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Yamitora1 commented on The Club Nintendo Rewards Are Now Updated for ...:

Heh, I might go for the Kid Icarus but I'm trying save my coins in the off chance something really good arrives. Is it just me, or is the Club Nintendo just a bunch of lame games for the 3DS, and games you want to play on the 3DS but only available on the Wii/WiiU?

Also, when do we get to know when we will receive our Club Nintendo Gold members reward?



Yamitora1 commented on Talking Point: For Better Or For Worse, The Wi...:

@Yorumi the 8gb version costed the same as the "Deluxe" model costs now, its basically a big screw you to the gamers who bought the 8gb just for Nintendo to turn tail and stop offering it and then trying to unload their unsold "Deluxe" models at the price they were just selling the 8gb model for.

At least with people who bought the 3DS before the price drop, they got some indication Nintendo cares about their customers. When it came to the Wii U it was the cold shoulder.

Nintendo should have never offered the 8gb version to begin with if they were just going drop it and screw people over like that. And for a long time they even further the insult by offering refurbished 8gb models for near the same price as the new deluxe models.

So take you pick on how Nintendo has been screwing people with the 8gb model. Either way Nintendo has made some questionable decisions.

@DespyCL No one said anything about free games, and no one said I got the 8gb model. You make an awful lot of assumptions.



Yamitora1 commented on Talking Point: For Better Or For Worse, The Wi...:

Why can't Nintendo ditch their pig headed, stubborn ways and adapt to what the people want?

They could at least offer a stripped down version of the Wii U that isn't that 8gb model that ripped off early adopters with no ambassador program.



Yamitora1 commented on Unique Vivillon Distribution Confirmed for Par...:

When will the US/north america get something good. Japan has had like 10 or more events. Come on game freak, it is disrespectful to the american fans. Its bad enough we always get shortchanged compared to the UK and all the distributions they got in the past.

@Radbot42 Only 3 that I know of. There was the Torchic holding Blazikenite, and then there was the Walmart exclusives. If you bought X you got a lame Garchomp, Y a lame Scizor with nothing special to the two of them. There are 4 if you count the Bank Celebi.



Yamitora1 commented on 3DS Sales Tracking Ahead of Game Boy Advance I...:

@Aqueous Why pay the $40 extra dollars for a feature they do not or cannot use.

@Mahe I know, I have a 2DS for a number of reasons but people still like options. Plus I forget his name, but a analysis guy in japan said they should have just dropped the 3DS price or made one without the 3D.



Yamitora1 commented on Satoru Iwata Talks Down Wii U Price Cut Prospe...:

@Nintendo: Quit being stubborn and cut the price on all your consoles Nintendo!

the 3DS XL should be $150 year round, not just on Black Friday, during the Christmas shopping holiday or peppered throughout the year like target has been doing the last 3 months.

The 3DS should also drop in price, if not be discontinued altogether in favor of the 3DS XL. If not discontinued, the price should be $130 and the 2DS would be more beneficial at $100 year round.

Walmart sold out in no time on them when they had it for $99 so I don't see why its not possible to make a profit selling it at $99-100 I have a 2DS and I can say there is nothing about it that says "I should cost $130"

Plus the browser is spotty, so if it helps you could just remove non-in game/Eshop net browsing to lower costs since no one is missing much there. I don't know of any sites that can display properly on the 2DS or even the 3DS. You guys released the Neutered version of the Wii called the Wii Mini which lacks online functionality. That knocks $40 off the price so I know you could knock at least $20 off the 2DS for removing the browser but allowing in game and E-shop net browsing only. Besides kids don't need a browser on a device they likely set up themselves. Kids get exposed to porn enough on the 3DS just buying it from GameStop and Walmarts

As for the Wii U, at least knock off $25. You've had one to many games canceled, I think I heard the new Hobbit or Lord of the Rings game will lack online multiplier for the Wii guys are basically selling people an inferior product at a jacked up price with hit and miss games reaching it with hit and miss features.

One last order of business, the GamePad.

You need to 1) give the Wii U multi GamePad capability; 2) sell it by itself and finally 3) Make it more tablet like by making it less dependent on the Wii U to work. I think if you guys tried, you could easily retool it to be a second handheld console, not just a remote.



Yamitora1 commented on Poll: Have Your Say on Satoru Iwata's Nintendo...:

I think Nintendo needs to slightly retool the GamePad. They need to add Multi-GamePad compatibility, Game play and sell the damn thing individually outside of the Wii U.

Also I think they need to look into making it less dependent on the Wii U and do secondary marketing where it is a Gaming tablet in itself, with out the need of the Wii U what so ever. They could easily make the GamePad a secondary Handheld console with added functionality as a controller and entertainment hub.



