Emblem.



turtlelink said:

This would have been trolling if it wasn't true. Didn't Nintendo say they wanted to make the 3DS a system that doesn't only offer Nintendo? Right after that statement, they literally announced 4 new Mario games for this year. >.>



krunchykhaos said:

@Will-75 im sorry what? Sony at the least has been more into their consumers and good with their releases than microsoft. As fascist as Microsoft is im surprised no one mentioned how bad they are. When it comes to trash talk microsoft is the worst. Maybe not in sales or multiplatform games, which i contribute to developers being all over microsofts 'D' , the ps3 is the superior piece of hardware and superior in exclusives, content, and more for your money (psplus) deals. Sony can say what they want. I dont care. The PlayStation will always top microsoft.



Raylax said:

This is fantastic.
Less fantastic is how ridiculously easily flamebaited this community is becoming. It's a little joke guys. Chill out.



Fillytase said:

Virtually no one has mentioned the elephant in the room: THIS COULD EASILY BE FAKE. It was originally posted on NeoGAF. I'm just sayin'.

And even if it's real, there is way too much rage here. I've kind of become a Nintendo fangirl as of late, but even I can see there's no need to get THIS worked up over a silly one-liner ad. Just laugh at the irony/stupidity of it (if it's even a real ad) and move on.



gojiguy said:

I have to agree with Sony. The latest Nintendo Direct, while cool, showcased how little Nintendo cares about non-Mario and non-Zelda franchises.



cheetahman91 said:

Well in all fairness we got quite a few Mario games last year and even more announced for this year.



Tsuchiya said:

We have far too many plopped out Mario games. Great that the focus is on Luigi. That should spawn about 3 million clones.

If Sony mess up on the price, goodbye.



UnseatingKDawg said:

Oh, so pathetic. Wouldn't expect more from Sony. So, how many characters do Sony own exclusively that are better than Nintendo's mascot? None? That's what I thought.



Chabbox said:

Sony has officially been defined to me as dirt.
Who the f- do they think they are attempting to get more sales on 'All Stars Battle Royale' when Super Smash Bros Brawl was out? First of all, they copy Nintendo. Second of all, due to their butthurt that SSBB was SO OBVIOUSLY a much better game, they take it out on us. Wow. Cheap move, dirt. Cheap move.



Captain_Balko said:

Oh Sony, always with the stupidity. What's that? You want me to watch your crappy announcement? Nope, I'll be too busy playing one of my new Mario games, thank you very much.



LavaTwilight said:

This just supports what I said in another comment. Nintendo have all the grace and elegence of business men creating quality products for consumers like us to ensure we have the best gaming experiences, unlike their competitors.

OK I might've worded it that Nintendo are grown-ups but Sony (and MS) are just ickle wickle kiddies.



MitchVogel said:

Sony does have a point, though. I'm a huge Nintendo fan, but lately I've found myself saying the same thing.



OGGamer said:

@Lambduh I wouldn't buy a ps4 or xbox720 on day 1 if I were you . Unless you want to experience the purple dot of death or indigo square of doom or whatever other hardware failure names will come with those systems .



UnseatingKDawg said:

@Bass_X0: You have a valid point there. Mario's covered how many different genres - platforming, party, racing, RPG, sports in general, puzzle - almost everything except shooting.



cheetahman91 said:

@shinesprite: I don't think that means that they're only going to have the PS3 as their main home console until 2016. What it means is that they'll continue to support the PS3 until at least 2016, even after their next home console has been released.



MasterWario said:

Shouldn't they be more concerned with taking people from the Xbox database, or is that just me? Sony's games are more related to the Xbox ones. When people talk about choosing between two consoles, it's usually Xbox or PlayStation.



OGGamer said:

@Tsuchiya My launch Wii still runs like new . I would rather risk buying a Nintendo system at launch like I did with every single one than anything made by their competitors especially microsoft (the worst)but not excluding sony .

All of my nintendo systems still run like new and none of them have ever had a faulty part . That is the reliability I want when I drop hard earned money on electronics .



timson72 said:

Never been a big fan of the PS3,I do own one only for the likes of Uncharted,but it's more of an oversized Blu-Ray player nowadays.



UnseatingKDawg said:

@SpaceApe: Oh, so Nintendo hasn't made anything new in decades?

Seeing as how Sony copies Nintendo, then by that logic they haven't created anything new in quite a while too, right?



