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WiX commented on Corrin Chooses to Fight in Super Smash Bros. f...:

@Dave24 No it doesn't, at least Corrin. He has some very unique moves, if you happened to watch the video and see beyond the looks of the character.

Granted, there are quite many FE characters, but as long as it's not a copy character and is interesting, like this one, it's ok Can't wait to try! He/She seems quite strong though. All of the new ones do



WiX commented on Video: Super Mario Maker Contains Secret Fly S...:

@gamekill Same thoughts here.

As an idea and feedback for NL: There are already many tags used for news, like "rumour", "video" and so on, why not add another label called "spoiler" or something like that? You could use that in cases where you know something about a game that Nintendo (or another company) hasn't officially announced themselves, or if something is supposed to be for example a (secret) unlockable in a game. While reporting that kind of stuff (and labeling it properly), you should also remember not to reveal the content of the secret within the title of the article or the picture that goes with it. I am not entirely sure, but I have a feeling that there was a Sm4sh news article where I thought of the same thing, maybe something where you revealed a new character ahead of time. I like to read and get my news from Nintendo Life, but I don't want the surprise element of certain aspects of games get spoiled for me while doing so. Thank you. In any case, your site is still awesome!



WiX commented on Eiji Aonuma: Zelda 3DS Will Feature a Light an...:

I don't understand people complaining. Why should there be only one kind of Zelda games? I think diversity is good. I myself am a big fan of the top-down Zeldas and if I had 3DS, I would be more than happy to pay a full game price for this, as this is a full game. Don't forget, Nintendo is about doing quality content.



WiX commented on How Many Nintendo References Can You Spot In A...:

The only one that I didn't know at all was J. So C-C-C-COMBOREAKER! for me! Of course I didn't get all on my first watch but I couldn't have counted them then as I was too amazed at the wonderful video, so many memories! I would also have said only Oregon as I didn't remember the whole title.

@marty389 Some good points but I have to comment even though it is your opinion Everybody, even the casual people, know Angry Birds so I think it has earned its place. BioShock is probably a bigger name than Banjo-Kazooie. Frogger is a classic, although maybe Final Fantasy could also have been there. Pokemon would have been good but there is Mario already so no need for Paper Mario. Worms has been around for ages compared to WarioWare and also as this isn't a Nintendo alphabet.



WiX commented on New Shots of Xenoblade Look Awesome:

Hmm... At the information box on the right there is this thing called "Developer" and under it "Monolith Soft". Not sure what that means though...

Anyway, looks really good and the plot seems interesting, at least as much as I know about it. Also the music on the teaser site was awesome. Some great and epic RPG would be good addition for my Wii collection. This and The Last Story seem both good options, but at the time I'm more interested in this one.



WiX commented on Review: Kirby Super Star (Virtual Console / Su...:

For me, this is THE BEST Kirby-game and SNES-game! Even today is is still fun to play with its awesome gameplay, music, graphics... Everything!

What really makes it stand out from the other Kirby-games, aside the RockMan-esque game choosing, is that all the enemy costumes have many different attacks! It wasn't mentioned in the text (or I am just blind) and that is really worth mentioning as it adds much depth to gameplay. Many other games in the series have only one or few attacks.

Of course, the most fun you can get from this game is when played with a friend. I REALLY recommend this to anyone who likes platforming, Kirby, colors, fun games with friends...

Oh Nintendo, could we finally get that new real platforming Kirby-game for Wii with good music, multiplayer goodness and many attacks per costume, please? For so long have I waited for you... E3, save us!



WiX commented on Mega Man 10 Coming March 1st:

@Ezekiel: If you're not good enough, why should you be able to get all the challenges? And besides, I think it's good that there is challenges for the more experienced players. That being said, I haven't done all of the challenges in 9, but that doesn't bother me... Oh wait, it does... Well, practise, practise, practise

Speaking of challenge, I hope this time there is more challenge in the normal difficulty setting because there is the easy setting also. I personally think 9 wasn't so hard (even though I also died some (read: many) times during the game). There just were many crybabies When I was a kid, games were hard and that's the way also Mega Man needs to be. Okay, maybe not impossible, but still...

Anyway... Can't wait, I even have some points left! But... Europe follows the next friday, right? RIGHT?!

Oh and you don't need to take my message so seriously... (if you are a crybaby ) No, seriosly, no offence. (or...?)