Yamitora1 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's 3DS and Wii U Strate...:

3DS: After 3 years of being on the market, everyone who is going get one pretty much has gotten at least one by now. Its hard to sell what everyone pretty much already has, which is both good and bad for the handheld giant.

Outside of lowering the price of the 3DS XL to $150, the 3DS to $130 and the 2DS to $100, there isn't much that can be done to improve sales on this already selling well hardware.

Really, I don't see the 3DS as having challenges other then pencil pushing idiots at Nintendo's market department thinking they can sell a few million more units than what is possible at this late stage of things.

As for third party games for the handheld, they're doing surprisingly well I think. I mean looking back at the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance era of games, every show, every movie and even every video game had to have a video game of it. Whenever a new Movie was coming out, no matter how terrible it and/or the game of it was, there was still a game of it.

Plus you had numerous Yugioh, Naruto, Dragonball Z and other anime shows coming out with one game after another. Not to mention all the Cartoon Network games like Dexters Lab, Powerpuff Girls, heck even Johnny Bravo. In recent years, games like that are not flooding the market which is kind of good, but it also makes the shelves and library of games avalible seem empty. We still get lots of Ben 10 games and what have you, but cutesy, make it just to make a little money off the cash cow games are a dying breed.

This applies for both the handhelds and home consoles, but Nintendo needs to fill this void with both first and third party games. Plus, if they stop region locking and/or maybe porting more games and localizing them, then some sales will increase in that regard. I mean there are hardcore gamers at there who spend hundreds every year in shipping and handling fees to port Japanese and European only games for the PlayStation and sometimes even the Xbox. Its not going be a big hail marry game saver, but it would be a nice option for all parties involved.

As for the Wii U, I think if Nintendo spent some time actively wining, dinning and courting third party developers, and neutering a good relationship, than maybe they would get some more business in that regard. Really Nintendo comes off as a hard to work with, control freak with a My way or the highway attitude which is off putting to so many degrees.

I see no reason why Nintendo can't try to get a few exclusives, like a Tom Clancy title or a Resident Evil title or two. Those are some big names in the gaming world, and if Nintendo got something the others don't, it would be a great move in the right direction. I still remember when the original Splinter Cell was Xbox only for like 2 years before a PS2 port came out. Games like that game was what got me to buy a Xbox.

3 titles Nintendo could work a deal out to be exclusive and grow sales. Resident Evil, Call of Duty, Sonic the Hedge Hog.

Nintendo is going buy their own stock, I think they need to focus on buying Sega and make Sonic first-party.



Yamitora1 commented on Talking Point: Is There A Future For The Wii U...:

This needs a multi-pronged attack to fix it

1) Rename the Wii U. Wii 2, Wii Too Wii Too with a 2 over the Too to look like 2/Too
2) Sell a Wii without the GamePad
3) Sell the GamePad by it lonesome
4) Give multi GamePad support to the Wii U
5) Drop the price of the Wii U, either through the cutting of the GamePad or just plain cutting the price.
6) Give the Wii U and 3DS/2DS some connectivity, maybe make it where the 3DS/2DS could be used as a potential GamePad
7) Bundle the Wii U with games without raising the price...not really much of a bundle otherwise.
8) Work out a deal with Hulu where you can watch hulu on the Wii u without having to have Hulu Plus. Why should Hulu have the free option on the PC but no free option on the consoles



Yamitora1 commented on Former Sony Developer Feels The Wii U "Won't S...:

@TheRealThanos Would have commented back sooner, but under the weather.

I brought up the 3DS because I thought it was brought up, but if not it would have likely been brought up since everyone mentions it at some point as a default argument. Its always about how everyone thought it was going fail, but now its the best handheld and selling item for Nintendo. The problem is, most people fail to remember or mention that the price was one of the major things holding the 3DS back. The 3DS was originally $249.99. The sales were so horrible that they cut the price down to $169.99, a $80 price cut in only its first 6 months on the market. After that, it became one of Nintendo's top sellers, as well as the top selling handheld out there at the moment and likely will remain so until whatever the next DS/handheld is that comes out.