NintendoCat14 said:

This was funny in the 90's with Nintendo vs. Sega, and then 3DO vs Nintendo and Sega, then Sony vs Sega (sort of, with the whole DVD player thing), then Atari telling us to do the math and realize that they were "64-bit" in 1994 and Sega and Nintendo were still 16-bit. But now, it's sort of childish to many, but to me it could be a return to an era.



mantez said:

There seems to be a lot of hurt from the Nintendo fan boys (or girls). These fan boys need to get some of their facts straight as well. At the end of the day, every system has it pros and cons and every system has a range of great games and a range of trashy games.



DePapier said:

@mantez Hell, can you all trolling on a Nintendo fan site just chill and not fuel us to respond to you guys? Damn...



hYdeks said:

@UnseatingKDawg Sony has Sly Cooper, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, Kratos of God of War, Kat from Gravity Rush, they made Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon, so yay your right, NOTHING to compare to Mario ¬¬ The insulting part is how Sony makes new icons each generation to enjoy, how can we become bored of these guys unless there's 20 games of the same character on each system?!? It's a terrible thing, it truly is.

@shinesprite they support there systems long after they reveal the next, unlike Nintendo who kills a system almost a year before releasing the next one -_- PSOne was supported from 1994- 2006 (12 years), PS2 was supported from 2000-Jan. 4th 2013 (almost 13 years, and yes, they where still making new games for it), and PS3 has been on the market for close to 7 years .



Slapshot said:

The fact that people are trash talking Sony's games and obviously have no idea what they're talking about is funnier than this the article was.



Jaz007 said:

@Slapshot Agreed about the comments so much. I can't tell you many times I've shake my head and face-palmed while reading the comments. Th sheer ignorance here is just hilarious. I can't believe how many people are getting so riled up about this.



UnrealDan said:

I've always disliked Sony. This just confirmed that I will never buy a Sony product..



Gamer83 said:

Nintendo's reps don't usually say anything about the competition, Sony should save the venom for MS, espcially when it comes to the battle for North American mindshare, that's where the real battle for Sony will be and nobody is better prepared to fight it than MS.



Bit_Trip_Kirby said:

Luigi gets no fame.
Anyways has Sony seen the PS Vita sales???
And in next weeks news… "Microsoft: Oh yay… another Little Big Planet game."



AbeVigoda said:


To be fair, although you listed off several "Sony" characters, NONE of them aside from maybe God of War, can hold a candle to any of Nintendo's big franchise characters like Star Fox, Zelda, DK, Mario, Yoshi, etc. All that list did, as far as I'm concerned, is show how disposable the characters that Sony has created are. They are all souless and empty, and after two or three games they have been worn out and used up. None of those characters you listed are "iconic".



waterlava said:

how many games has each Sony franchise had compared to Mario, Zelda, Metriod, and Kirby games I'm waiting for an answer and that is not all Nintendo's franchises



AyatollaofRock said:

Oh yay another God of War game

Oh yay another Uncharted games

Oh yay another Resistance game

Oh yay another Killzone game




Tsuchiya said:


Sony don't need such things. Nintendo have an over reliance on Mario. They should calm it down a bit but now we'll be getting the same old same old, just with Luigi now.




Gamer83 said:


From your post, it would seem to me you weren't going to buy Sony's consoles anyway. Personally I think it's a bit silly to get worked up over stuff like this, but fanboys will be fanboys I guess.



WaxxyOne said:

Oh yay, another "insert successful-first-party-franchise-on-a-Sony-platform,-oh-wait-there's-no-such-thing-crap-never-mind here" game.



CowLaunch said:

I don't think it's a low blow, seems a legitimate method of marketing to me.

The tone of this article however is not what I've come to expect and appreciate from NintendoLife over the last few years.



Neram said:

Sony thrives off of flame wars. Every company has its fanboys, but Sony seems to be the only one that tries to capitalize on them. I suppose if you have no legitimately earned fan support, all you can do is hype up your product and make its supporters feel like part of something big, mean and "cool". When in reality their fans are as shallow and empty as their products.



WindWakerLink said:

Hmm.... interesting comments from everyone here.

I can't really hate or go on a rage rant on Sony for this...because... "Nintendo help create them with with the betrayal all those years ago... so the name calling and all that jazz is 'whatever,' you know?" Yea.



