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wcb123 commented on Nintendo's Share Value Jumps a Massive 21% as ...:

I have faith in nintendo to play this correctly.

I think they will just release minigames or 'lite' versions to mobile to upsell to their hardware. Dena will provide the cross compatibility so that everything links together no matter the device (like the watchdogs mobile app).

I can imagine a game like Nintendogs exploiting that connected model very well. Droves of Kids will discover the Nintendo pets through their mobiles and they will absolutely garunteed want the Hardware 'full version' equivalent that is upsold to them. That on top of the profits from the mobile app.

Also thinking of a Nintendo all stars themed Tetris game. Sports games like Mario Tennis which would be mobile friendly. Wave racer minigame to upsell the new Wave Racer NX.

The possibilties are endless



wcb123 commented on Poll: Is Nintendo's Wii U Advertising and Mark...:

@marnelljm Honestly who is it you think is confused by the Pad? Parents ? I cannot fathom how someone cannot see its logic. After all, todays generation of Parents grew up around computer games. Its not the equpment, its the totally useless Marketing div they have in Europe and America.



wcb123 commented on Poll: Is Nintendo's Wii U Advertising and Mark...:

The only Uk Wii U advert i have seen (not on tv - i had to find it on youtube) was HORRIFIC. Since then ive seen nothing. Posters/Tv spots/Cross promotions... Nothing.

They need to employ a cutting edge, young creative marketing team.



wcb123 commented on Nintendo Announces Luigi and The Legend of Zel...:

@FishieFish The point being Bundles are often bought by collectors and left unopened. Not so much appeal holding onto a boxed bundle when there's only a digital copy included. Years down the line it won't work, and you don't get the nice artwork of a boxed game.



wcb123 commented on Monster Hunter And Price Cut Trigger Wii U Sal...:

Don't want to bang on and on about how terrible Nintendo's Wii U strategy was (and still is) but - why did they just remake the Monster Hunter form the Wii.

New console should = New titles. Not rehashed ones that I bought a year or two ago for the Wii.



wcb123 commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Makes His Miiverse Debut:


Year of Luigi, exept he's only appeared on the 3ds thus far no?. Can't take you seriously if you really think there is sufficient content for the Wii U. Credit is due to the 3ds, but do tell me what im missing out on for the Wii U..?.

Where's the A grade titles, exclusives, Ninty characters. Im not talking shovelware or ports Ive already played on the PC two years ago (with better graphics). Where's Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, F Zero...Where's R.O.B... Where's a complimentary game of Duckhunt.

This kinda list was standard with new Nintendo consoles of the past. Not any more.

Wheres Zelda, 3D Mario, StarFox,? Why replace the best Metroid producers (Retro Studios) with amateurs.(Team Numty).

The higher ups at Nintendo are gradually losing the plot, we all know it.... Its time they sorted it out.



wcb123 commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Makes His Miiverse Debut:

well obviously its not him doing this directly, its his work expo kids kickstarting the PR recovery strategy Nintendo discussed with retailers.

I have been loyal to them since the early 80s game and watch stuff. I was perfect age to fall for Mario Zelda etc. Still haven't bought a Wii U because there are no games.

Seriously, I can't beiieve how badly Ninty loved the Wii U opening year up. I mean they are usually brilliant marketeers.... but they really messed this one up.



wcb123 commented on Nintendo Renews Eternal Darkness Trademark:

The first was a classic, a wasted op if they just release it as VC, definitely worth completely remaking a la resident evil. If anything it could go head to head with those sorts of titles. Why it hasn't already had a sequel is bewildering.



wcb123 commented on Legend Of Zelda Hacked To Make Zelda The Hero:

Unless she asked for permission which i highly doubt, I actually find it pretty disrespectful to Miyamoto and Tezuka. But nobody give a sh*t about the originators rights nowadays. It may avoid certain copyright legislation, but it potentially breaches their moral rights.



wcb123 commented on Review: ZombiU (Wii U):

Agree with this review way more than IGN's, damn how they have gone downhill. I am glad you guys do what you do.



wcb123 commented on Guess What? Wii U Discs Have A Rounded Edge:

So essentially this is to stop anyone potentially burning dvds to play pirated games on?

You've got to give it to Nintendo, they've got alot covered preventing piracy, especially as they are now relying on software sales to make up the loss on hardware.

I wish them the best.



wcb123 commented on Wii U Software Storage on USB Devices Detailed:

If true, you've got Homebrew and the resulting Pirates to thank. Besides, a Boxed copy is actually resellable unlike the downloads - Be lucky Nintendo didn't go the PS/XBOX route and limit the physical products to one console only.



wcb123 commented on Miyamoto's Ideas for Metroid can be Found in N...:

Im going to be mad if they don't give it back to Retro. Why would you not? They were some of the best games ever made. The guys saying the Prime series had run its course are numpties, you don't see Halo/Unchartered changing their direction...Give it to Ninja and they go **** it up. Lessons should be learnt.



wcb123 commented on Insider Reports Suggest That Focus On Eternal ...:

ED was one of the best, most underrated games to come out, An incredible mature story with great voice acting, creative haunting tricks not used before (tv turning off etc). The level design different and refreshing each episode. The score was incredible too. I Imagine ED2 today would pan out like a darker version of Unchartered. I don't know how the Gaming biz works very well but Nintendo should adopt this game as.their answer to Unchartered. It really is that good. Very sad to hear about SK.