The Wii U on the other-hand had a half-assed "price cut." All they did was drop $50 off the price, by cutting out the basic model and giving the deluxe model the basic's old price tag. People who bought the 3DS at full price got treated well by Nintendo with the ambassador program, but those who bought the Wii U at full price, especially the basic model just got a slap in the face. Its like Nintendo is saying "haha, you bought the obsolete basic model for the same price you could have gotten the deluxe model had you waited!" smack

The 3DS' price cut happened 6 months into its life; the Wii's first price cut was almost 3 years into its lifespan where as the Wii U's "price cut" happened 10 months into its life. The Wii U's price cut was only $50 compared to the $80 the 3DS dropped. From a business prospective, the 3DS price cut and ambassador program was a desperate and poor business move. In reality, it was the best move Nintendo has done within recent years. If anything should have lost Nintendo the trust of its shareholders, the $80 Price cut and Ambassador program surely would have been it. Sure home and handheld consoles are apples and oranges compared to each other, but both in the end are the same on basic fundamental levels.

But still, lets weight the options. $80 price cut and Ambassador program after six months, or $50 price cut after ten months and then another $25-30 price cut with no ambassador program after a year or poor sales. Just because one would happen "back-to-back" doesn't mean its anymore of a poor business move then the other. From a business prospect, the $80 after six months 3DS Price drop and Ambassador Program is still the most damaging move thus far. However, its also pretty damaging that. at full price, the 3DS still managed to sell more units world wide in its first six months than the Wii U did its first year. So your telling me Nintendo is more worried about looking bad cutting the price twice in a row on a home console with over 3 million in sales in one year compared to the handheld's $80 price cut and over 4 million in sales in only half a year? Clearly Nintendo has skewed its view point on what is acceptable sales and acceptable business move in wake of poor sales.

If you have a tumor that can be removed, you generally don't keep it in and wait to see, you cut it out despite the complications that can arise. For one thing, the price to me is the major (cancerous) un-selling point to the Wii U. If Nintendo wants to turn things around, they're going have to make harder decisions. Either go broke or go home, cut the price or cut the system. The Wii U needs to drop in price down to, or close to the acceptable $249.99 mark. I am not sure if it was here or another article/site, but I mentioned it should be at least $275 instead of $300. Both the Wii and 3DS had terrific sales under the $249.99 price tag. Clearly this is the idea price for any new Nintendo console product, not $300-350 like the basic and deluxe models were at launch.

I just know somewhere Nintendo had it in their head they could get away with that price tag because at the time they had no 8th gen competitors, but clearly Nintendo was wrong. If anything, I think Nintendo's biggest screw up was releasing two different models right at the start, and then they made it worse by getting ride of one and giving the other its price. Nintendo can't be hurt anymore by back-to-back price cuts than they will if things continue the way they are. You said Nintendo could survive loses, well business aspect and shareholders be damned, why can't they survive price cuts? What loses more money and the trust of shareholders more; selling at a $25-50 loss or not selling at all?

You could say (did you? I think someone said it at some point on here or somewhere else) that the economy is the reason for poor sales, yeah, lets ask Sony if their poor PS4 sales is due to the economy. I'm not trying sound like an ass with that comment, but the economy has little to do with the gaming world. We had recessions and bad economies back in the 80's and 90's, the gaming world sure didn't seem to die off like people thought it would. Games provide people a way to escape reality, especially the reality of poor economies.

As for losing the Game Pad, even if losing it is not an option, it would not kill the system altogether, not selling units is doing that just fine on its own. But you and several people on here and other sites are failing to take into account that people will always buy Nintendo products no mater what. The little driving wheel thing that you connect a Wii Mote or 3DS to is not needed, but people still buy it. They could sell the GamePad separately, and people would buy still buy it. Besides, according to what I've found out about the GamePad, it would seem losing it would knock 50% of the price off, that alone would make the console different from the other two. There will always be an audience and market for Nintendo hardware, or hardware that goes with Nintendo products.

People think if Nintendo published on other systems no one would buy their systems, but that is not true. Even if LoZ was one day available on PC, 360 and/or Xbone, people would still buy Nintendo consoles for other games. Microsoft and Sony both Publish games for the PC, is that killing the Xbox and PlayStation sales? No, people still buy these consoles and games. If anything, Nintendo is screwing themselves by not doing off console releases, especially not publishing on the PC/Mac. Show of hands, I bet everyone in here would toss their own granny down a flight of stairs to buy LoZ for the PC.

My point is the difference between Nintendo and the others is that THEY'RE Nintendo. Saying the GamePad is what makes it distinguishable from the others is like saying without Bill Gates, its not Microsoft. They can lose the GamePad and still be Nintendo. Microsoft can lose Bill Gates and still be Microsoft, Apple and lose both Jobs and the Mac and still be Apple. Sony PlayStation lost Crash Bandicoot their mascot, but they're still Sony PlayStation. You're telling me its better to force people to pay $300 for the Wii U and the GamePad then to make it where people can get the Wii U by itself for about $150? I guarentee you if Nintendo gave us a GamePadless Wii U for $150, Sony and Microsoft's sales will drop and Nintendo's rise. Really the difference here is that Nintendo Forces you to have the GamePad while the others give you options to use multiscreen, remote-play ect.

