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Thu 29th Sep 2011

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Ras commented on Nintendo Console and amiibo Furniture Items Se...:

I'd forgotten how annoying Marshal is with his little scowl.

I look forward to some of the new features of Happy Home making it into the next AC proper (greater control over tabletop items; front yards; squeezing past furniture), but I have to admit I haven't been back to the game since day two. Is it because of the game itself or because I'm solely focused on Super Mario Maker? Dunno.



Ras commented on Aonuma Talks the Legend of Zelda's 30th Annive...:

Zelda Maker for the 30th. It's only the overhead games, but you can pick from LoZ, LttP, or LBW styles. It's actually a terrible idea because it'd have to be nothing but dungeons. How fun would tiny little user-made overworlds be? Maybe Ninty could make it work.



Ras commented on Takashi Tezuka Gives His Opinion on Hard Level...:

My goal is to make levels on par with a typical professional Mario level, and most of mine are at about 20% completion. One level I didn't think was too difficult has 0% completion, so maybe what's obvious to me is not to others.



Ras commented on Nintendo Hammers Out A New Update For Super Ma...:

Here's some levels that feel like real Mario that I've found from the first creator I decided to follow:

SMB3: D185-0000-004C-BF4B
A very clever and unique NSMBWU Ghost House: 576E-0000-004B-3589
SMB3: 6205-0000-0030-6AF6

I'm not her agent, but I found these and really liked them. I hope she makes more.



Ras commented on Scottish Indie Dev Stew Hogarth Passes Away Ag...:

I played all three levels and they are really quite good. He had a strong grasp of good design. As an example, he wanted you to know the way to go at the start of his Ramparts level, but instead of using a sign, he used the falling debris "sound effect" (I believe it's under sound effects, but it's really visual) to direct your attention upward. To his family and friends, he will be missed for a lot more than Mario levels. But, since that's my only contact with him, I really wish I had the opportunity to enjoy more of his work.

By the way, he apparently uploaded a revision of the first level, so the address in the top tweet doesn't work. Just enter one of the others and you can find the revision and the other two.

Rest in peace, sir.



Ras commented on Review: Star Sky (Wii U eShop):

"Only one finger is needed for the entire game, proving that this is about as relaxing as a video game will ever be"

You kidding? There's a bazillion Super Mario Maker levels where you don't even need a single finger. "Don't Press A Button!"



Ras commented on Super Mario Maker Patch Speeds Up Tool Delivery:

I'm at 1.01, but I have only seen a message about a Saturday delivery. I've tried placing a ton of stuff, played a couple of 10-Mario challenges, and a couple of user levels. Nothing yet. I hope the faster delivery kicks in soon.



Ras commented on Netflix Update Goes Live on Wii U:

Profiles are the only plus to me. The credits now play in a small window and the next episode starts automatically. Do not want. I have to turn the sound off on the Gamepad since it is now playing there redundantly. Why break the unique features of the Wii U Gamepad to add profiles?



Ras commented on Netflix Update Goes Live on Wii U:

Profiles are great. I don't really get the rest (after a cursory look). No reason for it to be showing on the Gamepad for me, since I'm watching the TV. And the other controls seem to be hidden. I think pressing Y got me to search.



Ras commented on GAME Confirms Shovel Knight amiibo:

@Damo @Sakura Thanks for the explanation, Sakura. I was aware of the reason it is treated differently in British and US English, but not that it was used both ways in the UK. Also, I was unaware that NL policy was to treat the company as a singular entity. I misremembered reading a "Nintendo Have" headline, though it might have been that other British Nintendo news site. Either way, I'm not making fun or complaining. I enjoy being an American reader and being exposed to the British usage.



Ras commented on Review: 3D Streets of Rage 2 (3DS eShop):

@davidevoid No, I prefer the original. To be honest, I always buy SOR2 and I never really end up liking it. The bigger sprites just look too chunky to me, and I am not fond of stages like the baseball diamond/elevator and the aliens. I'll buy this one to support Sega 3D and M2. Maybe I'll finally see what the big deal is.

On the other hand, I still remember buying SOR the day it came out and getting no sleep that night. I basically went from NES Double Dragon to that, so it was a revelation.



Ras commented on First Impressions: Getting Cosy With Animal Cr...:

I'm more interested in making my village look nice. Designing my rooms has always been a chore I didn't like. I'd be more interested if the animals could tell me I had an eye for design like a dead yak.



Ras commented on Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passes Away Ag...:

I'll always remember how he took a pay cut when Nintendo cut the price of the 3DS as it was not yet performing up to expectations. An unnecessary move on his part (as far as my expectations as a fan who paid the original price), but a very classy and almost unheard of gesture. He has been the most public and "approachable" video game head, bar none, and I will sorely miss his Nintendo Directs. "Directly" and "please understand" are now part of Nintendo lore.

I think I'll play some Balloon Fight in his honor.



Ras commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Hints at Smaller New Nintendo...:

I refused to buy the XL (don't care about faceplates, but I don't like the blown up images on the XL). I may buy the smaller version if it comes out, but I no longer really see a compelling reason for the New 3DS to even exist. One exclusive retail game, and it doesn't even improve the performance of existing games? I think Nintendo saved me money by going XL-exclusive, as I'll probably just wait to see what their next hardware looks like.



Ras commented on Talking Point: Retro Gamers Beware, PAC-MAN 25...:

Crossy Road looks fun, and I've been playing games since Freeway was the chicken-based Frogger clone of choice on the 2600--back before Activision was the industry bad guy. I've got 32G on my phone and most of it is free since I only have a handful of games, being more a 3DS/Wii U guy, but I'll check it out. The phone game I always go back to is Flick Football, which is mindless and fun.



Ras commented on Weirdness: Nintendo of America's Splatoon Mess...:

It looks like American Gladiator with ink. It feels like this could be a big one for Ninty. I hope so. Launching a new IP is great. I hope they do more of these to keep it rolling. As for me, I already preloaded the full version and preordered all the amiibo. The inkling girl is adorable.



Ras commented on Pirate Bay Co-Founder Unable To Experience The...:

The console is sealed in such a way that it can not be opened without the machine being is therefore impossible to ensure that this does not contain prohibited items.

If it is impossible to open it without destroying it, couldn't one assume that if it does not come into the prison in a destroyed state, it has not be opened by someone looking to insert prohibited items?



Ras commented on Weirdness: Hands Up If You Knew About the Supe...:

I've known about this since I was a kid, but only because I read this article, built a time machine, and went back in time and told myself. It was a one-time-use time machine, but I feel like it was worth it.



Ras commented on Hands On: We Check Out The New Nintendo 3DS XL :

Nobody ever mentions the sound. Is it improved from the tinny speakers on the original 3DS XL? I planned a day one purchase, but I'm out until the regular models are released or an exclusive comes along that I can't live without (Super Mario Galaxy 3, for example).