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ChosenOne25 commented on Feature: The Wii U is Two Years Old, But How's...:

Sales are one thing, but purely in terms of how much I enjoy the system and its games I would easily got with B+. The only reason why its not an A is because of its sudden game droughts, but the games that did come were very much excellent. I love the Miiverse community and the Gamepad interface. It's just incredibly convenient and totally different from playing an xbox or ps4 controller. The fact that Nintendo was taking a risk with its innovation is clear, but I'm glad they are trying hard to differentiate themselves through innovation. Nintendo up!



ChosenOne25 commented on Talking Point: For Better Or For Worse, The Wi...:

I dont understand whats with all the hate on the gamepad. It's a great and most important UNIQUE experience. Why are so many fans against Nintendo being innovative? Do you really just want another completely normal console with a normal controller? I for one love how Nintendo is trying to be so different to offer unique experiences. The same goes for Wii, I love the motion controls in Skyward Sword and Metroid Prime!



ChosenOne25 commented on Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut Final...:

Nobody should be complaining here, you are getting a 3rd party AAA game on a Nintendo console that smartly uses the gamepad's features. Many Nintendogamers have never had the chance to play this, but now they do, with te ultimate version of the game. Who cares whether its old or not, we are getting more great 3rd party content, everybody should be happy.



ChosenOne25 commented on Time: Nintendo Is "Stumped" By The Wii U GameP...:

I don't see why everybody is saying the gamepad doesn't add anything. Off TV play is such a huge selling point to have if you live in a busy household. Also, it allows for so many more additional convenient game elements, aka maps, interacting with the touch screen. The unique nature of Nintendo 's console is what draws most ninty fans to it. Why should it be the same traditional as Xbox and PS? 3 same game consoles? That would be when Nintendo would truly fail. Developers are not forced to add anything with the gamepad if they're not creative enough. Very very poorly written article.



ChosenOne25 commented on Bigger Nintendo 3DS Console Revealed:

Just so you guys know, in America, the 3ds XL will come with a charger. This has been confirmed by Reggie, not long after the Presentation. The one's in Europe won't come with one though, so yeah, here you have it. Lucky Americans!



ChosenOne25 commented on Gearbox: "Wii U is a Powerful, Powerful Machine":

Man, why are people so obsessed with hardware power? The Wii U will be more powerful than the Xbox 360 and PS3, and will play HD 1080p, so what else do people want???? Games on PS3 and Xbox 360 already look great, how much more of a difference will the visuals make??? Most people probably haven't played PC games, but they are not a giant leap like they were with PS2-PS3 graphics anymore. Jeez...



ChosenOne25 commented on Review: Mario Tennis Open (3DS):

Despite the rather average scores it got, i still think the gameplay looks very fun and promising! Never played a Mario Tennis game myself, but from looking at the different videos it looks like a very high quality Mario game with many fun Mario twists! Still getting it!



ChosenOne25 commented on Feature: The Magic of Console Launches:

Really looking forward to this one. It's Nintendo's 1st step into the HD era. Pricing and features have to be spot on to compete with competitors. I doubt casuals will buy the system, therefore sales will most likely be much less. Nintendo this time around will heavily target the core gamer market, so it really needs to make unique selling points. The controller looks great, now we only need to have a solid launch line-up and proper e-shop to boot. If price is right and I at least want 1 game, I will buy!



ChosenOne25 commented on Iwata Defends Identical Digital and Retail Prices:

I don't see why people are complaining about this. The download prices need to be the same as the retail version for more than just the reason he listed. Especially to keep retailer business alive, this needed to be done. As he Iwata said, Nintendo is giving you the option to choose your medium now, you should be thankful not hateful.



ChosenOne25 commented on Wii U Release Date and Price Announcements to ...:

They will look how the reaction to the Wii U will be during E3 and adjust their price from there. It is a smart and reasonable move. If the hype is so low, there's now way they can set the price high, so get ready to unhype guys, for the sake of a cheaper price! HAHA



ChosenOne25 commented on New Super Mario Bros. 2 to Kick Off Retail Dow...:

This is fair, if the price would be lower for the download games, everyone would go buy them digitally. This way, the retailers would go bankrupt because nobody buys physical copies anymore, get it guys? Plus, a digital copy has the advantage of being always with you meaning you can carry multiple game around with you without additional cartriges. This is not unfair guys. Sony is doing the same.



ChosenOne25 commented on Talking Point: A Big Year for Nintendo:

Everyone please support the Wii U! I'm gonna get it if the price point is 300 Euros or less, I can't afford more as I'm still a Uni student. 350 would really push it, but maybe I would still get it but at a later stage.



ChosenOne25 commented on Feature: The Odd One Out in Operation Rainfall:

I have to say that Pandora's Tower doesn't level with Xenoblade and The Last Story in terms of gameplay and value, but it does have the prettiest artwork, especially the cover and the DVD casing (which is Black instead of white) and offers totally different gameplay from Xeno and TLS.