Going back to the topic of this article, about how Nintendo needs to start publishing outside of their own hardware...Everyone is quick to defend Nintendo as making software for the family, but fail to think that some of Nintendo's bigger properties are single-players. While some properties like Mario and Pokémon (maybe Donkey Kong too) should remain on Nintendo platforms only; titles like Legend of Zelda, Metroid and countless other non family driven properties could easily find a suitable audience on multiple platforms and make Nintendo lots more money. You can't properly Play Wind Waker with your family, only now can you kinda play with others in A link between worlds but that requires streetpass stuff. First-party games do provide Nintendo's life blood, that is true, but I am sure you know how badly they're hurting over not having enough third-party games. Its also slowly cutting the circulation off and soon Nintendo is going be an amputee in the gaming world. Nintendo can't keep expecting people to go to them on name alone, they need to go to the people.

Its unfair to the gamer world that we can't play Nintendo titles on the systems we have. Even if both Sony and Microsoft have their exclusive first-party titles, they still somewhere have games they release on Nintendo and each other's systems. Sony put out the Spiderman movies, and the games were released onto multiple platforms, not just Sony's PlayStation consoles. Originally Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell was released for the Xbox (original) only, but then it saw releases on the PC and many other platforms including the PS2 and GameCube. It has also since seen a HD remastered release for the PSN. The point is that even first-party console exclusives for Sony and Microsoft eventually found a release on other platforms in some way, while Nintendo remains diligent in not releasing outside of its consoles.

Would it be such a crime for Nintendo to release some of their titles on other consoles? That's one of the points Kenny Linder was getting at. Nintendo is becoming irrelevant because of their pseudo-elitist ways. Not sure if you remember this, but do you remember how much of a pain in the donkey Nintendo use to be? Nintendo had an iron fist over the gaming-market and punished anyone who went against them. They had driven out competitors like Sega and ran a monopoly here in the states. Anyone who sold "third-party" Nintendo games were hit with fines and refused further business by Nintendo. The Irony is that Nintendo now depends on third-party games to continue being a major player in the gaming world.

Now that Nintendo has been knocked off its high horse and is forced to ride on a slightly smaller horse next to Sony and Microsoft; If things keep up as they are now, soon it will be a donkey Nintendo rides on. If it doesn't change, eventually it will be on nothing but its feet and eventually crawling on its hands and knees to a dishonorable death.

You want to stick to the fact? The facts are that Nintendo has been an Over Zealous gaming company that refuses to get with the program of what is now the accepted norm for a gaming hardware/software company. They refuse to make their consoles multipurpose beyond a few features a cellphone could have. They've driven away countless publishers in multiple ways, and have marooned themselves in the market due to their asinine narcissistic ways.

You think this is just a minor fall, well falls and karma have a way of building up everlasting effects. I am 26 and a few years back I took a "minor" fall that bummed out my knee for a year. If I take another fall to that knee, I will have to have it replaced, and even with out it I might face replacement in the future down the line. You can't afford to stumble anymore in life than you can in the business world. I used the amputee metaphor earlier, well Nintendo has piled up enough falls and bad karma to the point where that will happen to them should they not have a means of catching themselves in this or the next fall.

Nintendo needs to cut prices, get more games (that we both agree on) and they need to start publishing out of home like Mr. Linder says. Even if its not Mario, Pokemon, LoZ or Metroid, anything Nintendo could start publishing on other platforms is a start. They can at least self publish for the PC and get some of those games. And again, I know they say they make software for the family, well I don't remember the last time I played LoZ or Metroid with the family, just saying, that excuse is getting old and is hurting Nintendo in the long run.



Yamitora1 commented on Former Sony Developer Feels The Wii U "Won't S...:

@TheRealThanos One last thing, people are so quick to defend the Wii U with the 3DS argument, but the 3DS also suffered bad sales until a $80 price cut. From your argument, Nintendo should have lost some trust from the business and stock market worlds from that move since "it seemed like they had little faith in their product"

The 3DS is now their best seller...just saying, price cut = sales.

Nintendo could at least give us the option to get the Wii U without that paper weight called the Game Pad. I'd rather pay extra for it seperately down the road in the future, then have it shoved down my throat. Sony did it smart by giving people the option to get the Camera and lower the price by not boxing it in with the PS4.



