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NintendoPro64 commented on Bravely Default:

Wasn't sure if I'd get this at first but I am hearing lots of good stuff. Just got the demo. If it looks good then I think I'll get.



NintendoPro64 commented on Super Mario 3D World:


The reuse of certain songs was inevitable. The actual levels themselves look pretty fresh. And we should be thankful that they didn't LITERALLY rip the ENTIRE soundtrack from 3D Land like they did for NSMBU and New Super Mario Bros. Wii.



NintendoPro64 commented on Soapbox: The Wii Changed The Face of Gaming, B...:

I pretty much agree with this article, though personally think the Wii U will outsell the N64. Definitely not match Wii but fall between 40-50 million units lifetime. Afterall, we have to remember that the generations where Nintendo struggled most were when the competition competed with them DIRECTLY. Something tells me over the year, Nintendo's come to realize that the pursuing the "hardcore" crowd is a lost cause and from hear on out will get back to pushing more classic style experiences. Something that we must remember is that price and motion controls were only part of Wii's success. Another crucial element in its success is that it was essentially a living fossil of old school gaming via Nintendo's first party lineup. (I mean DKCR and NSMBWii were like total nostalgia punches.).



NintendoPro64 commented on Super Mario 3D World:

I see this game as a classic example of why you don't judge a game from it's FIRST trailer. Especially a NINTENDO game. I never doubted its potential and my expectations were STILL surpassed!

I am also surprised by how few comments are here. Especially after that 2nd trailer which gave us a taste of what this game is REALLY made of.



NintendoPro64 commented on The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Lands i...:

sigh The fact that you disagree with me is ironically proof that you didn't even understand my comment. First of all, I didn't even say it got the TOP spot. I am aware that it placed 4th. Now as for the meaning of the comment, what I meant was that it got the best spot that would have been POSSIBLE. The only games that were higher were GTA and FIFA, games that in the UK, and it (and any other new game available at the time) had NO CHANCE of placing higher. By saying it got the REALISTIC top spot, I am saying it got the best spot that was even possible for its launch week. The fact that it was only beaten by those games is a testament to how well it did. Next time, try taking more time understand people's comments.



NintendoPro64 commented on Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures To Come to ...:


Oh the memories I had with Pacman World 2 on GCN. I am actually getting this because it looks like the closest thing we'll get to a Pac Man World 4. I actually hope they delay in North America too. It wouldn't have a chance against Super Mario 3D World and Sonic Lost World and coming out in March would allow it to launch after Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, free of any competition.



NintendoPro64 commented on Yarn Yoshi:

We'll probably see some more info on this within the next couple of Nintendo Directs as we start to head into 2014.



NintendoPro64 commented on Rayman Legends:


That's right. And if Ubisoft had let this d%mn game release when it was suppose to, it could have actually SOLD a few systems and prevented a lot of the BS that Nintendo had to go through these past 7 months. Honestly, the whole Wii U Crap Train started when they delayed and multiplated it...



NintendoPro64 commented on Rayman Legends:

Nice going Ubisoft! If you released this game like it should have then it would sold well thanks to being a exclusive Wii U game and having no competition. But nooo. Instead you decided that it would sell better as a multiplat (or were tipped off) and decided to delay 7 effing months. And because of that move, the Wii U lost all hope of sustaining holiday momentum and saw 7 months of horrible press and game cancellations. And now you're unexceptional multiplat is set BOMB harder than Rayman Origins. But do you know what really makes the irony hurt? It looks like it's selling best on the Wii U. Ubisoft, I am sorry, but you can FORGET about me buying this game at full price. Sorry Rayman, you deserved better...



