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Thu 25th Oct 2012

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Dambuster commented on UK Retailers Break Release Date for Pokémon X...:

@princessSugoi annoying? how? your a gamer and you get to play the games sooner? no one looses out by selling the game a few days early! The blind devotion to nintendo some show on this site is funny. For years my local Game has been breaking street dates, its win win, I buy the game from them and come back for more games, and I get to play early!



Dambuster commented on Talking Point: Pokémon X & Y's Grand Global R...:

I see no problems what so ever breaking a street date, Infact at my local Game the manager will often go out back and sell you a game a couple of days early ( you have to pay cash, so it does not go through there system). Its not a big deal.



Dambuster commented on Nintendo Direct: Wii U And 3DS Broadcast Comin...:

I've heard, that they are going to announce something along the lines of PS+ free wii u and 3ds games for a small price, and remote play ...i.e play wii u games on your 3ds, any where in the world over wi fi. I have a source in side Nintendo (honest)



Dambuster commented on Talking Point: With Calls for Nintendo to Foll...:

I've had a wii u since july, and I think its great, and thanks to the staff in Game making a big mistake I got it for the same price as a wii mini!.

The games I enjoy the most on wii u are the ones that use the pad for more than off tv play. I like the pad to offer something different and add to my gaming experience. Zombi u is a cracking example.

Nintendo own quite a few game studios, these studios should be used to develop at least 2 new IP's a year, games aimed at the older gamer (not kids), games which use the pad to its full potential. The wii u would fly out of the shops.



Dambuster commented on Nintendo's Scott Moffitt: 3DS and Vita Have Ve...:

It's NEVER been a better time to be a hand held gamer, both the 3ds and the vita are fantastic. Both have equal amounts of great games. The nintendo fan boys on here who write off the vita with out even playing it are missing out....... as are the sony fans who say the 3ds is a kids toy.



Dambuster commented on Ubisoft: ZombiU Development Was a Learning Exp...:

I loved how the game pad was used in zombi u, just wish nintendo would use the game pad for more than off tv play. Games like zombi u could save the wii u, imagine if nintendo brought out 2 new Ip's every year aimed at the core gamer, which used the pad in a different way, the thing would fly out of the shops.

Hope Blacklist uses the pad as well as zombi u did. ANY CHANCE OF A REVIEW NL??



Dambuster commented on IGN Editor: If Wii U Doesn't Pick Up, Nintendo...:

I'm a new wii u owner, brought mine last week. I love it, I really think its a great console. If Nintendo want to see the machine flying out of the shops what they need to do is simple. Mario , Zelda and the other nintendo regular Ip's are great and will sell, but Nintendo need to develop a couple of new games a year. Games like Zombi u, games which are aimed at the mature audience, games which use the game pad to the full, games which can not be played on any other machine. Imagine knowing there will be a couple of brand new nintendo Ip's coming every year.



Dambuster commented on Former Codemasters Boss: Don't Rule Nintendo Out:

I'm glad my wii u can't read my thoughts, yesterday after playing for 20 hours zombi u glitched and got stuck, I had to start again. so the thoughts I was having would have blown my wii u sky high. (anyone remember the nintendo seal of quality?)



Dambuster commented on Miiverse Update Adds Tags to Posts:

Only had my wii u a week, but I love miivers. Is there a way to get live notifications , with out being in miiverses? i.e, like street pass a light flashing on game pad when some one give you a "yeah" or replays to a comment.?



Dambuster commented on Soapbox: When It Comes To Software Support, Th...:

I won't be getting a ps4 or xbox one for a couple of years, mainly due to my backlog on ps3 and 360. After E3 I got quite excited for wii u, the list of games which are only on wii u is getting bigger and bigger (zombi u, lego city, NSMB, Pikmin, donkey kong TF, 101, mario 3d, mario kart, X,) The only reasons i've not put my money down for a wii u, is its summer and i'll be outside for most of it, and i'm sure there will be a price drop in october. I can honestly say i'm more excited about wii u than I am for ps4 or x0ne.



Dambuster commented on Pachter: Nintendo Has Lost Its "Mojo":

Well i decided ages ago not to get a ps4 or xbox one, due to the fact i've got hundreds of great games i've still not played on the ps3/360. This years E3 sparked my interest in wii u, plus the fact I'm really enjoying nintendo games on my 3ds. The list of games only available on wii u is growing into something special. (zombie, NSMBu,Pikmin, mario 3d, 101, donkey kong, mario kart,lego city, sonic lost world,) I've only not brought a wii u yet because summer is here and i'll be outside for most of it, and i'm certain after summer maybe october there will be a price cut, or some good deals.

So in a way Patcher is right i'm only buying a wii u for games I can only play on wii u!