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Mon 11th March, 2013

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TobiasAmaranth commented on Talking Point: New Ideas, Not New IPs, Are The...:

Yeah, didn't read a bit of this, just the topic title. I'd love to see some new ideas applied to the Star Fox genre. Ship combat / dogfights can only go so far on their own. That's why people like the vehicle combat in [CoD type title], it's not ALL there is to them.



TobiasAmaranth commented on First Impressions: Getting Creative With Mario...:

I'm sorry but this thing's flexibility pales when you have had your hands on something like "Reggie" (The thing that helped make Newer Super Mario Bros Wii) — Fact is, they just plain don't have enough options. I want to make any level from NSMBW, not any level from SMB-classic. Eww-gag.



TobiasAmaranth commented on Video: Please Don't Let This Wii U Star Fox Fo...:

It's sad. Star Fox is a much better series to do a first person / third person shooter with in a multiplayer sense than even Metroid. Yet because Nintendo emphasizes 'original gameplay only', they won't just make their take on a quality FPS.

Star Fox Assault COULD have been good, but it was like you were running around at 50 mph because of the clash between piloting and ground combat. My idea of a great Star Fox game at this point would be indoor team missions similar to say, the Solid Snake series, and large scale vehicle combat. Not everything is for massive blasterfests in war, and Fox McCloud could use some subtlety.



TobiasAmaranth commented on Review: Knytt Underground (Wii U eShop):

I played Knytt Stories back when Indie games were first growing in popularity, especially free ones where you could just indulge yourself. I think the game does what it does very well, and the point of playing it is to relax, not to get hyped up.



TobiasAmaranth commented on Rosalina And Luma Work Their Magic On The Supe...:

Oh. Huh. Ice Climbers v2.0 essentially. No need for those two now. :P Tired of them anyway.

Now if only they would add Krystal from Starfox (instead of Wolf, or even Falco), then we'll be in better shape across the board.

A shame that even if they do, it won't be based on her Adventures combat style. Heh. Staff and magic.



TobiasAmaranth commented on Miyamoto: Fresh Experiences Make A New Game, N...:

Actually it does. There's this thing that Nintendo seems to have forgotten about called STORY. And did you know? STORY CAN SELL GAMES TOO!

It's like looks and personality. Yeah, they're each great on their own. But find someone with both and you've found a true gem.



TobiasAmaranth commented on Fan Project Mega Man Unlimited Finished and Bl...:

@ChaosAngel Newer is practically a ground-up creation. Calling it a hack hardly does it justice. I'm just surprised that it hasn't even been mentioned here at NintendoLife given that the team as a whole discourages piracy and the only way they support play of it is through owning the original NSMBW disc.