WiX commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (22nd July):

Here is the Finnish list for the 22th of July:

1 (N) - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord
2 (=) - Water Warfare
3 (1) - World of Goo
4 (3) - Gradius Rebirth
5 (9) - Onslaught
6 (11) - Texas Hold'em Tournament
7 (4) - NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits
8 (7) - FUN! FUN! Minigolf
10 (8) - Bit Boy!!
11 (10) - Bubble Bobble Plus!
12 (19) - Tetris Party
13 (-) - Mega Man 9
14 (5) - PUZZLE BOBBLE Plus!
15 (13) - Bomberman Blast
16 (n) - 5 Spots Party
17 (14) - My Aquarium
18 (-) - Snowboard Riot
19 (18) - Swords & Soldiers
20 (16) - Brain Challenge

  • (N) - A new entry to the Top 20 that was just released on the last update
  • (n) - A new entry to the Top 20 that has been released earlier
  • (-) - A returning game that wasn't on the Top 20 last week
  • (=) - A game that hasn't changed place since last week

Welcome! Four entries this week that weren't on the list last week! I'm very happy to see our beloved 8bit hero... No, not Bit Boy! I mean Mega Man 9 make a return to the list, he deserves to be on it! Snowboard Riot also returns. And the new games: 5 Spots Party and... WHAT?! On it's first week, FFCC: My Life as a Darklord jumps right into the first spot! Amazing!

Sayonara Four new and reappering titles means four, yes, four casualties this week: Say bye to My Pokémon Ranch (12), BIT.TRIP BEAT (15), Defend your Castle (17) and Dr. Mario & Germ Buster (20). This means that no first WiiWare games on the list!

Up Well, I think everyone agrees that FFCC: My Life as a Darklord deserves the gold medal of the biggest climber this week as it jumps from totally off the list to #1, on it's first week! Impressive! Also both Mega Man 9 and Tetris Party make pretty good climbs, from off the list to #13 and from #19 to #12 (seven spots).

Down The big droppers are PUZZLE BOBBLE Plus! which fell down nine spots from #5 to #14 and My Pokémon Ranch which fell down from #12 to completely off the list. Also a dropper that should be mentioned is World of Goo which isn't anymore the king of the hill as it drops two spots to #3 this week.

All in all, this week was a week of many changes, some of them very big. Through the list only one game (Water Warfare, #2) kept it's spot when every other game moved at least one spot and we saw one incredible climber and said hello and bye to many games. So, very interesting week this was. How about the next? We'll see then!



WiX commented on Gaijin Games Releases BIT.TRIP Teaser:

BIT.TRIP SPOGS. Definetely.

Wha-? Who?! Some odd bitforce took control of me and I went on a strange trip... Hmm... Yup, Bit.Trip Control!

By now your eyes should be burning by the randomness of this message. I end it here and laugh hysterically. It is the mindgame of Gaijin Games.



WiX commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (15th July):

Say hello to Finnish WiiWare TOP20 chart for the first time ever (if anyone hasn't done it before )!!

1. World of Goo
2. Water Warfare
3. Gradius Rebirth
4. NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits
7. FUN! FUN! Minigolf
8. Bit Boy!!
9. Onslaught
10. Bubble Bobble Plus!
11. Texas Hold'em Tournament
12. My Pokémon Ranch
13. Bomberman Blast
14. My Aquarium
16. Brain Challenge
17. Defend your Castle
18. Swords & Soldiers
19. Tetris Party
20. Dr. Mario & Germ Buster

And because this is the first time, you can't see where the games were last week so I'm just going to compare it to the US list this week and throw some random comments:

Unlike in the US, World of Goo is still high at #1. Water Warfare is high here too, actually one place higher compared to the #3 in the US. Last update's two newcomers Karate Phants and 5 spots party didn't make it to the list, but Bit Boy and Gradius Rebirth, games from the update before are both pretty high on the list, at #8 and #3. From the first games on WiiWare, one is on the list: Dr. Mario & Germ Buster, but on the last place. Will it drop completely off next week? Will some other game from the start of the WiiWare come back? Will World of Goo continue on top? Will the list change at all? We'll see next week...

BTW, about World of Goo: I bought it at the start of summer, in June and now I have completed the story and it totally deserves the first place on the list, it really is worth the points! I still have to do the OCD things and my Tower of Goo isn't really high. Does something happen when you have every OCD and is there something when you build the tower high enough?



WiX commented on Nintendo Download: Hanabi Festival 4, Gradius ...:

Wow. Bit Boy looks interesting and Gradius too, and for 600 points?! Also, yay! A new Hanabi festival (Kirby's Dream Land 3!)! I actually have Pulseman on my japanese Mega Drive, I have to test it again, after many long years of not playing it...

I noticed also that you wrote "Corbie gave it a 9 out of 10" about Ogre Battle, but about other games, you wrote "WE gave it this"



WiX commented on Japan Gets Wii Movie Rental Service:

The funny thing about the Wii no Ma service is that "Wiin oma" means Wii's own in finnish, so when you say "Nintendo's own Wii no Ma service" it can be turned into Nintendo's own Wii's own service

But now to the actual topic, I would personally love the possibility to rent movies for Wii, if it works well and the movie doesn't stop when watching. The price isn't bad either. When friends come over and you would like to watch a film but don't want to go all the way to rent a film in real life, or the place is already closed, you could just choose from Wii's rental library and start watching. So yeah, please Nintendo, do something because Wii want it!



