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Fri 30th January, 2009

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Chrono_Cross commented on Ocarina Of Time Began Life As A Remake Of Zeld...:

Zelda II is a classic. Playing it was an addiction. Its challenge was so attractive and the 3DS' save state feature vanquished most of the headaches. (I was so immersed that sometimes I would forget the feature even existed. haha)

I don't understand the hate. Then again, I love what others hate. :)



Chrono_Cross commented on Over 140 Pieces Of Fan-Made Nintendo Art Up Fo...:

Now this is a better news story than some kid speed running a Mario game.

Though, as great as this is (a lot of soul has been put into this project), it's discouraging to know that Nintendo didn't come up with it first. More companies should be doing charities for disabled and ill people all across the globe.

EA did a fantastic job with its latest charity. As did the gamers that helped make it a reality. :)



Chrono_Cross commented on Activision Reveals Call Of Duty: Ghosts, Doesn...:


@Gameday brings up a good point. There's no reason to hate on this series. You complain about everyone "fighting" every time it's brought up, yet you turn around and consistently talk negatively (at every opportunity given). If you hate Call of Duty, stop talking about it.

I'd be surprised if Activision didn't release Ghosts on Wii U. Then again, I can see why.



Chrono_Cross commented on Talking Point: Warren Spector Asks, Where Are ...:

Developers are afraid to walk away from the norm due to the gaming audience. It's not a developer's fault it wants to develop yet another zombie game because it sells well.

Video games will never grow up because grown up entertainment isn't something any gamer wants to engage in (there are a few exceptions). It's a lost cause and very disappointing at that.



Chrono_Cross commented on No Battlefield 4 For Wii U Because DICE Wants ...:

Since when did Ubisoft profit from Assassin's Creed III? Do you have a link to sales of how many copies were sold? I'm doubting your claims.

It's not Ubisoft's fault it's contributing to a momentarily lost cause. I'm not declaring that third parties will never release games on Wii U, all I'm saying is that no smart publisher with big budget games are going to release them on Nintendo's Wii U in the next year.

Yeah, I'm sure that's why, but nothing lasts forever and if Nintendo truly had that mindset (it doesn't), you could expect it closing its foreign doors in the next few years, lol.