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Time: Nintendo Is "Stumped" By The Wii U GamePad And Should Ditch It

Posted by Damien McFerran

"It makes you wonder why the company even bothered"

The Wii U GamePad is the console's unique selling point, offering players a different way to experience HD gaming. However, like all new ideas, it takes time to fully explore and exploit the potential offered by a second screen, and it's fair to say that we've yet to see the best the GamePad is capable of.

If Time had its way, we'd never see that killer application — the magazine's tech site is claiming that the GamePad is holding the console back and that Nintendo should ditch it in order to survive:

The Wii U GamePad has a 6.2-inch touch screen in the middle, flanked by thumbsticks, buttons and triggers on either side. In theory, the extra screen is supposed to open up some amazing new types of gaming that aren’t possible on other consoles.

But right now, even Nintendo seems stumped by the controller. In the games I sampled at E3, the touchscreen didn’t add anything meaningful to the experience.

f Nintendo can’t do interesting things with the Wii U GamePad, it makes you wonder why the company even bothered, instead of building a more traditional console like the upcoming Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The Wii U isn’t as powerful as these systems, so it’s a hassle for publishers to create Wii U versions of their games. Some publishers, such as Electronic Arts, aren’t working on any games for Nintendo’s platform.

It makes me wonder whether Nintendo is setting the stage for a low-cost, GamePad-free version of the Wii U. Given that the GamePad isn’t essential to Nintendo’s upcoming games, and that it doesn’t have much support from other publishers, a low-cost alternative to the PS4 and Xbox One doesn’t seem outrageous. Ditching the GamePad would be embarrassing, but it could be Nintendo’s best chance at turning its fortunes around.

Given how long it took the DS and 3DS to find their sweet spot in the market, we'd say this kind of negativity is premature. New tech means new game design, and that doesn't happen right away — the Wii U isn't even a year old yet, lest we forget.

By ditching the GamePad, Nintendo would rob the Wii U of what differentiates it from the competition — and that could prove fatal in a market where the two other rival manufacturers are already offering systems which play almost exactly the same games. All the Wii U needs is time, and a few killer titles.

What do you think? Post a comment to share your thoughts on the Time feature, and the future of the Wii U in general.


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Hunter-D said:

"But right now, even Nintendo seems stumped by the controller. In the games I sampled at E3, the touchscreen didn’t add anything meaningful to the experience"

...It's not always supposed to be featured in games. It's up to the devs.

"instead of building a more traditional console like the upcoming *Xbox One and PlayStation 4."

The XBone isn't a traditional console. It always needs to be connected to internet, has used game DRM and isn't backwards compatible. Next-gen? nope. More like a giant leap backwards.

"It makes me wonder whether Nintendo is setting the stage for a low-cost, GamePad-free version of the Wii U."

Really? The Wii U was BASED around the GamePad.

Very poor article.



grimbldoo said:

Nintendo wouldn't have gone ahead with the gamepad if they didn't know what they were going to use it for. Time doesn't like to think much, do they?



MilesVor said:

Michael Moore needs to make a documentary film about the fear-mongering in the press about the Wii U.



seronja said:

truth be told i myself can't seem to enjoy the gamepad too... the only game's that i like the gamepad features is the one from zombi u & RE: revelations... off tv play is just a function i never ever use.



fredcaster said:

It's arguable that they may need to change tack but it is questionable whether this suggestion would have any impact. Getting rid of one of the stand out features of the console?



MAB said:

When the word 'stumped' showed up on the main page I thought you might be telling everyone about Ashes Cricket 2013 releasing on the 21st of June in Europe



Jukilum said:

I think that Nintendo ditching the Gamepad would mean the end of the Wii U. I don't think they want to fragment their audience. And you think consumers are confused about what the Wii U is now? Think how bad it would be if they took these suggestions.



Sgt_Garlic said:

Lol no. The system is designed around the gamepad. How exactly are you supposed to play Nintendo Land or ZombiU? Drawing pictures on Miiverse? Also, good bye to Off-TV play. Nintendo would be better off making a successor to the Wii U in a couple of years. Also I kind of laugh at the fact the article claims the Xbox One is a traditional console. I'm not going near that DRM filled system.



Megumi said:

They should play Game and Wario then.
EDIT: Oh right, duh...forgot about Nintendo Land too. xD
And from what I can tell, Miyamoto is making perfect use of the GamePad in Pikmin 3.



ChosenOne25 said:

I don't see why everybody is saying the gamepad doesn't add anything. Off TV play is such a huge selling point to have if you live in a busy household. Also, it allows for so many more additional convenient game elements, aka maps, interacting with the touch screen. The unique nature of Nintendo 's console is what draws most ninty fans to it. Why should it be the same traditional as Xbox and PS? 3 same game consoles? That would be when Nintendo would truly fail. Developers are not forced to add anything with the gamepad if they're not creative enough. Very very poorly written article.



Alienfish said:

This is very ignorant. The problem with the Wii was that Nintendo used that Wiimote TOO much. I got sick of all the crap and eventually started to crave a few normal experiences here and there. Now it's happening and of course people are complaining. The scrutinizing of Nintendo never seems to end.



doctor_doak said:

Well, i don't know how qualified Time magazine is to comment on gaming, but they're right in this instance.. The gamepad adds nothing 'game changing' to the experience of playing games on the Wii U...and i don't think Nintendo even know why it exists. It comes at too high a cost too.. I mean, the ability to play off-tv is neat and all, but as it's not without it's problems. I'd rather have a more powerful system with traditional controls..

Innovate with the 'games' and not the 'inputs'. I love Nintendo, but i'm not a blinded fanboy...They're not innovating with their wiimote's and gamepad's. They're gimmicks that don't 'improve' the gaming experience. We just want to see innovation and ambition within the game mechanics of Nintendo's IP's...and it could be fairly argued that isn't quite happening atm.. Still, I think the Q3/Q4 2013 lineup for the Wii U is really good...particularly if you're a fan of 2d platformers like me..



Yoshis_VGM said:

If they took the GamePad away, enhanced the power of the system, and simply made the Wiimotes the you know how much confusion that would cause? That would literally make the Wii U a Wii HD. People will most likely look at the box and say, "Oh, look, it's an HD Wii! But I already have a Wii, so why should I upgrade?" See where the problem is? I think it's about Time that Time does its research and learns a little bit about the Wii U, because the whole console revolves around the controller. The 3DS's 3D screen really wasn't fully explored until Super Mario 3D Land came out...8 months after the handheld was released. The same thing will happen with the Wii U. Things like this take TIME. Behind the times much, Time?



Jayden said:

If this is true, and the GamePad with its second screen dynamic is something Nintendo should drop; why are most developers tripping over themselves to create the same effect using companion mobile apps for their games?

Coming out of E3, my overall impression is every developer under the sun likes the idea of the second screen, and so are shoehorning the same dynamic into a mobile app for the same, albeit less, experience.

I would really like to know where the author of the Times article stands on SmartGlass, which we can argue borrows the concept of a second screen and essentially shoves it onto a tablet.



domdom87 said:

Yes, Nintendo should've made an HD console box that is indistinguishable to other consoles and platforms, and provide the exact same experience. It would've dominated the market. Honestly, take away the DRM/online controversy, you could just flip a coin when deciding on whether you'd want a PS4 and xbone.



StarDust4Ever said:

The more you play with the gamepad, the more you realize just how awesome it is. It felt akward gaming with it for maybe 15-20 minutes, then I'm like, "where have you been all my life!?"



LavaTwilight said:

Yeah because the XBone (thanks @Hunter-D I love it and that's what I'm gonna call it from now one) is going down a hit with consumers everywhere! They can't wait to get their hands on one and I bet even Sony are worried.
How can they say Nintendo are stumped for ideas? Most of the games playable at E3 won't be released until the very end of this year or 2014; there's only going to be a brief playable demo and that's not really going to showcase the gamepad but rather the games. It's almost like they're just looking for any opportunity to slate Nintendo. If they were to 'ditch the gamepad' you can guarantee Time won't be talking about what a great idea it was to do that.



R00bot said:

If you ditch the gamepad then wouldn't people just go out and buy a PS4 for $50 more? (apart from Nintendo exclusives, people will always buy them)



Einherjar said:

Yeah, making it like all the others to homogenizise the market is absolutely the way to go. Then, we would have the same system 3 times, each one with a different brand name on it but nothing else.
Why dont people get that a feature doesnt have to be used all the time. If you force it, it will just feel "tacked on" or "gimmicky". As long as it doesnt hinder the game (like some wiggle controlls did with the WIi) what is the big problem ?
Let the WiiU have games that dont focus on the feature of the console for the games sake. Look at the other two consoles...they dont even have destinctive features to tell them apart. One rips you off and the other one not.