ChosenOne25 commented on First Impressions: Mario Tennis Open:

Looks to be the most feature-rich Mario Tennis yet. It seems Nintendo is really upping the steam on the 3ds and its going really well, plenty of games. I'm just worried that they won't have enough resources to do the same with WiiU. I would hate to see the Wii U end up with only very few games on launch 0.0



ChosenOne25 commented on Round Table: Let's Talk About a Year of 3DS:

@k8sMum I own both PSP and DS & 3DS so I'm not only loyal to one brand. I play PC as well by the way, but the way that guy describes the 3ds is like he doesn't even like it, so why bother reviewing games or even writing about it. I, on one hand, really love my 3ds and carry it around every day because of coin collections, streetpass, and spotpass. There are so many features to keep you going, but he made it sound like they don't mean anything T.T That's why I'm a little irritated.



ChosenOne25 commented on Round Table: Let's Talk About a Year of 3DS:

And also is that Mark Reece guy a Vita fanboy, he surely sounds quite a bit like it, so may i ask what he's doing on a Nintendo ONLY site? Is it just becomes he got a job and took it, not very reassuring at all T.T



ChosenOne25 commented on Round Table: Let's Talk About a Year of 3DS:

eehm, is it just me or is everyone on the Nintendo Life team aside from James not actually very into Nintendo games? It seems the prefer Sony and Vita more than what they actually write about T.T James seems to always be positive about the 3ds and Nintendo in general though.



ChosenOne25 commented on Mobile Dev: "Iwata Makes Me Fear for Nintendo'...:

You know, all these Mobile devs and investors telling Nintendo to go mobile and stuff are just so annoying. Nintendo does what it does best: provide a unique and enjoyable gaming experience, not free-to-play and smartphone mini touch-games and trash like that. Quality demands costs and that is why Nintendo must continue to strive towards Quality products and not get affected by cheap producers and devs like these T.T Nintendo 4 LIFE!



ChosenOne25 commented on Review: Nano Assault (3DS):

Will this be released in EU later on? I read on the official nintendo website that this is coming to europe on April. Weird though, Shi'nen is a German developer, shouldn't it come out like in Europe first? lol



ChosenOne25 commented on Nintendo Reportedly Has 812.8 Billion Yen in t...:

Nintendo made so much money because of very low production costs. Producing many of the DS games cost so few resources because size of the game was so small and graphics very low. Still these games were sold for $40+ and sold a lot. Nintendo won through game design over graphical power and it paid out in money. Same goes for Wii games, much less production costs, but sold for high price. It's all about gameplay and ideas not only graphics - Nintendo knows that



ChosenOne25 commented on Michael Pachter Suggests That Wii U Could Stru...:

The Wii U can't be much weaker than the Xbox 720 or PS4 because looking at PC horsepower at the moment next gen consoles should be a little weaker than current gen PCs. The graphics difference between PC and PS3/Xbox360 aren't that large anymore compared to PS2 era. PS3/Xbox360 are running at directx 9 while the new PC standard is directx 11. Next gen consoles should be able to run Directx 11 on Full HD 1080p. That ain't that difficult, and even if the Wii U can't run directx 11 it can still run at directx 10 less fancier, but not as noticable graphical difference. T.T My PC games on my ATI 6770M Laptop can already run many directx 11 games on 720p, Wii U should be able to pull that off without huge costs. Graphics should be sufficient so give it a rest T.T



ChosenOne25 commented on Gearbox Wants As Much Wii U Power As Possible:

Price should be between $300-400, nothing more than $400 and that's talking US Dollars. In Europe it will be the same amount but in Euros so they can't make it too expensive. I bet $350 will be the ideal number, I mean PS3 sells for $250 these days, too much over that the system will be hard to sell. Additionally, Nintendo MUST launch with a popular Nintendo game, if not it will only be launched with 3rd party games that are available on Xbox and PS3.



ChosenOne25 commented on Wii U Controller Originally Had Proper Analogu...:

E3 can't come soon enough, so many unanswered questions, I guess E3 2012 will be Nintendo's show again. I really hope that they plan it better this time don't make the console too expensive (around $300-350 for a new console would be very nice and the only way to compete with Sony and Microsoft) like Sony did with PS3 ($599??????? T.T). They also must release a great first party game or there'll be no reason to pick up Wii U at launch for many people



ChosenOne25 commented on 3DS Hardware Sales Show Big Improvements:

Wish Nintendo all the luck and success in the future, hope their sales can pick up soon, and that they'll learn their mistakes and fix everything before the launch of the wii U so that we can all continue to enjoy Nintendo's unique hardware in the future ^^ Nintendo FTW!