NintendoPro64 commented on Mario Golf: World Tour:

Whoa. Never realized that this game got delayed into 2014, and you know what? GOOD. In 2012, we got smashed in the rear with Mario games galore and it came back to haunt Nintendo and the Wii U launch. With Super Mario 3D World being the Wii U's biggest game this holiday, it's crucial people get a break from Mario before his next adventure hits. I was worried people would get exhausted with Dream Team, Mario Kart, Mario Golf, and Mario Party, but with Mario Kart 8 AND Mario Golf World Tour launching next year, it should give Mario the proper level of games needed to keep people from being "Marioed" out when 3D World hits. With Mario being my favorite franchise, I am happy to see this. Nintendo's finally coming out with a varied lineup for both 3DS AND Wii U so I think we should actually appreciate having one less Mario game to risk oversaturating the brand!

And also, with this delay, maybe Camelot will take time to add RPG elements like they SHOULD have with Mario Tennis Open!



NintendoPro64 commented on Nintendo Tops Japanese Software Sales in First...:

Not a surprise at all really. One thing many gamers and journalists are overlooking is how much Sony is pushing for Western content while allowing Japan to fall off the radar. I am expecting the sales charts from Japan to be mostly Nintendo platform stuff once we fully transition to next gen. Not only are big games coming for Wii U, but it seems like Sony doesn't even really care about Japan anymore. I have a feeling the PS4 will do even worse than the PS3 as it's even more Western focused. Barring KH3 and FF15, the PS4 really has nothing noteworthy headed its way that appeals to the Japanese and the Vita shows us what happens to a platform in Japan that puts Western stuff first.

True. But one thing to keep in mind is that last gen, Nintendo actually had a fight on their hands for the handheld market and going by respective times, I believe the PSP was still in the running.



NintendoPro64 commented on Pikmin 3 Shifts Slightly More Copies Than The ...:


I agree in that a price cut would get people off the fence and Mario Kart and Smash Bros will make sales skyrocket (though I think the games this holiday will do that too). I also agree in that Pikmin 3 by itself won't "save" the Wii U. But as for that PS4 statement, I don't think it'll be that straightforward. Here are things to consider.

1. This console has virtually NO Japanese content in the pipeline. The only 2 significant Japanese games that have been announced at the moment are FF15 and KH3 and who knows when those will launch. Nintnedo will likely have ton of Japanese style games by the time either of those hit the market. I actually predict that PS4 will have less market share in Japan than PS3. The fact that it has 4 in the name won't help. (It means death)

2. Why would the general consumer get a PS4 when they could get a PS3? The PS4 is being set up to get cannibalized BIG time. Sony is still rolling out sweet bundles for the PS3 and that console keeps getting good games.I mean Sony's releasing Gran Turismo 6 on it for crying out loud! Drive Club is gonna get mossed I tell you. Meanwhile, Knack just looks...awful. Just like Wii U, PS4 is loaded with ports for current gen systems. It also doesn't help that PS4's multiplayer will be monetized. If all you care about is playing Call of Duty and other games online, why rush to get a new console that will make you pay for it? Especially if you bought the PS3 for free online? Right now, Sony only has like 7 exclusives annnounced for the PS4's launch months.

3. One thing many seem to overlook is how distinguished Wii U's library will be from its competition. Part of why PS1 and PS2 beat N64 and Gamecube so badly was because those consoles catered to EVERYONE. You had everything from 3D platformers to shooters. But with this gen, third parties seemed to left old school genres in the dust. But as the Wii and 3DS proved/is proving, many people still like these games. Wii U is set to have lineup that caters more to people who aren't fond of types of games that flooded PS360 and are already flooding their successors. While PS4 and Xbox One duke it out, Wii U will have chance to sweep in areas practically NO ONE else is touching. Wii U will also be the most attractive home console to families who actually don't want their kids yelling into mics when they shoot someone's head off. What this article says basically:

I am not saying that the PS4 isn't a threat. But overall, I don't think the Wii U is at as huge a disadvantage as many people think.



NintendoPro64 commented on Pikmin 3 Shifts Slightly More Copies Than The ...:

Ok, first of all, I thought it was stated somewhere that it did 102k in it's first two days.