Mahe said:

The Gamepad was a mistake, because it really hasn't had a lot of good implementations, and it's jacking up the price.

@R00bot Without the Gamepad, the Wii U could be 100 dollars cheaper. That would be a $199 Basic version or $249 Premium against the $399 PlayStation 4, and now that's a big difference.



BJQ1972 said:

Being able to play without the TV on is more than enough reason for me.

Did people not say exactly the same thing about the DS second screen adding nothing to games?



Metal_Slugger said:

Playing vc games on the gamepad alone is worth it. Let alone the many other things you can do with it. Plus the keyboard on it I hate controller typing, but that makes it bearable. Having the internet ( that smokes anything out there), netflix, games other things right in your hand for what? A hundred bucks? Friggin sweeeeeeet bargain.



DualWielding said:


Exactly that's what I've been saying since the beginning the problem with the gamepad is that it is too expensive it adds $100 to the cost of the console, without really delivering anything in return for that extra cash...... a $199 console with regular gamepad would be a good budget gaming option, a more powerful console competitively priced with PS4 could get the console the third party support it needs to attract the hardcore gaming market....... Right now the gamepad is the Wii U main problem.... Assymetric play sounds to me as a rethoric to hide the fact that the gamepad makes local symmetric multiplayer a logistical nightmare...... I think it will be a big drawback to games such as SSB and MK8, people want to compete in equal conditions in those games.... meaning touchscreen cannot be used for anything gameplay significant without giving an advantage to the only player who has it.... In MK8 it can be used to 1V1 local multiplayer without split screen, but for classic 4 player gaming the point is mute



DualWielding said:

@Metal_Slugger all those things only work if you are in the same room as the console.... if range was bigger, lets say at least a whole house, I will consider buying the Wii U...... but being limited to the same room as the console really kills most of the usefulness those features could have.



DualWielding said:

@Metal_Slugger all those things only work if you are in the same room as the console.... if range was bigger, lets say at least a whole house, I will consider buying the Wii U...... but being limited to the same room as the console really kills most of the usefulness those features could have.



MAB said:

Xbone for $500 doesn't do anything more then what a 360 and TV already do now... Actually it makes everything worse



WiiLovePeace said:

"What do you think? Post a comment to share your thoughts on the Time feature, and the future of the Wii U in general."

I think this: "Given how long it took the DS and 3DS to find their sweet spot in the market, we'd say this kind of negativity is premature. New tech means new game design, and that doesn't happen right away — the Wii U isn't even a year old yet, lest we forget.

By ditching the GamePad, Nintendo would rob the Wii U of what differentiates it from the competition — and that could prove fatal in a market where the two other rival manufacturers are already offering systems which play almost exactly the same games. All the Wii U needs is time, and a few killer titles."



MrCharles77 said:

Ditching the gamepad is just a stupid question. There are games that use it quite well, like Zombiu, Batman, Nintendoland, etc.
It's possible to disable the gamepad in order to increase framerate in some games. For example (said by devs) if a game runs at 720P/30FS with gamepad, without it would be possible to have a higher frame rate at higher resolutions like 1080P/60FS.

(source Crytek and the guys who are making project cars)



TobiasAmaranth said:

I agree. They aren't doing any unique mutliplayer experiences with the capability. Where's my D&D style adventure where I get to be an obnoxious dungeon crafter in the face of my friends?!?



stefenjc said:

I know Nintendo always wants to stay out of the same experience as PS4 and Xbox One but it seems like Nintendo is having a hard time maintaining that innovation their having. They need to stick with a controller and dominate the HD experience instead. That would make Nintendo compete with PS4 and Xbox One. Nother the less I think Nintendo is great even tho Wii U is not a hit atm, but im sure it will reach to that point. Also, since their dominating handheld consoles, their next gen handheld consoles should be about reaching to HD gaming experience and enhance the feeling of the 3DS and better megapixel on their camera. That would bring Nintendo up. To me, Nintendo is more of a handheld company type then home consoles.



MrGawain said:

Here's the thing: the Wii U IS the gamepad, like the Wii WAS the wiimote. It is the unique selling point of the console in a market where there is barely enough room for 2 super graphics-cost you a fortune in subscription-Betamax boxes. Nintendo has decided to make a different product- Heavens there be any innovation in the world. It's a social product for families and groups of friends, instead of 20 somethings who shoot at each other online. The gamepad is for games like Nintendoland and Game and Wario, but it also innovates with map screens, instant itinerary screens, drawing commands like in the upcoming 101, and a 2nd separate screen for 2 player games- I can't exclaim enough how much better playing on the gamepad with a 2 player racer like Sonic is without the TV split screen. It makes drawing on miiverse possible, it's a TV remote, PLUS OFF TV PLAY! I think it's fair to say the box that the games go in serves the control pad, not the other way around.

Here's the 2nd thing: The Wii U will not win the sales war. But it still has a niche in the market to take care of itself. I only have a Wii U- if Nintendo didn't have a console I wouldn't bother with one of the other two, but I know a lot of people that have 2 or 3 consoles. This time around people will chose between the ocean grey and military grey of the PS4 and Xboxone, but very few will have both due to monthly costs and repetition in 3rd party. But I can see people investing in a Wii U as well as a change up console. If you have a PS4 or Xbox One, that's where you'll play COD, AC, or FIFA- it's a given. But if you don't have one of these, you may still want to play these games on your Wii U. But you won't be playing Mario, Zelda, Pikmin, Bayonetta 2, Smash Bros, or Mario Kart on a non Nintendo product any time soon.

Now the nextboxes have been announced, Nintendo know what their strategy is for the Wii U. Its not a nextbox, but it is a great nexttobox.



schizor said:

The console and the gamepad can't work without one another, so the release of a gamepadless Wii U console seems unlikely. IMO.



DreamOn said:

Wow. Is that actually from a Time article? Cuz it reads like someone's whiny forum rant "So dumb they should of just made a normal controller like Xbox why did they even bother now no one wants to make games for it" lol Did it read like that for anyone else?



gavn64 said:

Ehh... im pretty sure it's most probably one single game that has influenced the creation of the gamepad i.e the way wii sports was created before the wii remote even existed so what possible game gave birth to the gamepad? my guess would be Zelda U the way Aounuma talks about it i think it could the Wiiu's real breakthrough title shame it is gonna take so long but ye know it will be worth it in the end.

remember how magical it felt to play skyward sword how it recaptured that feeling you got on launch day with wii sports yeah im pretty sure NINTENDO are making something real special.



Ras said:

Well, I already have a negative opinion of Time, so I'll just leave that aside. The problem with third-party developers and the Gamepad is similar to the problem with the Wii: they think they HAVE to do something with the Gamepad every time, just like they thought they had to have waggle every time. It's okay to say, "The Gamepad isn't our focus, so we just put the basic inventory/map stuff there." They could even say, "We recommend using the Pro controller." That would be cool. I never understood in the Wii days why someone couldn't just say, "We don't happen to need waggle with this particular game, but enjoy the sensor bar pointing on the menus if you like."

Not to say developers aren't capable of finding something stunning to do with the Gamepad. It's just that NIntendo ought to tell them, "It's optional. If you just want it for off-TV play, cool."



DESS-M-8 said:

Looks like Time's tech writer is silly..
Games like Zombi U would not be possible on any other format or if ported would not offer anywhere near the same level of immersion or clever twists.
The new Zelda U will be the definitive Gamepad app.
As far as I'm aware games like mario bros wii u and pikmin 3 NEED the Gamepad. Which games was the guy looking at? Maybe he was in microsofts stand and got confused



Fazermint said:

The gamepad is fine, but it's up to the game devs to make good use of it. I wouldn't worry about first party games, Nintendo knows what they're doing. The problem is third party devs who adds touch control without thinking. The most common mistake is to add touch actions that have to be performed in the middle of non-touch actions (like a special move performed by touch, while the rest of the combat is performed without touch). This is "control-breaking" - you shouldn't be required to drag out the stylus to clumsily perform a special move or to keep the stylus handy at all times for a game that mainly uses non-touch controls. I saw this problem with tons of third party DS games, as well.



Rief said:

The possibilities the Gamepad gives are much greater than with a normal Gamepad.
Also, i think the Developers mostly make good use of it. Even if it is "only" the Map on the Gamepad, thats really helpful, because it doesn't have to be on the screen, which leaves more space to see what actually happens around you.



