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Wed 17th December, 2008

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OorWullie commented on First Impressions: Hands On With Playtonic's Y...:

It's passed 1 million already,crazy! That confirms we'll be getting the Wii U version day one,as if there was ever any doubt.With this being so successful we could see a rebirth of the 3D platformer,good times.Do they keep the Kickstarter open and keep taking payments with the final goal already passed?Not sure how it works?



OorWullie commented on Video: Digital Foundry Puts the Mario Kart 8 D...:

I think some of the new tracks look even more impressive than any in the main game.In fact I would go as far to say that Ribbon Road or Baby Park are the finest graphics Nintendo has ever produced.I'd love to play a 3D Mario with the worlds looking as good as the graphics on those 2 tracks.



OorWullie commented on Nintendo Classics in the Running for Inaugural...:

With it being the first induction surely it has to go to Pong,if not then Space Invaders or Pacman!Anything other than those 3 or perhaps Mario or possibly even Sonic then this can't be taken seriously.I can understand why Angry Birds and Minecraft would be in the running a few years down the line but to include them in the running for the inaugural honour seems nonsensical.



OorWullie commented on Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2 Available to Download ...:

I really struggled when I first played 200cc this morning but I'm now 8 races into the NL tournament and I've placed 1st 5 times.If you know the tracks well it's really not that hard at all,I've rarely needed to use the brakes,you just need to get the right race line and drift or hop at the right time.I'm on 84 pts just now but it should really be 99.I got a communication error right after crossing the finishing line in 1st and was awarded zero points for my efforts.



OorWullie commented on Play: Take On 200cc and DLC Racing in Mario Ka...:

@DarthNocturnal As long as you have it downloaded you can play it in a custom race/tournament online or VS in single player or multiplayer.You need a gold in all the 150cc tracks to play a 200cc grand prix though.

I've joined the tournament but it seems no one else has yet.I'll get some practise in and try later.



OorWullie commented on Gallery: Feast Your Eyes On FullBlast, An Old ...:

I have this on Android,it came out about 6 months ago,there is a demo version too.It's alright,nothing special but it should be better with proper controls.Personally I'd love to see Skyforce HD come to the Eshop,much better shoot em up.



OorWullie commented on Nintendo Australia Lists eShop Offerings Redee...:

@sillygostly They are 5600 stars each on the UK shop.After buying a console,13 retail games and 10 eshop games in the last 4 months I am still well short of being able to afford Wii Sports Tennis.NES Remix is probably the best value offer we have at 2800 stars ( I think) but the sequel is double that.If I could have got both of them for the stars I have I'd be fairly content.Going to keep them till the end as I think they might surprise us with some great offers.At the same time angring others who have just blown their total on a pencil case.



OorWullie commented on Nintendo Australia Lists eShop Offerings Redee...:

Quite a bit cheaper than Europe but still far too expensive when you compare it to the US store.Seeing Wonderful 101 for the equivalent of 3000 stars in the US shop is what is encouraging me to hold on until the end as I'm sure it'll get another update or 2.If not then I'll get NES Remix and Link to the Past.



OorWullie commented on WayForward is Bringing Shantae and Friends to ...:

Yes,it's such an huge inconvenience having to go all the way deep into my pocket to pull my 5.1 inch screen phone out and turn it on.Now for only 500 quid I can save myself from all that effort and game on a 1.65 inch screen with 3 hour battery life.Life changing,it really is.



OorWullie commented on Nintendo of Japan Confirms the Tracks in the U...:

I've watched all the videos now and Ribbon Road looks fantastic.I thought we might only get 3 new tracks since we got 5 last time,seems a little strange to have 25 new and 23 retro.The more the merrier though.Out of the 4 retro tracks I've only played Baby Park and that was years ago so it's really like 7 new tracks for me.Cant wait! Hopefully this isn't the last of the DLC,56 tracks definitely sounds better than 48.I do think we might see a bigger and better than ever before Battle Mode announced at E3 though.

@MJKOP You know you will though haha



OorWullie commented on Nintendo of Japan Confirms the Tracks in the U...:

I told myself and the forum last week that I would be avoiding any spoilers with it being so close to release anyway but as soon as I saw the article,I went and made a coffee read the content,comments and am now about to watch all the videos.Pathetic attempt!