Yamitora1 commented on Former Sony Developer Feels The Wii U "Won't S...:

@TheRealThanos I was using my common sense when it comes to stating what Nintendo would or wouldn't have with that 10.7 bill. No mater what, that 10.7 bill is still not a safety net. Their money is at the mercy of the banks, stock market, economy and tons of other things that can quickly drain money. The article you quote is only taking into account loses from poor sales, there are a billion things that can and will effect their financial stability from the outside. Those projection figures are limited and best case scenario, I would like to see all the scenarios laid out for how long Nintendo can last with poor sales.

Besides, even if Nintendo c/would face some scrutiny over cutting the Wii U's price back to back, its a lot better then the kind of bad mojo they would face in any number of disasters. The business world is unforgiving, that is true and its very over zealous. The moment disaster hits, everyone treats the effected companies like leapers. Even if the lost of every one of their factories is unrealistic (and that was just a 1 in a 1,000,000,000,000 worst case scenario) the lost of one is plausible and the repercussions for that are numerous.

Say for example a factory implodes, explodes, collapses or burns to the ground, damaging property, killing and injuring countless people. Even if Nintendo had nothing to do with it and could not prevent it, they're in for a financial headache. I'm talking about loses, law suits, fines, investigations and most damaging Financial Freezes and leans.

All these things would quickly start pecking away at their finances, and that's just some of the immediate effects. There are still long term loses of finances, credibility, marketability and a slew of other things that can haunt Nintendo for years and still not be their fault. If something like that happened, Nintendo could not afford keep selling the Wii U at the current price. They'd either have to cut the price, or cut the whole product.

When all is said and done, it would be better to lose a little face cutting the price then trying to save face in the wake of disaster and/or scandal. If Nintendo truly was as unstoppable as you say, then they shouldn't fear the business world, stock market or share holders.



Yamitora1 commented on Former Sony Developer Feels The Wii U "Won't S...:

@TheRealThanos Even if Nintendo was worth that, it doesn't have that much in the bank it self. No business no mater how much they're worth truly have total access to their net value. There is more then just them having "10.7 billion in the bank" (at that time, the yen's strength changes all the time) There are investors, partners, stocks, bonds, businesses and other (things I might have forgot to list) equity tie ups that limit how much Nintendo can truly keep on hand at any given time. Nintendo can't just snap its fingers and it has the 10.7 billion right there in front of it. Not to mention if they were so financially well off as you say, then if they cut the price of the Wii U to $200 it would not hurt them one bit, so why not do that? How long could Nintendo truly stay afloat if it lost all its investors; their stocks plummet or if a general market crash happens? 10.7 billion isn't squat in a business that is so unforgiving as the gaming world. (E.T. ring any doomsday bells?) If Nintendo lost every one of its factories in a freak accident, can you honestly tell me they could survive that? Having no factories or warehouses is almost just as bad as not selling enough units to justify keeping the factors in full production or opened.

Even with a crappy library, if the Wii U was $200 a lot more of them would sell in favor of the more expensive consoles. Now of course that isn't realistic at the moment, but a price cut is needed NOW if Nintendo wants to come out of this with some honor and not be forced to retire and or replace the Wii U before its lifespan.



Yamitora1 commented on Former Sony Developer Feels The Wii U "Won't S...:

Nintendo needs to cut their prices. They're making people pay too much for the Wii U, if the basic model still existed, it would be $250 at the moment. Unfortunately they got rid of it, which pretty much was a slap in the face to early adopters who got the basic instead of the now similarly priced, default "Deluxe" model.

At the very least they could drop the prices down to $275. Otherwise, Nintendo will end up losing the home console war and be in danger of bankruptcy.

As for the 3DS, it should also see a price drop. Many people said Nintendo should have cut the 3DS' price instead of bringing out the 2DS. While I am not 100% in agreement (I voted to simply update the $99 DSi with a slight hardware/software upgrade), it would be a smart move to try and lower the price some still.

I know damn well the 2DS could sell for $99 everyday, not just black Friday and Nintendo would not lose much if any money. The $30 people would save on the hardware would logically be diverted into buying software. People who bought the $99 2DS at Walmart were buying games with the money saves; this I know for sure.

Its ultimately software that keeps Nintendo afloat. Nintendo might only sell a million Wii U's, but what are the chances people will only have 1 game per Wii U? I can confidently say that most people buy at least 1-3 games with their new console. That translates into 1-3 million games sold right from the starting gate. Then once they own the console, they will continue buying software. Even if Hardware sales are crap, software sales will always be better then hardware sales.