OPLink said:

These days i tend not to defend Nintendo, because i am a bit dissapointed in them. I'm not dissapointed in the system, because i love the gamepad options and the graphics i've seen in some games ( pikmin, X, Mk 8 ) do "wow" me allot.
It's the way that Nintendo has represented the console since launch that is underwhelming. I should not have to wait this long for that one AAA game. For me that was Pikmin 3 and Rayman Legends. I can't help but no be excited for those games anymore, because of all the delays. I will get them an love em, still the fact remains that i can't justify the early purchase.
As for the coming line-up: It looks great, and M3Dworld will sell the system. Same goes for DKCTF, WWHD. Great games and all, but i don't see myself rushing out the door to get them.
I really wanted a rich game with a good story this year. An adventure game of some sorts. Or even a hints that it's in development. Things allong the lines of Starfox, Zelda, Metroid. I love 2D mario's and DKC, but they lack captivating stories and cool cinematics/graphics that show what the Wii U is capable off. Pikmin is the only game that falls into that category, but as i said, my hype for it has died a bit.

I will say one thing, i'm extremely envious of people who will play Windwaker for the first time in HD. They will experience Zelda in HD before all the rest. Enjoy it.



GamecubeMan said:

Nintendo knows what they are doing. Most of the time they seem like they dont.... but they been in the gaming bizz for 25 years. And made money from 24 >:]



Emblem said:

What E3 games did he play? Pikmin, W101, Game & Watch & Wii U Party all use the gamepad heavily, while Mario Kart, Windwalker, Smash and M3D all have optional gamepad features. Also almost every game has off screen play which is awesome.
I like using my pro-controller and Wii-Mote sometimes for variety of experience so i'd like a nice balance in terms of games that have gamepad heavy features and those that can be played with other controllers.

If you look at Times other Nintendo articles you will see that this one follows the same uninformed trend.



DreamOn said:

All of Nintendo's games have off-TV play. Not everyone but many people like the option of having the TV free to display something else while playing a game. Or simply curl up with it in some other part of their space.

The ability in Windwaker to swipe items from inventory to buttons is very handy to give an an E3 example.

No gamepad means no MiiVerse art:( and that's a sad thought.

Also the web browser is awesome and the gamepad boosts the functionality.
If this guy spent anytime with a WiiU at home enough to have fully experienced it, I think he'd realize the gamepad second screen feels natural and very handy and is why the competition is preparing a means for second screen functionality for their consoles.



andreoni79 said:

Am I the only one who think that the one who wrote that article didn't even play with a WiiU?



chiptoon said:

the simple addition of off screen play makes the gamepad completely worthwhile.



Bigmac1910 said:

Unfortunately they might be right, not going to happen of course. In the end it's only about the games and 3rd party support, which it has almost none of (unless you love ALL the Nintendo franchises). After this E3 I think they are dead anyway. People are bringing up how the 3DS recovered, but it only had the Vita as a competitor, not the PS4 and Xbone.



MeWario said:

I played NSMBU for 3 hours tonight... ON THE FREAKEN GAMEPAD! Cause my girlfriend was watching t.v. I love the gamepad. Seems Nintendo life posts a lot of articles like this... Seriously who cares what Time says.



banacheck said:

And thats Nintendo's problem there been no meaningful games that take advantage of the Gamepad, the should have released with one or two game fully taking advantage of the Gamepad.



19Robb92 said:

This is a very rare occasion, but I agree with them. I think most people expected the next 3D Mario to really show what the WiiU is about and why the GamePad is essential.

Then, all we got was a sequel to a 3DS game. Nintendo does seem a bit off-track.



Psychomalone said:

5 words.... Monster Hunter Off TV Mode. As without that feature, I simply wouldn't get to play it, as I don't play games in front of my kids that they aren't old enough for. Plus my wife can still watch her soaps while I'm pounding a few Rathian...



Shambo said:

i just hate it when such articles pop up. are they paid by sony or microsoft? if so, it still looks like they're underpaid 'cause they didn't do any research.

sadly, people looking for their daily fix in nintendo hating, don't either. so these 'facts' are true for them and they'll never know (or believe) otherwise.

who needs another 'traditional' console when we already have... two, apparently, available? with next to nothing but safe, traditional, forgettable shooters, racing 'simulators' and annual sports games...

i know, i'll probably get a ps4 in the second half of this gen, because between that pile of 'triple-A shovelware', some gems will be hidden, and ps4 because microsoft seems to expand on their 'less (gaming) for more (moneymoneyMONEEEEYYYYY)' policy.

even if games would make no use of the second screen, i would. if i'm stuck in a game for example, i can use the virtual keyboard to quickly look up a solution on google or youtube. if my girlfriend wants tobwatch a silly tv show, i can still play many of my games. and those i can't, arguably make the best use of the controller, so no problem there.

and if a game makes no useful use of the gamepad whatsoever, there's always the largest amount of controller options ever on a console. gamepad, pro controller, wiimote + any additional parts/controllers, heck i even saw an article here on a switch to plug gamecube controllers in via wiimote.



SanderEvers said:


Nintendo had an awesome week on E3, let's just focus on that, please.



Sabrewing said:

I hope Time took some time (har har) to acknowledge how many PS4/X1 games utilize a tablet device in their programming for extra material.



blueeaglewombat said:

@grimbldoo exactly! This entire article is ridiculous. To suggest that the company that created the Wii U system (gamepad and console) doesn't know what to do with it is so ignorant on it's face. I mean the Team that created the console surely know's how to program for it and knows how to get what they want out of it. And with time, other developers will learn how to squeeze every once of power out of the machine. But to suggest the gamepad should be dumped because the creator doesn't understand how to use it is ridiculous.

e should get out of the journalism business seeing as how they can't write an objective article



Mario-Man-Child said:

I have to agree with Time. I personally think the gamepad is a very bad idea and I don't like it and I'm not the only one. Nintendo can't afford to ditch it thought. I did get the impression Nintendo don't know what to do with it, its a ridiculous idea. They were under pressure to come up with something after Wii and this is what happened, they're only human they make mistakes.



ScorpionMG said:

i love how magazines try to make as much as publicity as they can by putting all the negativity on to wii u, And they arent even gamers. He said the games at E3 didnt even show how the gamepad can be capable of, So The gamepad can be capable as a steering wheel in Mk8 which the developer confirmed, and that still doesnt amaze you? those gyroscope in the gamepad are just amazing, look at zombiU, you aim and controll where you shoot, damn stupid articles.



Smitherenez said:

I was thinking the same: Why isn't nintendo using the gamepad for other things then Off TV play? The only nintendo games that really make use of it's features, like asynchronous multiplayer, are Nintendoland and Game & Wario. I don't think nintendo should ditch it, it's an awesome device with awesome possibilities, but why doesn't even it's creator bother to implement it better in it's games?



brokenfang said:

Wait, Time is still in print? I thought this rag was long gone in the digital age. People still buy/ read this?
Time is outdated and irrelevant, who cares what they write anyway?
Lol, thanks NL for my laugh of the day.



ILikeRead said:

i guess that means the end of idie developing for exclusive gamepad play. who the hell wrote this? shame.



MiNiStRy said:

Time are nothing but drop kicks! Go and give us a story about people's rainforests getting cut down as the gaming market is not your thing.



Yasume said:

Does it really matter? The Wii U is doomed anyway. I'd say give it a year or 2 before Ninty calls it quits.

Seriously, just drop that poor excuse of a console and focus on the 3DS, Nintendo. Fantastic handheld. (L)



Kifa said:

Time - gaming experts. Except not...

The Gamepad is mostly underused, that is true, but tell me - would you rather have a forced, illogical mechanics stuck onto it just for the sake of being there, or some simple functions that make subtle enchancements to the gameplay while not being overly intrusive? And what exactly would ditching the Gamepad do to improve Wii U status? Absolutely nothing, because it would get robbed of the single thing that sets it apart from competition.

@Yasume - Yes, doomed, indeed. I've heard exactly the same about 3DS back in 2011 and look where are we now. Wii U is just starting, and I am personally sick of all this negativity. Looking at how PS4 and (especially) XBone look now, I'd say Nintendo's home system has the most potential of the three. Would not touch MS or Sony system with a grapnel - I already have a decent PC...

Also, @Nintendolife - Just stop those articles. Unless of course you want people to stop reading this site...