Doge said:

if sony actually had a mascot then they would make tons of games with that character too. they just trying to be a ...



WaveBoy said:

Who didn't expect this article to generate so many hits. incomming Nintendo Fans in Mega Ultra Defense Mode. I like it when companies take jabs at each other, it kind of brings back that light hearted fun nature of the early 90's when it was all about Nintendo Vs Sega. Mind you, the way it is now is highly uncreative, and you don't see any rivalry in either companies commercials.

I Just find it realIly tough to take sony serious these days. I mean They ripped on the Wii's motion controls saying it was just a gimmicky fad(Ignorant close minded anti-evolving ridiculous remark. And boy were they wrong), but then they realised how successful it became so they stole the idea to get a piece of the pie by releasing an ineferior product that was limmited to 30 frames per second that looked like a Rave stick.Sure, sony came out with motion controls long before, but they weren't Ballzy enough to release it and they probably never would have. They would of been content remaining stagnent in an industry with visuals getting more realistic, improving Online gaming, including more useless APPS that aren't game related, a dual shock 6, And NO leap in innovation from a control standpoint.

The biggest LOL was when sony didn't include rumble in their six axis where they basically said that rumble 'was so last gen' when REALLY they were actually sued for copying some sort of patent as to why rumble wasn't a returning feature until the Dual Shock 3 arrived over a year later since they finally ironed everything

They just seem incredibly unproffesional as a company, and extremely hard to take seriously. They don't know what they're doing, or what direction they're going in. Everybody just waits for Nintendo to lead the way in innovation.

Still, i've very interested to see the Orbis in action. The innovation, graphics and rumored 120fps for certain titles has got to get some of you interested. Still, that proto type controller is laughably bad and uoriginal. another bloody dual shock controller, with slight alterations AGAIN. And that tiny little touch screen is absolutely ridiuclous....At least they got it together and buffed
up the D-pad and tweaked the analog sticks by ditching the akward mushroom tips. lol



Jaz007 said:

@AbeVigoda Seriously, Sony's bid characters like Nathan Drake and Sly Cooper not being able to hold a candle to Yoshi. That is completely rediculous, your arguement against Sony's characters kind of completely lost its legitamcy with that statement. I sense Fanboyism here.

@Neram Um, there is some legititmitly earned fan support here. It's not shallow or empty I assure you.



AbeVigoda said:


Nathan Drake wasn't mentioned in his list, so I didn't give an opinion on him. He is a strong character, but only in his own series. You won't find anyone wanting to play as him in any other style of game, which can't be said of most characters that Nintendo has created. They are more versatile. Sly Cooper is decent, but again, hes nowhere near as iconic or recognizable as Nintendo characters. These aren't even debatable points.

Also lol @ you calling pulling the "fanboyism" card on me, when your avatar is a photo of Nathan Drake! If anything, I'm using logical thought while you are getting all worked up and ignoring the obvious facts. Sony hasn't created any characters that are anywhere near as important/valuable as Mario, Zelda, DK, Yoshi, Kirby, etc.



Drewroxsox said:

Wow so many comments... It seems so many people are getting their butts hurt by a few words that most likely wont amount to much. Have you guys seen this ad besides in this post, because I know I haven't, so it's not a big deal to me. I do believe Sony is seen as the jerk of the day by many Nintendo fans now.



Jaz007 said:

@AbeVigoda My bad, I was treating your comment as a general statement for characters, but my statement holds true with your response. Just because they aren't as versitile as Mario doesn't mean they aren't valuable or important. Sony has definitly made characters more important than Yoshi at the least. With your logic Yoshi is more iconic and important than Master Chief because he is only good for Halo FPS games. Your letting your love of Nintendo characters get in the way of obvious facts. There is no logical thought in saying Yoshi is a more important character than Nathan Drake.



MasterWario said:

SO many comments on an article that doesn't matter much imo...sometimes people on the internet make as much sense as a rattlesnake in a pickle barrel.



Tsuchiya said:


No, they're much worse.
Mention anything that's anti Nintendo and they'll march out carrying pitchforks. NintendoLife aren't exactly helping matters by having this drivel posted up there. They are only plastic boxes with the odd chip and wire knocking about, that's all.