This is what needs to be done within the next 6 months if Nintendo wants to keep afloat on something other then software sales.
1) Lower the 2DS price to $99-$110 (3D is still bad for kids, and kids are bad for anything with a hinge. The 2DS is needed in this world)
2) Lower the 3DS to $139
3) Lower the 3DS XL to $169.99
4) Lower the Nintendo Wii U price to at least to $275
5) If not 4, then they should release a 16GB Basic Model for $249.99



Yamitora1 commented on Former Naughty Dog And THQ Head Jason Rubin Sa...:

@element187 It can be argued that Nintendo has also been poorly ran as of late. I mean they're only now able to say "Consumers now know the difference between the Wii and the Wii U" And from what I heard on Black Friday, there are still idiots who don't. I mean it didn't take rocket science to tell the difference between the playstation and the playstation 2, but still people seem to be incapable of wrapping their heads around the U after Wii.

If Nintendo had chosen a different name, then maybe their sales would have no been so bad baring the lack of library bulk at launch.



Yamitora1 commented on Former Naughty Dog And THQ Head Jason Rubin Sa...:

Nintendo has always pretty much surrounded themselves with a mote; keeping their properties under lock and key guarded by a dragon, guarded by a kraken and making sure everything is to their liking less there be hell to pay. But the gaming world is changing, and one day Nintendo might not be apart of the gaming world like they have in the past and remain to be today.

I mean look at Atari and Sega, one day they were in the hardware market, the next day they're in software and barely hanging on market. If not for Sonic, Sega would have become the Beta Max of the Console Wars. (although I guess ultimately they kind of became the VHS of the console wars, but still VHS had a hell of a run and so did Sega)

There might come a day when Nintendo too has to throw in the towel and become a purely software publishing company. The irony being that at one time Nintendo helped cause the downfall of other hardware companies that now focus mainly on software.

I think it would be very beneficial if Nintendo did some out of house releases. Maybe establish a shell publisher that focuses on multi-console development for Nintendo titles. At the very least they could license out a property or two, maybe Metroid and Donkey Kong? That big monkey has come a long way since his days of tangling with Mario, but hasn't seen too many releases outside of the once a decade game and the inclusion into Smash bros. Its a shame he mostly sits on the shelf gathering dust while other franchises get love and attention. Why leave money on the table when you can invest it and get a profit return?

Plus, think about how some properties could expand with the help of other systems or better yet, PC/Mac. Nintendo could still maintain the copyright and publishing rights, but allow gamers without Nintendo's hardware to have access to their library. There are properties like the Legend of Zelda franchise, which, like Sonic is well know the world over. However, the major difference between them is that Sonic has seen a wider release since it is not bound by any one system. If LoZ got a wider platform release spread, Nintendo would see record sales and profits never before thought possible.

Show of hands, who here would buy LoZ for the PC, even if it was a older game port like a Link to the Past with little to no graphics update. I'm pretty sure some of you just smacked your hand on something raising it so fast. Nintendo fans are a loyal bunch, why betray their loyalty by limiting their access to your product. I mean, that's kinda like a crack dealer only selling crack on one street corner. (yes, I am comparing games to crack.) Its more economic to sell on multiple street corners. Starbucks gets it, they sell cra i mean coffee everywhere on every street corner, some on all four corners. It does't matter that they're too expensive, bland, burnt or over commercialized, they're still getting their product out there and not limiting themselves.

But seriously, could you imagine what the guys behind Legend of Zelda could do if they released a PS4/Xbone game? Imagine what could become of Link in the kind of rendering we've traditionally only seen in Final Fantasy. Imagine a nearly realistic (the ears will always take away from the realism) Link, crossing swords with foes in splendid crisp, large, detailed 3D, open world environments. I don't think there is a gamer out there that wouldn't trade in their first born for multi-platform access to LoZ.

Times are changing, and while Nintendo is still a big contender, they need to start branching out and being less of a control freak hermit.



Yamitora1 commented on 3DS and 2DS Double Monthly US Hardware Sales t...:

Nintendo needs to work on dropping the Wii U's price a little more. They act like its a price cut, all they really did was throw away the basic model and gave the deluxe its price. They could at least offer the basic model for $249.99 or something.



Yamitora1 commented on Pokémon Art Director Would Like to Simplify t...:

I think it doesn't matter. While some of the features might be hard to keep up with, newer players will come into, learn and master everything we older players might struggle with. I struggle with the ins and outs of the type match ups now since the fairy intro, I am over coming that, but a new younger player likely has already beaten me to master it all.