JJtheTexan said:

It's not a bad idea from a business and marketing standpoint, and the author makes some valid points. But as commenters in another forum pointed out, the GamePad is essential to the Wii U OS. I've used my Wii U a few times with only a Wii Remote because I was too lazy to retrieve my GamePad from its charging station, but that would be impractical to a new owner.

Still, Nintendo has a serious problem considering the PlayStation 4 will be just $50 more than the Wii U Deluxe Set come Christmas, and yes, while the Wii U does include a pack-in game, ignorant consumers looking strictly at price tags will easily be persuaded to buy the slightly-more expensive but exponentially more powerful PS4. Offering a Wii U optimized to work only with a Pro Controller and Wii Remotes could allow Nintendo to undercut the competition.

Of course, Nintendo has been adamant that they will not cut the MSRP under any circumstances, so I hope Mr. Iwata's resume is up-to-date.




What a load of rubbish, off screen play is the selling point for me alone. I cant even begin to describe how useful this feature is to me.

And devs are using it, zombi u, batman, splinter cell, watch dogs, COD, nintendo land etc

Just more negtive garbage from some hater that probably plays to many FPS



Goginho said:

I see a lot of comments here. Guys, don't even bother with this nonsense. " order to survive"? I think Time magazine has no clue what they are talking about, or they got paid by Nintendo's competitors to 'suggest' Nintendo something completely banale as this, in order to make it seem as if they know 'how to save Nintendo' (if there is any saving needed).



XCWarrior said:

People, click on that link and comment on that article, not this one. Let Time know they trolled and the guy should be fired. Jeez. Pointless to do it here.



TroyAikman said:

People implying that Iwata is going to get fired are nuts. Under his leadership they have had the Wii, which fiscally trounced the competition, and the DS, the most successful portable platform ever. Not to mention the fact that the 3DS is thoroughly demolishing the VITA currently and is not giving any indication of stopping anytime soon. On top of that, he was handpicked by Yamauchi and the firing of Iwata would be a huge mark on Yamauchi's legacy. Iwata is a made man. Find someone else to lob your empty words at.

Additionally, how can anyone in their right mind look at the avalanche of first-party titles they announced, all save a few from sure-fire, multi-million selling IPs, and say, "Wow, Nintendo is sunk." Within the year Nintendo will be doing quite well, and, if you would allow me to be slightly hyperbolic, it will be grinding the other two consoles to make its bread.



Drobotic said:

I hate when people who don't know a lot about of games and bash them.Seriously,sometimes I can really hate some people who are non-gamers,and this is an example.



Drobotic said:

Also,it has plenty of support from GOOD companies,like SEGA and Platinum Games.Not to mention all the indie developers.



Adam said:

They obviously should not ditch it, but they are right in that it is embarrassing how Nintendo themselves hardly use it. Offscreen play is neat, but not necessary for many, and doesn't affect gameplay.

Pikmin they (Nintendo) repeatedly say is better with the Wii remote. The only other games they use the pad for much are minigame collections. Both Mario games make only marginal use of it.

But it is early yet.



GiftedGimp said:

Dumb articale, Nintendo design hardware around plans they have in regards of games.
No doubt Pikman3 and maybe ZeldaU are the reason the gamepad excists for WiiU.
Nintendo and others are finding uses for the gamepad, wether it be simply off-screen play or inventary managment or actually part of single player gameplay like In ZombiU and Up-coming Watchdogs as well as unique multiplayer games that wouldn't be possible without the screen in titles like Nintendo Land, Wario &Watch & WiiU Party, and adding a 2nd screen to traditionaly split screen split screen gaming in Sonic Racing and Blops.
Nintendo and other have a lot more knowledge in how to use the gamepad to enhance the gaming experience than the Time Writter of the article does in knowing how to write a good story.



pntjr said:

No gamepad? Nobody's gonna buy it. It is weaker than the upcoming PS4/X1, and is $349, which is $50 cheaper than the PS4. When people go holiday shopping, I think they're going to invst in the PS4, if the Wii U doesn't have anything innovative to bring to the table.



GiftedGimp said:

@Adam Pikman 3 is designed to be played with WiiMote for optimal control but using the gamepad at the same time for the map, being able to keep an eye on and switch between the 3 characters.



TheAdza said:

I don't own a tablet at the moment. I do have a laptop and a smartphone. For browsing the web I used to use both my laptop and phone the most, but I am finding I am using the Gamepad more and more. Watching TV and checking out Miiverse, or looking up my favourite news sites such as this one. The Gamepad is really handy. Nintendo won't ditch it. I like the controller too for games too, playing a few games while ads are on TV. Or during. I think there is definitely more that can be done with it, but even when it's not being used to its full potential, whatever that may be, I still find it useful.



FullbringIchigo said:

i know the main problem that a lot of developers have is they don't want to use the touchscreen on the gamepad, but do they really have too because it has all the buttons the 360/xB1 and PS3/PS4 controllers have, they could just ignore it unless Nintendo say they have to use it in some way

but while i love the gamepad i can't help but think that if the Pro Controller was the default controller for the WiiU or included with every WiiU perchase it wouldn't be in a much trouble as it is with third party devlopers

so yeah the gamepad is a big strength for the WiiU but it is also it's greatest weakness



kenzo said:

Hey Nintendo, why don't you come up with a way of using the 3DS XL as a gamepad for the WiiU.

Perhaps you can make a 3DS XL CirclePad Pro U that fits on the 3DS. It would be equipped with the necessary outer casing controls of the WiiU gamepad to make it work.

It would be nice to include extra features like 3D streaming of movies, and 3D Wii games (like the Dolphin emulator now does). What about two cameras for 3D selfies. Man, wake up.



NintyMan said:

If the Wii U lost the GamePad, it would lose it's identity. This author obviously hasn't played games like Nintendo Land, Game & Wario, and Pikmin 3, which all heavily use the GamePad. It would be nonsensical of that person to say that Nintendo should ditch the GamePad after playing those three games.

Plus, losing the GamePad would make such features like Miiverse greatly weakened, because Miiverse largely gets its appeal from amazing drawings people make with the GamePad. This article just comes across as very ignorant, especially when he calls the Xbox One a "traditional" console. I wouldn't call mandatory online traditional.



Haxonberik said:

I'm actually annoyed that everyone keeps pushing minimaps into the gamepad, It forces me to put the GP controller up to see both screens without losing anything. But the gamepad is actually great, as seen in Nintendo Land, it just doesn't need to be used in every game as some publishers are saying to be able to skip the console without admitting they only care about money.



MadAdam81 said:

If he could only get a job writing tech articles for Time magazine, that'd be like me being an Australian sports and political journalist for Nintendo Life - no one would read the dribble I would write.



Evruck said:

I use the gamepad all the time.Its awesome when you are surfing the web or watching tv.I often use it for off tv play.I love it.



moroboshi said:

I can see why Nintendo thought the gamepad was a good idea - the rise in tablets and the short attention span/second screen stuff, and the ability to bring a touch screen to console gaming.

In practice though, it wasn't well thought out or implemented. The Wii Gamepad is a terrible tablet, far worse than even a cheap Android tablet, let alone an iPad. No tablet other than the absolute bottom end of the bargain bin has a resistive touch screen, and yet, the Wii U uses than antiquated tech.

As a feature for devs, it's a map screen and little more. Is it better to look away from the screen to look an in-game map, or just look at the on-screen mini map in the corner?

It's a gimmick too far, and just as we've seen Nintendo pull back pushing the headache inducing gimmicky 3D in the 3DS, it's pulling back from the gamepad.

If Nintendo has any hope of bringing the Wii U back from the brink, I'd say it should ditch the gamepad and just ship the Wii with the pro controller, and embrace indies in as loving a way as possible. Make it effectively a steam box - filled to bursting point with new, innovative, and low cost games. Make it the essential second console.



Varia01 said:

What? No! I really like the gamepad and its unique capabilities. Give Nintendo some Time and patience; it'll eventually find better things to do with it. Heck, even third-party games could empower the use of the gamepad. If Retro would've created a Metroid, Star Fox, or F-Zero, it would motivate the gamepad's success. I bet Nintendo will find unexpected ways of his using the gamepad.



OorWullie said:

If only Capcom would make a Zak and Wiki 2.I'm sure they could come up with some genius uses for the Gamepad.Chances of it happening though are Bob Hope and no hope!



MarioFanatic38 said:

They would never do this, the freaking gamepad is the whole point of the Wii U, and that's why its called Wii U.



