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Talking Point: For Better Or For Worse, The Wii U GamePad Is Here To Stay

Posted by Damien McFerran

Don't expect a Microsoft-style U-turn from Nintendo

The brief lifespan of Microsoft's Xbox One has been overshadowed by a series of embarrassing turnarounds. First, the company was forced to bow to popular opinion and alter its policy on having an "always on" internet connection, then it quickly changed its stance on indie self-publishing. More recently, Microsoft has performed its most significant U-turn yet — the removal of Kinect as a device which is bundled with each and every console sold.

Kinect is unquestionably the main reason why Microsoft has had to charge more for its system than its rivals, and because of this the firm is trailing Sony's PS4 when it comes to installed users. Kinect has also proven itself to be something of a millstone around Microsoft's neck; despite the confident claims of improved technology, it shares many of the crippling drawbacks which plagued its 360 predecessor — you need too much space for it to function properly and even when you do have the optimum living room setup, it is frustratingly inconsistent when it comes to transferring your real-world movements to whatever game you happen to be playing. To round it off, the Kinect-focused software released so far has ranged from decidedly average to truly abysmal.

Given that Kinect is not only an additional expense but also draws a lot of processing power, it was perhaps inevitable that Microsoft would have to backtrack on its decision to include it with every system sold. To its credit, the company has listened to its user base and acted swiftly — this is a marathon and not a sprint, and there's still plenty of time for the Xbox One to catch up with the PS4. As a Nintendo user, it's interesting to watch this situation unfold, especially when you consider the strong parallels that can be drawn between Kinect and the GamePad — arguably one of the many reasons that the Wii U isn't so far selling in the volumes Nintendo expected.

While the GamePad is clearly not a technical failure in the same way that Kinect is, few would argue that it has had the intended impact. Consumers who previously flocked to the Wii thanks to its intuitive motion controls have thus far largely ignored its successor, presumably because the concept of asymmetrical gameplay is so much harder to communicate to the average person on the street. To compound the befuddlement of casual users, the Wii U continues to utilise the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, and while the myriad control options available for each new game will be welcomed by those who wish to tailor each experience to their own liking, they cannot be described as intuitive. Seasoned gamers can deal with such confusion, but the Wii didn't shift over 100 million units by catering solely for dedicated players — it successfully harnessed the considerable commercial clout of casual or non-gamers by offering a control system which anyone could understand in just a few seconds. That simply isn't true of the GamePad.

The fact that games like Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and Mario Kart 8 make so little use of the GamePad's unique abilities would suggest that even Nintendo has partially given up trying to leverage the possibilities of second-screen play in some major franchises, and while it's tempting to suggest that a Microsoft-style turnaround could save the Wii U's bacon — as we did not so long ago, in fact — Nintendo's recent announcement regarding NFC figurines makes such an event unlikely. Like it or not, the Japanese veteran has committed itself to the GamePad in a move which could potentially restore its commercial fortunes.

Nintendo has been curiously reluctant to make the most of the GamePad's NFC reader since the system launched in 2012. Ubisoft piqued everyone's interest with that "conceptual" Rayman trailer, but aside from the distinctly lacklustre Pokémon Rumble U we've seen nothing that makes use of the potentially lucrative tech — until now. The recent announcement of the Nintendo Figurine Platform finally justifies the inclusion of NFC in the GamePad, and as Skylanders and Disney Infinity have proven, this sector of the market could prove insanely profitable for Nintendo — especially when you consider the strong brand power of Nintendo's many famous properties. We'll almost certainly have a better picture of how this arrangement will work out when Nintendo shows off more information at this year's E3, but on paper at least this could be the smartest move the Kyoto veteran has made regarding the GamePad since launch.

In many ways, Nintendo should be applauded for sticking to its guns and not following Microsoft's dithering. Dropping Kinect was the right move but the reputation of the Xbox One has been damaged by the many turnarounds committed by the American giant, and regaining the respect of the average gamer is difficult — especially when you've admitted you were wrong about self-publishing, sharing games and motion control. Nintendo, to its credit, has maintained an unwavering faith in the core setup of the Wii U, and the fact that we've already seen tantalising glimpses of what second-screen play can deliver in the likes of Nintendo Land and Game & Wario tells us that there's untapped potential there — whereas Kinect appears to have less to offer in the long run, thanks to the largely imprecise nature of the controller-less interface. As any committed Wii U owner will gladly tell you, the GamePad is still a game-changer — it's just that Nintendo and its partners have struggled to effectively communicate that fact to the masses. All it would take is one game which has the same impact that Wii Sports did on the original Wii, and that stance could change overnight.

NFC figures could well be the Trojan Horse which begins the revolution — parents will buy into the concept after prolonged bouts of nagging from their kids, and that will potentially bring the Wii U into millions of households which have thus far ignored the system. Once this occurs, it will be easier for the company to educate owners about the charms of the GamePad, from its use in applications such as Wii Fit U to the innovative way in which it enriches familiar games like Wii Sports Club: Golf. Despite recent first-party releases all but abandoning the controller, there's still more than enough time for Nintendo to unleash the killer app which vindicates the GamePad's inclusion with the console.

Again, E3 could be the platform for this affirmation; Nintendo has said that it is going to display software which shows off the power of the controller — and that's more than can be said for Microsoft, which is already talking with developers about how best to utilise the increased processing power freed up by removing Kinect from the equation. Despite assurances that Kinect isn't being retired, few developers will have the confidence to support it when they know that the vast majority of Xbox One consoles sold from this point onwards won't have the camera included.

The glaringly different approaches taken by Nintendo and Microsoft give an interesting glimpse into the mindset of each company; one is quietly staunch and reluctant to backtrack, while the other is full of bluster until things start going wrong, at which point it quickly concedes to the desire of the masses. 2014 will no doubt show which strategy is the most successful, but one thing seems certain: the GamePad remains a core part of Nintendo's plans, and won't be discarded in the same way that Kinect has been.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you think Microsoft was right to drop Kinect, or should it have stood by the device as Nintendo has done with the GamePad? Or perhaps you feel that Nintendo should have followed Microsoft's example, given the Wii U's poor sales? Vote in the poll and join the discussion by posting a comment below.

Are you happy with Nintendo standing by the GamePad as the Wii U's bundled controller? (599 votes)

Yes, I personally feel the GamePad has been a massive success already


Yes, if only because the GamePad's best days are still ahead of it


No, Nintendo should ditch the GamePad and reduce the price of the Wii U


I'm not really sure


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RickyWill said:

Developers, including Nintendo themselves, just need to learn how to make the Gamepad a big part of Wii U games.

At this point, only a good bunch of party games use the gamepad.

Gyro controls for Super Monkey Ball U, anyone?



ACK said:

Enough of this. The Gamepad is for the better. Let's stop lamenting it and enjoy having additional features. I'm not interested in debating Nintendo's market strategy as much as enjoying games. The Gamepad goes a long way in that regard and so removing it vaguely may increase the Wii U's sales, but there is little gain for gamers in that proposition. Particularly due to the heavy gaming integration of the Gamepad, as opposed to Kinect.

(If Wii U games start sporadically including Off-TV play, second screen maps/radars/inventory, dual screen multi, etc., then a lot of the inherent value of the platform will be lost. Additionally, interface issues will be widespread because, for instance, an indie game cannot invest in touch screen or second screen features if they cannot bet on a Wii U player owning a Gamepad.)

The same could be said about Microsoft's Kinect if not for one truth: that technology (unlike the Gamepad) does not automatically increase gaming functionality or playability. To that end, Microsoft has seemingly failed to state a worthwhile case in favor of Kinect-enhanced gaming.

Still, by removing the device from the box they are nerfing the console's only unique, standout feature. Now that the PlayStation camera is on level ground, it seems a lot more viable and damaging to the X1, especially considering Sony's apparent commitment to VR. Not to mention Move is generally a superior input mechanism.



SphericalCrusher said:

I don't see how anyone can complain about the gamepad... it has so much functionality. Being able to play almost every game off-TV or multi-screen coop is amazing.... and besides this, it's very useful even playing games ON the TV. I play Call of Duty and Monster Hunter using the Pro Controller on my TV, and I'll keep the gamepad around for quick switching items, looking at the map, the players connected to my game room, etc. This thing needs to stay for the entire life of the console. The only thing I would wish, hardware wise, is if they added a microphone port to the pro controllers.



Discipledoctor said:

I love it. I can admit that its inclusion is most games doesn't amount to much, but when a game does use it it's amazing. I can't wait to see the NFC stuff and what else they have in store. Only 26 (or 25, depending on how you count it) days left!



3Daniel said:

nintendo is far too mixed in their way of presenting the gamepad. i for one love it and the myriad controllers. sometimes i like to play soley on the gamepad, even in wii mode, and i love being able to switch over to a wiimote/nunchuck or pro/pro u when needed. my biggest complaint is nintendo seems to be oblivious to the obvious. why not 5 player mario kart with the gamepad serving as a screen or even 1 player using full tv and 1 on gamepad? if the system itself isnt capable of this then the system wasnt thought out fully from the get go and nintendo jumped the shark. theres potential in the pad and i have yet to witness a better use of it then zombi u which launched 2 years ago!



Tlink7 said:

They cannot ditch the gamepad.. a lot of games simply wouldn't work anymore. Besides, I love the gamepad! I love that it allows me to play in places other than directly infront of the television! It's hell of a lot more innovative than just making a console more powerful...



Spooky said:

The only thing I don't like about the gamepad is the lack of analogue triggers, other then that it's another Nintendo controller masterpiece (Albeit under utilised)



King_Boo said:

Honestly, the only feature of the gamepad I like is off-tv play. I normally feel like being lazy after work so it's nice to be able to relax while I play and not need to twist to see the tv. As far as two screen gaming goes, I'll stick with the 3DS, I like the screen closer.



ricklongo said:

Although they still have to provide us with a gamepad "killer app", I'm more than satisfied with mine. I love the way it was used in games like Lego City Undercover, Wind Waker HD and Pikmin 3. And perhaps more importantly, it's the gamepad that makes internet surfing on the Wii U such a seamless experience. I simply can't foresee myself using the Miiverse, browsing websites or watching stuff on Youtube on a console that doesn't have such a device.

I'm also confident that we're gonna get surprised by more gamepad-heavy games in the future. I have high hopes for E3 in this regard.



Excep7ional said:

The Gamepad is a cool idea, and I like it. The developers just need to make good use of the thing, because right now it isn't used for much it seems. The Pad has so much potential.



Meaty-cheeky said:

I love my Wii U GamePad. I use it for OffTV play and for web browsing. I also really like that I can control my Tv and Cable box with the GamePad.



Peach64 said:

Unfortunately, I think a lot of people won't admit the Gamepad was a mistake because they can't bring themselves to admit Nintendo did anything wrong. I don't think many people are saying to get rid of it altogether, but make it optional so those who don't want any of it's features can get a cheaper console. Off-screen play is BRILLIANT, but there are people out there that will have no use for it, just like there will be people out there that won't ever use it for multiplayer. There is NOTHING that it is needed for by everyone, and that is why they should offer a SKU without it. People will go on about how much they enjoyed playing this game or that game with the Gamepad, but that would be like saying everyone 360 should have come with a plastic guitar because Guitar Hero and Rock Band were great with it.

I see people use the line that without the Gamepad, the Wii U will look even worse next to the PS4 and Xbone, that without the Gamepad, it's just an under-powered console. Maybe true, but now, over 18 months since launch, even with the gamepad it's nothing more than that. The gamepad is not providing anything other than optional bonuses. Why are they forcing people to buy it that might never use it's features?

Microsoft had to swallow their pride and make a tough decision in order for their console to thrive, and Nintendo needs to do the same. Don't get rid of it, but offer one SKU with, one without. Off-screen play is built in at a system level, so there's no fear that developers will stop including it.



19Robb92 said:

I don't mind the GamePad. I just wish more games utilized it better. Wind Waker HD was great!

Ditching it would be incredibly stupid though. Would be better to ad a Pro Controller with the Console than ditch the GamePad.



ULTRA-64 said:

I love the favorite Wii u feature. I can think of LOADS of cool ideas and uses for it......shame Nintendo can't!!!



ManateeBlubber said:

For me, the GamePad is great, even though its potential remains largely untapped. Off-screen play is great (especially when you have to share the TV with your family), and it is just a great thing. Ninty just needs that killer app that can show people what the GamePad can do!



IxnayontheCK said:

Bloody game pad is brilliant. People with families and a shared telly appreciate the off screen play abilities! At least i do....



rjejr said:

Nice read Damo. and I didn't think you guys would even cover the Kinect getting dropped.

Big difference between Gamepad and Kinect - even if the screen isn't used you can still use the controller for almost all games (some need Wiimote). So people arguing about taking the Gamepad out and saving $100 forget you still need a $50 controller in the box so the screen is only costing you $50. (But I do think you can add NFC to a Pro controller for little cost if they really wanted to lose the screen and gain NFC, but I don't think it's worth that extra trouble.) Kinect was $100 but hardly ever needed or used from what I can tell. No Xbox console has ever been sold w/o a normal controller.

I do think Nintendo missed out on not having 2 player MK8 w/ 1 on screen and 1 on tv, if not 5 player, but whatever, at least I can steer w/ the Gamepad. Having the overhead map (radar just sounds wrong) on the Gamepad seems a bit forced usage though, but I'll be looking down a lot.



Spideron said:

For Better Or For Worse, Wii U users love their Gamepad so can we please stop with these "Should the Gamepad go..."-articles? And yes, for me the Gamepad is a massive success. Love the off-TV play when the kids want to watch TV, when I'm in bed or for playing GBA games on a more suitable screen +++

And I'll be getting ALL the figurines when they finally show up, can't wait...



Darknyht said:

The majority of my Wii U gameplay is done on the Gamepad in Off-TV mode since we have a single shared family TV in the house, but I understand that not everyone has that problem.

I am however still waiting for "Aha Moment" where someone makes everything click with the Gamepad. Sort of like how Final Fantasy: Chrystal Chronicles did with the Gamecube/GBA link did for me.



Spartacus3765 said:

This thing has amazing potential. It's unfortunately under utilized at the moment. It'd be nice if they gave the interface a bit of an update, though. Folders, for example I think would be a very welcome addition - like they did with the 3DS.



Yorumi said:

I love the gamepad I just want to see nintendo actually use it. That's my major complaint with it.



Action51 said:


"Unfortunately, I think a lot of people won't admit the Gamepad was a mistake because they can't bring themselves to admit Nintendo did anything wrong"

That's a great way to try and negate opposing opinions by dismissing the people who make them as irrational. The fact of the matter is that people won't admit it's a mistake...because it's not a mistake.

The game-pad is a great little piece of hardware and I find it always enhances my game-play experience, even when it's just used minimally. It's a forward thinking controller and those who use it tend to fall in love with it...begrudgingly or otherwise.

Your argument is mostly drawing false comparisons between the Kinect and the game-pad and dismissing those who like the game-pad as having invalid opinions. The Kinect is something that developers really have to go out of their way to utilize...almost requiring that you build a game from the ground up expressly to use Kinect functions.

Let me put down the game-pad where I have a game of Advance Wars playing to finish my response by saying: It's not that people can't admit that Nintendo can do no wrong, because many of us are very ready to point out the flaws, it's that the game-pad is a genuinely loved piece of hardware.

