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Thu 12th August, 2010

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DrSlump commented on Review: Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag (Wii U):

I'm playing this game. According to me this game does not deserve an 8/10 score, mainly becouse of technical issues. Framerate is really low, making it impossible to play. Let's keep the first minutes of gameplay, when you must find the assassin: when you must try tu catch him running here and there, commands are unresponsive and there is a really noticeable lag.
My vote? 5.5/10.



DrSlump commented on Review: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (Wii U):

I'm comparing graphics between wii u version and pc version: wii u version has far more aliasing, even setting pc resolution to 720p. At wich resolution is rendered this game on wii u?



DrSlump commented on Review: Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag (Wii U):

I'm still playing the third episode on my wii u.. the framerate is really low, and this makes it difficult to control the main caracter.
I will not buy this title for wii u.. maybe i will get it for my pc or a next gen console, if i'll buy it.



DrSlump commented on Review: Gradius (Wii U eShop / NES):

I played the c64 version of this game and the arcade version as well. Do i wish to pay to obtain a copy on my wii u? I don't think so, this game is really old and 0.3€ symbolic fee is more than adeguate for it.



DrSlump commented on Shin'en: If Developers Can't Make Great Lookin...:

@Pachterkid Hi, i've played lego city and i've nevere experienced a freeze. Nevere seen a freze with zombi u, pikmin 3, rayman and all other games.
In the other hand i must admit that i've exchanged my console becouse a defective (noisy) fan, and that unit did freeze more than one time.
May your freezes be an hardware freeze?



DrSlump commented on Splinter Cell Blacklist Wii U Version's Perfor...:

Wii U is racing to be the worst nintendo console : Gamecube didn't sell very well, but had a really good hardware compared to the competitors. Wii U doesn't sell.. does not have a competitive hardware (it far under powered compared to the incoming console) and has a bad third party support.
Will it last 5 years?



DrSlump commented on Platinum: Wii U GamePad Allows Us To Take Bayo...:

Does the hairs cut was done due to a lack of power in wii u cpu? The first bayoneta title had a lot of hairs to calculate in the scene that means a lot of rag-doll style calculations.
In the demo shown at e3 i've noticed that hairs does not move at all..



DrSlump commented on Nintendo Reveal Why Its 3D Mario Title Isn't S...:

They're deserving one of the best shots for the next year, when competition will be really hot versus play4 and xbox1. I expect a big mario title next year.
The amazing or disturbing point of view of this event is that, according to me, every single game presented is worth of my money!
That's the difference between nintendo and competitors: every single game is always well packed.



DrSlump commented on Poll: Wii U Hardware Revisions and Accessories...:

@Hysterical I use ni-mh batteries, wich are cheap, durable and easy to replace. A 2400mAH battery kit can last a week at least. I have really no need of a rechargable remote control, i would have to stop playing and put it on recharge instead of simply exchange the batteries.



DrSlump commented on CryEngine 3 "Runs Beautifully" on Wii U:

@Nico07: Yes you're right, sorry. I own my Wii U since december, and i must say that it's not bad at all. It's small, stylish and the pad is a good idea. What i've personaly changed technically are joust the ram amount, 4GB instead of 2 and the clocks: 2,2Ghz for the CPU and 800Mhz for the GPU. According to me these values are the best compromise between price and performances.
The final price of the wii u would be raised by 20$ becouse of the better die quality needed, the cost of ram and slight better heat sink.



DrSlump commented on Shin'en Multimedia Defends The Wii U Hardware:

It would be better if nintendo engineers included 4GB ram instead 2 and a bit faster clocks, not too much, let's say 2.5Ghz for cpu and 800Mhz for Gpu, a better compromise, for sure. The final price would be about 20$ more per unit, but it would be worth of it.



DrSlump commented on Deus Ex: Human Revolution Developer Hopes The ...:

How will this compensate the fact that i've already finished the game, two times?
What will happen when a so called "Ron Gilbert" will come to us and will say: hey, watch out, i've done the best looking version of monkey island.. on wii u.. and it costs seventy bucks only!



DrSlump commented on Epic Games: Developers Can Use Unreal Engine 4...:

@earthwormjimx3 Yes Most Wanted is a pc gaming like,but the pc version is a porting from the other consoles. This means that when pc portings will come from for example ps4, a graphics and texture down grade will be needed. Not to mention other technical downgrades due to limited wii u cpu power. We have to submit to the fact that wii u, compared to the upcoming consoles, is like the "old" wii compared to the last gen consoles. Infact i will buy a ps4 or a xbox720 to place side by side to the wii u, as well as i got a ps3 near my wii.



DrSlump commented on Project CARS Will "Look And Feel Amazing" On W...:

If what i'm watching are Wii U screenshots, then the game looks awesome and seems like the 720p native resolution (upscaled by default @1080p) with filters is the right choice. If Wii U will able to move all these bells and whistles without glitches, then this game will be a success.