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Fri 21st Jun 2013

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Relytia commented on Time: Nintendo Is "Stumped" By The Wii U GameP...:

Whoever wrote this article is a moron. Make a traditional system like their competitors? The Gamecube was the most powerful system of its generation and it came in last place. The Wii AND DS were both the weakest consoles in their respective hardware generations and both absolutely dominated the competition. The 3DS is now kicking all kinds of butt and the Vita, the stronger handheld, is an utter failure. If the Wii-U follows the 3DS' path, which it seems to be doing so to an eerily exact manner, it'll be just fine. Time should not be commenting on these sorts of things.



Relytia commented on Super Smash Bros. Will Have A Single Player Ca...:

One thing is for sure, if Nintendo releases Smash Bros. DLC at any point in the future, I will buy it immediately. Nintendo is the best company with regards to DLC in my opinion, and one only has to look at New Super Luigi U, Fire Emblem: Awakening, and Animal Crossing to understand why. Meaningful additions to the games, fair price, and excellent quality.



Relytia commented on Kingdom Hearts III Highly Unlikely To Appear O...:

What a load of garbage. The Wii-U's Open GL system can support Unity 4, which has a feature set similar to DX11 at a fraction of the cost! To say they won't release KH3 on the Wii-U because of graphical limitations is totally dishonest. It's obvious there are other reasons they won't port KH3 to Wii-U.



Relytia commented on Iwata: We Are To Blame For Poor Wii U Sales:

Iwata is one classy guy. What other person in his position would have the humility to admit their mistakes in such a forthright way and actually show through action that they mean what they say? Iwata for supreme ruler of the universe 2016! lol