Varia01 said:

@Dev Miiverse? Dang, I really like Miiverse.... I love drawing making jokes about certain points of games. If the gamepad truly does "go away", then Miiverse is doomed. This guy hasn't played games that make use of the gamepad is a likely possibility. The Wii U is only a few months old, and yet, people judge it already! Time and patience is VERY essential now.



Timro said:

Geez...funny thing is I was watching a summary of E3 on IGN and the 4 guy panel said the only thing they used or played that was really next gen was the virtual reality helmet. They pretty much said that the PS4 and Xbox ONE felt like current gen with better graphics. Not that they are the authoritative opinions, but it really struck me. And here (in the article and some of the comments) the Wii U, trying to be different, gets criticized. Bottom line for me: the gamepad IS awesome, adds to the experience, and the Wii U graphics ARE AWESOME! Even compared to next gen games I have experienced. Have you played Batman Arkham CIty on the Wii U? The gamepad actually helps you feel like Batman! (Not only my opinion but also my teenage son's!)



ozgood said:

People who do not find the uniqueness of the game pad to games have yet to play Lego City or Batman: Arkham City. It really does add to these games.



OorWullie said:

I'm sure Monoliths X will make great use of the gamepad.It can get get a bit confusing in Xenoblade so even if they just added the obvious menus and maps (and a gem crafting system I can make heads or tails of) ,it would add a great deal to the experience.RPG's,strategy and puzzle games I'd say could be the games that will make most use of the GP but there doesn't seem to be very much of those on the horizon.I'm fairly confident though at least 1 devs going to come up with an ingenious and unique idea for it,maybe even an indie.Nintendo really should be experimenting with smaller titles on the Eshop though.



Haywired said:

Wii U games are using the Gamepad. Whether they're using them in a way that anyone thinks is interesting or important to the enjoyment of video games is another matter. (And I'm talking about the general public here, not fans who've convinced themselves that de-cluttering the screen is something that they've ever cared about).

I'm not sure how long people will wait for these supposedly "unlimited possibilities of the Gamepad". I mean, isn't Nintendo Land supposed to be the ultimate showcase of all the things the Gamepad can do (the Wii U's version of Wii Sports), so if that isn't doing the business and if that hasn't satisfied people of these "possibilities", then that's worrying.



psuboy172 said:

I like the wii remotes and the classic controller pro a lot so I think the gamepad should be mainly used on the side, in a way for maps for Zelda games, managing items, and stuff like that. That would allow about every game to be played with another person because the other person could use the gamepad as you play.



DarkNinja9 said:

i think there is some truth to this i mean at least im curious on the upcoming games how the gamepad will be used besides it being used for a map i would want more like i saw on nintendoland

but i always use my gamepad as off tv so its still good o.o



nilcam said:

Time is kind of right. Don't get me wrong, I like the Gamepad. Off-screen play and the Miiverse are amazing. They cannot scrap the Gamepad not should they. I do prefer the Pro Controller as I find it more comfortable. At E3, Nintendo didn't push the Gamepad at all. Check out Nintendo World Report's coverage.

It seems to me that Wind Waker and Mario Kart 8 were both missed opportunities in terms of Gamepad usage. Nintendo needs to lead by example in this case.



Monkeyofthefunk said:

Stumped by the gamepad? WHAT THE HELL IS KINECT ABOUT?? XBOX ON! SORRY I DIDN'T HEAR YOU! TIME GO TO THE BOTTOM OF MY GARDEN AND SHOOT YOURSELVES.Leave my hobby alone, off TV is the greates invention in gaming if you are, like me, a dad with a family who want me sat with them but want the telly on. There's one great feature that M$ and $ONY don't have!



Monkeyofthefunk said:

I found the gamepad use in ZombiU good and the fact that you can interact with your inventory, maps, comms and use a scanner/camera without pausing the game adds to the flow. Can you imagine a ZombiU where you had to pause everytime you wanted to do something? The tension would be gone.



Schprocket said:

.... oh sorry, another story about another xenophobic moron mistaking opinion and ill-researched innuendo for fact.

Really sick of seeing you giving these rosebuds more server space than they deserve.

Nintendo Life, please start doing something positive with this crap, like publicly rebuking these guys and then post the article.

I don't see anything in the current line of reporting that's much more than stoking debates that go absofreaking nowhere and if I wanted to read continual pissing contests I'd go back to playing CoD on the PS3 and sit in on the forums to watch the Xbots and PS3 fanboys flinging the monkey poo at each other.... not. very. happy!



hiptanaka said:

Their next article should be about Kinect. An expensive, now obligatory piece of hardware with multiple cameras that is only ever used for voice commands.



KAHN said:

people wouldnt be saying this if Nintendo made more games utilizing that gamepad. most games i have for the WiiU dont even use the touchscreen as anything other than a second screen that displays the exact same thing on the TV. damnit nintendo, quit screwing up.



Saturn said:

I'm glad it ain't over implemented. The reason I didn't care much for the Wii was the controls were forced.



Timro said:

Also, I think it would be amazing if Wii games could be played on the gamepad.



ultraraichu said:

It's weird how they say Nintendo don't know how to utilize the GamePad but they are the only ones (with one or two 3rd party games exception) making use of the features in a more creative manner.

It saddens me that people suggest that power and graphic are everything for the future more so that creativity, innovation, and variety (different controller types). It stuns the mind.



Kirk said:

Well, to be honest, I do sometimes wonder if the GamePad has really actually brought anything genuinely revolutionary, exciting or indeed truly essential to this generation of console gaming...but the idea of releasing another version of the Wii U without the GamePad at this point is just ridiculous imo.

The last thing Nintendo needs right now is two totally contradictory SKUs of the same underlying console hardware confusing gamers and consumers even more.

No, I say Nintendo needs to just reduce the price a little (come on), get far more AAA system selling games out there (and fast), maybe even some that show off the GamePad in all it's fully glory ideally, and pray to God that at some stage you can also entice at least some third party developers back on board when the sales hopefully pick up...



cyrus_zuo said:

Love my WiiU, but I get what Time is saying.

I was at E3 on Thursday. Unlike last year the gamepad seems to be an afterthought in even the Nintendo-made games. From Pikmin to Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart to Zelda, the pad IS NOT being used in any type of interesting way.

So from the standpoint of Nintendo seeming to have no idea what to do with the pad - what I saw at E3 totally agrees. Right now the pad appears to be a big weight on Nintendo's neck.



OdnetninAges said:

So, apparently, this guy hasn't played Nintendo Land, Game & Wario, The Wonderful 101 or Lego City Undercover.



Squiggle55 said:

I completely agree that Nintendo should be the one showing what's possible with the gamepad. What gives? At least start releasing some cheap eshop games with innovative gamepad gameplay.



Captain_Toad said:

Um... Time, Xbox1 and Ps3/4 are using an ipad for an Wiiu-esque gameplay style too. You know that right?
As for the gamepad, personally it's the best thing Nintendo have came up so far. We can't always expect magic in the first year of show-business.



Pierceton said:

All of this bad press is premature and ignorant time is all it needs. As for the other consoles PS4 is gonna be great everybody wants one and that's fine but what about XBO most gamers hate the damn thing write an article about that! Honestly I fear microsofts future in gaming. Also I'm sure Nintendo has plenty of great games in the works!



AcesHigh said:

OMG. Really? I didn't know Time was in the business of hiring middle-school journalists. In what universe does dumping support of the gamepad in order to save the console make ANY kind of practical, if not business sense? What an absolute rosebud this guys is. He should be ashamed of his public display of idiocy. Nintendo fan or not, that makes absolutely not one grain of sense. In any universe.



PattonFiend said:

I will GLADLY accept this guy's job at Time Magazine since he obviously doesn't know anything about video games...



armoredghor said:

I think they definitely have plans for the gamepad but the new Mario, donkey kong, Mario Kart and smash bros. aren't the ones to show it off.



IxnayontheCK said:

This person is a moron amd clearly doesnt get it. I'm sick hearing "like ps4 or xbox" should all systems be carbon copies??? idiot...



AtomicToaster said:

Nintendo is a terrible company and they should feel bad because they didnt make a Ps4 or Xbox blah blah blah!



8thGenConsoles said:

People these days are so ignorant. I have zero respect for ignoramuses who think they know what they're talking about



Pierceton said:

Time is gonna put out an article about how the world is flat next right? Ignorance spawns ignorance so that should be the next topic. Also Nintendo could release nothing but 8bit games and people would buy them.



ACK said:

Uh, it's simple. They created the gamepad because they wanted a console that would own local multiplayer. While Sony and Microsoft vie for online supremacy, Nintendo (as usual) wants to dominate their own domain.