In my personal experience I bought a Pro Controller with my Wii U console purchase because I wasn't sure if I'd like the pad...I am a believer now. I still use the Pro Controller for certain games (DK:TF) but the game-pad is what I end up using the most.



rjejr said:

Good to read Gamepad adds to WW HD, which we'll be getting free w/ MK8. I didn't like the 1 hour I played on Gamecube 10 years ago but it does look like an overall more enjoyable experience now. Still wouldn't pay $40 for it but we'll play it for free And hopefully others will get it as well so there will be more activity on Miiverse between MK8 races.



Yorumi said:

@Action51 to further support your case saying that the people here won't admit nintendo did anything wrong is either a pure straw man(interesting since a logical fallacy is irrational by definition), or total willful blindness, not exactly a strong endorsement. As you point out plenty of people here are criticizing nintendo and the decisions they've been making while still supporting the things they like.



ChosenOne25 said:

I dont understand whats with all the hate on the gamepad. It's a great and most important UNIQUE experience. Why are so many fans against Nintendo being innovative? Do you really just want another completely normal console with a normal controller? I for one love how Nintendo is trying to be so different to offer unique experiences. The same goes for Wii, I love the motion controls in Skyward Sword and Metroid Prime!



nesvc said:

The gamepad is a gimmick that is a huge failure. People want normal controllers like ps4.



C-Olimar said:

Looking at the data, Nintendo has failed to convince people of the GamePad's quality - not even its own developers. It is therefore with a heavy heart that I chose 'drop the gamepad'.

Nintendo has resigned to software selling the Wii U - famous franchises only available on the console. Therefore, any measure that can reduce the console's cost should be taken.



LztheQuack said:

@Peach64 The difference is that the Kinect has even less reason to be bundled. The Gamepad has amazing features, but the Kinect is meh at best



ACK said:

It's strange to me that the Gamepad isn't lauded more for how much it can add to even straight-forward ports (beyond simple Off-TV). Games like Deus Ex, Arkham City, ACIV, ME3, SC: Blacklist, etc. are greatly enhanced by a much faster, more intuitive interface. Aspects such as not having to pause to access an inventory, removing the minimap/HUD from the TV in favor of a large map/radar in your lap, hell even giving the Gamepad to a friend and creating a unique form of couch co-op (ME3 was incredible this way)... These are intrinsically beneficial features. Then you have local multi with dual screens in CoD, SR: Transformed, the LEGO games, etc...

Anyway, I get that more could (and likely will) be done with the Gamepad, but I have found tremendous value simply playing and finally enjoying the type of games that frustrated me last generation with tedious inventories (Arkham City, ME3), ineffective stealth radar (Deus Ex, SC: Blacklist), and tiny minimaps (ACIV, and all the above).

After having kids, I've lost patience for dealing with tedious, time-consuming trivialities in my shrinking gaming hobby. The Gamepad alone transforms games that I either could not play around my kids (thanks, Off-TV play) or that were too awkward to bother with in my miniscule free time.



marko said:

Gamepad is an important part of the wii u but the added benefits of the GB does not justify the cost it raises the system... off tv play is great though



ultraraichu said:

It's nice that Nintendo is sticking with the GamePad bundle. I find the GamePad more useful then just a normal control. Off-TV for games and non-games with the headphone jack, remote control interface (praying for dvr features), extra touch screen for quick management/navigation, motion control, built in camera, 2-player seperate screens, etc. and all out of the box.

With people's alleged confusing mind as it is, they would think the GamePad is for the Wii or it's the system in general, so seperate could likely be damaging.

Beside I normally compare the Kinect to a what-if scenario if the Wii U had included a Balance Board with the system. It makes more sense in use and necessity.



Peach64 said:

@Action51 You don't have to convince me. I don't have a Wii U yet, but if they offered two SKUs, I'd definitely pick the one with a Gamepad. But my point was that while the Gamepad has many excellent features that me, you, and most other posters here will love, there is nothing that everyone will use. To me, if something is going to be forced on you when you buy the console, it HAS to be something that everyone will use.

Again, I'm not saying to get rid of the gamepad, but just give people a choice. I believe Nintendo have been working hard to make games that make better use of it, and we'll see them at E3, but once again, what if someone doesn't want those particular games?



Yorumi said:

@nesvc I'm curious what a normal controller is. The game pad has 6 face buttons, 4 triggers, a d-pad, and two sticks. The ps4 controller has 6 face buttons, two sticks, 4 triggers, and a d-pad, so...?



Nintenjoe64 said:

@Fireninjastar It's crazy they haven't made that. It's a much better use of Sega dev teams than Sonic games!

The gamepad is the reason I played 1500 hours of games last year. Without it, I would have never played, let alone completed any of the VC games of recent times. It also makes obscure indie games more appealing because I can watch football while having a nice gaming session.



QBertFarnsworth said:

When I first saw the concept of the DS, I thought, that's stupid. Then I played the system and loved it. I immediately got and loved the idea of the Wii Remote, but sadly few games used it in the ways I had hoped. With the Wii U, my thought was "Huh? Oh well, they convinced me with the Wii and DS, let's do it."

Sadly, while I love offscreen play (especially for Virtual Console games), while I love how the controller looks and feels, if I wasn't an early adapter, and if I had the option of buying a $300 Wii U with a GamePad, or a $200 Wii U without, I'd lean towards the lower price point. Outside of ZombiU and Nintendoland, and outside of how it improved Wind Waker, there's been little to no proper use of it. The hardware is great, but the software just hasn't bonded with it yet. I hope E3 changes my mind.



Excep7ional said:

@Action51 You can't turn it off, but you can dim it down. Since I don't have it, I don't know how helpful that really is, but people no longer complain about it so I guess it works.



PrincessEevee9 said:

@Peach64 Why should the Gamepad go when it would but cause a price drop and other silly reasons you people think it should be dropped for. Like it or not the Gamepad is still important, even if it's taken roughly 2 years for Nintendo to recognize this. Why shouldthey drop one of the few things they have over Sony and Microsoft at this point?



faint said:

@Peach64 this is always an easy stance to pick when you don't have one. it's one of the best things about the system. trust me.



Of_Folsense said:

Nintendo could at least offer one Wii U set with the pro controller $50 cheaper and one bundled with the Gamepad for those who want it, right? I see NO REASON why not.



freaksloan said:

I like the gamepad, but my kids 11 and 9 LOVE THE GAMEPAD! They fight over it on a daily basis. Can't wait till I can buy a 2nd one.



RickyNGmr said:

Does ppl really think about how logical would be if Nintendo ditch the GamePad from the WiiU? It have non sense at all! First, the Wii U have been conceived to be functional WITH the GamePad. Is its primary input! Second, there's a bunch of game that required the GamePad to be play, as already mentioned @Tlink7. Just think how would be played Nintendo Land...certainly in a simplistic way. Third, The GamePad put the Wii U out of the equation "this do the same like the other, but those make it prettier". Wii U bring you the opportunity to have the big screen solely for the game, do whatever else on the pad! Its brings you an easier way to control some of your media though. Gosh I love Netflix/AmazonVideo using the GamePad as controller. Four, The gamepad itself allow you to do Off-Tv play... web navigation and even Nintendo TVii is a great App to interact while you see the Playoff, not to tell that really helps to organize TV priorities on its own way!
I know the other systems are strong... but nothing as the GPad that can make them different on what yourself have being doing from last generation with its consoles. Those that claim the Big N to ditch the GPad are think are those who still want Nintendo to launch a Wii HD (guess what: that wagon left so much ago). -my humble thoughts.



memoryman3 said:

@BossBattles Ubisoft are making Far Cry 4 for everything except Wii U.

Remember, Mario Kart 8 doesn't even use the GamePad for split screen. MARIO KART 8 DOESN'T USE THE GAMEPAD FOR SPLITSCREEN!



Action51 said:

@Excep7ional - Honestly, Playstation controllers are pretty good. Going back to the original PS1 they haven't changed much, or needed to.

I was just being kind of snarky...because the Wii U pro controller is a great alternative for the very few people who get a Wii U and don't end up really liking the game-pad.

just my opinion though...I hated the 360 controller and the N64 controller.



Action51 said:

@memoryman3 - Technically, when you go off TV on Mario Kart 8, it will display in split screen on the pad.

I think what you were all caps shouting about is...second screen multiplayer.

Have a glass of water, breathe calmly and rephrase your troll posting.



JAPBOO said:

@BossBattles: You got it, Zombie U even with its glitchs is great, not because of graphics but due to the gameplay experience provided only by the Gamepad



0utburst said:

I like the gamepad a lot. Taking the gamepad now would just create a problem on existing games that utilizes the second screen. It will be a big FU especially for the developers who invested so much on the gamepad features. Just like a big FU to the developers who invested on the kinect offerings. Who would play their games now that the kinect is no longer included on the box?



SetupDisk said:

The gamepad is not a mistake, it's the best freaking controller I have ever used. I hardly even use my PC any more (not gaming quality) to browse the web.

The gamepad is an evolution in gaming. Some might disagree but they are wrong.



aaronsullivan said:

For the 4 people in my own immediate family the GamePad has been a ridiculous success and talk of ditching it is ludicrous. It's obviously a failure at drawing a large audience to the Wii U, however.



unrandomsam said:

@arkady77 The problem is when the Gamepad is on the whole chain gets an extra 16ms of lag.(1 frame). Which means to get 2 frames which is the highest that is acceptable then you need a tv (Or Monitor) with 16ms or less.



memoryman3 said:

@Action51 Wait? Isn't the GamePad supposed to be A MAJOR SELLING POINT FOR THE WII U?

Why didn't the implement it? Black Ops II and Ghosts managed to handle it at 60FPS!



bmprsvz777 said:

In my opinion people who hate Wii U gamepad never tried it seriously. I can not imagine e.g. Lego City or AC4 Black flag without second screen anymore, it makes some games better and more interesting even if it is used just for inventory or a map. I don't think it should be used by every Wii U game, not every game is suitable for second screen but in that case it can simply stay black as in Donkey Kong to save power. I hope we will see more great games using second screen like Zombie U one day. Off TV is another God send feature, TV is often used by someone else when you have family and children.



firebird3334 said:

Honestly, if the gamepad it removed then it is just another ps3/360 as it does not have the technical capabilities of ps4 and xbone. there won't be anything that will attract consumers to the wii u. appart from the first party title



drumsandperc92 said:

I really like the gamepad a lot, it's innovative for sure, and it makes sense after a decade (more more?) of two screens on the DS.
My only issue is the price, still. (i know i know)
but if the Wii U was $200, i'd have one already, or I'd go get one.
I don't want to buy used, because I want to support Nintendo, especially knowing how much the system is struggling.
But even $250 or $300 for a bundle is a bit much for me.
I'd say i'm the average consumer, where gaming is a hobby and I do it when I can. I can't afford a new $300 system + games at the moment. Cheaper is better, and as much as I like the gamepad, I'd honestly much rather own the Wii U at $150 with one of those "Wii U Pro" controllers



Excep7ional said:

@Action51 Yeah the Playstation controllers are cool, but I absolutely hate the L2/R2 buttons on the PS3 controls. Pressing down on them is so uncomfortable to me, especially while playing games when I have to use them frequently like GTA 5. I'm glad they fixed that on the current Dualshocks though. Anyway, I think the Pro controller for the Wii U is awesome. Like you said, a great alternative.

But from what I can gather, it isn't compatible with some of the games in the Wii U library?



Mahe said:

The Gamepad is a terrible controller and a massive hindrance to using the Wii U. Still waiting for that "U-turn"! Nintendo are idiots if they won't drop it.

This coming from somebody who's played Wii U extensively, and who's perfectly aware of the Gamepad's pathetic "features". Games like Lego City would be much better without it.



unrandomsam said:

@memoryman3 All Stars Racing didn't manage it. (And the same GPU on the PC version could almost certainly run it at 60fps). Seems that like the 3DS that cannot handle 3D and 60fps very easily. The Wii U struggles with 2 separate screens. (Makes perfect sense because two screens needs twice the power all else being equal).



dumedum said:

The best uses of the Game Pad were with third parties with games like Zombi U, Arkham City: AE, Mass Effect 3: SE, Deux Ex... If they made more games it will be heavenly. But yeah, the off-tv, internet browsing etc is cool enough even without massive support. Nintendo made the support on a bunch of games already and I'm sure they have more plans.



SetupDisk said:

How is it a terrible controller? It's comfortable and all the buttons plus the touch screen are easy to reach.



unrandomsam said:

Apparently the SoC costs Microsoft 10$ more than the one Sony has. The real winner so far is AMD. (100$ or 110$ from each unit on both sides).



nesvc said:

Some games cant solely be played with pro controller and the cost of the gamepad is too high.



Yorumi said:

@unrandomsam It doesn't take twice the power because of the way graphics pipelines work. Since you seem to love to get into computer and software engineering topics it might do you some good to actually do a bit of research on the topic.



Parasky said:

Keep it and release a version with a pro controller instead for £100 less.



Spartacus3765 said:

I think a lot of people aren't understanding something here: the gamepad is tethered to Wii U. Nintendo would (and really should) update their interface so that you don't have to use the gamepad to sign in when you turn the system on. Until they do that, the gamepad HAS to come with the system.



Gerbwmu said:

I love the gamepad. It has been a great controller for my family. I can't say there are a ton of break through games that require it, but for me it added a ton of value to the Wii U. It is an easier controller for my young sons to use because of the size. I've enjoyed a renewed ability to game because of off tv play and for the few games that use it is a great and unique experience compared to other gaming options. It is all opinion based though, ultimately it is Nintendo's job to prove it's worth to the masses.



0utburst said:

As I said on my previous post, offering an SKU without a gamepad will affect greatly those games already on the market/eshop and those games already in development who are dependent (or to some degree) on the gamepad features. They can't or shouldn't take out the gamepad now. With the NFP announced, Nintendo would be shooting their foot if they offer SKUs without the gamepad.



Gerbwmu said:

@drumsandperc92 - the Wii U is $200 if you find the right store deal.....or you can get a refurbished one directly from Nintendo with the normal warranty.



uneek said:

I think most of the wii u owner loves the gamepad. Those who don't are the ones who spend their whole day in front of the tv. I think there's not a lot of them. So why would nintendo ditch the gamepad for those who have no life?



DarkKirby said:

The Wii U GamePad isn't what people are upset about though, it's how Nintendo intentionally did not make their home console even remotely attempt to compete with the PS4 in graphics and processing power to the point with 3rd party ports on the PS4 and Xbone aren't realistically possible or reasonable.

They essentially tried to recapture the casual market that gave them so much success on the Wii while forsaking the hardcore gaming market, and the casual market plain didn't care about home consoles anymore as they had long moved onto smartphone games, which was why the Wii was failing in the first place after it's former success financially.

Now the Wii U is failing for the same reason the Wii was.