I really don't understand the hate for Ice Ice Outpost?While a little bland to look at,the track is a lot of fun to race on I think,I've had some classics on it.As for Wario's Goldmine,it's one of my top 5 tracks in MK8,it can be absolutely mental at times and the music is just fantastic.Funnily this and Grumble Volcano were 2 of my least favourites on MK Wii as I always seemed to struggle on them but now it's up there with my best.Grumble Volcano remains at the bottom for me though.Sorry @Grumblevolcano



OorWullie commented on Choice Provisions Considering a Release for Th...:

Sounds very interesting indeed.Outside of Advance Wars and maybe a couple of others over the years I'm not really a big fan of turn based strategy but Steamworld Heist and now this definitely has my interest.Look forward to hearing more about it.



OorWullie commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Devours 1 Million Pl...:

I've never really given this series a go but have always thought it might be a series I could get into.I had hoped MH3U would be the place to start but after playing the demo it will take me a lot of convincing this will be the game to bring me over to the hunt.I realise the demo is not a good representation of the full game and have read others in the past say as much but man,I hated that demo!



OorWullie commented on Retrospective: Sega's Streets of Rage Series:

@DaveCook Really great article,hope to see lots more like it :)

A truly fantastic game that holds special memories for me,everything about it at the time was truly jaw dropping.The rain effects at the end of the first level will always be one of my most memorable ''Wow'' moments.I remember wondering to myself at the time if this would still be considered "smart as f***" in the future haha and after playing it again a few months back,I'd say it still is.As much as I love it though,it's not my favourite beat em up.That would have to be Final Fight on the Mega CD! At the time it was the closest we had ever got to "Arcade Perfect" in the home,those big chunky sprites truly blew me and my mates away.Along with platformers,racers and shoot em ups,definitely my favourite genre growing up.



OorWullie commented on Pandora's Tower And Sin And Punishment Coming ...:

I didn't really like either of these 2.I tried to get into Pandora's Tower after finishing Xenoblade but think I gave up after a couple of hours.Sin and Punishment was alright but I enjoyed the original on VC a lot more which seems crazy but it's true.



OorWullie commented on Yoshi's Woolly World Knits Up Some Release Det...:

@andreoni79 That box art is just fantastic,I mean look at it! How could anyone not want to play it after seeing that!

Really can't wait for this,even more so now I know it's not going to be too easy.I didn't watch the Direct till this morning and ended up watching the US one by mistake,when I saw the "coming fall" I shook my head in sheer disbelief and never enjoyed the rest of the Direct haha.I came on here to rant but then saw that it's still coming in June to Europe so went back and watched the Direct again and thoroughly enjoyed it,well the Wii U stuff anyway ;)



OorWullie commented on Bandai Namco Is Opening Up Its Classic IP To D...:

@Artwark "Copyright crap"

So companies should just let anyone use their IP to do whatever they want with without concerning themselves with the risk of their brand being cheapened and abused?Example, Blockdrop x Mickey Mouse ,nah nothing for Disney to be concerned about there.



OorWullie commented on New Star Wars Rebels Table Announced For Star ...:

@KodyDawg You should try a couple of the older tables,Sorcerers Lair and Epic Quest are fantastic.Just bought them on Wii U last week but was already familiar with them as I had them on Android and those 2 along with Empire Strikes Back are the best in my opinion.Fairly easy to get into but with loads to do and if you play them right you can stay on the table for upwards of an hour.Something about the Marvel tables I've tried just don't do it for me,not sure what it is.



OorWullie commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Heading For a Period of ...:

When Dylan went electric a large amount of his traditional folk followers went ballistic and said he had sold himself out,look how that turned out.I am actually excited to see how this pans out as if they get this right it could really make Nintendo a powerhouse again.



OorWullie commented on Video: Did You Know That Gunstar Heroes Shippe...:

I can still remember buying this in Dixons day one and firing it on for the first time.I was so hyped for its release after staring at little images of it in SEGA mags and reading previews for it over and over again for what felt like years but in the end it never really lived up to that hype for me.I did enjoy it but not as much as it seems everyone else did.Too many boss fights for my liking.If I was to make a top 15 Megadrive games this probably wouldn't feature.



OorWullie commented on Nintendo Set To License All IP to Mobile Publi...:

""As proof that Nintendo maintains strong enthusiasm for the dedicated game system business", Iwata adds, "let me confirm that Nintendo is currently developing a dedicated game platform with a brand new concept under the development codename 'NX'."Iwata says Nintendo will share more information about the new hardware "next year"

I was going to go out but screw that I'm staying right here.



OorWullie commented on Nintendo Set To License All IP to Mobile Publi...:

My jaw literally dropped.This really is monumental news,at least in the world of Nintendo anyway.Now for a barrage of overly dramatic comments about how this will be the end of Nintendo when really it's anything but.This if done right can make them a power house again.more relevance,more sales,and more money to make better games and consoles.