Emaan said:

I think the GamePad is brilliant, though it has a lot of untapped potential. That said, it's way too early for anyone to claim the idea isn't a good one. Nintendo needs to prove all the unbelievers wrong with the Wii U concept. I do admit though, very few E3 2013 games demonstrated much other than off-TV play. If only Time had played Nintendo Land or Game & Wario.



GamerJunkie said:

Its the truth. The other consoles will allow us to use our smartphone and tablets as the 2nd and even 3rd screens. We don't have to spend extra money on them and they are more advanced than a gamepad also.

IN Sony's case they also have a Vita which can serve as another screen along with a phone/tablet. The Vits though can play your PS4 games on the go outside your house and is the cost of a gamepad but is also a full console(handheld).

Nintendo didn't think this out.... They should have used our tablets and phones. Nobody with a brain is going to buy additional gamepads at over $100, sorry.



bunnyking said:

I love the gamepad. At this point anyone in the US media dissing Nintendo is doing it to draw some heat off of XBOXone's extremely poor reception.



Omarsonic9 said:

Fanboys again.
"The Wii U isn't as powerful as PS4 and Xbox One"
Bish please,Wii U will run Wind Waker 1080p HD 60FPS.



bunnyking said:

I spent the last two weeks watching E3 clips and reading the XBOXone's blogs and it's amazing how much people are doing PR control for Microsoft. There are even whole websites and magazines articles in Times, News Week and the New York Times trying to damage control and spin what went down on E3 and the backlash XBOXone is receiving.

I'm OK with people talking trash about the Wii U, there will be a few games coming in 2014, I'm fine waiting for.



JavierYHL said:

seriously i buy a wii u for the off tv play...but more seriously sony is the better home console hardware maker...i already have a 3ds,vita and wii u...will be getting the ps4 when its released...the xbone will be the one i skip this gen...



Slapshot said:

Time has a good point - Nintendo has done little to nothing to show-off the potential of the GamePad. If consumers are going to pay a premium price for this underpowered console (that's only $50 less than the PS4) then Nintendo absolutely needs to give them a reason to do so.

So far, Nintendo has done nothing to prove that the GamePad is an essential gaming peripheral. Until it does so, the Wii U will continue to lose the mainstream audience.



DualWielding said:


How is the gamepad good for local multiplayer? It has the asymetric play possibilities which have only been explored in party games and makes a logistical nightmare to have symmetric local multiplayer...... Think Smash Bros or Mario Kart, you want 4 people playing with the same controller but you can't have 4 gamepads



ajcismo said:

Time still puts out a paper magazine right? I think I'll listen to their tech guy when they stop using an outdated form of tree-killing media.



pc999 said:

I would like if they ALSO included the Wii Remote, but I think that the touchscreen IN SOME GAMES it can be a great addition, at least for the beauty of gaming without a user interface, but it can be very useful for other stuff, DS showed us that!

But, PLEASE not other traditional console like PS4/XBO...

The thing that is really hurting them, now, in the console price IMO.



jorgem696 said:

They kind of maked sence about that is not as powerful for 3rd party publishers to make there game on the Wii U but they shouldn't ditch it because if they made an article about the Kinect they would talk poopoodoodoooopsiedaisies about it because nobody likes it and they would the once who would only like plus they may know about technology but there not g amers and they dont know what there talking about. And I hope know that niw that Shigeru Miyamoto is working in Hardware I hopehe



Ren said:

Jeziz, some serious rabid fanboys here. So if things had gone differently and they released a POWERFUL Wii HD with wiimote controls only, you people wouldn't have run out and gotten that? I would have preferred that. Then we'd get the HD gaming we've waited at least 4 years for, great wiimote controls and all the multiplat titles the other guys get. whats not to like?
The gamepad was not impressive enough to sell it to me and the games weren't either. It's too late to ditch now but it really wasn't figured out why we'd need one soon enough for anyone to care now. There should have been a pack-in game that showed it off and brought people in, too late for that now.

How is this article ignorant or misinformed or anything like that? Nothing is off here. It isn't being used well in upcoming games (or current ones), and it's not selling well, straight up observations. And it is cheaper. I'd go buy one today if it had some more RAM, storage and no screen. Wii HD is all we wanted and we got a Wii with a crappy android tablet and moderated chat with millions of other 13 yo's. This article is right nintendo killed it themselves. Only hope left is a price cut, and open up the E-shop wide and hope the indies have some use for it. with PS4 at 400 the Wii U needs to go down to at least $250 to make me notice it again.



cmk8 said:

I think Time have missed the point that, usually, Wii U games can have off-TV play (eg Mario) or have unique essential gamepad features (eg Zombii U) and not both.
I for one would rather have the former, and so am pleased there aren't essential gamepad features.



Tasuki said:

Traditional console like the Xbox One, man this guy knows jack when it comes to video game systems.



SetupDisk said:

I have a pro controller and barely use it. The gamepad is great for games like MH3U. Also it's great even for simple things like web browsing which I am doing now.



SuperiorTech said:

"So if things had gone differently and they released a POWERFUL Wii HD with wiimote controls only, you people wouldn't have run out and gotten that?"
"How is this article ignorant or misinformed or anything like that? Nothing is off here. It isn't being used well in upcoming games (or current ones), and it's not selling well, straight up observations."

I agree with this except I prefer traditional controls. I couldn't care less for motion control. I bought the Wii for Nintendo's strong first party titles and I would've bought whatever next-gen system they came out with even if it didn't have the gamepad.



bassoongoon said:

The populace is already confused enough about Wii U as it is. Plus, it already is a lower cost alternative to the PS4 and X-box One (becaue we all KNOW those things will cost major $$$$$$). It would not be good for nintendo to remove what differentiates its console from the competition.



d_rock said:

Nintendo still has so much room with Firmware Updates:
Second, Third, (Fourth?) Gamepad support
Voice Control
NFC (Can't wait to get ahold of some Mario toys that use this feature ie: Skylanders / Disney Infinity)
Better Support for digital movie formats
Better Support/Integration of 3DS
Swype-like support to type...

I'm so close to ditching my cable in favor of Amazon Prime / Netflix (Wish I had Vudu on it for control purposes, have Vudu on the smart TV)



Melkaticox said:

@MadAussieBloke wut

You know what? I kinda agree. If the GamePad wasn't there, the Wii U would've been as powerful as least as powerful as the Xbox One...meaning sales would've been MUCH better, since the Wii U would've been THE FIRST "next gen" console, meaning third party support would've been much better...

But... sigh that wasn't meant to happen...I'm glad Ninty keeps making great handhelds.



TwoSmoove said:

Off-Tv play, Asymmetrical multiplayer, and anticipated first party titles make the WiiU in my opinion. No other console allows me to play games without turning on my tv (maybe the Vita, but even that's not quite the same). Heck, I can multitask and watch tv while I play the game or browse the web. You can even control your tv with it (something I've wished many times over for my 360 to be capable of).

As for Times, if you can feasibly recreate Nintendoland attractions like Luigi's Mansion or Mario Chase without a gamepad, I'll be pretty mind blown. Even if most games regulate the touch screen to a map or inventory, that's fewer times that I have to pause to look at such things.

Most people I know aren't flocking to the system now simply because the games they want aren't on it yet. I'm one of the few who bought the system anyway because I already know games I want to play are going to be on it. Smash Bros was the selling point for me. Everything else is just icing on the cake really.



Dolphinsquared said:

Off TV Play is a big point for Wii U owners, as well as the possibilities of interaction of the Wii U gamepad in games. While I agree with many that it's up to the developers, I think that it's a good form of entertainment rather than a redundant second screen that, as the article claims, should be scrapped. I'd say, keep the gamepad, the possible ways to play are widened with the gamepad.



Marioman64 said:

pfft idiots. HELLO? Four swords adventures? Pac man versus? almost every game in Nintendoland? people love asymetrical gameplay and "private" screens, it's true we have yet to see the most it can offer, but sit a group of brainstormers down for 5 minutes and I'm sure you can think of something



Ichiban said:

Its true, sadly. I thought the same thing recently. Then again, ive come to realise 2 screen console gaming isnt for me. Playing Zombi U i tend to get dizzy spells focusing on one screen then another.