PinkSpider said:

I love the gamepad not so much for the games as there aren't many that use it really (however Zombi u was awesome with it), but it is so much better than a conventional controller it makes nagivigating menus, miiverse the eshop and the internet infinitely superior to using a standard controller. Well done nintendo for standing by your values, I guess Microsoft are to weak to do the same.... Lol



Yorumi said:

@DarkKirby it is possible to do the ports, it's using the same shader versions and has a relatively similar architecture. Most of the big companies just don't want to make it. There's this myth out there that nintendo gamers are just waiting to get their hands on those games and they arn't. Those games tend to sell like crap on nintendo systems. If those games were actually flying off the shelves the companies would be making them.



mostro328 said:

I love the gamepad

My only complaint is that it adds to the cost of the wiiu

The thing that held the wiiu behind is marketing, the name, and that it doesn't match ps4 in power

Although i can care less how shiny or detailed a fame us all i care about is how fun i have playing it...Its obvious many people do



Samurairu said:

While the gamepad isn't necessary imo, neither is having a game system and I really like the gamepad so..... =). It's simply conveniences gives the games a better feel. I hope they continue to develop for it until it grows on people more.



memoryman3 said:

@unrandomsam ASR Transformed was 30fps targeted from the start. It held on to that framerate well even in 3 player TV GamePad split screen. No excuse for a less demanding game such as MK8.



Kuipo said:

I don't understand why people dislike the gamepad so much to be honest. The stylus interface allows much easier typing and surfing the web on the Wii U using the gamepad is SO MUCH easier than any of the other consoles.
I get the argument about price, but I think most people aren't holding off because of the controller, they are waiting for games. There's honestly not many games for it.
I like my (very recently bought) WiiU and can't wait for some more titles to play on it. It took developers a while to get a handle on how to make good DS games, some of them just need to bring that same mentality to making Wii U games.



absuplendous said:

I am a lifelong Nintendo player, and I do not care for the Game Pad. I tried, but it hasn't won me over. In games that require its use in conjunction with the TV screen, I find that the controller doesn't so much complement the action on the TV, but rather competes with it for my attention. It's distracting. I go out of my way to use it as little as possible, and it's a bit cumbersome to have to turn it off manually any time I play a game where it's unnecessary. As a "committed Wii U owner" cited by the article, I will not assert that the Game Pad is a game changer. As it is currently utilized, it is a nuisance.

A lot of people are saying that the Game Pad "has potential" and simply "hasn't been put to good use yet." What exactly is that potential? What good uses do people envision? A lot of people assert that the Game Pad is necessary because it distinguishes the Wii U from its competition, but if it doesn't really do much, where's the value in having that distinguishing feature? Innovation can potentially be groundbreaking, as we'd seen with the Wii. But innovation, in and of itself, is not "good" by default. Sometimes innovation doesn't pan out. I'm not one to say the Game Pad should be excluded and/or abandoned, but I hardly see it as integral.

This article portrays a company that responds to consumer demand as flaky and another company that "sticks to its guns" (while simultaneously consciously underutilizing said guns?) as admirable. If the Wii U was well-received by consumers, I might be swayed, but as it stands I am not convinced. Given that the XBONE has nearly matched the Wii U's sales despite the latter's one-year head start, I don't think the general public sees things quite that way, either.



AceTrainerBean said:

It has been a success for me in titles such as ZombiU, Wind Waker HD, Pikmin 3, and especially monster hunter 3 ultimate. I personally I loved hunting with the gamepad as it was like a little hub of awesome. But I do feel that the Wii U gamepad needs to be used more often and that it's best days are ahead of it.



Anguspuss said:

Im married with young baby so of screen play is great. As for the GBA/snes games etc its great. What people should realise not every game needs it but it can be used to good effect. I love stick it to the man which is quirky already use the pad to hear people thoughts.

Just wish we had some more RPG that would really benefit from it.



DarkKirby said:

The Wii ports of the 3rd party games on the PS3 and 360 weren't so much ports as downgraded versions of the games, and not just in graphics, often the game itself was just different, lacking in content compared to the games they were based on, most would say worse overall. Such was the discrepancy in technology that separated them, but publishers were willing to put the money into making them because at the time, the Wii U was very popular.

Normally, putting tons of barriers for 3rd party developers just means your system just won't be supported as much, or at all.

Heck, most big name 3rd party games were developed on the 360 in part because the 360 was simply easier to develop for, and developing it on the PS3 would mean porting it to the 360 would be really difficult both because the PS3 was more powerful than the 360 and because of the PS3's 6 core technology. The result was most PS3 ports where inferior to the 360 version because the ports would lazily use only 2 of the PS3's 6 cores. Reiterating the fact that you can't making developing for your system difficult.



Mahe said:

@Kuipo Poking and squinting at links on the small screen is incredibly inconvenient, plus it's a huge and heavy controller that you can't easily use with one hand or put down in a small space, unlike the Wiimote. Plus, it drains battery ridiculously fast. Plus, you're looking at a tiny poor quality screen instead of your TV screen. It's ridiculously cumbersome.



pukka-pie said:

Good, I love it, can't imagine going back now. I'm amazed that anyone wouldn't like it.




I have had my Wii U since launch, and I personally really like the gamepad. Its something that makes the Nintendo Wii Unique. I think for the Wii U to improve sales it should be able to download 3DS games from eshop onto the gamepad and play them. Also the Wii U should use the SD card port to be able to play original DS games. I think if this was achieved by some kind of update then the Wii U would sell more and the gamepad would be put to more use. Happy gaming everyone!



luke88 said:

For me, the gamepad has an unbelievable amount of potential that is, sadly, being wasted. We in the NL community aren't developers- perhaps a few of you are- but I guarantee we could come up with dozens of incredible ways to utilise the gamepad. Obviously there's an incredible array of talent in the games industry that could do the same. It's sad that the industry we all love is so constrained by profit margins etc. etc. that developers are so unwilling to take risks, and by so doing create something that we've really never seen before.

Independent and/or smaller developers seem to be the only ones fighting the good fight these days. That's not to say I don't get an awful lot of joy from loads of big developers current content but I just can't see where the next revolutionary game(s) is going to come from; I hope I'm wrong.

On that note I urge everyone to put 'affordable space adventure' on to their radar and lock it in. Nifflas and Knapnok are on the cusp of creating something epic- if what I've seen and read so far is to be believed.



Th3PlaidHatter said:

The people who complain about the Gamepad wouldn't be buying a Wii U either way. Nintendo, as it has from the d-pad to the analog stick to touch to 3D is always providing new ways to play. The new item always makes a good target for any blame.

I'll stick to playing in new ways. Everyone that doesn't like it can stick to "trafitional" consoles with yearly dude-bro games that will copy the current Nintendo features after a few years, like always.



Yorumi said:

@memoryman3 I'm not going to bother until you spend some time researching how computer graphics work.

@absuplendous there's lots of ways it can be used, and it can even lead to new types of games when used correctly. Some uses are more revolutionary than others but they do enhance things.

First of all miiverse posting would be way to annoying without it, before anyone says miiverse on the web, remember you can upload screenshots directly from the game, which can't be done online unless nintendo made some new framework. Web browsing would also be rather bad without it.

Then there's nice conveniences like menu selection. When pokemon transitioned to the DS that made a big difference to me. There's things like displaying different data on the screen(like infrared and such), using it for minigames in a larger game(lockpicking, safecracking, etc). There's lots of ways it has potential if it would just be used.

@DarkKirby that's because the ports were lazy. The ps3/360 use their cpu to brute force a lot of things. As a result ps3/360 engines were heavily optimized for the cpu while ignoring gpu optimizations. The wiiU, ps4, and one, as well as pc's need the opposite, gpu optimizations. You can't use optimizations that work on one architecture in another and expect them to work flawlessly.

People have been using ports for decades to make incorrect conclusions about hardware. Software engineering is a complicated process, when someone is giving a simple answer like "uh ports arn't as good" and pretending like that's the end all be all, it's because they don't understand the science of software and hardware engineering and are mostly talking out of pure ignorance, or worse some sort of vendetta.



dabaumer said:

If you get rid of the Gamepad it's just a better 360....I have gotten so used to having it...Netflix, Internet browsing, wife and I had to use the 360's netflix at a friends house and the user interface was terrible without the pad....and even if developers are lazy with it and just put a map, say's still so much nicer looking down at the map an plottig a point then hitting the minus button and doing it...I played AC 3 on my 360...and it felt like a 3 sec wait time every time I went in and out of the map....yes that's under utilized, but it's extremely nice and I almost can't go back to another system because of it.. Zombi did an awesome job though



Farmboy74 said:

The gamepad is Nintendo trying to give gamers a different gaming experience, which is also how they differentiating themselves from Sony & MS. Without the gamepad the WII U is just an underpowered PS4, just like the Xbox 1 is without kinect. Hopefully given time the Wii U will give us a definitive gaming experience using the gamepad.



Kuipo said:

@Mahe In terms of links, I view it on my TV and then just click the link on the gamepad. It's not inconvenient. It's much easier than browsing on any other console. I've personally had no problems with it being heavy, but surely you could just switch to the pro controller if that bothered you enough. I don't know why you're trying to put it down in some cubby hole somewhere. I think most people have a space for a tablet sized object next to their couch. I will give you the fact that the battery dies really fast but that's an easy 30$ fix. Get the extended battery. Personally I feel like it's basically required or else the thing dies too quickly. It's an official licensed product, by nintendo, fits in the same place. It makes a big difference.

If you've played many DS/3DS games, you would know that what most of the devs do with 2 screens is put all the main content on the top screen (in this case it would be your TV) and put inventory, or map or something else that you're not constantly looking at, on the lower screen. I don't see how this couldn't be adapted to this Wii U. In fact it should make games for Nintendo easier to adapt for both platforms since both the 3DS and Wii U have similar screen output now.



DespyCL said:

I really dont care if nintendo uses or not the gamepad at its fullest potential, the only feature i enjoy the most is the off-tv play.



NintyMan said:

The GamePad is what makes a Wii U a Wii U. Without it, it's just an HD Wii, and that's definitely not innovative for Nintendo's tastes. While it's clearly not appealing to the public enough, Nintendo will hopefully fix that in the coming months and years with more games that will use the GamePad more, along with the NFP. Those two tied together will be critical for Wii U's success going forward.

I personally think the GamePad is great. It's comfortable, easy to navigate menus and the web browser, and fun for drawing on Miiverse. The games I've played like Nintendo Land and Game & Wario use it well too. Nintendo should focus on ideas that don't just involve party games, and there's one new game I imagine will use the GamePad well, the new Zelda game.



absuplendous said:

@Yorumi The big difference between the Wii U and the DS line is that in the latter, both screens are in your field of vision at the same time. That generally isn' the case with the Wii U Game Pad/television combo, which is where the "competing for my attention" aspect comes into play. And then there are games that simply mirror the on-screen action (with slightly out-of-sync audio). What's the point?

Off-TV play and Miiverse posting are convenient, sure, but if they're the greatest features the Game Pad has to offer--Off-TV Play is certainly the most commonly cited, at least--"underwhelming" is an overstatement.



sketchturner said:

It clearly hasn't yet been a huge success financially, but I still think off-TV play is a great idea. Being able to watch movies on the TV with my wife while also playing games is fantastic.



GraveLordXD said:

I love the game pad but it should have been sold separately Nintendo themselves have no clue what to do with the thing and its shameful. Mario kart 8 could have been the first ohh well



Alucard83 said:

It's an ok pad, but i don't like the wide square design. The L & R Buttongs are hard to press while you have to press A/ B/ X or Y just like with legend of zelda windwaker when you want to use L or R for action. I have to do weird stuff first with fingers and then i can give the right command. It's a shame. If they redisgn it it can stay



xevious said:

The concept behind the Gamepad is fantastic, how it's been used so far is not. Still waiting for Nintendo to actually use the massive, unexploited potential. I'm glad Nintendo are sensible enough not give up on it, but instead will be focusing on it in the upcoming E3, just as they should do. I never believed they would be dumping the Gamepad (even tho Nintendo has been making some pretty bad choices in the recent history), but it's good to have it confirmed by them. If they would dump the Gamepad, I would dump the Wii U.



Acampbell128 said:

The gamepad is one of the Wii U's best features, with off tv play use. And it is something that Microsoft and Sony can not recreate with a tablet.



ACK said:

@absuplendous I have a completely different take on dual screen gaming. To me, the DS dual screen were more distracting, initially, because I was stuck looking at two screens at once (with one or the other always in my periphery). Alternatively, the Gamepad is no different than checking my phone while watching TV or using GPS while I drive (however, I rarely do because I can navigate fine without).

The point is, there is clear priority which I fix my gaze upon (the TV) and a peripheral device I use periodically to check a map, access the inventory, etc. I'm actually pretty confused how the screens could compete for your attention like you say... There is always one dominant display with the other screen only as prevalent as you allow your eyes to wander.

I also don't understand you "underwhemling" statement. Off-TV would have been a godsend when I was a kid. Now that I have kids it is a (virtual) life-saver. The ability to doodle on the Gamepad screen isn't as universal, but it allows for a profound sense of expression rarely associated with games consoles. But those features ignore the more practical gaming conventions with regards to the Gamepad. The interface, the increased information display, navigation, dual screen functions, etc. are all more salient features to functional gaming.

I see no reason such potential for increased accessibility, more intuitive interactions, and improved functionality to be dismissed simply because you can't wrap your head around the interface.



Yorumi said:

@absuplendous you're not even trying. You've just decided you're going to hate it no matter what. If all you took out of what I said was that it's the exact same thing as the DS you missed a lot, or didn't want to see it.

I'll use one more DS example before moving on to even more to make a point. The reason I use this one is because it had you using the touch screen without actually looking at it. Early in the life of the 3ds there was a game made called Dream Trigger. It was a kind of arcady bullet hell type of game, the twist, all the enemies were invisible. You used the touch screen to place basically sonar pulses that would reveal enemies on the top screen and then you could destroy them. Because there were so many enemies and attacks all the time you could focus on the touch screen. You had to accurately place them where you thought enemies were and focus entirely on the top screen. You were basically doing it by feel. Point is just because you can't look at both screens at the same time doesn't make one worthless.

The infrared example was to say you could hold the pad up to the screen to get a different view. You can use it for placing radar, rear view, and other such quick glace features on the pad. You can use it for weapon management. Before they went out of style space sims allowed for all kinds of things in combat from adjusting power ratios to weapon loadouts, and other such things. Imagine being in an intense dogfight acting like a pilot frantically dodging while switching weapons and power. We got X on the horrizon, lets get some mech controls on the pad. Or say a capital ship warfare game, giving orders to your other units on the pad.

There's even entirely new concepts for games. It can be used to look around a room in places the camera position on the tv isn't showing. You could revolutionize the horror genre with that. Imagine scavenger hunt type games, or the old school adventure genre.

These are just things I can come up with off the top of my head without putting any sort of thought into it.



faint said:

@memoryman3 I prefer it without the split screen. It's not a racing game. It's a kart party game. So what's your point? I will probably get moded for this but your realy obnoxious and you seem kinda lonely



Caryslan said:

I think the key problem is that the Gamepad lacks a game that really shows off what it is capable of. The Analog Stick had Super Mario 64 and the Wiimote had Wii Sports to show off the technology and the advantages the new control scheme offered.

Has the Wii U Gamepad really done much outside of being an off-screen inventory and map screen? Are there any Wii U games that would have been impossible to make without the Wii U gamepad?

Super Mario 64 would have been impossible without the Analog Stick and Wii Sports would have never worked without the Wiimote. That's why those control schemes made such a huge impact. They changed the way we control our video games.

