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Wed 17th December, 2008

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OorWullie commented on Nintendo Renews Eternal Darkness Trademark as...:

One of the best games I've ever played and the first and possibly only game to genuinely scare me.Resident Evil made me jump,Eternal Darkness had me checking other rooms to make sure I was alone.If I could choose between Retro making a new Matroid or this ,ED would win every time.



OorWullie commented on Nintendo Download: 21st May (Europe):

I don't own one so it doesn't bother me but surely this has to be one of the worst 3DS weeks there has been?Even the barely discounted games are a poor selection.



OorWullie commented on Nintendo Download: 21st May (Europe):

Good week for Wii U definitely,for 3DS well at least there's a theme and a demo ;)

I played through Epic Yarn last year on my Wii and loved it but not interested in playing it again,at least for now.Paper Mario has never really appealed to me for some reason,maybe I should try this one?Really enjoyed Swords and Soldiers but the price seems a bit steep for what it is,i'll wait on reviews for that.I'll definitely be taking advantage of the Curve 50% sale though.I meant to get them all last time they were on sale and never,glad I waited.



OorWullie commented on Yooka-Laylee’s Game Worlds Will Be Contained...:

Sounds good but if I'm being honest I'd rather not hear any more news about this for a while,it's release is so far off.They should just disappear for a few months and give us a big update when they've made substantial progress.I understand with the way it's funded they can't really do that though.



OorWullie commented on Nintendo UK Releases Wii U Sizzle Reel and Wan...:

Definitely Mario Kart 8 for me,it's given me well over a hundred hours of quality gaming and will give me hundreds more in the months and years ahead.Just like MK Wii,as long as there is players online I can never get bored of it haha.Having said that,the game that has put the biggest smile on my face is Tropical Freeze,love everything about that game.I've got high hopes for Wooly World to maybe even better TF so really can't wait for that to come.3D World is probably the game I was most disappointed with,I've enjoyed it but it's far from his best.



OorWullie commented on Nintendo Download: 14th May (Europe):

@readyletsgo How is it a bad week,what do you expect!There is a top quality Wii U Eshop release that we're getting at a reduced price and on the same week as it's released on XBOX and before Playstation,another indie game that potentially could be decent and makes good use of the Gamepad,2 VC titles that have never been released on VC before,and then a good choice of sale titles with fairly sizeable reductions.Then on 3DS there is a brand new IP from Nintendo ,another awesome Sega 3D classic and again a decent selection on sale.What more do you want or expect in a single week,honestly!



OorWullie commented on Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush Fails to Brea...:

A delayed average game that forces you to look at the Gamepad and releases with a whimper on a week where Nintendo is pushing Splatoon,not surprising really.It'll likely disappear off the chart all together by next week.This game should get another chance on Smartphone/Tablet next year,short demo and then 4.99 to unlock full game.



OorWullie commented on Poll: Did The Splatoon Global Testfire Hit Its...:

I thoroughly enjoyed it and was able to play 2 and a half of the 3 sessions.I'll be surprised if there is not at least 1 more test fire before launch.With the hype it's built it would be daft to then have nothing more for 3 more weeks.But then again it's Nintendo so we'll have to wait and see.



OorWullie commented on Review: Street Gangs (Wii U eShop / NES):

I have no interest in this as I played the ROM before and didn't like it but being 50 HZ and inferior to the 3DS version is unacceptable.NES games are looking pretty rough now as it is,the least they could do is release the optimal version.



OorWullie commented on Nihilumbra Begins Its Wii U Journey on 14th May:

This is one of those games I'd play for a bit,think it's alright, get stuck and then never play again.I've got enough of them on my second and third Gamepad screen so I'll be giving this one a miss regardless of the score.



OorWullie commented on Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends I...:

During the Wii years I wouldn't have even bothered to open this article,the headline tells me all I need to know.But in these lean Wii U years,I clicked with interest.It's a rare thing.Shame the game will likely be crap but fair play to them for adding online and extra content.There likely wont be anyone to play with online but at least they've gone to the effort of adding it.



OorWullie commented on Weirdness: Mayweather vs Pacquiao Gets the Pun...:

@shigulicious Aye yer right,I think I was watching it with so much passion and focus on Pac that I was missing all the shots Mayweather was landing.Kind of like how I watch my team every week,where every single decision by the ref is a disgrace or a conspiracy but to anyone else it's as clear as day the ref's right haha.I'll watch the fight again when it pops up on Youtube and likely see Mayweathers class.



OorWullie commented on Weirdness: Mayweather vs Pacquiao Gets the Pun...:

It was shown on local Thai TV so i was able to watch it in my room but with Thai commentary I don't understand and adverts between rounds skipping all the corners.Me and my friend just from watching the action assumed Pac was winning and saying if it's not unanimous then boxing has lost what little credibility it has left.Then we were absolutely outraged when the scores were announced so much in favour of Mayweather,not even close.After some cooling down I then read the round by round analysis by the boxing 'experts' on the BBC and Sky and was shocked to see it say Mayweather was in total control and giving a masterclass in boxing.All me and my mate saw was the "best ever' running away for most of the 12 rounds with the underdog being the only one trying to make a fight.I guess you need to be an expert to understand boxing



OorWullie commented on First Impressions: Hands On With Playtonic's Y...:

It's passed 1 million already,crazy! That confirms we'll be getting the Wii U version day one,as if there was ever any doubt.With this being so successful we could see a rebirth of the 3D platformer,good times.Do they keep the Kickstarter open and keep taking payments with the final goal already passed?Not sure how it works?



OorWullie commented on Video: Digital Foundry Puts the Mario Kart 8 D...:

I think some of the new tracks look even more impressive than any in the main game.In fact I would go as far to say that Ribbon Road or Baby Park are the finest graphics Nintendo has ever produced.I'd love to play a 3D Mario with the worlds looking as good as the graphics on those 2 tracks.



OorWullie commented on Nintendo Classics in the Running for Inaugural...:

With it being the first induction surely it has to go to Pong,if not then Space Invaders or Pacman!Anything other than those 3 or perhaps Mario or possibly even Sonic then this can't be taken seriously.I can understand why Angry Birds and Minecraft would be in the running a few years down the line but to include them in the running for the inaugural honour seems nonsensical.



OorWullie commented on Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2 Available to Download ...:

I really struggled when I first played 200cc this morning but I'm now 8 races into the NL tournament and I've placed 1st 5 times.If you know the tracks well it's really not that hard at all,I've rarely needed to use the brakes,you just need to get the right race line and drift or hop at the right time.I'm on 84 pts just now but it should really be 99.I got a communication error right after crossing the finishing line in 1st and was awarded zero points for my efforts.



OorWullie commented on Play: Take On 200cc and DLC Racing in Mario Ka...:

@DarthNocturnal As long as you have it downloaded you can play it in a custom race/tournament online or VS in single player or multiplayer.You need a gold in all the 150cc tracks to play a 200cc grand prix though.

I've joined the tournament but it seems no one else has yet.I'll get some practise in and try later.



OorWullie commented on Gallery: Feast Your Eyes On FullBlast, An Old ...:

I have this on Android,it came out about 6 months ago,there is a demo version too.It's alright,nothing special but it should be better with proper controls.Personally I'd love to see Skyforce HD come to the Eshop,much better shoot em up.