Ackmans said:

gamead is the best controller I have had compared to the kinect that it lacks of originality and is comparable to the eye toy I think the wii u will be parfais for real good quality games to good good rpg games platform and adds a nice touch to the player option davoir their reach on the screen gamepad



StraTTtheRipper said:

I'm pretty sure Time magazine has no idea how the gaming industry works, especially in Japan. These companies are going to regret turning their backs on Nintendo later on down the road. The original Wii destroyed the Xbox 360 and PS3 in sales, and it looks like it might happen again, especially since the new Xbox will be $500 and the PS4 will be $400. If Nintendo drops the price, or even offers more with the current prices, the sales will pick up. The United States is still in economic trauma right now, and people don't have $500 to blow on some Xbox they can talk too. I will admit, Nintendo needs to stop messing around with game releases, I know they want quality games to come out, but they had plenty of time to get them out there. I think the lack of games are what's killing the sales right now, it has nothing to do with the game pad.



NintendoPro64 said:

@WiiLovePeace You hit the nail on the head again.

Ditching the Gamepad would have to be the stupidest thing Nintendo could do. The lack of gameplay innovation would leave them no edge against the PS4 for the casual audience. And did it ever occur to these people that maybe Nintendo wants the install base to increase a bit before doing big risky things?

Not only that, but plenty of games like Bayonetta 2, Lego City Undercover, Super Mario 3D World, The Wonderful 101, Sonic Lost Worlds, Wii Party U, and Rayman Legends are using it already. Things are bound to expand as time goes on. And who's to say Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei, X, and Yarn Yoshi won't do anything out of the world themselves. I could especially see Monolith Soft and Intelligent Systems using the Gamepad to demonstrate to Japanese devs the potential it could have.

I see where are coming from when they say nothing big has been done yet, but this stuff takes time. Not only that but taking things slowly gives new audiences a chance to be acquainted with the system before anything zany is thrown their way. Patience people. Besides, looking at the Wii U's manufacturing cost, Nintendo would have no trouble cutting the price if they REALLY needed too. The Basic is $100 cheaper, and it really doesn't offer THAT much more than the Deluxe, especially if you are poor or weren't big on Nintendo Land. Patience.



NintendoPro64 said:

Overall I agree with what you said. The sales will probably to going to shoot up as the games start coming and make the Wii U stand out.

But as for the lack of releases at the moment, the main reason for that was that Nintendo had to bail the 3DS out and Nintendo wanted to give third parties the first half of the year to put out software, carry the console, and possible attract "hardcore" gamers to it. Afterall, third parties tend to whine about their games not being able to compete with Nintendo's (they could though if they put in some effort). That said, it wasn't a very good idea IMO and they were probably better off launching the console in this Spring.



bunnyking said:

With respect to Damien, I don't think you are a Nintendo fan, I seriously doubt that any of the journalist here besides one or two of you are Nintendo fans at all.

I see way more Nintendo hate coming this place than even youtube.

It's all good dude, grab yourself a beer but at the very least stop hating on nintendo, it's the reason we are at this site.

It's all good on your part if you don't like me either, I just would like to go online at Nintendolife and not have my experience suck. I mean look at the XBOXone site, I bet those guys are having a better time there than fans of Nintendo are having here, even though that system needs to die a thousand deaths.



DreamOn said:

Including Off-TV play in all the games may be some of the reason why more complex second screen gameplay is not being seen. It's a theory.

Look at Lego City U not including Off-TV to enforce use of gamepad mechanic.

I personally require Off-TV so I'm quite happy to give up more complex second screen design to have a dual traditional experience.



mikeyman64 said:

This is nothing more than an obvious ignorance of a product coupled with a "whatever might sell" mentality of writing.

Respect level for Time just dipped a notch or two (not that it was high in the first place).



Neram said:

Right... they should ditch the one feature that makes the system stand out from the competition? That makes a ton of sense...

To me it seems like the GamePad is one of those things that needs to be experienced with an open mind. Most people who try it already have a disposition about it, and don't let themselves see the benefits of having the second/touch screen there. This reminds me of the Wii Remote and Nunchuck being hard to grasp for people used to traditional controllers, the only difference being the GamePad should be easier to adapt to, considering it's basically a regular controller with a big screen on it.

Maybe the GamePad is a love it or hate it affair? Or maybe Time just doesn't know what they're talking about. Probably the latter.



GraveLordXD said:

@GamerJunkie still playing your games without any buttons I see? or would you rather be even more silly and hook up your tablet to your console and then hook your controller to your tablet and play like that? how freaking stupid does that sound??
Let me hook up my tablet to my wii u so I can play off screen monster hunter are you serious? Wtf



ikki5 said:

There are games that use the game pad, Lego City of one does a great job with it, Nintendo Land is good, Sonic All star racing for 5 players without splitingf the screen more but one of the main parts for the game pad was off tv play which it does for a few other games. Also, there are games coming out that will use the game pad, I am sure mario Kart will do the 5 player thing. Donkey Kong will use it, probably off TV play. Raymond Legends uses it and I know there are others that are coming that will use it and there are games I missed that use it so why should they ditch it?



Tysamu said:

iMii's quote fits this situation "Nintendo is also in a terrible position at E3, for a roughly similar reason: Everyone who loves Nintendo think they know what’s best for Nintendo, and they get frustratedvery easily.If Nintendo does something radically new and different and weird — motion gaming with the Wii, the tablet control of the Wii U — people complain that Nintendo is violating itslegacy of greatold-school gameplay. If Nintendo shrugs and says,fine,here’sa brand-newMario game or a brand-new Zelda sequel, people complain that Nintendo is resting on its laurels and violating its legacy of pushing the boundaries of gameplay."



QuickSilver88 said:

I admit I was disappointed by the lack of titles that showed gamepad features at E3.....but this guy is a tool and so are all the other doom and gloomers.....I mean this box has been out 8 months and we are supposed to believe its failed. It took nearly 2 years for PS3 to get out of its launch funk and Vita has started slow as well. 3DS as well.....just seems to be more the norm now than the exception. The gamepad is brilliant and offers everything a controller could offer. Traditional controls, advanced gyro. second screen, touch screen, dual cameras, mic, speakers.....has it been under utilized...sure...but it is an awesome controller, very cool for social media, watching videos, browsing, miiverse. Some devs like the group doing the Deus EX redo, Splinter Cell, WDogs are very excited about its possibilities. Indy devs have been pretty excited. For god sakes bring us a quality SRPG like starcraft, wow, sins of the solar empire and it would rock. Can't wait to see SMTxFE and how it uses it. It is a new concept and like all new concepts it will take a while to be properly used but to dump it would be a total disaster for Nintendo. Also notice how the competition is trying to copy with Vita and Smart glass. Problem is Vita is $250 and even a cheap tablet is $200. Also Nintendo did a lot to create a zero lag solution for gamepad which is brilliant....these other tack on solutions will never have the responsiveness of gamepad at we all know that is key in gaming. People please be patient and remember when you get your ps4 and hit is post launch drought that this is the norm, meanwhile you will be parking it and playing X, B2, and MK8 on your WiiU



james_squared said:

The GamePad is awesome in Nintendo Land and Sonic Racing--that separate screen gives two players a great gaming experience. I wonder if Nintendo Land will eventually be able to handle more than one GamePad? I look forward to Game & Wario to see some new innovative gameplay ideas.

I'm using the GamePad to post this comment.



Bender said:

Time Magazine is always trying to make successful businesses with great ideas look bad... Heck, I wouldn't doubt it if Microsoft payed them off because people decided to get the Wii U over the XBONE.



GamerJunkie said:

Gamers don't have to worry anyway, they will own 2 or even 3 of the consoles plus a PC.

I feel bad for people that have to choose 1 console or 1 platform only lol.

Sitting here defending the 1 machine you bought sounds like a lil kid that got told by his mom he is the best at everything and then doesn't know how to handle the world when he is an adult and has to face the fact that other people/things are better.

The article is saying that other consoles also have 2nd screens but not only that, they also beefed up their insides to handle modern graphics and lined up a ton of 3rd party games along with their own 1st party games and did many things to ensure a long life again for their console.

Nintendo Wii U so far seems to be hoping the 2nd screen "gimmick" is enough to win over fans and so far with the poor sales it has not. Same as motion control wore off after a lil while once the other consoles got it. In the end you need good games, lots of them and a variety of genres of games for a wide audience of all ages.



Andremario said:

@quicksilver88: I agree people are acting like they gotta be in the.closet with saying you have or want a Wii u is taboo and the cool thing right now to do is bash it but they'll be eatimg their words in another year. Trust and believe!



