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Thu 13th Feb 2014

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CliveWinston commented on Video: Watch Our Resident Songsmith Ryan Cradd...:

hmm... I actually wasn't even aware of this game until recently... used to play all the diff guitar hero games on 360 for hours on end day in and day out, back in the day... bought a PS2 just to play the original and rocks the 80s..stopped playing when my son was born in 2011, couldn't be mashing buttons while he was sleeping just dusted off GH:Metallica for old times sake, is still great fun... long story short you guys have convinced me to buy this...Yoshi's gonna have to wait



CliveWinston commented on Talking Point: Mario Kart 8 DLC is a Winning F...:

the only update I need.... when you're in the lobby after picking your course, you inevitably have to wait for the guy who lets the timer run out every race... your mii should be able to walk over to his mii and punch it in the face..



CliveWinston commented on Gallery: Enjoy a Cuteness Overload in These Ca...:

@SockoMario I for one am looking forward to this far more than Smash, as I'm not into fighting games, but I highly doubt I'm killing the WiiU as I have purchased 45 retail games and a dozen or so eshop games... Im sure Smash will be great, and anything that helps sell more consoles I'm down with, but which game will be more fun is totally a matter of opinion... and as for people who make fun of Nintendo gamers, there isn't anything I could possibly care less about...



CliveWinston commented on Guide: How to Beat Everyone Else in Mario Kart 8:

yeah what Diddy_kong said.... i'm no pro by any means, but i can hold my own, 3 stars and golds in every race etc., time trials may be more about skill, but in a random online race when you get hit and then before you can even get going you get hit again and the whole field passes you, there's not alot you can do about it....



CliveWinston commented on Review: Wii Sports Club: Baseball + Boxing (Wi...:

@JaxonH glad to see someone else is as impressed with the golf as i am, to me it's far better than the other sports, very addictive... just never seems to get boring, as it takes quite a while to master, and becoming good ( say -8 or -10 for 9 holes ) is really satisfying ... i've played it nearly every day for the last 3 months...only issue i have with it is that in local play the wiimote works flawlessly, but when i play online i'm constantly having to hit the trigger and set it down for a few seconds to try and recalibrate it as the club will slowly creep past the ball even when i hold the wiimote motionless, or the swing registers faster on the gamepad than it should... you ever have these issues or hear of it?



CliveWinston commented on Feature: Our Top 10 Wii U Retail Games - Summe...:

on this list like peeps been saying alot of gems, i own nearly all but from the list i went DKC:TF... it really is a masterpiece.... and even though complaints of being a rehash abound, i have more time in NSMBU and NSLU than i do in SM3DW, only games i've been compelled to 100% so far... but my personal favorite is Wii Sports Club Golf... i'm addicted.. it's amazing, yet too few people play it...



CliveWinston commented on Wii Sports Club Retail Version Hits North Amer...:

the golf is absolutely amazing, the only ones who don't seem to like it are the people who don't take the time to get the hang of it... it takes a minute to get a feel for the controls, but once you do it becomes extremely addictive...



CliveWinston commented on Hyrule Warriors Confirmed for 14th August in J...:

@JaxonH I'm with these guys you're cool you know what's up... and Action51 he's cool too... been on this site for about 5 months now just after i got my U, read many articles and countless posts... seems like the people with any sense at all are far outnumbered by those who can't do anything but complain... I've never owned a better console in my life, and i've owned many... it's a shame all the nonsense people spew online probably contributes to the perception that it is an inferior console, i researched Wii U alot before i bought it and didn't let the negativity sway my judgement in purchasing as i hadn't owned a nintendo console since the 64, and really wanted to play SM3DW... i've since purchased 33 games so far and couldn't be happier.. the perceived game drought hasn't affected me, i have several games i haven't even played yet 'cause i'm addicted to sports club golf lol, that game is amazing, it's a crime it doesn't have more players... oh well, keep up the good work...



CliveWinston commented on Club Nintendo Distributing Tomodachi Life Demo...:

i don't own a 3DS or have any interest in this game whatsoever, clicked on article mistakingly, then proceeded to read the comments anyways... they reminded me of when i was in grade school and the kids at lunchtime would ask you if you were gonna eat your apple crisp ( or whatever other item it looked like you weren't going to eat )...



CliveWinston commented on Here Are Five New Retail Titles Coming to Wii U:

lol at those who view this negatively... what's the difference, if it's crap, don't buy it... if you hate your Wii U sell that sob and move on to something else so we won't have to see your incessant rantings on a daily basis.... of course, surely you would still come back, as Wii U bashing is a necessity of life as is air and water...



CliveWinston commented on Video: Nintendo Shows Off The Wii U's Forthcom...:

@Action51 lol no doubt.. you just can't please some people... i'm oblivious to all the nonsense at this point, i love this console, and spend far less time singing its praises than haters that don't even own one do complaining... it'd be like me going to some old lady's knitting site to talk about how lame knitting was... that sure would be lame



CliveWinston commented on Weirdness: Best Buy Offers "Gas Cash" Promotio...:

yeah bolt_strike would lose his wager... a large percentage of those without drivers licenses wanting this game will be getting it purchased from their parents, let alone the vast number of people 16 - ? that will be getting it... I'm a dinosaur in gaming circles and I can't hardly wait for it...



CliveWinston commented on Talking Point: NFC And The GamePad Can Succeed...:

@Williaint I also like the idea of cards over figurines... I used to be into sports cards, until it got too expensive, and the market plummeted and became over-saturated, but pulling that 1 in 1000 packs auto/relic or whatever it might be sure was fun, seems like they could implement the same principle in a game, whether it be special characters or items or even bonus levels..



CliveWinston commented on Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Summary - 13t...:

Would have been nice to see more Wii U and less 3DS, but overall not too disappointed, just got my Wii U for Christmas, have 12 games so far (gotta love ebay) but I've mostly just played 3 or 4 of them so I still have plenty to get to, not to mention several other titles I still need to buy... DK:TF sure is looking pretty I might add...