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Mon 29th October, 2012

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ReshiramZekrom commented on Feature: Tales From the Front Line of amiibo C...:

I was somehow able to get a Villager amiibo the day they launched at a Target. My Villager was one of the two there, and they also had one Marth figure next to the Villager amiibo. I didn't get the Marth though. I kept the receipt from purchasing my Villager amiibo for some reason! Untitled

Back during the first week of December, I was at a Future Shop checking out the amiibo just out of curiousity. What do I find? Wii Fit Trainer. Yeah. However, with me being an idiot I didn't get that amiibo and instead bought a Pikachu amiibo. I have no idea what lead me into that decision, but I regret it!



ReshiramZekrom commented on Ninja Pig Studios Accused Of Stealing Pixel Ar...:

@ninjapigstudios Can't say I don't agree with you. Photon publicly and unprofessionally called you out on what was simply a mistake. A simple private message asking for an art change would've avoided all of this drama.

And if I get criticised for just siding with the developer, remember this:

Everyone is entitled to an opinion.



ReshiramZekrom commented on Two Tetris Titles Pulled From the 3DS eShop in...:

Darn it. And I was thinking of purchasing the Game Boy version recently too!

At least I own the original cartridge, I guess. Although it would've been nice to have one of the best Tetris games taken around with me for convenience wherever I go (I take my 3DS everywhere I go, but not my GBA SP)...



ReshiramZekrom commented on Nintendo 64x64: Conker's Bad Fur Day:

It's just too bad that you'll have to pay $100+ for a used cartridge.

But if you're willing to pay that much money for a video game, well, you'll be able to enjoy all of the censored and censored the game has to offer. ;)