WiX commented on Wii Storage Solution Solved - Finally A Use Fo...:

Awesome! And finally... But the games don't actually play directly from the SD-card, it first moves them temporarily into the Wii memory so you have to have enough space for the game on your Wii memory, but as said, the transferring is really fast and easy so this is technically like playing the game directly from the SD-card. And also support for larger cards is a very good news!

Thanks (at last) Nintendo! My problems are now solved!



WiX commented on Mega Man 9 DLC Round-up:

I bought the speial stage and it's totally worth the points! The fact that you have to clear it right away with no continues or such really makes it challenging and - of course - fun! I had some good time trying to get to beat that nasty Fake Man! But actually, I hoped that I will not see him for a while, because I didn't want the stage to stop So, that's why that endless mode really interests me after reading the text. And yes, the music for the stage was good!

Like I imagined, Hero Mode seems to be waste of points, too lame... But you really got me interested in Superhero Mode! As you probably have noticed at this point, I love challenges!

Last, but definetely not least, Proto Man! I would love to get that one too! Ah, I can't get enough of this 8bit madness, gimme more! I actually have cleared 3, 5 and 9 in short period of time and 2 and 4 are just the last castle away from credits. I love these games and the challenge they give! Shame that no more DLC is coming out (?) But if they give MM10, it doesn't matter at all!

I guess that I have to save the next 1000 Points for MM9 and use the rest 400 Points for Guitar Hero World Tour DLC if and when I get that (Good that we are getting that on Wii!)



WiX commented on Fake Man Content Pack Coming To WiiWare Next W...:

This sounds really good, and I still have 100 points left, so I am totally going to buy this! Well, there are those Hero and Superhero mode which are harder, but I want a new stage! And I hope we get more DLC later, like some more levels, if possible. Actually, MegaMan 10 would be better option!

BTW, I've been playin older RockMans (MegaMan in Japan, and because I have Famicom, I have RockMans) and they really are good! My favorite from 1 to 6 is 5! In the whole series, I like 5, 8 and 9 the most



WiX commented on WiiWare Games To Be Playable Directly From SD ...:

It's about time! It wasn't so hard Nintendo, was it?

I really haven't got any problems before these few months: Bomberman, Megaman, Strongma... I mean Strong Bad and this whole WiiWare-thing... That "copy game & delete game" process is annoying, needs some calculations and takes time! But now... this is really good news! Thank you Nintendo!



WiX commented on Mega Man 9 Downloadable Content List:

Proto Man is must and the new special stage sounds really interesting too! And superhero mode? Holy crap, if the game is already so difficult... Good that Wiimotes have straps



WiX commented on Review: Mega Man 9 (WiiWare):

Awesome! This made me 200% sure of buying this (when before I was "only" 100% sure)! Good review and this sounds so good that I want to play it right now! Sadly, I have to wait three more days... But something good is worth waiting! And when I finally get my hands on Wiimote and the difficultiness of this game... Also, the challenges will keep me with this game for even more time and DLC is totally worth waiting too! Especially Proto Man and the new stage! How is Capcom able to do something like this? They're... awesome!

I really hope that this becomes a new fashion, because something like new old Sonic or Mario would be really cool! Old school rules (But the new one isn't bad either)! Hmm... Is Mega Man 10 possible? Maybe I should first play this one and that probably takes some time



WiX commented on USA WiiWare Update: Mega Man 9 and Plättchen:

Congrats to you, you got the honor of getting this mega thing first! But not much wait for us either (hopefully), only four days! If not, I'm gonna be (Strong) Mad and something (Strong) Bad is going to happen and then everyone will be (Strong) Sad! So Nintendo and Capcom, don't betray us!

Sigh, I want Mega Man already...



WiX commented on Mega Man 9 Confirmed For US Release On Monday!:

I'm happy for you, and I hope that we get this next friday.

I think that Protoman thing is good, and I will - if not right after available, at least someday - download it! He is like Mega Man should be, with sliding and charging. I just hope that they are useful, for something like some secret parts on some stages... Maybe there are two ways to go in the last castle? And I hope that more DLC will come: Some new bosses or stages would be great! Of course, if they don't cost too much... But we'll have to wait and see! Argh, i wanna play it!

And yeah, Wii is definetely the best option for this

EDIT: If we don't get this next friday, something bad is going to happen somewhere... You know, Strong Bad!



WiX commented on Nyko Set To Release Wireless Classic Controller:

I personally think that this is not very useful:
1) So what it uses only two batteries, you still need four of them, because it needs Wiimote to work
2) The Wiimote is still wireless, even if the Classic Controller is plugged into it so it shouldn't be so much of a problem.
3) The design is a bit... Hmm...

So I won't buy this, but good if somebody likes. You can't always please everyone