I like the idea of the gamepad, but it needs a game that shows off what it adds to gaming. Not off-TV play, or the gamepad serving as an extra map or inventory screen. It needs a game that says "This game would have been impossible without the Gamepad and its technology."

It's kinda like the 3D on the 3DS. Its a cool feature, but very few games ever screamed "This is why gaming needs 3D!" and with the 2DS, even Nintendo has admitted that 3D was not really a requirement for games on the platform.

Nintendo needs to show us why the Gamepad will change how we game, by giving us the Wii U's own Mario 64 or Wii Sports. Until that happens, the Wii U Gamepad will be something that while cool, will be viewed like the 3D on the 3DS. A nifty feature that is not a game changer when it comes to video games.

I want to see Nintendo do great things with the Gamepad.



DarkKirby said:


You say the porters are lazy, and they are, but what does that really change? You have to take into account that the main reason games are developed and sold is to make money, and making it harder for 3rd party developers to make money on your system doesn't benefit the system, it hurts it with less/no support from 3rd parties.

You have to make it easy for the 3rd party developers to support your system to get support, unless you are already massively successful like the Wii used to be.

Why should Nintendo or any console manufacturer care? Because the success of any console hinges on 3rd party support.

And neither do I think it's realistic to say you could have gotten the same performance out of the Wii from a game made for the 360/PS3 if they optimized it enough, equally as it is unrealistic to say you could get the same performance out of the Wii U from a game developed for the PS4 if the porters "tried hard enough". Even if it was possible, it's not worth their time or effort, especially for a system that isn't even successful.



xevious said:


Exactly. The Gamepad has absolutely huge potential and it's easy to come up with ways to use it in ways that would bring totally fresh and innovative experiences to gaming. Dumping the Gamepad and dumbing the Wii U down to the level of prev-gen HD console/HD Wii would be the dumbest move Nintendo could do, but gladly it's not going to happen. It's not going to happen. End of story.

EDIT: besides, what comes to the percentages above, it doesn't seem like that many people even want Nintendo to dump it.



zool said:

You are polling the converted. If Nintendo dumps the gamepad and reduces the price of the Wii u how will that help everyone who has spent money on the gamepad? Most folks would want to Nintendo make use of the gamepad.

But it is to little to late. The Wii u is half way through it life span. Nintendo need to just make 'normal' games to keep its existing customers happy.

Two screens work very well on the ds/3ds but not the Wii u.

Just answer this. What Wii u game if it was converted to play on the Playstation would not be as good without the gamepad? I can't think of one.



TheFatLucario said:

I think the GamePad is great, Its been useful for not getting lost on The Great Sea in Wind Waker HD,
I do agree that games need to use the GamePad features more.

Also, I can agree on ONE thing about the GamePad, The battery life. lol



memoryman3 said:


(defends the GamePad)

(Defends lazy use of GamePad)

I know! Why don't they give us THE OPTION! Like CoD, a third party game, does.



SKTTR said:

"the GamePad is clearly not a technical failure in the same way that Kinect is"

1. The Wii U GamePad adds so much to the experience if done right,
2. also it makes controls for many games/genres/apps just perfect or even possible,
3. on top of that it's comfortable with off-tv and play whereever you are.

Kinect on the other hand is a complete fad. (It was from the very start)
1. Kinect motion sensoring isn't even as responsive as first gen Wii titles.
2. It doesn't make any kind of games control better, proof is that there's nothing truly good for Kinect available.
3. It's uncomfortable, cannot play whereever you are. Need complicated setup.

Of course the GamePad is to stay. After all it's the better way to game!
Kinect still needs to get much more advanced in technology to be useful.



absuplendous said:

@ACK I'm similarly confused as to how a DS can be more distracting. I guess we jointly demonstrate that no technology/innovation fits everyone like a glove.

@Yorumi I'm not even trying what, exactly? To accept the Game Pad (I mentioned previously that I've given it a chance)? To consider the whole of your argument (I addressed more than just your DS parallel). To "win?" (I'm not trying to change anyone's mind)

Dream Trigger sounds like a unique game, though not necessarily one I want to play. In that game, the touch screen is obviously valuable. I have yet to see that same kind of value in the Game Pad. Starting up NSMBU--with or without the Game Pad--and having the Game Pad simply mirror the on-screen action by defaultis pointless. Having to manually turn off the Game Pad screen every time is cumbersome.

The other features you describe sound interesting, but not necessarily new. We've seen infrared, weapon switching, and altering camera angles before--all with the push of a button. I don't see how using a second screen to accomplish the same task is inherently better. The "look around a room in places the camera position on the TV isn't showing" sounds worse, actually. Why would I want to do that when I can simply alter the camera scope on the primary screen?

I'm sure a lot of features, some of them great, could be dreamed up and/or tacked on to the Game Pad. For the most part, they haven't been. I'm not going to tout the wonders of the Game Pad until I see them realized.



Yorumi said:

@DarkKirby I'll work this piece by piece.

"You say the porters are lazy, and they are, but what does that really change? You have to take into account that the main reason games are developed and sold is to make money"

Well part of it is you're misunderstanding where the differences are. No two systems are identical and it takes effort to port. If they're unwilling to port there's nothing you can really do. Furthermore you've on the exactly reason they don't port. You said the point is to make money, that's exactly it, these games tend to do quite worse on nintendo systems even when they're properly ported and even enhanced. NIntendo gamers just generally arn't in the market for these type of games.

"Why should Nintendo or any console manufacturer care? Because the success of any console hinges on 3rd party support."

The wii's wasn't, and the 3ds doesn't exactly have smashing 3rd party support. This also does kind of fail to notice the wiiU does have 3rd party support just not necessarily the same 3rd parties as the ps4 and one.

"And neither do I think it's realistic to say you could have gotten the same performance out of the Wii from a game made for the 360/PS3 if the optimized it enough, equally as it is unrealistic to say you could get the same performance out of the Wii U from a game developed for the PS4"

This is because you don't understand hardware, and understand the differences in the systems. You're assuming the difference between the wii and ps3 is the same as the wiiU and ps4, it's not. the wiiU is MUCH closer to the ps4 than the wii to ps3.

First of all the wii uses a fixed function pipeline, but the ps3 and 360 use programmable shaders. That alone makes them worlds apart. You could have built the wii 5 times more powerful than the ps3 and it would have been just as hard to port to.

The wiiU and ps4 however use the same shader model and same shader versions. This means all the features are there. The relative power of the two is close enough that it's more a matter of scaling some things back, reducing some particles and perhaps adjusting the lighting some.



Yorumi said:

@absuplendous " Why would I want to do that when I can simply alter the camera scope on the primary screen?"

Because you're making a new never before seen type of game? You put gameplay reasons to do these things. The whole point is to change the control scheme in an intuitive manor to give the player new experiences and unique ways to play games. This is my point about not even trying, you've decided you hate it and nothing is ever going to change your mind.

"I'm not going to tout the wonders of the Game Pad until I see them realized."

You asked for it's potential, do you actually know what that word means?



faint said:

@memoryman3 no i actually do prefer this. it's not a defence. i typically play mario kart with my partner. staring at the game pad would cut me off from her. honest truth. it's a party game. what do you not understand about this?



MAN1AC said:

Its obviously for worse at this point but good for Nintendo for sticking to their guns and vision with the console.



absuplendous said:

@Yorumi I have never said I hated the Game Pad, only that it hasn't impressed me and I have yet to enjoy using it. Hyperbole has its place, but not when you're paraphrasing me. I have also never asserted that nothing will change my mind; I've instead said that I approached the Game Pad with an open mind, but was disappointed. I'm not going to pretend otherwise until it wows me. My assertion is open ended and whether it endures or changes depends entirely on whether Nintendo or other developers deliver. It's not a matter of staunchly "hating" or "loving" something blindly and unconditionally.

I asked for examples of what people were thinking of when they said "potential," yes (and it means "possible, as opposed to actual," perfectly in line with what I've been saying). Some have come up with interesting examples. I can't really credit them until they actually exist, though.



GalacticMario28 said:

As I've said before, as long as Nintendo can make good on the promise to make the GamePad more relevant and interesting, I'll be happy to see it stay.



ICHIkatakuri said:

Right then once again, the gamepad is awesome. Nintendo started off showing to say that you could use it to play off screen and the original demos had people playing with wii remote then switching to the gamepad when someone wanted to watch baseball. Asymmetrical gameplay is something they thought was cool not the number one use and as any Nintendo fan knows, Nintendo won't force a gimmick where it's going to cause problems (gameplay or performance wise) so as for mario kart and DK country only having off screen, I'm as fine with that as I was with mario galaxy 1&2 to only have spin attacks and star bit pointing for waggle mechanics.



Yorumi said:

@absuplendous my point is you ask for it's potential, and say you can't see it's potential, and then when given it's potential you go on to downplay it all saying it hasn't been realized. Well of course it hasn't that's why it's potential, and a lot of people are complaining that nintendo isn't using the gamepad. Very few people would actually disagree that if it's not used in any more way than it is now it's kind of waste but the main reason people talk about it glowingly is because they see it's potential. I managed to come up with some great ideas in a few minutes off the top of my head, imagine what actual creative designers could do if they really tried.

The gamepad has huge game changing potential that's not being realized. That's not the fault of the gamepad, it's the fault of game designers including nintendo's own teams.



Yamitora1 said:

Why can't Nintendo ditch their pig headed, stubborn ways and adapt to what the people want?

They could at least offer a stripped down version of the Wii U that isn't that 8gb model that ripped off early adopters with no ambassador program.



absuplendous said:

@Yorumi A lot of people were talking up "the potential" but very few were articulating the idea. I asked for articulation to see if people really saw potential, or just liked the idea of it. I wasn't suggesting that there is, in fact, no potential at all.

Asserting that good ideas are merely ideas until realized was a separate matter entirely.

"That's not the fault of the gamepad, it's the fault of game designers including nintendo's own teams."

We agree! I never demonized the Game Pad itself, and it would be silly to do so. As I initially stated, "/As it is currently utilized,/ it is a nuisance."



MrGawain said:

Nintendo need to honour their commitment to the 6 million people that have already bought their system. They need to bring games that use the 2nd screen to the system. It may be a costly mistake but they will learn from their failures and earn respect. Personally I think Microsoft have disrespected their core fanbase by charging their fans for a piece of worthless plastic that they've bailed out on.

If Nintendo are going to be damned, let them be damned for what they are: Innovative, different, and true to their fans.



DarkKirby said:


They Wii U from the beginning was designed to appeal to the casual market that Nintendo had on the Wii, the casual market that doesn't care about home consoles anymore and stopped buying Wii games, and continued to not care about the Wii U when it was released. Nintendo has done little in their history, and continues to not, attempt to appeal to the hardcore gaming market that Sony and Microsoft do, not only in their marketing, their game and hardware design, of course hardcore gamers won't flock to the Wii U as a default if they had a choice between it and the PS4 and even the Xbone. But what Nintendo did with the Wii isn't working with the Wii U, the market has changed. And they are not giving 3rd party developers a reason to develop for it, making it easy, or even make porting in the future easy for it.

If you don't think the Wii and 3DS are and were successful because of 3rd party support and would/would have been be successful without it I really don't know what to say. I don't know if you mainly only buy Nintendo games but I can assure you for most people that's not the case and sales will reflect that. Great 1st party exclusives are a great way to initially get customer support for your system, but one of the points of doing that is to get 3rd party support to support your system, the goal of a console isn't to make all your money on 1st party software.

Your account of the Wii U's abilities are different than the interviews with the developers who have developed with the Wii U, I don't know what else to say then that. No matter what, Nintendo still set the bar low with their hardware, as they typically do. That's not appealing to the hardcore gaming market, or the developers that develop for that market.



gatorboi352 said:

I've said it before, I'll say it again...

The GamePad ultimately suffers from trying to be a jack of all trades, thus ending up a master of none. It's a decent gaming controller (Pro controller, in comparison, is the better pure gaming controller IMO). It's a decent tablet (any tablet with a glass screen and capacitive touch is superior IMO). However, it flat out excels at nothing.

The range is mediocre, the screen is meh unless something basic is displayed on it and its just overall bulky and intimidating. Oh, and DAT BATTERY LIFE

For me personally, the GamePad is pretty neat for anything non-gaming related on the Wii U, like the browser. However, in-game, I often find myself reaching for the Pro Controller or Wiimote/nunchuck set up instead.



Royalblues said:

It's a darn shame that I will only ever have 2 games for the WII U. Makes buying the thing in the first place seem like a waste of money.



gatorboi352 said:

Another thing that will be interesting to see play out from here going forward: the success (or lack thereof) of both the Xbox One and the Wii U given their stark contrast of stances towards core components of their consoles. Will Wii U receive the shot in the arm it needs with the likes of MK8 and the figurines? Will X1 sales start to rise due to the $100 price decrease? Interesting stuff ahead.



DespyCL said:

@Yamitora1 Nintendo doesnt need to give you free games because they stop selling something. Thats your fault and only your fault for buying it in the first place.

@Royalblues There are a good amount of great games for your wiiu, donkey kong country tropical freeze, super mario 3d world, the wonderful 101, ect...



SecondServing said:

I personally like the Gamepad a lot. I use the off-screen functionality a lot. It also is what separates the Wii U from the Xbox and PS4. Without it, it'd just be a underpowered console, with nothing special about it.

All of that being said, Nintendo has done a piss poor job at giving developers inspiration and an example to follow when it comes to Gamepad utilization in their games. I feel like so far the best uses for the gamepad have been in Rayman Legends and The Wonderful 101! And those are both games made by THIRD-PARTY DEVELOPERS!!!

Unacceptable. Nintendo needs to step the **** up and make a AMAZING title perfectly and creatively using the Gamepad to its fullest potential.

There is my two cents on the matter. At the end of the day, the Gamepad should stay.



Ruthven said:

I have a simple equation for me the GamePad = More game time!!
I live in a house with only one main TV and lounge area… So when my wife wants to use the TV to watch her TV Shows/Movies I can still game, simple but infinitely better than no gaming time.



Yorumi said:

@DarkKirby "Nintendo has done little in their history, and continues to not, attempt to appeal to the hardcore gaming market that Sony and Microsoft do"

Well you're right they're not going for the same market, but why does everyone have to be exactly 100% the same? I get really sick of this nothing that you're somehow not a real gamer or not hardcore enough if you don't play the same dudebro crap as everyone else. It's such an annoying term and does such an extreme disservice to gamers. I sink thousands of hours into competitive pokemon, I have maxed out characters in mugen souls, done all the challenges in tales of graces on chaos mode, made perfect items in atellier games, I've done the various buster only no damage challenges on the nes megaman games, and to top it off I spend a lot of my free time building game engines for the fun of it. Oh but I'm not a real hardcore gamer cause I play nintendo istead of call of dudebro auto 57.

It annoys me to no end that we've allowed marketers to decide that real gamers only play one single type of game and absolutely no other. If it's not a watered down, shallow, linear, graphics fest then you're not a hardcore gamer if you're playing it. Real hardcore gamers raised millions of dollars for charity doing speed runs, the pop culture hardcore gamer sits on his couch yelling racial insults over a network.