Second of all that may not be the best comparison. Pikmin 1 and 2 had more days for their first week than Pikmin 3. Another thing to keep in mind is that Wii U offers the option of downloading games. Considering how Capcom showed us that Japanese gamers aren't afraid to download more than do retail in some cases:

and how Nintendo has given gamers in Japan incentive download the game first week over retail, it also likely sold a lot digitally too. Considering how it's bringing a drought to an end, it wouldn't be crazy to say it sold 20,000 on eShop for those two days.

Now moving forward, I am a HUGE Pikmin fan with the series capturing my imagination when I was 9 with Pikmin 2. And I can fairly confidently say that Pikmin 3 is set to be the best selling title in franchise, at least in Japan, for several reasons:

1. Like the first Pikmin, it's coming out at the begining of the console's life, but doesn't have the burden of being a new IP.
2. It's the first title to end the drought so many owners are snapping it up and it's even encouraging some sales.
3. The Wii U is bound to do better than the Gamecube in Japan (I'm confident it'll do much better in general, but just to accommodate the skeptics) because the PS4 won't be nearly as Japanese game focused as the PS2 was and while the Wii U is just as Japanese accommodative as Nintendo has always been and as bigger stuff comes like Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze and Super Mario 3D World, Pikmin will be able to tag along in the momentum boost. It also helps that the Wii U doesn't have the same bad, niche stigma around it that Gamecube had.
4. The series will be looked into by old Nintendo fans who skipped Gamecube and new ones who joined after thanks to the increase in exposure the series got from Wii.
5. It'll be on eShop so it can keep selling even if its print run is ended.

All this in mind, I am confident Pikmin 3 do well!



NintendoPro64 commented on Investment Expert Feels Nintendo Earnings Miss...:

And THIS folks is why I want Nintendo to go private. The moment you go public, you get idiots like this ^ this guy spewing malarki. First of all, until the entire world says "WE HATE GAMING HARDWARE AND WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER CONSOLE AGAIN", Nintendo will NEVER develop for other platforms. (And even then, they'd probably let the company burn to the ground first.) Unlike Sony, Microsoft, and pretty much all third parties, Nintendo actually makes the hardware to suit the software. Not the other way around! Developing on other systems would force them to work under others bottlecaps. Second of all, Nintendo is MUCH more forward thinking than that. Developing on other systems SEEMS like a good idea. But one thing you have to remember, it that when your software sells on someone ELSE's platform, you have to pay a royalty so Nintendo would lose a good chunk of cash. And on the note smartphones, if Nintendo did that, they'd have to charge MUCH less for the games do to the severe drop in scope and a lot of their IPs probably wouldn't be able to stand out from all the iOS garbage, not to mention be downright ruined by the interface! Platformdrs ala Mario and smartphones don't mix. Also, Nintendo developing for other platforms would remove a lot of the shine their IPs have. Would playing Mario on a tablet be the same? Furthermore, if Nintendo went software only, they'd go the way of Sega. There only source of revenue would be their own software. No more royalties to tide them over. This means they'd have to rush all their games to the market to keep money flowing in which would hurt their quality and profits in the long term. Also, this guy clearly doesn't know a thing about how Nintendo roles. First of all, Nintendo is not in danger of going business. They have like $11 billion in RAW cash to burn, and that's assuming they never profit. In fact, Nintendo has thrice as much money as Sony and Microsoft's gaming divisions combined! Also, Nintendo's been through much worse. cough Gamecube cough And they've still always profited off their consoles. If they didn't go third party then, they ain't going third party any time soon. Iwata is a level headed CEO. He makes his fair share of mistakes, but he knows better than to do anything drastic like develop on smartphones. Especially since he doesn't even do lay offs. Now as for the 3DS and Wii U. The 3DS is lagging? Dude, the 3DS is going to EXPLODE this year! Pokemon X and Y would like a word with you and it has lots of other software in support. As for Wii U, 7 slow months, a doomed console doesn't make. If that were the case, the PS2, PS3, DS, 3DS, and Xbox 360 should have been absolute failures. The Wii U is VERY cost efficent. Just like Nintendo. Hell, Intelligent Systems just said that a Fire Emblem for Wii U would only need to sell 700k to be viable. Nintendo could easily rake it in just selliing 50 million consoles. (Seriously though, I don't why Patcher would think Nintendo would go third party after a console outsold the N64). Nintendo has loads of software coming. If they get their marketing right this time, the Wii U is bound to sell up to 9 million units by the end of the year! Especially if they do a price cut. 1 more thing I want to say. Iwata isn't even going to RESIGN if they don't make that 100 billion yen profit. It's just a goal Iwata has set to push themselves. The Western Media really needs to CHILL OUT. Sheesh...