Yamitora1 commented on Former Video Game Destination Blockbuster Vide...:

seriously? I thought they already closed down their brick and mortar stores a year or more ago. Regardless, I foreseen this coming back when all Block Busters threw out their VHS and bought DVD which while better, didn't have nearly the library options VHS did/still does. It was fine if they were trying to keep up with the times, but they short changed themselves and the many VHS hold outs. Plus there were movies that hadn't made it to DVD at the time, some still haven't. I mean it took a year before my local blockbuster got their horror section built back up, and even then it wasn't as plentiful as it was when the VHS roamed the isles.

As for Best Buy, the Best Buy part is in name only, nothing best about it. Target and Walmart have way better prices, even Kmart has better prices. Everytime I see one of those Large Yellow stickers, I want to punch someone's grandmother and yell That's higher then Target's price!

Granted Best Buy does a better job at stocking anime then the targets around here, but they still charge out the coin hole for them. Usually $5 more then online.



Yamitora1 commented on The Combined 2DS and Pokémon X & Y Launch Was...:

@conman2012 what about the wasted material that could be used to make another screen? most of the bottom screen is hidden, plus the cost of manufacturing and shipping a fresh supply of these single screens compared to using screens from other assembly lines. plus what is the cost to making one large touch screen compared to one touch screen that they are already making lots of and a normal LCD screen for the top?



Yamitora1 commented on The Combined 2DS and Pokémon X & Y Launch Was...:

They are wasting the unused portion of the screen. They should have just thrown the 3DS touch screen on it, and gave it a normal top LCD screen. It would have cost a lot less to use parts they already have in mass quantities.



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Nintendo needs to man up, admit they screwed up by rushing the Wii U's development and release, and correct the issue by developing and releasing a better console that is up to par or better then 8th gen quality, not 7 or 7.5 gen quality.

I mean Nintendo never felt bad about releasing version after version of the DS, why should the Wii be any different? Nintendo has forced players to buy the latest handheld to play the latest games, nintendo can take this same business model and apply it to the home console. Also, give the home console the ability to play game cube and WII games and it will make the fans happy.

Of course given the quality of this game, I don't place blame on nintendo, but the game developer. That looked pretty gen 6 or gen 7 quality. Heck a few minutes of that game play looked like social network game quality.



Yamitora1 commented on Repairing a 2DS Screen Costs $65 Plus Shipping...:

@wombatkidd @ACK @wombatkidd Common sense says that it would be cheaper and faster to use the surplus of 3DS screens instead of manufacturing and shipping a supply of new screens.

I actually should clarify that its not the top screen, but the bottom 3DS touch screen that could have been reused for the 2DS. They likely have a dozen pallets of 3DS touch screens on hand in the manufacturing facilities, those have already been paid for and use less material then the new single touch screen that is about 65% unused. So many factors already suggesting that would have been the cheaper route.

Its like when you have a house built, one of the options is to purchase a prefabricated house which is faster and cheaper. Its the same with the 3DS touch screens, they've already been made so why waste? Unless a touch LCD screen is cheaper to make then a regular LCD screen, it would have cost them less to just develop and manufacture a normal, non stereoscopic 3D LCD screen for the top display.



Yamitora1 commented on Repairing a 2DS Screen Costs $65 Plus Shipping...:

@SMEXIZELDAMAN They could have kept the two separate screens still, with minimum wiring. It would cost them a lot less to use the same parts they use on the 3DS/3DS XL then to go and produce a new part. By rule of thumb, a company should always try to reduce materials and reuse parts. You don't see Mattel going out of their way to make a new barbie from the ground up every time they come out with a new one do you? Nope, they just swap out the skin tone, hair and clothing. Maybe once ever few years they redesign it a little, but they still reuse the same parts for all the different barbies in the mean time. This goes for Hasbro and their My Little Pony line. Its the same exact plastic horse, just with different color and hair. They're so evilly smart about it, they charge $5-10 more for a few strands of silver/glittering tinsel weaved into the hair for their Crystal Empire toy line, but it is still the same plastic mold used for all the ponies. Even the cartoon reuses elements of the ponies with just a pallet swap, which saves lots of $$ in production costs.

Another thing is that the new screen takes more materials to make then two separate screens, a good chunk of which is wasted because its hidden. I'd wager the material used in the portion of the screen not used/visible in 10-11 2DS' could be used to make another touch screen for the 3DS on its own. We're entering a world where people don't want as much plastic border. That is why some TVs and phones are being made and developed now, where they have little to no plastic border and large display surface that practically has no edge.

Had Nintendo made the 2DS more tablet like, with one screen and no plastic divider/buffer, that would be a different story. There is no real justification to going out of their way, spending the time and resources producing the new screen unless they plan to use it in a separate, tablet-like product. Heck, even if Nintendo reuses the screen used for the 2DS on a smaller version of the Wii U's Gamepad, it would be a better justification then to say it cuts costs for the 2DS. At the end of the day, this seems like a wasted effort on Nintendo's behalf, they could and probably should have just kept using the same screens they've been using. I mean I've yet to see anyone say the 2DS screen is an improvement in terms of touch response, that alone would go towards redeeming Nintendo's decision to go down this path.



