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Sun 13th Jun 2010

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King_Boo commented on Video: Check Out a Graphical Comparison for Th...:

It's still a work in progress I hope, wolf link and the trees still need a lot of work as they feel out of place at this point. I thought if this was going to happen, they'd at least get close to the Zelda demo they first showed at E3. That seems to be what everyone expected and wanted.



King_Boo commented on Review: Super Mario Maker (Wii U):

I went from wanting to give it a shot if was a cheap download, to not having any interest. I've played 20 years worth of 2D Mario, I don't think I need anymore.



King_Boo commented on Mutant Mudds Super Challenge:

Renegade kid is starting concern me. Treasurenots going totally dark. This missing an assumed release date. The dementium remake is up in the air. I'd like to buy their games, and I know they shouldn't be rushed, but they really need to get stuff done.



King_Boo commented on Poll: Does Nintendo's Drive Towards Multiplaye...:

I prefer single player vastly to multi. I don't care much to go online to play, with friends or not, it's just not the same as it use to be. Now a days, as busy as I am with work, I can only put a few hours into games, and with my back log building up, I'd rather not play the same modes on the same maps dozens of times.



King_Boo commented on Poll: We Need to Talk About amiibo - Where Do ...:

I think amiibo are worthless, overpriced hunks of plastic. I don't collect toys or figures. I don't have space. What they unlock and do, other than splatoon's, is of no interest to me. If they were five bucks and had universal use in all games then maybe I'd buy a few.



King_Boo commented on First Footage Emerges of Bandai Namco's Projec...:

just to see how these guys handle FTP, I downloaded tank tank tank. Not happy to find out single player was completely locked behind a pay wall. Even with the game seeming to be online only multiplayer, I don't have high hopes.



King_Boo commented on Reaction: The Splatoon Global Testfire Demo Is...:

I'll either be asleep or at work. Why not have the test go all weekend to actually test their servers properly? 'Cause Nintendo's Nintendo after all and the internet is hard. This does not leave me feeling good for the quality of this game online.



King_Boo commented on Poll: Which Characters Do You Want to Win the ...:

I'd like to have Ice Climbers back, I actually enjoyed playing duo characters. Going of of that, I'd love to have the duo characters of Isa Jo and Kachi from Sin & Punishment 2, but I voted for myself. I want my dream match of Mario and Luigi Vs Bowser and King Boo.



King_Boo commented on Talking Point: It's Too Early to Write Off the...:

I'm sure to get X now, I just hope they don't push it back to be their winter title since I think it makes more sense for it to be the long term summer game. Zelda will now probably be holiday next year, but you got to think they already had a game for that time, probably Metroid with the way things look. So how is this going to shake up the release schedule overall?



King_Boo commented on Poll: Where Do You Stand On DeNA, Smart Device...:

I like that the NX hasn't been referred to as a handheld or home console. Makes me think they could actually be doing the 2 in 1 system. Nintendo can hardly support more than one system at a time as is, so I think it's the right choice.



King_Boo commented on Satoru Iwata Insists Smart Device Game Pricing...:

I wonder how much their image is already hurt by not being there. What I mean is, mobile stores are full of Nintendo clone games, and most aren't that good. With most phone gamers not even knowing they're clones, and then to see the original characters, won't plenty of them just dismiss them as more crappy apps?



King_Boo commented on Poll: As amiibo Expands and Evolves, Which Fea...:

I'm in the minority on this it seems. I don't care about amiibo, I think they cost too much, and I think their use in games is pointless. I don't have space for them, the money for them, or interest in the features they deliver. I honesty think they are a waste of resources.



King_Boo commented on Talking Point: For Better Or For Worse, The Wi...:

Honestly, the only feature of the gamepad I like is off-tv play. I normally feel like being lazy after work so it's nice to be able to relax while I play and not need to twist to see the tv. As far as two screen gaming goes, I'll stick with the 3DS, I like the screen closer.



King_Boo commented on Iwata Asks Connects With The Team Behind Stree...:

I think I've tagged people less than 20 times in the two plus years I've had my system, and I live in a pretty big city, with a busy road behind my house. I work retail and normally have my system with me, and it's a pretty busy shopping area. That all means nothing when to tag someone, they need to be standing right next to me to be in range. If it was more like a thousand feet, the odds would go up.



King_Boo commented on Nintendo Not Focusing Too Much On What Other C...:

Where Sony can't get the Vita in the hands of people because of the PS3, Nintendo has the same problem in reverse. The 3DS has everything, almost, that the Wii U has, other than HD and a couple other things, so what's the selling point, Miiverse? TVii?



King_Boo commented on Interview: Next Level Games Excited to Work on...:

For some reason, the first game that came to my mind for them was Wave Race, no idea why. Star Fox seems like the right next step, but since they are a Canadian developer, maybe they know snowboarding. Maybe they're the right team for 1080.