"Your account of the Wii U's abilities are different than the interviews with the developers who have developed with the Wii U"

You're selective choosing information. This is the problem no matter how many devs say the system is good, has power in it, is easy to develop for, it doesn't matter cause one dev said the opposite so we're going to believe the anti-nintendo dev. I mean sure lets beleive what EA says, they tell us the wiiU is less powerful than a smart phone. You believe that one? Do you even believe that makes any sense at all logically? Is it possible devs might be human and carry with them all the petty immature behavior other people do? This is why an appeal to a perceived authority is a logical fallacy.



Captain_Toad said:

When I saw the Kinet dropped I was like "Yes Good riddence" Now I was like "wait, I miss the kinect now" but Now after thinking about what it actually offered besides voice menu navigation..... Nah no major reason to buy the Xbox one even after the price drop with the kinect. Keep the gamepad because it's best days are ahead of it, and it's the cheapest game console you can get out there ya cheapskates. Well minus the Ouya but no-one cares bout that.



Dr_Corndog said:

It needs to be used better, but I love the Gamepad. And the comparison to the XBox One isn't a great one. Yes, the Gamepad increases the cost of the Wii U, but the Wii U already costs drastically less than the XBox One.



Yamitora1 said:

@Yorumi the 8gb version costed the same as the "Deluxe" model costs now, its basically a big screw you to the gamers who bought the 8gb just for Nintendo to turn tail and stop offering it and then trying to unload their unsold "Deluxe" models at the price they were just selling the 8gb model for.

At least with people who bought the 3DS before the price drop, they got some indication Nintendo cares about their customers. When it came to the Wii U it was the cold shoulder.

Nintendo should have never offered the 8gb version to begin with if they were just going drop it and screw people over like that. And for a long time they even further the insult by offering refurbished 8gb models for near the same price as the new deluxe models.

So take you pick on how Nintendo has been screwing people with the 8gb model. Either way Nintendo has made some questionable decisions.

@DespyCL No one said anything about free games, and no one said I got the 8gb model. You make an awful lot of assumptions.



StephenYap3 said:

Good. The GamePad is what keeps the Wii U alive. Without it, it would just be called "Wii HD".



kereke12 said:

The Wii U gamepad is a new way to play videogames, yes it should stay, but Nintendo needs to let people know that the Wii U is different from others.



Yorumi said:

@Yamitora1 I guess but really over it's life every console gets cheaper eventually. I know when I buy a console on launch day I'm getting it at the absolute maximum price and that if I just wait I can get it cheaper.



Pod said:

Ditching the gamepad would be a nail in the coffin for the Wii U, as doing that would not only make it lose its unique appeal, it would tick off the early adopters and even more so the early developers, and it absolutely would not help make it popular.



DespyCL said:

@Yamitora1 "They could at least offer a stripped down version of the Wii U that isn't that 8gb model that ripped off early adopters with no ambassador program"

My bad, my english isnt that good but i stay with what i said, not aimed to you of course.



Shy_Guy said:

I love the gamepad,just wish there was more apps for it like a facebook,twitter,or pandora. I would love to listen to music on it.



Chris720 said:

Will getting rid of the Gamepad help the Wii U? Well... no. That is its main selling point, beyond that it's just a Playstation or Xbox.

But should they actually ditch it? We've found gimmicks really don't stick in the gaming community, the 3DS worked really well, now hardly anyone I know uses 3D anymore. Everyone has lost interest in Kinect, even Microsoft. Playstations Move still isn't a big thing and they left it as that, an additional bit to put on.

And that's all the Gamepad really is, a massive gimmick. Beyond a massive slab of a screen in the middle, it's just any normal controller that hardly any dev uses properly anyway... I see no point keeping it, but if they get rid of it, its just like any other console.



memoryman3 said:

@Yorumi I know how they work, but a game doesn't just rely on shaders!

You have to think about other factors, such as NPC's and WORLD DENSITY and AI and FRAMERATE and SCREEN SIZES and GAMEPLAY MECHANICS!



tovare said:

Removing Kinect is a mistake, now the xbox is just an overpriced 360 with a lot less games.

Tye gamepad is awesome, not only a second screen but it could make it possible to deliver games previously only found on PCs.



Yorumi said:

@memoryman3 um yeah and that's where optimizing things come in, screensizes are in resolution so it's really only 1080 or 720, and um pc's have been scaling size forever. When you're running the same pipeline then it's a matter of scaling things down. Eventually power jumps are too much but you can scale a long way, certainly way more than the power difference between a wiiu and ps4. Scaling between a ps3 and wii would have been much more practical if the wii had a programmable pipeline.



sdcazares1980 said:

I agree with this Talking Point but for different reasons:

The Kinect was made technically mandatory until "popular opinion" (as if that were a bad thing in this case) made it optional, yet you still had to buy it. The only controller that should be mandatory for the Xbox One is the controller itself. Period.

The Wii U is different. As much grief as I have been giving to Nintendo, the tablet Gamepad is the console's identity. In my opinion, Nintendo should've returned to the traditional controls, like the Wii U Pro Controller, but they decided to go for the tablet one, so it became a moot point. Also, it's been a year since the system came out, whereas the Xbox One is only a few months old, so it's too late.

Nintendo should just weather the storm until it creates a TRUE 9th gen system for 2018. What it should contain is another story.



Chris720 said:

@Excep7ional I know, I'm gonna get a lot of hate for it, but I don't care. The Gamepad is a massive gimmick, same as the Kinect... and 3D and the Wiimote. That's all this gen is, gimmicks.



GearsOfWarU said:

I love the Wii U Gamepad ... It makes the Wii U a unique and different gaming experience ... I love it for multiplayer, off TV play ... It is my go to controller and console and I for one never owned a Wii ... I love my Wii U and my catalog of Quality Games!!!! Wii U may never have the mass appeal and sales of Wii ... But I for one truly love everything about it and have no plans for an Xbox One or PS4 and for the last 2 gens I've supported Microsoft with Xbox & 360 ... But I love being in the Minority and a complete Backer of the Original ... The Big N ... Nintendo & The Wii U and it's incredible Gamepad



Miss_Dark said:

I can't imagine gaming without a gamepad anymore.. especially cause my parents always watch tv and it's just so easy with the touch screen and all xD



Chris720 said:

@sdcazares1980 That's the problem, they drop the Gamepad now it will splinter the userbase, like the Kinect will do. They'll have this large lump of plastic that will become redundant because no one will use it. Why? Because who wants to target a margin of the userbase, when they can target everyone?

The upside to this is, more people will buy the Wii U because, hey, cheaper, no gimmicks, free online, Nintendo games, HD. Done.



JGer said:

@Chris720 "[The gamepad] is [Wii U]'s main selling point."

I hope you don't believe that. The reality is that First-party Nintendo games are the Wii U's main selling point. For all of Nintendo's gimmicks, the main reason people buy a Nintendo system is for their games. The GamePad, as has been established, is a nice extra feature. But it is in no way a selling point. Don't believe me? Try persuading a non-Nintendo-fanboy into buying a Wii U by talking up the gamepad. Let me know how that goes.

No - Nintendo needs to drop the gamepad so more people buy the system. $200 would be a perfect price for the Wii U, and for those who are really interested in Off-TV play or having an extra map to look at, they can buy the $100 gamepad on their own.



sdcazares1980 said:

@Chris720 I don't know if I understood your reply right, but dropping the Kinect did not splinter the userbase. People were actually happy that you didn't need to buy the Kinect anymore. The only people that were splintered were the early adopters, but even those people mostly likely didn't care for the Kinect.

There are too many games out there, I suspect, for the Wii U that require the tablet to play. Otherwise, Nintendo would've sold the Wii U Pro Controller with the bundle.



memoryman3 said:

@Yorumi Minimum specs do exist. Otherwise I wouldn't be talking about this right now.

Why aren't there still games for the OG Xbox? It has programmable shaders!



Chris720 said:

@JGer Okay, you're right there... it sounded better in my head. But it's the only thing that separates itself from Playstation and Xbox, that's what I was trying to get at.

@sdcazares1980 Yeah, that's what I meant. The early adopters have practically been left with a bulky plastic box that has now more or less become redundant.



Iggly said:

Yeesh, even when we get a topic about the Gamepad confirmed for not being dropped I see a lot of people being butt-mad that the Gamepad needs to be dropped. Yeah I get it, some of you may not enjoy the controller but I personally like it as it's great when used properly and it saves you a lot of money from having to buy a mic(The prices of those are crazy dumb). Plus if it was dropped, plenty of games like ZombiU won't work unless they did updates.



sdcazares1980 said:

@Chris720 Yeah, ok, it sucks to be a early adopter, I get that. But the main point is that Microsoft should have NEVER sold the Xbox One with the Kinect, which unarguably made the system more expensive.



Chris720 said:

@sdcazares1980 Agreed. Even Sony took the best route and left the Move out of it and left it as an optional extra for everyone. Microsoft have given up and U-turned so many times with the One it's getting ridiculous.

At least Nintendo can ride the gimmick train and get away with it, but not this time.



FubumblR said:

Personally, off-TV play is well worth the price of admission; if there were no other use for the Gamepad I'd still be very happy.

Yeah, sure it could've been sold as an optional peripheral, but it's a little late to turn back now.



Yorumi said:

@Chris720 the only main point I would say about the gamepad and gimmick is if it stays as it is now yeah it is mostly a gimmick but it is possible to utilize in a non-gimicky way. You could enhance gameplay and make it just as essential to gaming as an analogue stick but right now nintendo isn't. Sadly right now it doesn't look like nintendo has any real plans to make use of it.



JGer said:


I'm not sure anyone here actually dislikes the gamepad in and of itself. In fact, I think most people would agree that it's useful and has some great features. However, the point is that Nintendo should not force us to buy it. For some gamers, it's worth the extra money. For some, it is not. Although E3 might change my mind on this, I haven't seen anything that - for me, personally - would justify spending an extra $100 for. So why should I forced into buying one?

Look, I understand the difficult logistics. The OS would need to be changed, and some games would be unplayable. But you know what? Fine! I wouldn't play those games. And I understand that dropping the gamepad would divide the user base in two. But what's more important here? Keeping the user base as a single entity or turning the Wii U and its dismal future around?



Iggly said:

@JGer While I understand that people don't want to be forced to have a Gamepad, you're not really reducing the price a lot as the Pro Controller is 50 dollars. Honestly the only reason why I can see the Wii U gaining sales by dropping the Gamepad is the amount bashing it has gotten and how not much developers have been using the Gamepad to its fullest.



Psyclone said:

the gamepad is part of the reason I bought a Wii U, I come home late at night after work and I don't like to disturb other peoples sleep so I start playing off screen, people who say they haven't made use of the gamepad either don't own a Wii U, played enough games or are just blind.... ever wonder why sony and ms are now trying to use a second screen?



FilmerNgameR said:

The game pad is freakin' convenient to have if someone wants to use the tv. It's nothing that other consoles have which makes Nintendo more unique so please just show us Zelda U already. lol



FJOJR said:

I don't like the fact that it's almost 2 years since the Wii U was announced and the definitive Gamepad killer app has yet to be produced. Wii Sports launched the Wii and Skyward Sword took the Wii Remote to the next level. Sad that we may not see them build on that for a few years.



Bizzyb said:

The gamepad Is the only thing that makes this generation stand out as next gen. Why on earth would anyone take that away??



JaxonH said:

The 3DS XL retails for $200 without a game. The Wii U retails for $300 WITH a game. Which basically puts the price at around $250 for just the console. If you consider the 8GB model, then the system is really only costing $200. So it's ALREADY priced equivalent to the 3DS. Removing the gamepad will not work, because Nintendo cannot out-price it's meager handheld with an HD console capable of full high definition. You can't sell a dinky little handheld that isn't even as powerful as a Gamecube, for more money than a full HD home console that comes with a controller (even a Pro Controller) and a game.

People have taken this whole gamepad thing too far. Regardless if you want to pay for it or not, you're going to if you want to play Nintendo games in HD. Not everyone uses backwards compatibility, but I don't hear people complaining about it raising the cost of the console over something they don't want to pay for.

The gamepad is included as an integral part of the system. Like it or not, it's a package deal. Same as backward compatibility, same as online functionality, same as any other part of the system a person may or may not use.

Not sure where all the accusations of "it hasn't had a definitive use yet" come from. How has it NOT? Wii Sports Club had a definitive use. Wonderful 101 had a definitive use. ZombiU had a definitive use. Pikmin 3, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Rayman Legends all had a definitive use. Almost every multiplat on the system had a definitive use. I'm not sure what people are expecting. What exactly do people want to see it used for that it hasn't been used for already? Answer me that, and I'll concede the point. What integral use has the gamepad not achieved already in one game or another? The gamepad has been used much more than the second screen on 3DS, but I don't hear anyone complaining about the bottom screen needing to be removed because they don't want to pay for it, or because it hasn't seen a 'definitive use' yet.

In any case, it's a moot point. The gamepad isn't going anywhere, like it or not, so might as well stop fussing about it, cause it's not gonna change anything. The Wii U is what it is. But I, personally, will rue the day I have to give up my gamepad. Every time I pop in a PS4 game, it feels weird that I don't have a second screen. For all the criticism over the gamepad being used for menus and maps, I absolutely HATED having to pause Metal Gear Solid V every time I wanted to check my map location. It's the little things. Don't know what you've got until it's gone. Nothing reminds me of that fact more vividly than when I play my other consoles.



Okumei said:

Why can't Nintendo go back to focusing on standard controllers like they did with the Gamecube? I just want a classic Nintendo experience, no gimmicks attached.



unrandomsam said:

@JaxonH They u-turned on the 3D. Even the NFC part they could mandate the purchase of the external one (That the 3DS is going to use) or a Gamepad both at large markups.

The one place I would like to use it (In the Garden) I think its very unlikely it will have the range.



JaxonH said:


Just because a controller doesn't fit into the 30 year old formula of status quo, doesn't make it a gimmick. And an LCD screen certainly isn't a gimmick. A gimmick is a trick utilized to help sell something. The screen isn't a trick, it's a feature. Don't like it? I have terrific news for you. You don't have to look at it. The button layout is still the archaic input device you've been using for the last several decades, rest assured. And if you don't like the added weight, which I could understand if that was the case, there is the Pro Controller. That's the really awesome thing about the Wii U. It has multiple controller options for almost every game. You like the gamepad? Awsome, use it. You like the same old twin analogue input device that's been around the block and then some? No problem, use it. You like motion controls or the Wiimote/Nunchuk setup? Ok then, go for it. Everyone gets to use the controller they like.



SamirMalik said:

@Peach64 "Offer a new SKU without one" thats gonna be a HUGE finger to people who actually want to START their newly unused console as the first time startup screen is GP only. And thats before the updating.

"want to start your €250 console for the first time? Then fork over €100 more to do so."

Sounds like EA



Lalivero said:

I don't personally see much going on for Off-TV play, but I guess that's due to me not having to share a TV.

@Iggly Well $50 saved is still $50 saved.

@JaxonH Isn't just saying to use the Pro Controller or whatever a good argument for offering a gamepad-less bundle as well though? Sure, some games might be unplayable but it's pretty obvious that those who are arguing for its removal have no interest in what is (currently) being offered anyways.

That's kind of admitting that the Gamepad should be an alternative. :x

@SamirMalik Couldn't they just make a little workaround though? It'd be pretty...questionable to sell a new console in an unusable state.