Certainly nothing to lose sleep over. But some will. Some already have.



scrubbyscum999 said:

This actually made my day. It so low and pathetic it honestly just made laugh. Man, I honestly ROFLing right now. Oh Sony, don't throw stones when your in a glass house.



Lopezdm said:

At this point I just don't care. Nintendo had to know that this new console news was going to come from Microsoft or Sony this soon. They have done little to prepare and keep losing games left and right. What will happen if Sony says, "Here is our new awesome system and guess what it comes out in 2 weeks."? I don't think that will happen but WHAT IF would be enough for me to make Nintendo as strong as it could be before this kind of news overshadows my console. Limit the damage and prepare for war. Nintendo did none of that, so it's is going to have a rough few months here soon. Microsoft has yet to say anything about the "720". I will just shake my head when I look at my dusty wiiu when ever i buy a new sony console because Nintendo didn't care enough to please the hardcore gamer.



hamispink said:

This is a joke. both the PR joke, and the people on this site. I get preferring Nintendo, they are awesome, but so many of these comments seem to be ridiculously blind to the idea of any good games appearing on a non-Nintendo console.



Mike1 said:

I think Sony is still smarting from the beating the Wii put down on the PS3. I own both systems, and honestly, the PS3 doesn't need to be replaced. The games look fantastic! Why they would take a shot at Mario is beyond me since he is the most famous video game character.



psycoticdev1l said:

I doubt the credibility of this. It looks like a Google ad, which are often twisted. I'm willing to bet Sony had nothing to do with that. Also shame one those of you how are legitimately getting angry over this. There is a fine line between a fans, and obnoxious fan-boys, and many of you crossed over to the latter. After reading these comments I can safely say two things, 1. Nintendo fan-boys are just as bad, if not worse, than every other. 2. I have no idea why this article exists, other than just angering people, nothing more



Mr_3DS said:

Lol that is basically what I say whenever a new Mario game comes out, but its with a "!"



MagicEmperor said:

I have a PS3 and I like it a lot, but obnoxious announcements like these really put me off. I'm sorry that my last comment was pretty intense, but I was genuinely annoyed.



psycoticdev1l said:

@LuigiTheGreenFire So are you saying no one else should experiment with motion controls or make another 'Mascot Fighter'. "Only Nintendo can, they did it first, which means only they can do.", am I close?



Gamer83 said:


Right now I'd agree with you. The Nintendo fans have been pretty bad the last couple years and can't handle anything even slightly negative against Nintendo even if it's just good natured ribbing or something that's completely true. They're acting now like the Sony fans were back in 2006-2008 when Sony was rightly getting taken to task over constant stupidity. The thing is, Sony fans seem to have grown up a little bit. I don't see as many people flipping out and calling bias when Sony gets criticized as I used to. The Nintendo Defense Force is out in huge numbers though when Nintendo gets criticized, it's like these people are just waiting for somebody to say something so they can scream bias.



Zombie_Barioth said:

I really don't get what all the fuss is about its just trash talk, sure its not very witty but its nothing to get all bent out of shape about either. I find it funny that so many people complain about Sony having nothing but FPS games despite only have two first party games in that genre, most of them are multiplatform and end up on whatever consoles can handle them. Its also amusing how many other arguments would turn out if flipped around, like how sales numbers=quality.

I don't normally criticize these articles, but this really is the equivalent of dangling a bloody steak over a pack of wolves.



DarkNinja9 said:

just as someone said im still curious to see MS say something against sony you never see those 2 go against each other even though you would think they would cuz they bring up similar games then nintendo o.o but come on dont tell me this article or their ad didnt work on getting you their attention? you know your curious to see what they bring on their new console

im just glad i have 2 consoles of 2 of the companies... go at it all you want while i play my game :3




questions to sony

are we gonna have to install all our games for the ps4 for half an hour like we did with the amiga......I mean ps3 ?

or are we gonna have our accounts hacked by teenagers.

how about a new psmove that we DON'T need to calibrate everytime we wanna use it.

how about a new handheld that's actually any good.

what about a new controller that's not from the 90's, AND NO! YOU CAN'T HAVE A TOUCH SCREEN.

I'm sorry what was that.......that's what I thought



DarkLloyd said:

lol good thing im not a flameon fanboy like certain people above who has obvious loyalty towards either nintendo or sony etc etc judging by thier comments

these humans are just making themselves look really really bad imo



AbeVigoda said:


It's probably not the smartest thing to mock Sony for having 30min game installs when Wii-U comes out of the box needing a system update that takes sometimes 2hrs to complete, a slow ass OS and 5-10hr retail game downloads from the the eshop.



