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Sun 13th May, 2012

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MrWu commented on Money Talks In CIRCLE Entertainment's DSiWare ...:

I have been enjoying Circle's 'Dream' series of games. They're relatively well made and approximates Kairosoft's 'Story' games, often with streamlining that makes then a little less irritating to play (Publisher Dream comes to mind)

Surprised people are so negative.



MrWu commented on Review: Crimson Shroud (3DS eShop):

1 hour in, just in the intro bits. I am painstaikingly reading the text and using my imagination to get into the game.

It's so weird because there are fairly competent graphics to go along with it. Yes, they look like those RPG tokens you move aorund, but the setting and ambience is something you can't recreate in a tabletop where invariably, you'll see the table!

I also love the gradient blue sky, reminds me of FFT. They could have easily put in a sky texture to make it seem more real, but instead we get the gradient backgrounds, which signals the visuals and the models exist in a kind of pseudo-real limbo, a kind of virtual tabletop world.

Fantastic. Great eshop release!



MrWu commented on Talking Point: Nintendo And The Third-Party Ch...:

I think Nintendo can grow their Indie support via eshop.
As for boxed retail games, that segment seems be grow riskier outside of the franchise kings.

Ultimately, what Nintendo needs to do is position Wii U in a position such that it gets enough 3rd party support to thrive.



MrWu commented on Talking Point: The Nintendo Network ID's Next ...:

Some games have spotpass features, so I wonder if there is a WiiConnect style functionality updating miiverse postings and the link stored on memory while the system is powered down.

Unlike the Wii however, the LED goes from Blue to Red. As we know, Red for Wii means, plugged in but no Internet WiiConnect functions. There's no intermediary Orange LED indicator with the Wii U.



MrWu commented on Review: Chasing Aurora (Wii U eShop):

The background in that video looks like the Dark World/Golden Land painting with the Triforce as the sun, except in this game, it's just a golden triangle.

I'm sold.



MrWu commented on Wii U Software Discounts Hit Ahead of Black Fr...:

To be fair, lots of doomsayers have given themselves an 'out' by saying it will do fine this holiday and it's all about the long haul.

So no matter how well it performs this holiday, they will be unimpressed. Besides, there's also the bonus for them to 'doom say' the holiday sales if its softer than expected.



MrWu commented on Talking Point: The Nintendo Network ID's Next ...:

@Sony_70 I absolutely want to see accounts to be migratable, because I would be unwilling to do much DD otherwise.

That said, it's pretty clear Miiverse, Wii U eshop purchases attaches sales to NNID profile and not the console. So I think it's technically feasible to allow it down the road. Even if it is not as easy as steam.



MrWu commented on Talking Point: The Nintendo Network ID's Next ...:

Over-reactions about the current lack of profile migration aside, the NNID thing seems to be working really well.

I was half panicked when I couldn't find my CLUB NINTENDO registration for my Deluxe Wii U, only to find out it had already liked my console to ClubNintendo when I signed on-to the eshop.

Miiverse is a lot of fun too. I think, ironically, what Nintendo Network is missing now is scope. If they can get it on to 3DS within the next 12 months as well as PC, and maybe even the Wii, Nintendo Network will feel much more like a platform.

Right now, it's not really showing anything great yet!



MrWu commented on Review: Bookstore Dream (DSiWare):

Really addictive and a greaft riff on Kairosoft's titles without it being a straight copy with a very pleasing visual style also reminiscent of Kairosoft's work.

Given CIRCLE Ent. does like to iterate and sequelize, I wouldn't mind seeing their take on Game Dev. Story, perhaps about game developers who make games for digital platforms.



MrWu commented on Talking Point: Are Wii U Games Going To Be Too...:

I have an issue with the selection "No, I don't mind paying top dollar for quality"
While I voted No, i understand I'm not always paying for quality.