PastorPerales said:

I personally love the gamepad and really appreciate what it has brought to the gaming table in terms of off-screen play and, although not utilised enough, asymmetrical gameplay. I'm proud of Nintendo for sticking to their guns and have high hopes they'll announce some excellent software at E3! Go Nintendo!!!



blaisedinsd said:

This article is non-sense. Making the gamepad mandatory has little to do with the success of these strategies.

A Wii sports? That was a launch game. We have seen years now of Nintendo trying and failing to make the gamepad appealing, why is that going to change? NFC? Comon now, 3DS does not have NFC but that doesn't stop them from having NFP on 3DS does it?

Making the gamepad appealing is making the gamepad appealing. What is foolish is saying everyone has to buy the gamepad (and use it when not neccessary as well) and the appeal of the gamepad is the only thing being counted on to save the Wii U. So they haven't been trying to make the gamepad appealing since launch?

Let people buy a "core system" to play games like Mario Kart and you have a win win situation. The gamepad doesn't die because it is still cool and it is still loved and it is still better than kinect....some people just don't want/need it and probably will pass on the console all together.

A $200 Mario Kart bundle with no gamepad would help the Wii U a lot more than a $330 Mario Kart bundle with a gamepad....if Nintendo can't see that they are simply being stubborn or foolish or both.



JaxonH said:


No, the gamepad shouldn't be an alternative. Because the system was designed with the second screen integration. Therefore the alternative controllers should be the ones the system wasn't designed around.

The minute you make a feature a side dish, you relegate it to irrelevance. And I enjoy the gamepad integration in games. I don't want to see that taken away, which is what will almost certainly happen down the line after millions of console owners do not have the second screen.



SamirMalik said:

@Chriiis Yeah. Make even MORE hardware just to fix a tid-bit that breaks nothing. Doesn't that sound like a waist of time and money only to cause MORE confusion? Plus I have ideas for the pad. Others do to. There's an RTS coming to the console as well as the fact that its been 2 years. Think about the software that came out during that life span that has gamepad only sections.



JaxonH said:

The Wii Mini stripped out online and backward compatibility to cut down cost. But it came near the end of the generation.

I wouldn't be opposed to a pad-less option, but only AFTER this generation has reached it's end. Because at that point, the games have already utilized the pad. You take it out prematurely, you render all future titles to single screen experiences with an off-TV play option for those with the accessory. Contrary to popular belief, most games (all but three by my count) up to this point use the pad for something OTHER than off-TV play. You remove the pad, you remove those features from all future games.

You don't just start stripping out core features to cut price any time you're experiencing low sales. There may be a small handful of fansite gamers who would only buy a Wii U without a gamepad, but I promise you for the average Joe, $330 WITH a game is not going to be an issue. Like, at all. Because if they're shopping for a new home console, that's the cheapest there is. And they already know what to expect when it comes to price. $330 with a game is still much more appealing than $400 without a game, or heaven forbid, $500 without a game.



Yoshis_VGM said:

Taking away the GamePad will destroy the Wii that point it will literally just be Wii HD. I personally love the GamePad and I'm still looking forward to the game in which the GamePad shines.



Lalivero said:

@JaxonH I wasn't actually personally suggesting to take it out but I do get why it seems pointless to numerous others and, in their minds, should be an alternative.

I guess it is up to this E3 to see if the makers themselves will do anything meaningful and new with it.

@SamirMalik Wait...what? Not a completely new console but a workaround that would allow the console to start-up without the gamepad.

Besides, you don't think it's already confusing? With how little has been done to actually utililise it well(I'm talking about that actually requires it), especially by Big N itself, it wouldn't really add confusion, just still look like an add on. I know people who I've tried to explain it to who STILL think the gamepad is just a 'neat Wii add-on', rather than being a new console that the gamepad is a big part of.



JaxonH said:

I actually think people are putting way too much focus on the Gamepad, as if 100 million casual gaming customers see the console and think to themselves "if only it DIDN'T have a screen on the controller so it could cost $50 less... Oh well, guess I'll just plop twice this amount on an Xbox then".



PuppyToucher said:

I love the gamepad but in all honesty if MarioKart 8 doesn't move units I can see a gamepadless bundle for Smash Bros so that Nintendo can make it's sales target for this fiscal year. If they don't do it with Smash and they ride this FY out and don't sell 3.6 million I can definitely see them pulling the plug on the gamepad this time next year unless Zelda U greatly utilizes it.

Hopefully NFC is going to be the killer app the Wii U and the gamepad need, because I don't see MarioKart or Smash making too great of a splash because you can get similar experiences on a handheld like the 2ds for $99 at a lot stores. Nintendo's handheld and not the other consoles is its biggest competition because it has very similar games for much less and for most people the handheld is all they need to get their Nintendo fix.

I hope Nintendo in its upcoming games make online a priority like they are doing for Mario Kart 8 and Smash, because Japan is the only place where local gaming is more of a focus than online gaming and if the sales of the Wii U and the PS4 are any indication Japan is not too interested in consoles.

That leaves the West. I think if Starfox, F-Zero, Metroid, and Pokemon were released for the Wii U with steller single player campaigns, and fully fleshed out online modes then those games would do a lot to move hardware. I know most people are going to say those games are not system sellers, but they are to core gamers, a crowd which Nintendo hasn't tapped into, and you need to get more core gamers on board before you are going to be able to get the causals back. And with online features I think they could sell a surprising amount, especially if all those games plus Zelda U come out next year.



Captain_Toad said:

I can't convince everyone to love the gamepad But I find it stupid to remove a gamepad for a cheaper price, when a $100 more console is selling more than the WiiU, plus a cheaper white model has sold less than the more expensive black model AND a price drop has happened somewhere else but has not improved sales either when a gamepad is making it more expensive from the cheapest console out there...... minus the oyua. I await the days when Mk8 e3 and smash 4 shows up. Peace!



miletich3 said:

Better not be mandatory for 3rd party titles. Games such as Injustice and Call Of Duty were the only ones willing to be ported.



SamirMalik said:

@Chriiis New version of the Wii U with no game pad and then people would just suddenly get more confused of what a Wii U actually is. Something that Nintendo is trying to clean up. Plus the 15m who bought it would scream the death of Nintendo.
And again there are games with "GP Blocked" progression points. Many in fact like Rayman or ZombiU. Even Wonderful 101 puzzles. iIn the end its too late. Its either stick with your guns that you used or wimp out and be killed and we both know that Nintendo doesn't like to wimp out. Plus E3 is coming up. I'd like to see how Intelligent Systems and ATLUS are gonna make SMTxFE to be like because Intelligent Systems is intelligent.



bizcuthammer said:

I love the GamePad. I live in a one-TV household, so if it weren't for the Gamepad and off-Tv play, i'd barely get any play time for my console games. The GamePad may not be as intuitive or innovative as the Wii Remote was, but i like it more.

I will agree, though, that it has yet to be used properly. Its uniqueness goes mostly unused except for in a few select titles like Nintendo Land, ZombiU, Wii Party U and Game & Wario. Most key first party games offer no meaningful GamePad features other than off-TV play. Mario Kart 8 and SM3DW make little us of it, and DKCTF just flat out shuts the second screen off completely. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for your product there, Nintendo.

Good news is that Ninty seems to know this, and GamePad featured games are coming. I doubt they'll save WiiU, but that doesn't mean they won't be fun and interesting, which is all i care about at this point.



bizcuthammer said:

@SamirMalik 15million? Nintendo wishes. Only 6.17 people on earth own a WiiU. If i were a betting man, i'd put money on PS4 and XBO hitting 15 million units sold before WiiU hits 10 million. Sad considering WiiU had a year's head start.



Lalivero said:

@JaxonH That second part was a response to Samir's confusion response.

I do agree though that, if there is to be a gamepad-less bundle, it'd be better suited for the end of the gen so that it'd be as cheap as it can be without really alienating anyone. By then, everyone should know their stance on whether or not it is really of use to them(particularly those who are holding out on games and such).

@PuppyToucher That's the sad thing. When they made the console and came up with this idea, where the heck did the games (that make great use of it) go? Things to utilize it should have been ready from the (near) get go, but we get plenty of first party titles that don't really do much, if at all and more on the way with MK8 and (likely) Smash, which they seem to be banking on atm.

It's like it is a message saying 'Hey, this idea(gamepad) is neat. Just for the sake of being different, let's just throw it out there anyways and hope that someone finds a use for it. In the mean time, we'll sit back with minimal usage and hope to get ideas if someone else does.'

@SamirMalik I don't really see it being too much of a problem in the current state but, yeah, it wouldn't help lower the confusion should things turn around. The confusion would be noticed from those who see the cheaper system in the future and buy it and then do want to play things like ZombiU or RL(those who aren't currently in this keep/take gamepad conversation).

As for those who are holding out on the Wii U and are knowledgeable(ex: some posters here), as mentioned before, it's clear that they aren't interested in what is currently out in regards to making the gamepad necessary anyways. I can see why they feel the way the do.



shigulicious said:

Off-TV alone makes the pad special. Also, the gamepad separates Nintendo from the other 2 consoles. They are under utilizing its potential right now sure. But the pad has LOTS of potential.



Action51 said:

@memoryman3 Said:

"Why aren't there still games for the OG Xbox? It has programmable shaders!

Because Microsoft decided to drop overall support for it.
That's it.

However, there are games that came out for Sega Dreamcast as recently as 2012-2013 with Gunlord being a notably GOOD release for the old Sega hardware. This isn't gospel or scientific's marketing 101.

Honestly though, your question was pretty stupid and I think you are aware of it (not saying YOU are stupid, because I think you are quite well aware of what you do). I applaud @Yorumi for taking the time to calmly counter your trolling and misinformation.



Action51 said:

@shigulicious - Think you describe it pretty well.

However, it is in the nature of the internet and gaming community to immediately expect everything be perfect immediately, and wish to toss aside anything that isn't immediately and obviously perfected.

Potential is a good would be a damn shame if we were less then two years into the Wii U's lifetime and already feeling we've seen everything this game-pad can do.



kevkeepsplaying said:

I really doubt NFC figures will move units. Mainly because NIntendo is being stupid about this. The appeal of Skylanders and Disney Infinity is the sandbox charm the games give off, in which you can customize your own character and send them off on your own adventure. Kids nowadays are moving on from Legos to videogames, as they enjoy the freedom to build their own characters and adventures, and these titles give them the chance to do exactly that. They have already stated that the NFC figures will unlock features and save/load information across various /already existing/ game titles. I feel that the fact that it is a feature locked to various games instead of a singular one is a big turn off, as unlike Skylanders and Disney Infinity where you have to buy a single piece of software, and branch off from there, you have to buy a Wii U, and then several figurines, only to need to buy three different games to use them all to their full advantage, not to mention what you can do to them is locked to the specific game, so whether or not certain figurines will appeal to children isn't certain. Again, children like the freedom these already existing NFC toys bring in to their game world, if they are restricted to simply moving their save files over to another Wii U through a figurine, or getting a new powerup, or more levels, I can't really see it catching too much attention. I mean, there's a CHANCE people will fall into it, but it just seems like it's going to be a really big investment to have fun with the figurines, as well as less interesting than Skylanders and DIsney Infinity, and I don't think that will be very appealing to any audience. That's just me, though. Let's hope for the best.



MamaLuigi said:

Good. I hope they push the Gamepad's capabilities to their fullest anyhow. The Kinect was terrible in every sense of the word. Gamepad has the potential to be a game-changer in the long run.



CliveWinston said:

after reading all these comments i'm simply too exhausted to add anything other than I really enjoy the gamepad...



Hortencio said:

Almost the exact thoughts I was thinking! For Better..!
(sidenote: both Pro controllers have been an extreme boon to my gaming life over the past six years; have your cake and eat it too!)



Kaizokuman said:

@Peach64 Get the MK8 bundle. People can buy a pro controller. Ever selling the Wii U without the Game pad will kill ALL future use from outside devs. They have to stick to their guns. They can make a new Wii U model with a revised Game pad but they should never get rid of it.



AVahne said:

I chose the second choice only because of my inner Nintendo fanboy, but honestly I'm not really sure about the Gamepad. It's an integral part of the Wii U, I feel (and it's excellent for Nintendo Land), but at the same I don't really use it very often for gaming. If the screen was of higher resolution and if the battery life wasn't godawful, maybe I might use it more. Of course there's the extended battery, but I don't feel like spending more money at the moment when the added battery life isn't that much.



GamerZack87 said:

I've been getting to know my Wii U for nearly a week now, and I must admit that the GamePad is brilliant! The idea of playing a home console with the TV off would never have crossed my mind in the past, and the extra features in certain games are neat as well. I'm looking forward to E3!



Mr_Video said:

Personally I haven't used the Gamepad much for off-screen play, which seems to be the biggest reasons why people love it so much. But in all honesty I haven't ever once thought, "Wow, only this could have been done with the Gamepad." when playing a game.
So far outside from what I've heard of Nintendo Land and ZombiU, no game has really used the Gamepad creatively. It kind of makes me think Nintendo just thought that combing their two successes from last gen would be a money printer but really didn't think of ideas they could pull off with it in games.
Don't get me wrong, I like my Wii U and all, but the Gamepad just feels like a missed opportunity so far. Hopefully Nintendo will put some more Gamepad focus in their games this E3.



Nomad said:

Good! And stay it should. It's an absolutely brilliant controller. Why would anyone not like it? Some gamers just need to get with the times and move past those old fashioned traditional controllers. Long live the Gamepad!



Sceptic said:

@Mr_Video Yeah, Nintendoland and ZombiU are the only ones that use it creatively. Let's face it, off-tv is great but mostly because the games were playing that way are very simple. Basically, off-tv only works if the game itself doesn't make much use of the Gamepad otherwise.

Asymmetrical local multiplayer is what makes the most convincing case for the Gamepad IMO. There, again, ZombiU and Nintendoland (especially the Ghost Hunter game) seem the only ones really using it.

I just don't know where all those devs went that worked on Nintendoland. There are so many great little ideas there that would need expanding, but it's not happening. There's not even a spark of that playful approach to the Gamepad in later games. It's mostly just ignored, or then there's some Rayman-like generic use of it.



Action51 said:

@Sceptic - Here we have the typical schizophrenic Nintendo critic:

  • Off TV is only good for "simple" games that don't use the game-pad... which are games that don't use the extra screen much anyway...and they don't have enough games that use the second screen it's mostly good for just off-screen play...

So are all games made for every console that isn't a DS/3DS/Wii U..."simple games" that would benefit from off-screen play? If so that beats one part of your argument.

If every game used extensive second screen control, then off-screen play would be something you only used in rare instances.

Why is it so important that a game has to be either "all in" second screen use, or no second screen at all?

Why is it that off-screen play isn't good?

What's wrong with using the second screen as a map, HUD, or party information in an RPG?

Wouldn't you just call it 'gimmicky" if more games did use extensive second screen functions? Really?

Did you know Lego City Undercover, The Wonderful 101, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Batman Arkham City, and several other games DO make more use of the game-pad then just maps and HUD?

Honestly, let's face facts: We're having this conversation because the Wii U isn't selling, not because there is actually anything wrong with the game-pad. Now before you tell me "if it were good, it would be selling better" because I'd remind you of the Dreamcast, Neo-Geo, Turbo Grafx-16, Gamecube, Vita and several other consoles that were quite good but commercial failures.