NintendoPro64 commented on Register Shin Megami Tensei IV and Fire Emblem...:

DANG IT!!! I was already going to buy Fire Emblem, but was planning to hold off on it because I have to pay off my Project X Zone pre-order and I am on the fence with SMT 4. This deal could get me off the fence though. Considering SMT 4 costs FIFTY dollars, I better start a preorder NOW. So much for my wallet getting a break. On the plus side, I should get a Gamestop gift card for my birthday!



NintendoPro64 commented on Weirdness: UK Survey Determines What Makes an ...:

First off, you're right in that the DS seems to have pulled ahead. But the 3DS's performance, IMO, is more impressive. For one thing while the 3DS had bigger launch sales, the post drought put it back at the same level as DS. Speaking of which, while you're right in that DS has pulled ahead, it's not like the 3DS is far behind:
2.84 / 3.61
5.27 / 4.32
6.65 / 6.68
8.83 / 15.03
14.43 / 17.13
16.73 / 19.00
21.27 / 22.19
26.82 / 29.84
35.61 / 31.09

Not only that but the 3DS seems to bounce ahead of the DS every holiday:
First Holiday 2.84 / 15.03
Second Holiday 14.43 / 29.84

And while the DS had three holidays under its belt at this point, launching in the holiday, the 3DS has only had two. Also, the 3DS recently got Animal Crossing in West and the 3DS is getting Pokémon worldwide for the holidays this time as opposed to DS who's first Pokémon didn't hit the West until Spring. It's likely that DS will stay ahead at some point, especially if both handhelds have the same lifespan. You say that the DS's better performance at this point is well deserved because it's a better system with better games. But couldn't one argue that the 3DS itself is perhaps a better system? With its virtual store, it's capable of providing old classics from NES to Gameboy Advance, it's fully B.C with DS, it has more power, offers new depth with 3D effect, and better online features. As for the library, I agree in that it won't get the flood of games DS got, but what about eShop? As 3DS sales increase, it'll become more and more attractive to indies that could somewhat fill the void. They're certainly contributing a good amount of quality games and forgettable crap right now, just as devs did with DS.

Furthermore, there's many things we have to consider in their respective performances other than their game libraries. For one thing, the 3DS is keeping up, even though it doesn't have those disruptive games like Brain Age and Nintendogs. Their 3DS sequels certainly don't seem to be setting anything on fire. Also, the 3DS has to ply its trade in a much, MUCH harsher world. The economy across the world is in tatters and it has much fiercer and direct competition in smartphones and tablets than DS did with the PSP which never really made headwinds in the West. But look at 3DS go. It's keeping up relatively well despite having a higher price, less disruptive gimmicks, and fiercer competition. It could even pass the DS once again this holiday. It might not sell or have as expansive a library as DS, but with everything I said considered, it looks likely to have quite a legacy of its own right. And lastly, going back to what you replied too, the fact the 3DS is holding up despite residing in a tougher world, further proves my point that there is still a good sized audience for old school gaming in a world smartphones seem to be the in-thing.



NintendoPro64 commented on Nintendo "Pedaling" The Wii U On Tour De Franc...:

I don't know why you're all being pessimistic about. This FANTASTIC news! This event is going to get viewed by millions upon millions of people! The Wii U has had the most trouble in Europe so this is be a big boon! If the make the commercials well it's BOUND to help! Plus, it'll get the console's existence out to the crucial mass market. This shows that Nintendo is still clever with marketing. C'mon Ninty. You now have your games coming so take it to the world!
Wrong. Nintendo kicked it into marketing mode with the Wii U Summer Tour.



