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Fri 27th December, 2013

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freaksloan commented on Fantasy Life 2 Is Skipping 3DS In Favour Of Sm...:

Good! My kids love FL, now that it is coming to IOS and Android I only have to buy one copy. I am sick and tired of having to buy the same game 2 or 3 times. Also, FL is the perfect kind of game for mobile.

FYI, Mobile just doesn't mean having to play on your phone.



freaksloan commented on Let's Educate Parents About Mature Titles, Sug...:

Most teachers are MORONS! You know what the easiest degree to get is? It's teaching, you know what major has the lowest act/sat scores? It is teaching. When I lived in New Mexico, graduates with teaching degrees couldn't pass a 7th grade level test to become teachers.

This crap is just the whole Tipper Gore thing all over again. I remember when they held a parents meeting at my school telling parents not to let us listen to Ozzy Osbourne. I listened and I didn't kill myself or bite any bats heads off.

I am the only person responsible for how I raise my kids. I am a gamer and my 12 yr old plays COD, GTA, and Far Cry and it doesn't concern me one bit. My kid is a straight A student and has never been in school and he knows it is just a game and make believe.

These are the same morons that call me a bad parent because my son has his own shotgun, rifle, handgun and bow. His #1 goal in life right now is going to the Air Force Academy and becoming a drone pilot.



freaksloan commented on Nintendo Reveals the Final Club Nintendo Elite...:

Surprise Surprise! Nothing but a bunch of crying babies!


Nintendo doesn't have to give me crap, Microsoft has never given me anything for free and Sony has never given me anything for free.

I just downloaded Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, The Wonderful 101 and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D and it didn't cost me a PENNY!



freaksloan commented on Head Teachers in the UK Issue Warning to Paren...:

My 12 year plays GTA and COD and Far Cry and I have no problems with it.

He is a straight A student, never been in trouble, he is very respectable of others, and a all around great kid.

It is up to me and only me which games I let my kids play.



freaksloan commented on Nintendo Download: 12th March (North America):

I will be downloading OutRun 3D, but it does piss me off that we are not getting the same discounts that Europe got for the Sega 3D Classics.

I will pay full price for OutRun and Super Hang-On, if we would of got the same discount as Europe I would of bought all the rest.



freaksloan commented on Poll: Are You An Early Adopter With The New Ni...:

I will not be buying any New3DS. Just don't have any justifiable reason to. I already have 2 3DS XL's and I never play with the 3D on.

If the prices go down, I will be buying a third 3DS XL, so I don't have to share with my kids.



freaksloan commented on Live-Action Netflix Series For The Legend of Z...:

I am a life long gamer, I am 43. I never realized until I started visiting gaming sites that Gamers are a bunch of whinny pricks.

I swear no matter what the article is about, it is nothing buy whining and pouting.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised since I also discovered that most lean to the left.



freaksloan commented on Pokémon Bank Subscribers to Receive Final Evo...:

I like Pokemon Bank because they only allow one save file on Pokemon games :(

My kids also play Pokemon, but I am not buying 3 copies of every game. So I play the game first and when I am done I transfer all my Pokemon to the bank and then my kids take turn playing.

When they are done - I transfer my Pokemon back to the game.

So the Pokemon Bank comes in really handy for me.



freaksloan commented on Editorial: Nintendo's YouTube Creators Program...:

I can't make money off of other people music without giving them a cut and getting their permission.

I can't make money off of the NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL without giving them a cut and getting their permission.

I can't make money off of other peoples movies without giving them a cut and getting their permission.

But when it comes to Nintendo I should be able to make money off their products without giving them a dime and without their permission?



freaksloan commented on YouTube Stars Aren't Happy With Nintendo's Rev...:

I honestly don't get watching people on UTube play video games.

Call me crazy, I rather use that time playing the games myself.

I am about to ban UTube in my house - I swear that is all my kids do is watch other people play Minecraft on it.

We have two sign-ons for PC w/private server, we have it on PS3, Xbox 360, Kindle Fires, Ipad Mini 2's, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Tab 3 8.0 and Samsung Tab 4 10.1. The only thing we don't have it on is 3DS and Wii U and if it was available we would probably have it on those also.



freaksloan commented on Sega's Digital Restructure Means 300 Staff Wil...:

I took a Voluntary/Mandatory retirement from Citibank 6 years ago. I was one of 35,000 to do so Worldwide. I got the notice the same day they got their government (taxpayer) bail out.

I received a nice payout so I took the retirement to heart (became a stay at home dad) - about three years ago I decided it was time to go back to work, and NOTHING!

Basically, if you are long term unemployed they just throw your resume in the garbage. The only time I get a call is when I lie on my resume and say I am still employed or just was laid off.

Thankfully, I know how to handle my money and have always lived within my means. The bills are still getting paid and nobody is going hungry. My gaming hasn't suffered either.



freaksloan commented on Reaction: Nintendo Direct Went Crazy With Reve...:

They should of just scraped the regular 3DS all together and just make the XL (LL) the only model available.

I was given a regular 3DS as a present and after only a week I sold it and bought an XL - I now own two 3DS Xl's and was/is considering buying a 3rd (have 2 kids) - I honestly see no reason right now to buy the new 3DS. I am gonna wait to see what kind of deals come out for the old 3DS XL's or I will buy a refurbished one from Nintendo for $135.

The $200 I has set aside for a another 3DS XL's I spent on buying a new 2nd PS3 500 GB on Amazon for $220. Will be putting it in the kids game room so they don't need to come into my game room and play Minecraft online with their cousins - it is so annoying having to listen to them :) Worth every penny.



freaksloan commented on New Nintendo 3DS Release Date Confirmed for 13...:

Really the only thing that draws me to the New 3DS XL is the placement of the volume button. I already have 2 3DS XL's and been thinking about buying a third so I don't have to fight with the kids when I want to play. I think I am just gonna wait to see what deals come out for the old 3DS Xl's.

$200 plus no charger? that seems CRAZY. I have 5 chargers that will work with it, but it is still crazy that it does not come with one.

In comparison I just bought 2nd new PS3 500 GB for the basement on Amazon for $220.



freaksloan commented on Nintendo Europe Shipping Ambassador Edition Ne...:

I would pass on this, its XL or nothing. I own 3 DSi Xl's and 2 3DS XL's and I have sold 2 regular DS's and 1 regular 3DS. It's just not me, my kids 10 and 12 only want the bigger screens.

But it doesn't matter, we are in the States.



freaksloan commented on Rumour: Toys "R" Us Cancelling amiibo Orders, ...:

This is beyond pathetic and it is 100% Nintendo's fault.

As a lover of Nintendo it pains me to say it. Because of the mess with ambiio, I have not bought any and I have also not yet bought Smash Brothers.

Come on Nintendo, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!



freaksloan commented on Feature: Five Reasons To Choose Nintendo 3DS T...:

It's the games, STUPID! :)

I do not play with the 3D on at all - neither do my kids.

I have 2 3DS XL's, and thinking about buying a 3rd. Because I have to fight with the kids when I want to play. I can get a refurbished 3DS XL from Nintendo for $135 - a lot cheaper than what the new 3DS is going to cost, so for me, no reason to wait for the new one.