MegaWatts said:

I just hope that Nintendo show us some new stuff at E3 which makes innovative use of the GamePad. It's a great bit of kit, but so horribly underused; I remember seeing the reveal trailer at E3 and feeling so excited about the possibilities - let's hope they can find some of that magic again!



JaxonH said:


There are a couple hundred million people who buy home consoles. I'm referring to those people. The ones that actually are shopping for a home console.



PuppyToucher said:

@CrabGats I also have a feeling that Nintendo isn't going to do NFC correctly, but I am hoping they blow me away at E3. The honest truth is if Nintendo really wanted to save they Wii U they would find a way to put a core Pokemon game on the console. I really don't see why they don't push Gamefreak in that direction. All of their other big franchises are on both the portable and the console except for Pokemon.

They could easily do a Red and Blue reboot set some years in the future and add some features and it would sell amazingly. Especially if they mention that we could explore multiple regions. In my opinion Pokemon would be better on the console because it has more power so you could add in more npc's and have way more side quests and multiplayer features.



alLabouTandroiD said:

They've most certainly talked the talk, now they better walk the walk at E3.
I think they just have to show something bold then instead of basically ignoring the GamePad like in recent releases.
Personally i like the thing when it's used right and i agree that NFC could become huge for Nintendo if they got the right killer app.

Will NFC alone change people's opinions on the controller though?
Will Ninty be able to communicate their other stuff to people that only got the system for these functions?
Only time will tell.



0utburst said:

On people asking to ditch the gamepad for pro-controller, just NO. Just bundle a pro-controller along with the gamepad.

The gamepad is the only thing that can save the Wii U right now against the PS4One hardware-wise.



Grumblevolcano said:

I've used the gamepad for most games and although the screen has been used mainly just as an off-TV play screen (I prefer the controls to the pro controller), it was extremely helpful when I had TV problems over the past few weeks as I can still play the vast majority of games on Wii U without having a working TV.



Luffymcduck said:

Best game on Wii U: Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze.
Does it use the gamepad?
There's the problem. I don´t really care if they use the gamepad features, I just want good games.



Mahemoth said:

Thanks to the poll we can finally proof that haters of the gamepad concept are a minority



Rin-go said:

When people talk about the Wii you often read comments about how games forced motion controls on them where a simple button press would have been preferable. Now with the Wii U, if the GamePad isn't used for anything other than off-TV play people say that they could very well just scrap it. I don't get it.

Also, with these topics there is often the notion that they don't even know what to do with it. The thing is though, if you develop a device you have to know what usage you want out of it. There is testing and all this involved. Some of the prototypes might have been much different from what became the actual GamePad. So I would think some concepts were developed long before release.



Pod said:


Indeed, but it was much the same with the Wii Remote a lot of the time.

Underused or just used in the wrong way.



JimLad said:

The gamepad has always had potential, but potential is just a word unless it turns into something.
The cold hard fact is that Nintendo themselves are not even bothering to make use of it anymore in their games.
The only arguments I ever see for it's case are:
-Off TV Play
-Off TV Browsing (get a tablet)
-Navigating menus slightly faster (really?)
-Maps & Inventory
-"I'm loving mine!" (good for you)

I'm actually glad they tried the idea, it's what I love about them.
But enough is enough, it clearly HASN'T worked and they need to swallow their pride like Microsoft before it's too late.



JimLad said:

Also to everyone saying the game pad is their main selling point,
I say no.

Nintendo games are their main selling point.
Always have been.



xevious said:


Have you actually read any of the recent news regarding Nintendo's plans for E3? It's going to be new, Gamepad focused content all the way, and that's EXACTLY what they should do. The problem with the Gamepad is that so far it hasn't been used very creatively, making it more or less a dead weight. The solution: start using it creatively. Simple as that.



SKTTR said:

I'm really not buying Nintendo consoles for Nintendo games anymore. I bought the Wii U because it's the best console with the best features and the funniest games on the market right now.
Of course I'm totally sold on the low priced indie games (the true future of innovative and fresh hardcore gaming) and I'm not going back playing consoles without a GamePad. It's that good!

When people finally realise how great it is XboxOne and PS4 have to copy the WiiU GamePad.



Vriess said:

The only reason for which I really like the gamepad is for off-screen play! But that fun is being suppressed by the serious lack of retro VC titles...



Warbeard said:

The only thing wrong with the GamePad is nintendo's support of it, which I have no words for. After their decision to thoroughly support it and make use of it, they release DKTF - let's face it, they could easily have included some levels a-la the DK levels in NintendoLand, those were awesome - and now MarioKart, which uses it as a horn. I have no words that can adequately express my criticism of Nintendo's failure to utilize their own strongest feature.

The only semi-positive thing to take from this is that it always takes them time to pick up speed - it took a long while before the Wii made good use of its controller, it took a long time for the 3DS to receive proper support, and the Wii U will get the same, in time.



GreatPlayer said:

I have another TV in my room. I am not using the off-TV gameplay.

I found it ironic that many Nintendo games do not make use of the gamepad as much as some of their third parties (Rayman Legends, Sonic Transformed, Zombie U). Sonic Lost World was actually accused of forcing the use of gamepad in certain sections of the game, although the control actually works fine for me.

I actually think that Wii Fit U reveals the problem of using gyroscope within the gamepad for orientating directions in the game. Often the camera just swings around uncontrollably.



8bitforever said:

@DarkKirby BINGO, the first real answer that is true for me for sure. I passed on PS4 to get WiiU and I wish I hadn't and now will end up buying a PS4 for sure. I love Nintendo but from the N64 on they just keep messing up and allowing Microsoft and Sony to move ahead. N64 used cartridges instead of CDs, GameCube used those tiny discs instead of DVD, the Wii was underpowered by a mile, and now they release the WiiU underpowered again. People won't buy another console from them unless it is amazing and at this point I don't know that they can deliver. Don't forget that Playstation now starts this summer and allows streaming of PS3 games to PS4 and Vita. That could be a huge hit and be the final nail in Nintendo's coffin.



ZenTurtle said:

I've always wondered... What exactly IS asymmetrical gameplay? Can someone explain the concept, without the language of Nintendo's adverts?



oreqano said:

Besides online communities, I've never heard anyone say they wouldn't buy the Wii U because of the Gamepad. Most are underwhelmed by the specs, compare them to PS4's and XboxOne's, and never look back. I understand but don't agree with this behavior.



Big_L91 said:

@Peach64 i wonder if people felt that nintendo should ditch wii remotes last gen too. early wii games made terrible use off pointer and motion controls, so much so that i stopped using it in favour of other consoles for some time. but by the time the wii was finishing up there had been really incredible games that blew me away with how different they felt to anything else and more importantly could not have been done without it.

it takes time to develop groundbreaking software we've seen glimpses of whats possible in nintendoland, game and wario, wii party u and others. even games that dont use it to its fullest have cool little touches like windwakers menus or being able to write your name in the sand or pet plessie in 3d world.

plus nintendos already said that some games built entirely around the use of the gamepad are being shown at e3. just give them chance the gamepad IS what makes the wii u unique and im sure youll be eating your words come the 10th june.



Kirk said:

I think the GamePad was/is an excellent idea in principle but I genuinely don't think Nintendo [has] realized that idea anywhere near as well as it could have.

I can see a future where you'd be able to use a controller similar to this on some future console and have 4 of them at once for some amazing local multi-player gaming/entertainment experiences. In that same imagined future, the controller is slightly more ergonomically comfortable, has a much longer battery life, utilizes both stylus input and multi-touch, has analog on one of the sets of triggers and can actually be used for off-tv play anywhere in your house rather than just within a few feet of the console box for the most part...

I also imagine a piece of software for that console/controller that let's you create artwork, animations, music and even full "indie" style games on it; using the touchscreen and stylus as a perfect interface for drawing sprites, creating resources and editing files etc. Then being able to publish your creations onto some online service/store where all the other Wii U owners could download them, with both free and paid options, and then watch, use, listen to, play and even edit them further. Basically, like a complete version of the Mario Artist Creation Suite that was once in development for Nintendo 64DD but now on Wii U and realized in all it's glory and to it's full potential.

If that were the current GamePad, features and services, I believe the Wii U would actually be winning the console race right now.

Unfortunately, it isn't.



Scon said:

@ZenTurtle: Zelda: Four Swords Adventures, Pac-Man Vs., FF: Crystal Chronicles and Nintendo Land are good examples of Asymmetrical Gameplay.



ZenTurtle said:

I think I sort of understand what you mean now, thanks.
That makes me want a remake of Four Swords Adventures- it was such an under-appreciated game... THAT would entice people to buy a Wii U, too.



Sean_Aaron said:

Flexibility is the main selling point of the Gamepad in my mind: being able to access the console without turning on a TV is a pretty big deal, even if you're not playing a game. This is even more true given it extends to playing Wii games.

Using it in games has been great. I don't need it to have special features, but doing things as basic as operating in-game menus just feels right to me. I cannot imagine going back to simple joypad controls after playing games with motion/pointer controls and now a touchscreen which provides an extra window into a game world. Why on earth would you want to turn the clock back like that?



SamirMalik said:

@oreqano Nor do I since 90% of consumers do absolutely NOTHING with the specs! I can understand PCs (which is scalable in an over the top kind of way just for certain software to run) But consoles? You have GOT to be kidding me!!!



SamirMalik said:

@JimLad The touch screen is required to boot the first OS setup. Kinect is not required. Its been too late since December 2012. Plus there are sections of games that use the touch to progress so removing the pad would be like asking €100 just to continue your game. Sounds like a grEAt idea.



UnseatingKDawg said:

I am pretty content with what I use my Game Pad for - Off-TV Play. But I'd love to see where this NFC thing is going.



MrWu said:

Given the sales weakness of the Wii U, it is hard to say the GamePad is a success, but certainly it's something I've come to enjoy quite it bit.

The pad is on its doc next to my PC and I can turn on my Wii U quite comfortably and glance over.

The technology is quite interesting and knowing Nintendo,i can see this kind of streaming tech be deployed in future consoles. It could also work as a wearable/non wearable tech.

Carry a 3DS sized unit around, but it will stream the video and audio into a smaller device, maybe just a glass screen, or a small watch like screen.



faustcoolio said:

I wish it was possible to log in using wiimote instead of game pad, my family prefers wiimotes over gamepad and it's annoying that we forced to use it . people should have option to buy wiiu without gamepad



audiobrainiac said:

I'm still quite pleased with the gamepad. Its my favorite controller. Can't wait to see what it can really do!



Jaz007 said:

I certainly hope they don't avadon it. And in they do, I'll say for sure I wish I hadn't bought a Wii U. Buying it at launch is something I already have to wonder about. Doing this would make it an underpowered PS4, without as many features, no PS Plus, and a far inferior controller that lacks the same innovation level or fine tuning/engineering. (DS4 has the touchpad) (that's standered at least, no major game could require it)



biglittlejake said:

I wonder if the Wii U gamepad is the reason no one wants to make games for NIntendo? The gamepad is kind of useless to me. I just use as as a Controller. Legend of Zelda Wind Waker might have been the best use of it the gamepad showed the map. Otherwise just one really expensive controller.



Action51 said:

@Kirk - Actually, have you seen what people are creating with the Art Academy sketchpad on Wii U?

Let's face it, that's one small $4.00 app that nobody talks about because it's a niche application that isn't a massive retail release...but it let's you do some amazing things that you could not do without the game-pad.

Being someone who has worked with traditional art media, Art Academy sketchpad does a pretty amazing job of emulating how charcoal, colored pencils, etc. work on paper.

As far as the animation aspect - that would have to be something different then Art Academy, or an add-on...but it's certainly something they could add or create.

@faustcoolio - when you say log in, I guess you mean use you want to use the Wii-motes to switch Nintendo network IDs? Because I know you can use the Wii Motes to fire up the console and use almost every game or application.



retro_player_22 said:

Don't know why most people want Nintendo to get rid of the Game Pad, it's the most important controller for the system and if developers are creative enough, they could create something innovate with the controller in mind.



Action51 said:

@retro_player_22 - I think most people want them to keep the game pad.

There are a small minority of Wii U owners who genuinely don't like the game pad..which is fine. Then there is a small but very vocal online group who either haven't tried it, think they are amateur Michael Pachter's (and are frequently as wrong), or just Nintendo haters who would hate the game pad if it ended world hunger.



Esiwlwo said:

I love the gamepad, and what it does, but obviously it needs to do more. My only issue is, how limited the console becomes, when you don't use it. I recently had to go 2 weeks without it.
No eShop, No Netflix, No system settings, No mii's, No Youtube, No browser bookmarks, and the list goes on.
I felt stuck, despite having, pro controller, and wiimote. Just seems really backwards.



hYdeks said:

They dont need to ditch the gimmicy gamepad, just add a normal pro controller along with the bundle to make people happy. Honestly, Microsoft is smart to make a 2nd bundle without the Kinect, so maybe Nintendo should be smart too and make two bundles, one with just the gamepad and one with the gamepad and a pro controller, just to make those people that are sick of gimmicy stuff and just want a normal controller can finally stop b****ing and have no excuse not to get a Wii U, cause lets face it, some people are holding back from getting a Wii U cause they see no point in that expensive (not to mention not available in stores) gamepad.



Action51 said:

@Esiwlwo - I read your post and I thought that was strange so I tested it out:

Actually you can use the Internet browser and Mii Verse with just the Pro Controller or Wii mote. In fact, it's almost as easy to use the Wii mote pointer to type in text as the game pad.

You can't do system settings which sorta makes sense or use the You Tube app without it, which is weird.



TheAdza said:

It would be a lot of work to make the Wii U come packaged without the Gamepad. Every game released up to now would have to have some kind of update that allowed it to play without it, or mention that it needs it for use. Also all the games already out there at retail would need repackaging or stickers added, which would be a monumental task.

I see the good it could do, lower the price, up the install base, but it's too late now. If it was an optional extra at the start, it could have been done, and maybe found more success, but as it stands now, Nintendo are right sticking to their guns. They really have no other easy choice anyway.

I for one love the Gamepad. Off TV play is awesome. Browsing the web and the eShop and Miiverse wouldn't be the awesome experience it is without it. When it comes to actual in game use it has been lacklustre to say the least, bar a couple of good uses in a couple of games. Lego City a Undercover springs to mind. I would really like a sequel to Lego City. I have found that game to be superior to all the other Lego games that have come before and after that release, except for it only being single player.

Anyway, it's always shown more promise than actual benefit, so I can see why this argument keeps popping up, especially in the wake of Microsofts recent backflip. If only there was a way to keep it and lower the cost of the unit to get it selling. The only way that I think the idea will sell is if it gets to that critical mass where once enough people have it and it becomes mainstream enough to accept the Gamepad as a useful tool, then it will take off even more. But I don't think Nintendo have the gumption to get it there to that point. I think it's great, but I am just one voice among many who don't care for the thing. It's Nintendos job to get it into people's hands and get them to love it, not mine.



Esiwlwo said:

Yes, you are correct, I've actually been enjoying the "wiimote typing", and you can surf the web, I just rely on my bookmarks quite a bit. What bothers me really, is that I'm not able to get on the eShop and give Nintendo my money, without the gamepad...really? Not to mention, I'm cut off, from using a streaming service I pay for, though I understand that's not totally their fault. Either way I'm still enjoying my vc games and all my wii stuff, so really it's a minor issue for me, just took me by surprise, is all.