Nintendo can, if they wanted, continue to release their games at $50. I think that is infact what happened on the Wii. But having set that price themselves, 3rd parties have no choice but to follow or lose sales because they were pricing too high. (AFAIK, Nintendo does not have a hard and fast rule on pricing of games)

So $60 is I think the bare minimum Nintendo could afford to go with this time or risk alienating 3rd parties who expect the $60 to recoup their dev costs, even if it is a multiplat port of a HD game, they still expect $60 as this is how they will plan their revenue projects. X million units sold over all HD consoles at $60.



MrWu commented on Talking Point: Five Reasons to Buy a Wii U:

I'll be honest here, few of the launch games are my cup of tea. A few, like ZombiiU, and Rayman Legends I can rationalize as something I will play once I have the Wii U.

With with Nintendo still holding back on how their on-line/accounts system will work and carefully holding back their big guns for a 2013 announcement, presumably to blunt some of the PS4/720 hype and also not to frontload too many of their IPs too early leading to years of waiting, the only major reason I'm interested in the Wii U right NOW (like right this second) is the Game Pad and NintendoTVii



MrWu commented on Reaction: Wii U Preview Events:

You know what, if you think about it, they didn't show that much more. Bayonetta 2 was the megaton. The renamed P-100 and confirmed MonHum for 3DS in the west. The other notable gains was MonHun U on Wii U with 3DS connectivity/save transfers and cofirmation of BLOPS2.

So what did they do right?
1) They showed fans a vision. NintendoTVii was very much an appetizer to say "we're serious" about this. I was browsing the big game forums and I could tell there was an undercurrent of concern from people who really aren't fans of Nintendo. The NTVii concept is already much more real that Microsoft's efforts and actually put them into a position to defend against other TV settop box solutions.

2) Bayonetta 2 and MonHun U gave people something to look forward to past 2012. They can't overdo this as they did with the N64 when their heavy hitters like Zelda was announced years in advance and we pretty much followed its dev process during each conference, but up until now they didn't give us anything to look forward to in 2013. I hope they drop a few more games between now and TGS and the launch in November.



MrWu commented on Bookstore Dream:

Just bought this and it's exactly like Kairosoft's GameDev Story and other 'Story' games in structure.

Visually both also look similar. Surprisingly addictive. Hearing the cash register ring or having all your stock sold out is a great experience.

Inventory management is the name of the game here. You have staff but they are just units you hire, can't be trained. You need to buy shelves and racks to house your books and magazines, but placement does not affect traffic.

But if your store is reasonably popular enough, you will sell out daily, and restocking day to day won't be enough. You can buy more stock but it takes more days. In fact, 3-4 day shipments gives you the most stock, but you also run the risk of not having anything to sell for 3-4 days.

Great game and great price.



MrWu commented on Review: Amoebattle (DSiWare):

The soundtrack was painful indeed.

But I have to applaud the team for attempting an RTS on DSi hardware. I was a huge fan of what Bits Studios did with the Nintendo published Warlocked on the GBC.

I would really like to see that engine reused in another RTS. Given the small screen, I think a tower defense game + RTS would be really interesting where instead of roaming an entire map, you're defending fixed positions, and expanding your defensive line to outposts.



MrWu commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Offer Indie Gam...:

They need to offer sales too.

Jools from RK hinting at going Steam is somewhat concerning to me, when your #1 indie developer wants to branch out for more revenue, I can only guess they figured sales of Mutant Mudds on the 3DS have peaked.

The only way to renew interest in the game is to feature it again or bundle it with VVVVVVV , CaveStory or a future 2D platformer in a sale.

Why Nintendo won't do this is frustrating, They need to line up their app store for Wii U, but post Xmas, it seems like North American and European eshops are back to sleepwalking their way through the year again.



MrWu commented on Feature: Staff Memories of the Wii Launch:

I played Twilight Princess on the Wii and liked the sword mechanic. If anything I wish there was an option for Twilight Princess controls for skyward sword.

I remember the Wii launch, it was something very unique indeed. Waking up at 5am in the morning, arriving at Zellers (Canadian discount dept. store) and literally see someone walk out of a car up to the door just as I arrived.

The store had 1 Wii to sell that day, I didn't get it.