RancidVomit86 said:

Its no big deal. Just an advert. Companies have been doing this for years. Its just part of what makes it fun for us as consumers.



satya said:

coming from a company that whores customers like no other thats sweet. Just look at their eula when you buy their products legally and get put in prison for taking it to a different country...I mean why the flower is this company still in business?



Rect_Pola said:

Are we going back to this? It was cute when Sega and Nintendo got up like schoolkids arguing because we (i.e. the "core" demographic of the industry) WERE schoolkids at time. Ironically, our generation is still the core demographic (a fact that has worried me, but I digress) and it doesn't seem as cool.



Fazermint said:

This is an incredibly stupid ad. It seems to be targeted at current Wii/Wii U owners, since a simple ad such as "omgz new playstation out next year!!" would be sufficient to reach the PS owners. With this assumption in mind, the ad is counterproductive. Most Wii (U) owners have played - and loved - multiple Mario games, so insulting the franchise isn't going to make them switch over to the PS4. Even if it was targeted at the general public, it's a very unclassy and unprofessional approach to marketing.



ElDelEl said:

A little surprised to see some of these insults being hurled at Sony — although their dig at Nintendo was kinda stupid, that doesn't change the fact that the Playstation consoles have been very very good to true gamers over the years, just like Nintendo has. For example, a daring, life-affirming, exclusive indie game (Journey) won tons of well-deserved "game of the year" awards just last year, and Sony deserves kudos for repeatedly supporting (and essentially launching the careers of) innovative developers like that. In short, it's fine to diss Sony's Nintendo diss, but it's pretty dumb to spew venom at the company itself given everything they've done to foster/create truly amazing games.



Ispheria said:

this really isn't this i mean Sony making pitiable attempts to win over some Nintendo fans and end up reminding the world how pathetic it is.



TromaDogg said:

Nearly 300 comments?


I thought it was a bit of a silly comment and put a couple if replies here myself (one of them is actually a dig at Nintendo for releasing 9 Mario Party games though ) , but seeing people become really offended, or writing stuff like 'I will never buy any more Sony games' is just plain embarrassing, like all the people who claim they won't buy ever buy Rayman Legends or any other Ubisoft game again.

Reminds me of the old saying 'cutting off your nose to spite your face'.



bigdog00 said:

@Kage_88 can't wait for Sony to crash and burn, while Nintendo uses 3D technology that is actually DECENT! Suck that sony, they deserve it. the only good thing they had was the PSP.



Captain_Balko said:

If you don't like Nintendo fanboys, why in the name of Hylia are you on a website called NINTENDO LIFE? Either deal with our fanboyish qualities and stop complaining or find a different video game site to troll on.



Xarses said:

Can't see why anyone would want something Sony considering they got hacked a lot when the vita came out. It would be scary getting anything they put out they don't seem to have great security.



Danimals said:

@Reala I was thinking the same thing. It's a little different now since there are three major players, where in the '90s it was just Sega v. Nintendo.



Xjarnold said:

Really? Hating on a successful video game series as your handhelds crash and burn Really Sony,...............



Henmii said:

Sony wouldn't say this if, you know: THERE WEREN'T THAT MANY MARIO'S!!

There are gigantic heaps of it! Nintendo has almost forgotten about their other franchises, it seems Mario does sell the best! But Mario ALWAYS gets the most marketing, so it's no surprise! If Nintendo would promote games from other franchises more, those would also sell a lot better! When will they learn?

But on the other side: I expected something more original from Sony, since Nintendo had succes with the Wii and Microsoft had succes with the Kinect. But no, it's just PS4. The controller is just a Dual Shock with a added touchpanel. Sure I guess it is strong and it probably gets all the third-party titles, but I did expect something more original!



theblackdragon said:

I really, really hate it when everyone just takes the opportunity to be nasty to one another in these article comment threads. Just so you guys know. :/



KAHN said:

hear that everybody the dragon's showing her teeth now. just slowly cool your beans, and she might not toast the living crud out of you.



Gregor said:

"Oh yay, another gray/brown shooter/boring indie game."
Sure Sony has exclusives, but they can't man up to the plate to make any first party games of their own. They make me sick.

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