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TobiasAmaranth commented on Video: 'Smashified' Adds Krystal To Its Collec...:

Awesome. Still think she doesn't look right in the space suit, but I know that times have changed and "Tribal" isn't appropriate in games anymore. They could totally give her a more "Star Fox" uniform if they weren't being sexist though.



TobiasAmaranth commented on Editorial: Xenoblade Chronicles X Has Tiny Tex...:

@melonarius Yup, this is my biggest complaint with Xenoblade. I have a 7.1 Surround system going through a nice audio box, and on rare occasions the game actually makes use of the stereo effects. But most of the time, the game sticks all noises through the front channels, including the extremely loud music over-top the extremely quiet voice audio. Thank goodness for subtitles, but it's really disappointing how little effort was put into making the audio awesome when the actual music and such is so good.

My other personal issues are UI related. One is that Skell Arts are not displayed when managing Skell Gear, especially during purchasing, which forces you to guess and go through extra steps to see what something even does. Two is that looting items sticks Enemy Parts in the same section as Gear. I don't like the process of selling gear through the shop either, but it would be made so much easier to have an option for 'Loot all Materials' and then be given the choice to choose which gear items you want to loot. Instead, I kill a ton of enemies, loot 20 treasures, then painstakingly loot all the materials while ignoring the gear because I really don't want to have to sell it through the shop later on. Maybe if they gave me a filter option in the shop's selling menu to say BLADE Gear, Light Gear, Casual Gear, etc... As well as one to filter for rarity.

On topic: Text doesn't bother me. I just play on a 40"-ish TV from a distance of about 6 feet. Plenty readable then. However, it's unable to be read on the Gamepad mode, so I will not be playing on Gamepad Only until I'm done with all of the missions and have reached the point of grinding end-game gear.



TobiasAmaranth commented on Valhalla Game Studios is Being Sued Over a Tra...:

Soooooo, deriving things from history and flavorful theme means getting sued if someone else happens to have done it first and then you both get popular? It's two different companies. It's not Valhalla. It's Valhalla Movie Pictures and Valhalla Game Studio. The full assembly of words is in each logo. The images are different. They sourced the same history when it came to designing their logo. No one is trying to rip anyone off. So WHY do we have to be so stupid about this and jump to suing?



TobiasAmaranth commented on Video: Here's What Xenoblade Chronicles Looks ...:

Yup. Very. A nice leisurely walk is great for RL but terrible for a game.

However contrary to what some internet juveniles might assume, ( ROFL wtf? ) I actually did like the game well enough. But I had more overall fun playing The Last Story than I did Xenoblade Chronicles due to the fact the pacing was a little better. Even with the Gecko cheat for increased run speed, I felt like I was slogging through a swamp. Especially in the town areas where there's zero action going on and I've already seen the sights ten dozen times over.

And I'm still looking forward to X. Bought the collector's edition even. It might be a little more enjoyable to wander around and just look at things, too. But at the same time, gah, I just have such bad memories of the original in regards to the movement speed. Liked everything else but it really needed to be a quicker paced game for travel, even factoring in the quick travel stuff.



TobiasAmaranth commented on Review: PictoParty (Wii U eShop):

Man, hate to see this guy's review of the Wario mini-game. Meanwhile that's the second main reason I even pull the Game and Wario game out anymore. It's this... and flinging Fronks around.



TobiasAmaranth commented on Miyamoto: Star Fox Zero Has Been Delayed "I am...:

I thought there was a report button somewhere. Not that I have any reason to dignify that post with a response but...

I'm tired of Nintendo being 'gameplay first' over actual story and character development. Star Fox has a lot of potential beyond being just an arcade shooter and Nintendo doesn't care to take the time and risk to develop it. Meanwhile the series has severe issues with gender imbalance, shallow characters that are more one-dimensional than anime chars, and the graphical art style of Fox there is absolutely revolting compared to the elegance of the designs in Starfox Adventures.

I have every right to complain about these things because the game, from a character point of view, is extremely relevant to me, for both my interest in anthropomorphics and my interest in foxes. I think Krystal had a ton of character potential, but it was 100% wasted after the end of Adventures.

So, yes, to me? The game is looking very bad. And I don't think that a delay will help it from my perspective.



TobiasAmaranth commented on Chris Prangar, Nintendo Treehouse Staffer Who ...:

It's sad that the truth is so buried in today's world by corporate bulls***... I can understand not allowing people to disclose upcoming projects, but operating procedures like he described should not be private information in the least.



TobiasAmaranth commented on Chris Pranger From Nintendo Treehouse Discusse...:

Oh, and for something like Captain Rainbow, screw marketing. That game markets itself. Word of mouth will make that game viral just by doing it in the first place. That game. Is. Crazy. (Also, they could, you know, buy the translation efforts of the fan groups that have done such work in the first place...)



TobiasAmaranth commented on Chris Pranger From Nintendo Treehouse Discusse...:

To the repeated remarks about 'IT NEEDS TO BE VOICED' can I please point them to Crunchyroll? No. It doesn't need voiced. In fact, I never EVER leave on the dubbed voices if I am given the option. NEVER! I use the original language. What needs to be done, culturally, is for people to recognize that something should be kept in its native language, and simply translated across text for us to understand.

The only game I've played that I'm kinda glad there's an English option for is Bayonetta, simply because it's heavy plot text during action crap I have to focus on. Outside of that, all those RPGs I've played, the first thing I do is look for a way to turn off the annoying English voices and get back the Japanese voices for which the game was ~DESIGNED~ for.



TobiasAmaranth commented on Super Mario Maker Producer Tells Fans Not To E...:

I'll just leave this here as something for people to look forward to in upcoming months:

It's still in very early stages, but Mario Maker is inspiring many of us in the Wii Mario modding scene to take action and bring what we have to a point of accessibility. Best of all, you will still be able to play it on a WiiU with a legitimate copy of the NSMBW.