TenEighty said:

I haven't bought a WiiU because of the touch screen gamepad. It just seemed like an awkward iPad idea. Plus I like to keep my focus on the tv screen, there's no need to keep looking down. Make a Gamecube style controller for the WiiU and let's get back to actual gaming!



triforcepower73 said:

Hahahahaahaahahahhhahwhaaaha!!!!!!! I'm sorry this made me laugh so hard!!!! They haven't even released the big games yet. And ask anyone who's played nintendo land and they'll agree that the gamepad has sooo much potential and that's just a minigame collection. Can't wait till next year's e3 when all the companies will be trying to make it up to nintendo and be jumping in on the popularity!



kevkeepsplaying said:

It's true though, it hasn't even been a year, honestly. It'll take time for this one, a controller redesign is all it would need at the most, honestly. Make it smaller, not too small, maybe the size of the bottom half of a 3DS XL, shaped more like a controller, keep the screen in the center, but make it 50% of the actual controller instead of 75% of the controller. If Nintendo did that, I think it would really help, and the Gamepad itself wouldn't be such an iffy concept to everyone. It's really something you need to experience yourself, you can't judge this book by it's cover.



AyatollaofRock said:

Nintendo's been really slow out of the gate with the WiiU, so I think its fair to question whether they have a vision for the gamepad. I've heard game journalists mention titles at E3 were mostly played with Wiimotes.

I hardly think Nintendo has demonstrated the WiiU gamepad is essential.

There are some games coming that I would like to play on WiiU, but I don't yet feel compelled to buy one.



miletich3 said:

Time magazine is so wrong on this! I say it's the turd party developers who have been boycotting Wii U because they're the ones stumped by its gamepad.



Dater100 said:

U guys shoul support 3rd part devs COD black ops 2 is awsome multiplayer no moré split screen



citizenerased said:

They have a point, we've seen no interesting Gamepad functionality since Nintendoland... didn't Nintendo say they create the hardware for the software? So where's the software taking advantage of this? Everyone was expecting the new 3D Mario or Retro's project to be the answer, but now they've been revealed, we can say that's certainly not the case.

Not everyone uses off-TV play, Time has a point when they say the controller could be a non-required peripheral.



Drewroxsox said:

I still don't see the Wii U Gamepad being used in an innovative way (besides maybe nintendoland). I thought after e3, I would want to rush out and get a Wii U, but I still don't really have a reason to. I'll get the system when the Gamepad isn't as much of a gimmick anymore, and actually adds to the gaming experience. Until then, it looks likes PS4 for me. I'll just get my fill of Nintendo games on my 3ds.



Drewroxsox said:

The problem with the Gamepad is that it is treated like the bottom half of the ds. In most cases, it is only used to display maps. Once Nintendo develops titles that ACTUALLY use the Gamepad in a major way that is essential to gaming on the Wii U, then sales will pick up if they haven't by christmas.



Volmun said:

HMM i wonder whiy the BETA version's of WiiU games dont use the game pad mutch... OH YEAH THERE IN BETA!! -_- lol



kyuubikid213 said:

Going to put in my two cents...

I have Batman Arkham City. If I didn't have the Gamepad, the game would be that much more complicated to navigate. But everything is there. I have Black ops 2. When my brother and I play together, we each have our own screen. I also have Assassin's creed 3. While I wil say actual features on the Gamepad are lacking compared to the other two, I can use offscreen play when my family wants to watch a movie and when I can use the big tv, I have a massive map in the Gamepad to easily locate targets and objectives.

The Gamepad is most definitely not stumping Nintendo. Or any worthwhile developers. You want to put a game on Wii U? Go the Assassin's creed 3 route. Offscreen play and a few light HUD elements. Bam.



CowLaunch said:

Biggest blunder since Virtual Boy?

Has Nintendo ever gone so long without releasing a new epic Mario or Zelda game?




LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!! These comments are to funny man everyone was ripping them a new one



withoutdk said:

i actually like the gamepad.,.. the extra features of the screen is great and the ability to play if the tv is occupied...
when games will be developed with the pad in mind.. then we will see even more awesome features



thanos316 said:

so the wii u is being held back by the touch screen pad. some people are just idiots.. the wii u is being held back by top games. thats the only thing that is missing is that one killer ip. sony had it with god of war. nintendo ds had it with nintendogs. wii had it with wii sports. the dvd player had it with the matrix. u gotta give people that one reason to pick up your hardware device. and right now ninty doesn't have it.



TheAdrock said:

The last time that Time Magazine said anything wise or worthwile was... NEVER. They have the most dismal record in journalism.



Jay70sgamer said:

@seronja I love the gamepad it's very comfortable and easy to use ...I respect people opinion but once you get use to it it's a great edition to gaming ...I loved how they used it in zombie u and resident evil revelations the way resident evil revelations is a great game just finished it



Sceptic said:

Time is spot on sadly.

At least 80% of the WiiU games out now would not even suffer if you didn't have the gamepad. Nintendoland is about the only game that uses it in any memorable way.

The Wiimote on the other hand was used as a sword, a gun, a paintbrush, an oar, a cue, you name it. All that versatility and uniqueness was dropped for what is basically just a standard console gamepad, but with a screen.



Lvl100Caterpie said:

Enough with the negativity surrounding the Wii U. Why can't critics leave Nintendo and its fans alone? Nintendo is a classy system with an un-rivaled history, given the sluggish 2011-2013 economy all businesses suffered. It just seems cynics want to leap on Nintendo's case and shove it in the casket. Well, I am in it for the long haul Nintendo, keep making quality games and I will buy them up!



Yorumi said:

Granted this author is clearly a fool but what always bugs me about the way the press treats nintendo is these always seem to have the same undertones, trying something new is bad. Don't try anything new, don't be different, just make the same thing over and over and over and over and over again.



TreesenHauser said:

The people saying Nintendo should ditch the Wii U GamePad obviously haven't played anything outside of New Super Mario Bros. U. Rayman Legends, ZombiU, Nintendo Land, Game and Wario, Lego City Undercover, Pikmin 3, heck I'm sure that the port of Watch_Dogs could be in this group too; these are all games that have done (or will do) an exceptional job of showing off what the GamePad is capable of doing to mix things up a bit.

Besides, Nintendo's never been a "traditional" console company; they've always had a unique, revolutionary approach to gameplay.



Yanchamaru said:

I just cannot get used to the GamePad no matter how many times I tried the Wii U. Looking at the TV and the GamePad screen when playing games is very cumbersome and the controller is too bulky in my hands. The Wii U Pro controller is what I use for gaming.



FJOJR said:

You can't go on Mario and Mario Kart with the Gamepad use. Even Mario Kart Wii and Mario Galaxies weren't that dependent on the Wii Remote save for a few levels in Galaxies. Nintendo just tended to show more traditional titles this year is all. It doesn't mean that they aren't working on something new. The next Zelda, Metroid or single player Mario game may be the showcases for what the Gamepad is all about.



soundcircus said:

Time can shut up, but sadly they do have a point. Clearly its way too late for Nintendo to ditch the Gamepad. But the fact is they shouldn't had bothered with it in the first place.
Nintendo loves it's gimmicks - just to be different, but it does seem they don't know what to do with it, and sadly it appears that some third parties don't want to bother for whatever reason either. Sure there was a bit of interest at E3 from some other third parties - That's great, but the fact is some big names have already openly complained about the Gamepad in the press, and it's those things that get noticed the most.
If Nintendo was so worried about customers getting confused with the Wii, then clearly they should have not continued with the Wii branding in the first place, and gone for a new 'Nintendo next gen' name instead.
The R&D Nintendo spent on the Gamepad alone could have been better spent on making a more powerful console. They could then have gone on to sell a traditional console and bundle it with a pair of traditional joypad/controllers.
If they really wanted to use a 'second' screen they should have just used the 3DS for some select games, and or wait a while until the (Nintendo Next Gen) console was in it's, say... third year, and then release a more powerful handheld and use that as the 'second' screen for some select games. Doing this not only would have introduced the next gen Nintendo HD handheld, but also at the same time continue the interest and life cycle of the Nintendo next gen console. Simples.



Relytia said:

Whoever wrote this article is a moron. Make a traditional system like their competitors? The Gamecube was the most powerful system of its generation and it came in last place. The Wii AND DS were both the weakest consoles in their respective hardware generations and both absolutely dominated the competition. The 3DS is now kicking all kinds of butt and the Vita, the stronger handheld, is an utter failure. If the Wii-U follows the 3DS' path, which it seems to be doing so to an eerily exact manner, it'll be just fine. Time should not be commenting on these sorts of things.

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