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Mon 14th Jan 2013

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UnrealDan commented on Amazon Promoting Rival Consoles On Nintendo Pr...:

I would be totally ok with this if the opposite was also happening. Xbox n Playstation product pages should also have competitors' ads. Then it would be totally understandable. But since it's only one-sided, it does seem like Amazon gets money from Playstation.



UnrealDan commented on Cliff Bleszinski Sees A Future Where Nintendo ...:

As much as I love Nintendo, I can definitely see them halting console production. Who knows, then the Nintendo might might actually buy Nintendo games and appreciate them a lot more. If not for them then maybe for their kids. Lets face it, when it comes to consoles, Nintendo is in last place. Of course, I hope it never comes to this. I want Nintendo to succeed in console gaming but I just see them making mistake after mistake. But then again, Nintendo will never leave handheld gaming because they've got that under lock and key;)



UnrealDan commented on Talking Point: Sony's PlayStation 4 Poses a Fr...:

The PS4 will be released in November and come in 2 SKUs: Basic: $499 (includes ps4 (500 GB), ds4 controller, ps eye, hdmi n power cables) Premium: $599 (includes Basic bundle plus accessories (charging cradle,etc..), more memory(1TB) and free 1-year PS Plus subscription)



UnrealDan commented on Developer States That Wii U Woes Were a Focus ...:

I have been so excited about the Wii U for about 6 months now. I've been ignoring all the hate and negativity towards the system from all angles(publishers, developers, gamers, press)..I've even defended the system saying that this time around, it's not going to be like Wii and that it will be on level with the 2 "big boys." But as of recently, I've started to become less optimistic and almost a bit worried about the system. I now ask myself, "What if all this doom n gloom is true? What if Nintendo really is flopping this gen?" I mean, where are all the ads, billboards, commercials, and endorsements?? Where are the major launch titles like 3D Mario, Zelda, Metroid that are supposed to show the public that this is the system they want? What's with the premature hardware launch? So many things missing aside from the hours long day-one headphone jack? I thought this console was supposed to be about online connectivity and interaction.? No cross game party chat? No party chat in general?? Come one Nintendo!!! I had such high hopes.....Looks like I'll be swallowing my words about selling my 360 and only having the Wii U this gen..As a Nintendo fan, I am sorry to say this guys.. Xbox 720 couldn't come any sooner..