Yamitora1 commented on Hardware: Here's What The Nintendo 2DS Looks L...:

@daveh30 The placement in that image is the exact same figuration as the 2DS, but lowered, or in other comparison the same that it is with a unfolded 3DS. The trigger buttons are housed in a grove where the fingers comfortably rest inside/against.

@Kirk Very nice, although I think the plastic divider should still be there, but the bottom touch screen made as big as the top. The divider helps buffer the visuals. At the very least it should be detachable so if Nintendo makes a game that can work with one large touch screen, you're in business.



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Ok, first things first, I think Nintendo needs to get to rolling out some 2DS with something other then the plainjane black or white front and back. They should come out with blue, red, midnight purple and the ever so popular Legend of Zelda versions



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yes, yes god yes! I've been waiting for this. Not only would it be a update on several fronts, but it would be in 3D in all likely hood. Awesomeness! Best of all, most of the work is already done, all the pokemon are rendered and all, all they'd have to do is render a few new trainers and prof burch.



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I never used the app store, so how does the flagging feature work?

I know many sites refuse to let anyone but the copyright holder flag items, some even demanding asinine proof that there is a copyright violation, at least one sites I have tried to report movie rips. Sometimes they say its anti-bot motivated, but I often run into questionable report forms that demand a full name, address and phone numbers to file reports. In the end it seems to just be a scam to waste time and gather more traffic to their site in the time these Copyright infringing files are on servers. I'm not saying this about Microsoft, but about certain websites I have been to that make reporting anything a hassle.

Also, we shouldn't let Microsoft try and pull that "we can't decline new submissions" That is a bunch of red-tape bull pucky. They can easily implement a number of safeguards, including probation periods where members cannot upload a new app the moment they sign up, and they can also implement programs that search for and generate reports on possible apps that violate copyright based on key words in both the title and description. If Microsoft can't make a simple background program to tell them a App has the key words "Nintendo's Mario," then clearly Microsoft is not doing their jobs.

While the responsibility to report and take action against copyright violations falls to both companies, in the end its Microsoft that has the most responsibility for running the platform that arbors these apps.



Yamitora1 commented on Parent Trap: Nintendo 2DS Family Stress Test:

@MegaWatts Well, hopefully you are right about it not slipping out of hands so easily. I know every analog I've tried to simulate how the 2DS would feel in my hands had lead to slippage. Maybe I am just a butter fingers, but at least the 2DS is built Ford strong.

We're entering a time where gaming devices are not only less dependent on TVs, but replacing them altogether. It would be nice to enjoy watching netflix or any video for that mater, on a 2DS with stereo audio regardless of how you listen to it (with or without headphones). Even my granny's microwave has stereo speakers the size of quarters on it, and its 7 years old, why on earth would Nintendo backtrack to mono on a brand new device?

I've shown my old 2DS redesign (here is the newer updated and labeled one ) to multiple people, and most of them loved the look of it and even more raved positively about the speakers. But all in all its up to the individual what they like. Some like it simple, some like it pimped out. Not everyone will always like everything about something, that's what makes life interesting.

Regardless, with Nintendo's track record they'll release a different version sooner if not later. I can already see a Deluxe model that brings back the other speaker in its 5-9 pin hole glory. Plus they'll likely release another clam shell DS that takes away the 3D component and is nothing more then a slightly upgraded DSi (which I think they should have done in the first place) I expect to see a 2DS XL by June 2014 if not earlier. Heck, they might even do something like a 2DS² or 3²DS who knows what corny tricks Nintendo will pull out.



Yamitora1 commented on Parent Trap: Nintendo 2DS Family Stress Test:

@MegaWatts It's a work in progress, WIP. Its time Nintendo gave us some decent (stereo not mono this isn't the GB-GBC) speakers. If you're confused by the button placement, that's no different then the current 3DS, with the shoulder buttons in the same location, just in a finger friendly groove indent section, which is hard to see in the front and back profiles. This design has since been improved and I've been working on the side profiles to better illustrate where the shoulder buttons are.

I can already foresee the 2DS slipping out of many hands, since it has so much bottom hangoff. if a person is able to grasp it more towards the middle or bottom, even with the slightly thicker top end, it would be much easier to keep hold. The current 2DS design screams "I am going slip out from your hands because I hand down like a old man's tatter's"