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Sun 7th Oct 2012

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Jayden commented on Time: Nintendo Is "Stumped" By The Wii U GameP...:

If this is true, and the GamePad with its second screen dynamic is something Nintendo should drop; why are most developers tripping over themselves to create the same effect using companion mobile apps for their games?

Coming out of E3, my overall impression is every developer under the sun likes the idea of the second screen, and so are shoehorning the same dynamic into a mobile app for the same, albeit less, experience.

I would really like to know where the author of the Times article stands on SmartGlass, which we can argue borrows the concept of a second screen and essentially shoves it onto a tablet.



Jayden commented on Miiverse: Super Metroid - Too Taxing For Today...:

It's interesting to see articles like this, rubbing a thumb on modern games which coddle gamers too much, and how games of old just dropped you with nothing to fall back... yet, a modern gem like Toki Tori 2 does this and everyone complains.




Jayden commented on Ubisoft States That Wii U GamePad Latency is "...:

@Mr_LztheBleh It has to do with the games, the Wii U is a console that uses both the TV Screen and GamePad in unison. If the latency is off to much, well then it's a failing that will ruin the experience of the game.

It's not tech specs, it's integral to the gaming experience.