NintendoPro64 commented on New Super Mario Bros. 2:

I personally had quite a blast with this. The coin concept is great, the graphics have indeed improved, the Gold Flower is awesome, and Coin Rush and DLC make for nice additions.

That said, I can understand all the criticism tossed at this game. It just doesn't take the series forward in the right ways. The music is almost completely recycled. The visuals, while better, are merely upresed. Mario's powerup selection is really limited and unexceptional. It's too easy to accumulate lives. The adventure is way too short. And the reuse of Koopa Kids is as uncreative as the whole save Peach is clearly shoehorned. This game should have had a completely new storyline or included Wario somehow. Nintendo, I love you, but even I have to admit that you have to try harder than this...



NintendoPro64 commented on New Super Mario Bros. U:

I love this game a lot! The level design and creativity implemented in the World Map certainly throws back to Super Mario World!

That said, it was not fair to this series to rush this game out and use as a placeholder. A NSMB game for Wii U shouldn't have been made for at least 2-3 years so that they could have put more soul into he game, changed the graphics, improve the Star World, new music, and think of a better power up selection. Now this series is unfairly detested. I hope Nintendo learns from this and makes the next 2D without the new sticker and more effort. Even I must admit that NSMB deserved better than this.



NintendoPro64 commented on Time: Nintendo Is "Stumped" By The Wii U GameP...:

Overall I agree with what you said. The sales will probably to going to shoot up as the games start coming and make the Wii U stand out.

But as for the lack of releases at the moment, the main reason for that was that Nintendo had to bail the 3DS out and Nintendo wanted to give third parties the first half of the year to put out software, carry the console, and possible attract "hardcore" gamers to it. Afterall, third parties tend to whine about their games not being able to compete with Nintendo's (they could though if they put in some effort). That said, it wasn't a very good idea IMO and they were probably better off launching the console in this Spring.



NintendoPro64 commented on Time: Nintendo Is "Stumped" By The Wii U GameP...:

@WiiLovePeace You hit the nail on the head again.

Ditching the Gamepad would have to be the stupidest thing Nintendo could do. The lack of gameplay innovation would leave them no edge against the PS4 for the casual audience. And did it ever occur to these people that maybe Nintendo wants the install base to increase a bit before doing big risky things?

Not only that, but plenty of games like Bayonetta 2, Lego City Undercover, Super Mario 3D World, The Wonderful 101, Sonic Lost Worlds, Wii Party U, and Rayman Legends are using it already. Things are bound to expand as time goes on. And who's to say Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei, X, and Yarn Yoshi won't do anything out of the world themselves. I could especially see Monolith Soft and Intelligent Systems using the Gamepad to demonstrate to Japanese devs the potential it could have.

I see where are coming from when they say nothing big has been done yet, but this stuff takes time. Not only that but taking things slowly gives new audiences a chance to be acquainted with the system before anything zany is thrown their way. Patience people. Besides, looking at the Wii U's manufacturing cost, Nintendo would have no trouble cutting the price if they REALLY needed too. The Basic is $100 cheaper, and it really doesn't offer THAT much more than the Deluxe, especially if you are poor or weren't big on Nintendo Land. Patience.



NintendoPro64 commented on Nintendo Not Focusing Too Much On What Other C...:

Like this had to be said! I really see no point in Nintendo trying to compete head on with Sony (Microsoft will probably be near DOA) since the gamers that gravitate towards Sony and Microsoft will probably never give Nintendo a chance. Better to just make a market of your own that keeps gaming nice and simple. Can't wait for the game flood!



NintendoPro64 commented on Nintendo Confirms That Yarn Yoshi Just Wasn't ...:

Oh I just meant that I don't see why anyone would be too disappointed about the game being put off since the Wii U's about to get a ton of games in general. I just thought people would appreciate having one less game to toggle with as figure out where to throw their cash. I don't mean to insult or offend.