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Thu 25th Oct 2012

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lebad commented on Nintendo Europe Shipping Ambassador Edition Ne...:

But how much long in advance we will have it ? what is the european launch Date ? It says that it will take 7 F...... days to come (the last time I've commanded a SuperMarioGalaxy CD it took 8 weeks !!!)



lebad commented on Nicalis: We'd Like To Support Europe, But Nint...:

How they've done to bring NightSky or other games they have published in Europe ?????
I think that it is not only NOE or Age Rating : I think that Nicalis have its priority and want to earn money and some games as Cave Story + for 3DS was abandoned



lebad commented on Nicalis Quizzes Fans Over Potential For a Phys...:

Please give it to us poor European people
If I have the choice I will take the physical release I'm a Fan and a cartbridge will be welcome to my collection with "Cave story 3D".

Please release it quicly I'm waiting and I will not discourage !!!!!!!



lebad commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd August (Europe):

Cave story + for european 3DS eshop is not here
Why, could NL get some information from Nicalis? (they did not want to answer me through mail, facebook or tweeter)



lebad commented on Strider Could Come To The Wii U eShop "If Ther...:

I think that it's like Micro$oft and Sony are a Mafia which pay to do not let the Wii U take them the market. We never seen before that bringing a game on a platform was linked to the demand. As developpers you are an artist so you want all people to know your creation. -_- money money



lebad commented on Satoru Iwata Aims for "Critical Mass" of Wii U...:

In nintendo land the lack of online playing is the problem WHY they didn't let us play with other people ?????????? They say that is more accurate to play with people near you but it's a shame they did not want to say that they didnot have enough time to include online functionlity! Please take your time to make great games AND add online. (sorry for my bad english )