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Video games are my passion, and Nintendo is the heart of that passion. Also, ponies rock.

Wed 5th Mar 2014

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AshFoxX commented on The Super Famicom is 25 Years Old:

Happy Birthday SFC! Its not my favorite console but it's near perfect in what it was capable of at the time, but N64 will probably always be my favorite so say my rose tinted nostalgia goggles. Also, the tags for the article say "Ninetndo".



AshFoxX commented on Live In The UK? You Could Find A Sega Mega Dri...:

I have one of these, it's great for simple plug and play, (no more dealing with analog coaxial cables) but you will want to thrust something stabby into your ears when you hear how this thing butchers Sonic the Hedgehog and Streets of Rage, among others. Surprisingly though, it emulates the sound fine on Road Rash 2, which is all I really play on it anymore other than the on-board games.



AshFoxX commented on Poll: Did The Nintendo Direct Comeback Fire on...:

I was actually pleasantly surprised at how the direct turned out, after this much time gap it's hard to come out with something that meets expectations. I had a couple gasp moments at some of the reveals and the humor for some of the presentation carries on the spirit of Satoru Iwata well. I look forward to more like these in the future, Iwata's idea is well taken care of.



AshFoxX commented on There Was Once an Open World South Park Game P...:

Stick of Truth was one of my favorite 'surprise' games that I didn't expect to be nearly as good as they were, and I had nostalgia for the N64 South Park game because me and my best friend at the time were immature kids who loved the show enough to spend hours throwing farting Terrence and Phillip dolls at each other in multiplayer.

That being said, this game looked like it was shaping up nicely, and I would have wanted it on my GameCube to go along with Simpsons: Hit and Run, which is still a lot of fun to pop in once in awhile. GTA is fine, but it's nice to see something that doesn't take itself too seriously and emulates cartoons I still like to watch. I'm very impressed with the physics of South Park, and it's a shame that it was canned because one guy was being a jerk.



AshFoxX commented on Pokémon Picross Arrives On The 3DS eShop Earl...:

"Pokemon Picross"
OOH! Two great things that taste great together! I'm in! How much?!
"Free to Start!"
brain explodes Come on Nintendo, you know your fans hate when you give em stuff for free Honestly tho, I'm totally in. Shuffle and Rumble get a lot of my f2p time during breaks at work.



AshFoxX commented on Pokémon Red, Blue & Yellow Are Coming To The ...:

I'm surprised how excited I am for this tbh. I've been playing various pokemon games on my phone over the years but I never beat any of them. Seems the only games I have been able to finish lately have been on 3DS, so maybe this is a sign that I can finally beat one of these games, and what better than Red!



AshFoxX commented on Video: The New Animal Crossing: amiibo Festiva...:

Should have just been 'amiibo festival' and opened the roster to every amiibo ever released. I'd pay $60 for a party game where I can play minigames with my Fox and Pikachu, especially if it allowed the use of the Smash Bros. data to give them their custom colors and nicknames. Of course, I always thought AC: Happy Home Designer was a stupid idea, but it's selling like crazy right now so what do I know.



AshFoxX commented on Star Fox Zero Website Has Fans of amiibo and O...:

I'm hoping for the transformable Arwing amiibo, but I think we would have heard more about that by now if it was going to happen. I'd have to buy two though because there is no way I'm leaving one un-transformed in the box.

If amiibo functionality involves recolorable skins for the vehicles, that's a cool bonus too - would work very well in conjunction with potential online dogfights as you can have a level of customization with your ships. Either way, I'm waiting with bated breath for more.



AshFoxX commented on Feature: Finding Top Speed in FAST Racing NEO:

Normally I do not enjoy futuristic racing games. Wipeout was an annoying franchise to me, and I only ever enjoyed the first two F-Zero games. This game has me drooling, so these guys are doing something really really right.



AshFoxX commented on EA Will Evaluate "Any And All Opportunities" W...:

If EA releases Mass Effect Trilogy/Andromeda Definitive Edition for NX, I will buy those games a fourth time. Aside from that, I want a new Road Rash and maybe a return to the Strike series.

Beyond that, it's just American Ubisoft.



AshFoxX commented on The Starforce Pi Is An Arcade You Can Fit In Y...:

Looks absolutely cool, especially like the joystick, but I'd still much rather have a MAME cabinet setup instead. For the price of four of these you can get a standing 4-player cabinet with countless games to play with your friends anyway. Granted you probably have to put it together yourself, but still better than fiddling with a tiny arcade box.



AshFoxX commented on Bertil Hörberg Releases Playable Game Boy ROM...:

You gotta give credit to a developer who does stuff just because he can. I love fun little stuff like this. If I knew how to code, I always wanted to make a version of Smash Bros. and Mario Party for the SNES.



AshFoxX commented on Dry Bowser and Bowser Jr. will be in Mario Ten...:

Does anyone know if this is being proposed as a full $59.99 priced game at retail or will it be a bit more modest like Yoshi's Wooly World?

Honestly, I would buy it new but not for more than $39.99, especially considering how bare-bones it appears to be. However if they promise free updates a-la Splatoon, I'll gladly pony up $49.99, or MAYBE even $59.99, but that's a hard maybe.



AshFoxX commented on Preview: Hitting the Courts in Mario Tennis: U...:

I thought the game looked a little bare-bones when I saw the first reveal at E3, and I see that my gut didn't lie. Unfortunate, but if it drops in price similar to the 3DS version, I will definitely be pickling it up eventually. I wasn't a big fan of the 'chance areas' from the 3DS entry and much preferred the gameplay from the GC version. Still good fun, though.



AshFoxX commented on Gallery: Catch Up With Nintendo's Miitomo Reve...:

When I first played Tomodachi Collection, I always felt that it would make a great smartphone app. Miitomo is hitting very close to that realization, so I am looking forward to it. Maybe I'll have a non-windows phone by then.

I just noticed when typing it... Mii*tomo* and *Tomo*dachi Life.



AshFoxX commented on Talking Point: As Rumours Come and Go the Desp...:

Best we could hope for is any information on the new console Zelda game. (refuse to call it Zelda U if Nintendo won't even acknowledge it's even coming to Wii U) We won't see hide nor hair of Zelda or NX until at LEAST E3 2016. I don't think Star Fox Zero is high profile enough to warrant a mini direct, as much as I would be all over it.

If we had ANYTHING on the horizon that I could point to, it would be the Smash Bros. Ballot, and perhaps a mini direct for Xenoblade Chronicles X just to build up a little hype, but even Nintendo knows the only people buying that game already know they want it, and they probably won't be able to sway anyone who isn't interested with a direct. Any direct that would be released in 2015 would be retreading what we know with very little new info, and would just anger the fanbase further.

Sometimes no news is good news when your fanbase turns on you because you gave too little new information, while remaining quiet keeps them waiting in anticipation.



AshFoxX commented on Apparent Prototype of Unreleased N64 Game Foun...:

I wonder if Mario 2 was an N64 cartridge (the article seems to suggest that it was), and if so, could it have been something much more interesting like a traditional 2d mario platformer prototype, or even a piece of the fabled Super Mario 64 2? Guess we'll never know unless someone else snagged up the cart from that car boot sale and decides to post some details.



AshFoxX commented on Don Bluth And Gary Goldman Want Your Help To M...:

It will be awhile before I can get some money to support this, but I wish them the best of luck. I know they have been trying to get this movie pitched for quite some time now, going as far back as 2000 after Titan A.E. I'd watch anything Bluth and Goldman produce, as they were a driving force that made the Disney Renaissance of the 1990's happen, and made me a lifelong fan of animation.