Kirk said:


Now just imagine if Nintendo had an entire suite of "Apps" like this, that all worked together; where you could create art, compose music, make animations, build 2D/3D assets and even make full games (not AAA games obviously but more like indie titles), using the unique features and functionality of the Wii U GamePad that looks almost custom made for such things. Or maybe one single "App" that has all of that combined in different modules or whatever...

Imagine you could upload all your creations to some kind of official online store/service, where other Wii U and maybe even 2DS/3DS owners could view, watch, listen to, play and even edit them if they wanted and maybe you/they could even choose to sell them for a small fee too. So there would be a mix of both free and paid creations (that you, the Wii U owner, could possibly even make some money on)...

Imagine, for a second, if that "App" came bundled in with every single Wii U console day one...

Now, consider for one second that Nintendo itself basically had the start of this idea way back in the days of the Nintendo 64DD, with it's Mario Artist creation suite and yet 14 years later there's basically still nothing quite like it on Wii U; a platform and indeed a controller that almost seems tailor made for such a thing imo...

A thing that imo would be the kind of system selling software/service that shows off EXACTLY how unique and amazing the Wii U GamePad is, the versatility if can offer, and is exactly the kind of true GamePad showcase and USP the Wii U is sorely in need of...

This is the kind of trick Nintendo is missing imo.



Sceptic said:

@Action51 I'm not entirely sure I understand how what you're saying is a reply to my post. What you describe is the dilemma any device faces with the game pad: either you make it a part of the core experience and lose off-tv capability (because you need the separate game pad screen to play) or you use it in a more limited way so the game can be played off-tv. By design, you simply can't have both, because the game pad, on its own, is a single screen.



earthboundlink said:

@Darknyht It seems to me that Square has kind of let the FFCC series die out, which is too bad. I liked that universe. I thought it had a lot of character and potential, but the games were always one level of depth short of amazing (always a little too brawler-heavy with overly simple puzzles). Wii U would be a perfect vehicle for reinvigorating the FFCC series with some cool features. Maybe move it to more of an RTS (Final Fantasy meets Pikmin or Battalion Wars) or RPG with more real time features (à la Child of Light).

Nintendo and Square, you work so well together: Bring us a Crystal Chronicles reboot!



electrolite77 said:

There's no option that expresses my opinion

It should have been an optional extra from the start with a better quality screen as Nintendo wouldn't have had to skimp to keep costs down. The system could have come with a Pro Controller (with analogue triggers!) and sold for significantly less, and the Gamepad could have been sold as an optional HD Off TV Play module. We would have avoided this awkward halfway house where games like Lego City are unavailable for Off TV Play, those who didn't want the Gamepad wouldn't have to buy one and there'd be less pressure to shoehorn in Gamepad features like the ludicrous Blowing and Swiping bits in SM3DW.

However, we can't change history and there is absolutely no point in getting rid of it now. It would further confuse the market already confused by its inclusion anyway, games would need to be patched to take out Gamepad functionality and the chance to sell a load of Wii U's cheap before the competing machines come out has gone. Taking it out simply isn't an option.



Marioman64 said:

um... duh? the gamepad is fantastic. choose to use it, or not. play on the tv, or not (if someone's hogging it), or use both to interact with each other. plus it's got not only an accelerometer and gyroscope, but also a magnetic thing that improves 1-1 motion and allows for some innovative gameplay



Excep7ional said:

@Imagamerboi A couple of reasons.

To elaborate on that

  • No faith in Nintendo
  • less powerful system when compared to PS4/X1
  • Some of its exclusive games don't appeal to people
  • Severe lack of 3rd party support
  • Negative stigma regarding the Wii U in all of its entirety
  • Absence of some online functions
  • Or maybe people just don't like the Wii U period

I think I got them all, though I could be missing some, but you get the point.



Imagamerboi said:

Ok to continue this thought
-There is quite a bit of third party support from sega, indie companies, Ubisoft, and plenty more
-So mario isn't popular anymore if nobody cares about his exclusives?

  • Mario kart 8 and ssb have a lot of faith
  • Wii u has better graphics than Xbox One
    I will though agree with the online part.


xerneas said:

I like the gamepad really, it's kinda like DS for having two screens and in addition it's got motion sensor and all. There's so much they could do with it, I hope they'll figure something out. It would be stupid and cowardly to back off now!



Haywired said:

I get the feeling we'll be hearing about the Wii U Gamepad's "potential" and "that one killer-app that will change everything" until its last day.

"Krusty is coming, Krusty is coming, Krusty is coming..."



mjc0961 said:

NFC? Let then release a $20 USB dongle for NFC and kill the GamePad. It's useless and is just a thorn in the side of everyone who just wants to play games. The only other example of it doing something in this article is Wii Sports Club Golf. Having to put the gamepad on the floor to see the golf ball is not making the gamepad worthy of existing. I was never playing Wii Sports on the original Wii and thinking "Man, this would be so much better if I had a little screen on the floor showing me a golf ball." And now that I've played it on Wii U, I'm certainly not saying "Man, that was so much better with a little screen on the floor showing me a golf ball."

"In many ways, Nintendo should be applauded for sticking to its guns and not following Microsoft's dithering. Dropping Kinect was the right move but the reputation of the Xbox One has been damaged by the many turnarounds committed by the American giant, and regaining the respect of the average gamer is difficult"

These are clearly the words of a blatant fanboy. No, Nintendo should not be applauded for sticking to its guns in regards to bad business decisions. Microsoft should be applauded for trimming the fat and listening to consumers. This time last year, there was no way I would have ever considered buying an Xbone, but with all the reversals of the policies and decisions that were keeping me away, it's now highly likely that I'll buy one.

What has Nintendo done to change the minds of people who don't want to buy a Wii U? ... Ah yes, that's right. Nothing. Nintendo has stuck its fingers in its ears and started screaming "LALALA WE CAN'T HEAR YOU WE KNOW BETTER THAN YOU WE WILL DO WHAT WE WANT" and Wii U sales continue to be nearly non-existent because of it. Nintendo needs to get on Microsoft's level and start doing some reversals to get people on board with the Wii U. Gaining the respect of the average gamer is difficult, especially if you do absolutely nothing like Nintendo is doing. Microsoft may be giving the Xbone a bad reputation among fanboys who were never going to buy one anyway because it doesn't say "Nintendo" or "Sony" on it, but among regular gamers who care more about playing great games than brand loyalty, Microsoft is doing all the right things to get people to finally buy an Xbone. The always online DRM is gone. The mandatory Kinect raising the price by $100 is gone. All they need to do is show some fantastic exclusive games at E3 and I'll be buying myself one of those Kinect free Xbones this June.

Meanwhile, Nintendo still needs to move mountains to get people to buy Wii Us. Among all the complaints I've heard from people who don't have a Wii U and see no reason to get one right now, "needs more NFC games" was not one of the things holding them back. A backwards online system that ties digital purchases to the hardware instead of an account, lack of online in many games, an overpriced console due to the inclusion of a gamepad that even Nintendo doesn't know what to do with (again, NFC can easily be given to all with a cheap USB dongle, the gamepad is not needed for this and Nintendo continues to struggle justifying why we need a giant controller with a screen on it over a regular controller), and continuing to rehash old IP instead of creating new ones. These are the things potential Wii U owners want to see, and Nintendo refuses to do them. They're having a much harder time gaining the respect of the average gamer with their stubbornness than Microsoft is with their 180s.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'd now happily buy the "Xbox One Eighty", and I wish I could have an awesome Wii U-ie to sit next to it instead of the same old tired, unwanted by gamers Wii U I already own.

@Haywired Yep, we'll continue to hear that as long as Nintendo is too stubborn to change and there are fanboys willing to defend Nintendo's stubbornness.



mjc0961 said:

@Marioman64 I would choose not to use it, but Nintendo doesn't allow that choice. I can't visit the eShop or adjust system settings without it, and I can't even use basic software like Wii Sports Club or Wii Fit U without having the gamepad handy just so I can put it on the floor for no good reason or have it tell me "put the gamepad down and step on the balance board because that is the controller for this game" every single time I launch one of the mini-games.

Why can't I use the pro controller for this so I can have a smaller, lightweight controller that doesn't need to be plugged back in ever 5 minutes? Oh, because Nintendo doesn't let me. I have no choice, so please don't tell me I can "choose not to use it".

As for allowing for innovative gameplay... Where? Where are these games that allow me to use the gamepad for innovative gameplay? I can't find them because nobody, not even Nintendo, has made them.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Hmm, I suppose Kinect now gets thrown into the same bin as hoverboards, flying cars, self-lacing shoes, and "Queen Diana" as things "Back to the Future 2" got wrong in its predictions for 2015. Perhaps using your hands isn't such a "baby's toy," after all.



AshFoxX said:

This reminds me of a purchase decision I made yesterday. I was at Best Buy and they had a PS4 there with a demo for Lego Marvel. I played the demo, enjoyed it, and decided I wanted the game for Wii U since my library is a little smaller than on PS3, my other supported system I own. The Wii U version was on sale too, but it only had support for gamepad and wiimote+nunchuck. No Pro Controller. Bummer...

We bought the PS3 version because while I am the only one who doesn't mind using the wiimote+nunchuck, my wife and roomate both hate it. They love the gamepad, though.



MegaBeedrill said:

Let me say one thing.. "Innovation"

That's the key to what most gamers like, some kind of twist to a new game or console from it's previous family member. However it may work for better.. or for worse.. you can have a good idea, and successfully make it, but it depends on who wants it.. and who even needs it.

Microsoft certainly did innovate with the kinect. It was a creative idea that no body else thought of and it worked accordingly. The technology was outstanding, and it definitly put pressure on other companies competing for technology.. however.. thing is.. it sucked. Kinect was technology you'd picture in 100 years later from now.. microsoft succeeded in doing that now, but no body enjoyed it.. no body liked it.. nobody needed it.. it was a pain to use.. I don't know about you guys but I think it's easier to push a button then yell "Xbox! Do this.. Xbox, do that!.. Xbox, turn off before parents see!"

In that case innovation was there beyond genius minds but the appeal of it afterward failed miserably. Just cause you think the technology is out of this world doesn't mean it's enjoyable. That's what we want.. innovative work, and enjoyment out of it.

Nintendo on the other hand did make enjoyable innovations.. I'll have to throw a quick nit pick at the 3ds where they tried too hard with innovation on the 3D feature which nobody likes (seizure warning). It was something unnessecary and boring yet genius. The standard graphics change to the system was enough.

Nintendo was the first to create handhelds.. big hit! Nintendo was the first to create motion controls.. big hit that later other companies copied. Both these ideas were made and blown our minds with how they pulled off the technology.. and yet they were still fun, entertaining.. ah heck who am I kidding, they're amazingly addicting!

The wii u was a stretch.. they kinda did it all and they were scared of making the same mistake microsoft did. They wanted to innovate without disappointing people at the same time. They hoped of making a successful console again by combining their two biggest acheivements, a wii with motion controls, AND a handheld with improved graphics and HD. Good innovation when you think about it.. despite how easy a 6 year old could come up with the same idea.. it works splendid!

However I'm still satisfied with the wii u. Unforunantly.. this is the generation of the world where anybody ages 4 and up are usually on COD or something else for bragging rights and to show off or get even with friends.. joke is they'll rant about other gaming companies when they never played them or for that matter a game made by them and no outsiders like EA and such. I'm sure almost everybody on NL read me saying this by now.. blood and gore isn't a game.. innovation and enjoyment is.

The wii u, IMO, is a huge success, just now is not a good time for it as too many people are involved in the other direction.. xbox one and ps4 were released right around the corner. If the wii u was made years earlier.. without a doubt it'd have just as many or more sales then the wii.

I'm glad the wii u gamepad is staying. You don't HAVE to use it either if you don't like it (atleast hopefully for most games). And what difference does it make anyway.. I find it convienant using for quick access to things like wind waker HD and such.. alot easier than the GC verison.. it's no different than a pro controller with a touch screen in the middle.



LordGeovanni said:


All I have to say is that I REALLY appreciate the 3D effects in the 3DS. I have a problem with my mind that forces me to "blur" unimportant things like a person's face. This actually causes me to also be unable to see ANY form of "created" 3D. Until the 3DS. Is that what other people see in the world? My Mind was BLOWN!



MegaBeedrill said:

@LordGeovanni Yes your mind is appost to be blown. However how often do you use it, could you live without it is the question? I know quite a few people who entirely disable it for their own safety.



HAL9000 said:

The Wii U is my favorite video game system of all time, and I've been gaming since the NES. I love being able to play off screen while my wife is working or using TV so I don't bother her. I love the drawing on miiverse. I have a Wii U at my school (I am a teacher) for afterschool videogame club, and it is hilarious seeing kids play nintendoland.



SnappyJon said:

I purchased my Wii U because I wanted to play the latest Nintendo games.

I'm more than happy it came with the Gamepad, but the Gamepad wasn't the reason I purchased the Wii U. It does, however, give the Nintendo console an upfront unique feature that makes it stand apart from the other (admittedly more powerful) 'next gen' consoles.

I've found it to be a useful feature, and I wouldn't want to be without it now.



LordGeovanni said:

I use the 3D capabilities of the 3DS every moment that I can. It is a little difficult to explain how my mind works with this but I will attempt. Imagine that you could never see the color green. Imagine that instead you saw it as some kind of mixture of yellow and blue. No "mixing" of the colors, but instead actual dots of blue mixed with dots of yellow. That is all that you EVER see. And then I hand you a pair of glasses that allow you to see green. The yellow and blue dots finally merge and produce the color green. And not just green, but all the shades of green. Light-green, Pine Green, Forest Green, Blue-Green, Etcetera... All these different colors and you were the only person to not know about them.

That is me. I REALLY cannot see 3D unless it is due to RL. Those "3D comic books" with the red and blue glasses? Never worked for me. Those new "3D Movies", never worked. THIS is the only time I can see 3D. Even the Real Life stuff I say I can see in 3D is because I manufacture the 3D image in my mind. I still see in 2D, I just have developed a way of understanding the image I am viewing. I still have no progress on artificial 3D...

Now, your question, "Could I live without it?". The answer is Yes. But why would I?



Action51 said:


I have yet to meet a person in real life that wasn't impressed with the 3D feature, or turns it off at all.

I just don't understand where this meme came really is strange to me. It's like people say: sure I like my HDTV, but I always turn off fullscreen and watch it in SD mode...or I like my new game console, but that HDMI cable got to's composite or nuthin'.

Why would anyone turn it off?
Aside from the unfounded fear-mongering that it's bad for small children.



Henmii said:


The same here! I never switch it off, I love the 3D! It may not have changed gameplay much, but it does give some extra immersion. And it doesn't give a headache like 3D movies do (well, in the beginning you get sick. But after a while your eyes have totally adapted to the 3D effect of the 3DS)!

As for the gamepad: They should stick with it, and they will! Most of the time I use off-tv play. I just like that, even if I didn't really need it. Games look amazing on the gamepad screen. Besides, I think there's still a chance that Nintendo will deliver games that REALLY utilize the gamepad! I mean: Cool gameplay ideas and stuff. Zelda Wii u perhaps?

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