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Etrian Odyssey is wonderful

Male, 17, Taiwan

Etrian Odyssey, SMT/Persona + Fire Emblem freak! (Don't forget Danganronpa!)

Sat 16th February, 2013

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GoombaJMR commented on You Won't Need An Adult's Wallet To Get This A...:

@ikki5 While it's expensive on our ends (/wallets), I'd have to say it's quite cheap in comparison to the other various small figures you see regularly in Japan ~_~ I've had my eyes set on so many nice figures, just to then find out that some are costing (according to CAD), upwards of $120 CAD... T_T.



GoombaJMR commented on Mario & Luigi Paper Jam Brings More RPG Action...:

Not really what I wanted... sadly
Well, I know I'll be disappointed for 5 more years, but I guess we should be glad that we're still getting something... kind of...

Just...just don't let it disappoint as badly as SS did T_T



GoombaJMR commented on Iwata: Nintendo NX Will Surprise People And Ch...:

I think it'll be a mobile game system...
In Japan, the mobile game systems all start with an N (after DS at least)

Soooooo, yeah. Announcing a new one after the n3DS could support production of games on both systems

Nx? Nds? Nx? Yah.



GoombaJMR commented on Poll: Which New Nintendo 3DS Will You be Buying?:

Exclusive 3rd Party Games (Atlus, specifically), Nintendo games (yeah, I love my FE, Pkm, and Mario) seal the deal ...+ the dual screen is really nice

Anyways, I have like 5 3ds' (including siblings n stuff), so that hits the 5th percentile! (wow, surprising). Also, I'm mega disappointed with NoA's decision to not release (at this point) the standard New 3DS... I won't be throwing them any cash until they do so, mostly because I just prefer the smaller size or the huge XL...



GoombaJMR commented on Proun+ is Coming Soon to a 3DS Near You:

this looks like a clone of synesthetic from the app store - which is really nice (custom songs from your own library), so...probably not picking this up :v and I got syn. when it was free ho



GoombaJMR commented on Atlus Discounts 3DS eShop Titles in North America:

EOIV is the best game on the 3DS for me, and I've played like 20 or 30 3ds games so far, one of the best games for the money (40$ for me, but 15$ is EVEN better!)

EOU is great, but not as good as EOIV
SMTIV is also VERY good, I highly recommend it.

Of course, I'm an RPG Maniac, so I'm mad into rpgs
FEA and RF4 are my other favorite rpgs (BDefault is okay imo)
Hmm, Conception II is great if you are into anime and can handle a little bit of fanservice, and Soul Hackers is nice, but I haven't finished the game yet
Actually already have CoP but haven't started (code of princess)
Subjective, no hate fire pls



GoombaJMR commented on Mario Kart 8 DLC Coming In November, Features ...:

Ok, so im not super hyped, but im not too mad
I like the ideas of new courses, but I'm not too sure about the non-mario franchise members being added to a mario game...I mean, if it were a nintendo kart then that'd work, but I don't see why they really added other players...though course and kart dlc has been something I've been waiting ages for



GoombaJMR commented on Feature: HD Remasters That Would Be Perfect fo...:

i think the nintendolife people dislike paper mario ttyd tbh, which explains why they didn't include it on the list....

well, it's not a random assumption, cause they have made signs that they don't like it in the past



GoombaJMR commented on Atlus Teases New Game Announcements Plus Brand...:

Begging for an EO V with a similar customization style as FE:A had....if you could give roles to your starter people, it would be easier to plot out a good story while including the exploration and etc. that Untold tried to do